DaVinci Roofscapes’ slate will be featured on A&E’s new show “Drill Team”

DaVinci's composite slate will be featured on A&E’s new show “Drill Team” Saturday, June 19 at 12P/11C. The pool house's caving roof will be replaced with imitation slate shingles for a green roofing option.
Marc and Chrissy weren’t looking for a pool when they began house hunting, but one happened to come attached to the home they fell in love with. And so did an unfinished, dilapidated pool house that they now refer to as “the shack.” After an empty promise from a contractor who committed to fix the pool house after they moved in fell through, Marc and Chrissy assumed that entertaining outside would forever be a distant dream. With the piles of dark sludge in the pool and the unsafe condition of the pool house, it was easier to close the curtains and not look outside. Nevertheless, they are committed to hosting a high school graduation party for Chrissy’s cousin. The barren pool still needs to be acid washed, sandblasted and repainted. There are bird nests in the pool house rafters, the roof is caving and more wood siding falls off every week. Now that graduation day is approaching and the pool floaties have been bought, Marc and Chrissy desperately need the Drill Team to help them complete their vision and pull it off before the big party.


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