Bellaforté Shake - Our Newest Product! See It Installed

One year ago, we released our newest product - Bellaforté Shake.

DaVinci Bellaforte Shake Bellaforté Shake is a cedar shake alternative roofing product that has superior performance as well as affordable elegance, as you can see in the installation photos below

Our Bellaforté line is a revolutionary roofing material that offers a leading edge tab that secures every tile to the next to crazy improve wind resistance performance. The snap-fit also creates a rain gutter. Here are some more performance achievements of Bellaforté Shake:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals (FL NOA No. 45-0831.01)
  • ICC-ES (ESR 2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance

Bellaforté Shake comes in 5 standard wood tone color blends: Abruzzo, Espresso, Harbor Gray, Tuscano and Verona.

If you would prefer another color, you can also use our color designer to find the blend that matches your home - or create your own!

You can also get them in our EcoBlend color roof colors.

Our Bellaforté Shake has a natural hand split shake look - with sawn edges and staggered lengths. Here are some of the installations of our Bellaforté Shake product:

Do you like the look of a wood shake roof but can't have it in your neighborhood because of the fire restrictions? Or simply want the wood look without the hassles that come along with it? Check out our synthetic shake shingles to learn more.


"Fighting Irish" Fan of DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof

Located near the famous University of Notre Dame Main Building sits the Sara Bea Learning Center for Students with Disabilities. The large structure provides accommodations for students with disabilities attending the university, houses the campus mail distribution center and is home to a back-up generator system.

Failing asphalt shingles and venting problems on the roof required the university to find a long-term solution for the structure's roof in 2013. While some people desired a natural slate roof on the building, Senior Project Manager for Facilities Design & Operations at the university, Tony Polotto, had other ideas.

"This residential style building couldn't support the weight of traditional slate tiles so I looked into polymer slates," says Polotto, LEED AP BD&C, RRC, RRO. "I reviewed many tile options but was most excited about the DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles. The appearance, features and benefits of the polymer slate was commendable. After the Learning Center roof was completed, I found myself so impressed with the product that I installed it on my own home."

Learning About Polymer Roofs

"This is the first time we installed a slate alternative on campus, but you can't tell any difference from the natural slate," says Polotto. "The roof blends in perfectly with the surrounding buildings that feature real slate."

Nearly 10,000 square feet of roof  on the university's Learning Center was covered with synthetic slate roof tiles from DaVinci in the European blend of light, medium and dark gray along with light and dark purple. The structure features copper valleys, snow guards, gutters and downspouts.

"Sustainability is a large part of how we construct buildings on our campus," says Polotto, who oversees the entire University Roofing program at Notre Dame. "The 50-year limited warranty provided by DaVinci aligns with our goal of using long-term, environmentally-friendly products."           

On the Homefront

After supervising the successful roofing project on campus, Polotto decided to reroof his home. "My house is just nine years old, but the architectural shingles were already showing signs of bacterial growth and weakness from hail damage," says Polotto.

The 12/12 roof pitch on the home made replacement a challenge --- especially since Polotto decided to re-roof the house himself.

"Every night and on weekends during the entire summer I went up and did the installation," says Polotto. "I started with Grace Ice and Water Shield under the roof and also used 30 pound felt to achieve a Class A fire rating. I read all the DaVinci instructions and watched every installation video I could find to ensure I performed the installation correctly. It was a great experience and I'm proud of the finished project."

Because the look of the DaVinci roof on the Sara Bea Learning Center so impressed him, Polotto used Valoré Slate alternative tiles on his home. He staggered the 12-inch tiles in Dark Gray to give the roof an authentic, natural slate look.

"In my experience I've found that most homeowners are not educated on roofing options," says Polotto. "Too often they stick with asphalt shingles because they don't know about any other product. That's a shame, because those shingles need to be replaced in about 20 years or less ... and the DaVinci tiles will be on my roof for at least 50 years.

"During my home's roof replacements, dozens of people stopped to ask me what type of roof I was installing. They thought it looked incredible. Now I'm helping educate people at the University of Notre Dame and in my neighborhood about all the attributes of the DaVinci polymer slate tiles!"

