The Many "Faces" of Copper

In January color expert Kate Smith wrote a blog “Will Your Roof Color Work With Copper Two, Ten or Twenty Years From Now?” Well that spurred some more questions resulting in additional tips for the homeowner.

In a recent press release Kate advises homeowners matching up copper accent roofs, gutters or weathervanes to consider a blend of polymer slate roofing colors such as a Brownstone, which features shades of brown, stone and tan polymer roofing tiles. “These unique colors contrast with the copper both at the initial stages when it’s first installed, and over time, so they present a winning combination. Warm shades of browns can work well long-term with copper finishes that can take many years to fully reach their patina.”

Tahoe Blend with copper accentsFor homeowners looking to match up copper accents on the home with a cedar shake roof, consider the blends of Autumn, Mountain or Tahoe DaVinci shakes. Each fire-resistant tile is impact-, rot- and insect-resistant, making them even more appealing to match up with copper gutters, downspouts and accent roofs.
 “My advice is to stay away from gray roofing tiles that lean toward the blue color scale and stick with tones of brown,” says Kate. “The gray tiles will look harsh next to the copper pieces when they’re first installed and then won’t provide a good match as the copper ages. Homeowners with copper exterior accents should also stay away from shades of red and orange because they won’t look good with the greenish patina down the road.”

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