Grapefruit Sized Hail?! Again?!

Last week in Wichita, Kansas hail pummeled the area. Hail the size of baseballs was reported over much of Wichita, and stones the size of grapefruits and tennis balls were also reported. Oklahoma City experienced similar size hail in May of this year. One stone may be the largest in Kansas history with a diameter of 7.75". .

Check out the video to see the hail storm that passed through on September 15th.

Hail, often in the size of grapefruits, has severely damaged roofs, not to mention the high winds and heavy rain associate with these storms that have additionally caused significant damage.
However, one roofing product endured the rough weather with no damage: DaVinci Roofscapes. Whether simulated shake roofing or fake slate, the roof that had DaVinci products withstood the heavy rains, strong winds, and massive amounts of hail as if no storm had transpired. 
DaVinci products are the best line of roofing, primarily because they are all tested to withstand extreme winds, and carry a Class 4 Impact rating. When you install a DaVinci composite slate roof that carries this Class 4 Impact rating, many insurance companies will offer a reduction on your premiums, thereby keeping your wallet happy, too. Our Bellaforte roofs, in particular, are designed with hail storms in mind, therefore effectively eliminating any risk of the wet weather damaging your home. 
Are you ready for your DaVinci roof?  Please contact our product specialist with any questions you have.

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