Adding Color to the Exterior of the Home

Brad Staggs takes a note from DaVinci's color expert, Kate Smith, with the subject of his most recent media tour - Creating Curb Appeal with Color using the F.R.E.S.H. Approach.

Brad talks "Top Down Color for the Home" focusing on DaVinci's polymer slate and cedar shake alternative.

Roofing colors should reflect a homeowner’s personal style. DaVinci's polymer slate and wood shake color blends (which include a mixture of 2 to 8 different colored tiles) help create a softer overall tone on the roof which can make it more appealing. By selecting a DaVinci roof blend with multiple colors, you can pick out different colors from the roof to use as accent colors for your shutters, trim and other home features. 

Learn more about selecting colors of DaVinci's steep slope roofing from color expert Kate Smith.

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