Manufactured Slate Tiles and Shake Shingles – What is it made of?

Bellaforte SlatePlastic slate and cedar shake alternatives are typically comprised of a variety of engineeredpolymers, rubbers, UV and color stabilizers, and natural or cement components with fiber or polymer bonds. We use 100% virgin resin (TPO) in our manufactured slate tiles and shake shingles. While other synthetic tiles may be manufactured from recycled materials such as tires or milk bottles, it is our opinion that the variability found in recycled materials could compromise the long term viability of a roof. Roofing tiles are exposed to extremely harsh conditions (extreme weather, extreme UV, extreme temperature). The only way to assure that a synthetic slate or shake will provide good service for 50 years or more is to consistently produce those tiles to very exacting standards. We do not feel it is possible to meet our high standards for quality and durability using recycled materials.

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