To learn more about DaVinci roofs on campus, visit New Polymer Roofs at The College of New Jersey.


Benefits of a DaVinci Polymer Roof

DaVinci Roofscapes makes both simulated shake shingles and synthetic slate roof shingles. Our shake and slate products are made from 100% virgin resin, so they are a man-made product that looks like their natural counterpart, but has superior performance.

DaVinci SlateHere is a run down of the benefits of our polymer roof systems:

  • Looks: Our products have the aesthetic appeal of the natural product, but without the performance issues.

  • Thickness: Since our product is man-made, we are able to achieve a thickness that matches that of a premium shake or a premium slate shingle, without the extra cost.

  • Widths: You have the ability to select either a single-width or multi-width product - whichever suits your tastes.

  • Color Blends: We have standard color blends that appeal to the colors you'd find in a natural slate or shake roof. And we can also create custom blends and custom colors.

  • Lightweight: Our tiles are designed to be lightweight - about the same weight as an asphalt shingle roof.

  • Waste: During the installation process, our shingles can be installed in a way that makes for very little waste.

  • Fire Retardance: Our products have achieved a Class A fire rating (with appropriate underlayments).

  • Wind Resistance: Our products have a straight line wind resistance rating up to 110 mph.

  • Impact Resistance: Out products have an impact resistance of Class 4.

  • Freeze/Thaw Resistance: Since they are man made, our polymer roof tiles do not have the expansion and contraction issues that a natural product would.

Do you have a DaVinci roof? What added features and benefits have you found from having one of our polymer roofs?  We want to hear your roof story.


DaVinci Polymer Shake Roof Ideal for Coastal Setting

To top off a redesigned 8,000-square foot custom home in Cape May, New Jersey, architect David Schultz specified weather-resistant polymer shake roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

"The composite shake material of the DaVinci tiles holds up to the harsh ocean climate, which is exactly what the owner wanted for his three-story New England Cottage style home," says Schultz, principal architect at DAS Architects Inc. out of Philadelphia. "These multi-width shake roofing tiles are both realistic-looking and durable. They look just like natural cedar shake shingles, which was the design style the homeowner desired for this house."

The custom beachfront home includes decorative architectural elements such as large covered porches, open decks, a lighthouse skylight, a widow's walk, facade vents and large windows to capture ocean views. The dwelling itself features subtle curved edges to complement styles found in New England.

"We used DaVinci's solid shake accessory shingles that match their roofing product line to achieve curved roof lines that we had installed along exposed roof edges," says Schultz. "This product is impact-resistant so we know it will help protect the home from severe weather. It also has a 50-year limited warranty that gave us even more confidence in specifying this product for the roof.

"Overall, the product's ability to stand up to the harsh ocean climate, the Weathered Gray color we selected for the roof and the realistic appearance that resembles an aged cedar shake roof all combined to make this the perfect selection for this home."

The Multi-Width Shake roofing products specified by DAS Architects are Class 4 impact rated and have been rated Class A for fire retardance. The cedar shake alternative roofing materials have also achieved the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph and have passed testing for extreme weather conditions.

DaVinci shake shingles feature both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths on the shake tile roof help create a natural, non-repeating look that can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. The tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects, making them ideal for installation in a wide variety of geographic areas.

To learn what other architects are saying about DaVinci products, visit The DaVinci Roof – A Luxury Roof for the Architect.

Images courtesy of DAS Architects, Inc. and Peter Paige Photography.


Lightweight Slate Roofing by DaVinci

At DaVinci, we understand slate. We took an in-depth look at not only the texture but also the color schemes of the natural product, all before we launched our debut product - Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles.

DaVinci Slate TilesOur slate tiles are a 1/2" thick which is about twice as thick as other synthetic tiles and we offer them in color blends that mimic natural combos that have been on roofs for hundreds of years. Here is a rundown of our current slate profile offerings:

  • Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles - these tiles come in a 12" tile width. Single width shingles allow for a clean and simple roof design.

  • Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles - these tiles come to the job site in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths and allow for the staggered appearance of natural slates.

