Fire Safe Cedar Shake Roofing

It’s July and reports of fire damage is being reported across the nation caused by barbeque grills to fireworks. Certain types of roofs like wood shake can fuel the fire causing the whole house to go up in flames.
Older cedar shake shingles can go up in minutes. "It doesn't take hardly anything to set them off.  You set a bottle rocket up in the air you got a dry shake roof, dry shrubbery, dry weeds they ignite like there's gasoline poured on them", says Captain Joe Riel of the Yakima Fire Department.
Wood shakes are being banned in many cities making fire-resistant roofing material required. DaVinci’s Hand-Split Shake offers a cedar shake alternative with the same look and boasts a Class A Fire Rating. DaVinci’s shake alternative gives the look of natural cedar shake without the worry that your roof will go up in flames.

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