  • Bellaforté Slate - these tiles have our interlocking design. Also single width, our Bellaforté line is 12" tiles offering a length of 15-1/2" with a very clean look.

Our slate tiles also offer the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved

In addition to the already existing color blends for our slate tiles, we also offer EcoBlend® Cool Roof colors as well as custom blends and custom colors for our slate products.

For more information on our slate tiles, you might enjoy reading:


Benefits of Polymer Shake

DaVinci ShakeAre you in the market for a new roof? You like the shake look, but you're wondering if you should go with a fake cedar shake roof rather than a natural shake roof?

Here are some of the benefits of our polymer shake shingles:

  • Authentic Look - We have worked hard to have a natural look to our product. Check out this blog for more information on our profiles:  DaVinci Roofscapes Polymer Roof Tiles.

  • Thickness - As you may or may not know, in the world of natural shake, the thicker the shake shingles, the more expensive the product is. However, our cedar shake roofing is already thick -  5/8" Hand-Split, 1" Bellaforté, and 7/16" Fancy Shake.

  • Multiple Widths - This ties into the authentic look of the product - our Hand-Split has 5 widths whereas our Fancy Shake has 3 widths. Natural shake has multiple widths that happen naturally.

  • Color Blends - We sell our shake products in various color blends that mimic natural shake colors that have been on roofs for a long time or have been freshly installed.  We vary the hues of the shingles ever so slightly so that we achieve that authentic look when it's up on the roof.

  • Waste During Installation - Our shakes have very little waste during installation (meaning, you wouldn't have to pay for as much material or labor as you would with a natural shake product).

  • Fire Performance - With specialty underlayments our shakes have a fire retardant Class A rating ASTM E 108 / UL 790 - which is not achievable with natural shakes.

  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant - Since our product is man made, it doesn't have the natural freeze/thaw cycle that a natural product does. The more the natural product freezes and thaws, the more it breaks, cracks, becomes brittle, exposing itself to bugs, weather, pests and more.

  • Color Fade Resistant - As you know, a brand new cedar shake roof is almost orange in color and then quickly fades over time. However, with our product, you can order the color you want and know that's the color you will have on your roof for the rest of the roof's life.

  • Maintenance Free - Hitting on the freeze/thaw resistant benefit, our product, since it doesn't react to freeze/thaw cycles like a natural product, is virtually maintenance free. However, you often see natural cedar roofs that require replacement of individual shingles over time. Sometimes entire ridges and hips need to be replaced - it's always funny to see a roof that has just the ridges and hips replaced because they are bright orange and the rest of the roof is the old faded color. Not something to worry about with DaVinci.

Would you like to continue to read about the benefits of our shake?  Here are some great articles on our blog that you might enjoy:


Roof Check Recommended During Fire Prevention Week, October 6-12, 2013

Need a good reminder to inspect your roof? October 6-12, 2013 is Fire Prevention Week --- an ideal time to carefully inspect your roof, especially if your home has a flammable wood shake roof overhead.

"With the number of major wildfires in the United States increasing each year, roofs made from wood can increase the risk of a catastrophic loss for homeowners," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. "Even if the fire is not an immediate threat, wind-driven sparks and embers can ignite an untreated wood shake roof and spread to the entire home. A DaVinci polymer roof provides the same look as wooden shakes but retains its Class A fire rating for the life of the roof with no need for periodic retreatment."

This is why Rosewall recommends homeowners replace wood roofing materials with alternatives such as composite roofing tiles. Made to resemble cedar roof shingles, fire-resistant Multi-Width Shake, Bellaforté Shake and Valoré Shake products from DaVinci are rated Class A for fire retardance and come with a 50-year limited warranty.        

"Flames simply don't spread on our polymer shake roofs," says Rosewall.

It's the Law

In some areas of the country, such as in California, laws are being implemented that require homeowners to replace wood shake roofs with fire resistant roofing materials. The Roof Covering Ordinance that went into effect January 1, 2009, requires that all wood shake roofing within the San Bernardino County Fire Safety Zones be replaced by July 1, 2014. Homes and commercial properties have until that date to comply with the new law.

Similar building codes, ordinances and requirements exist for the installation and replacement of wood shake and wood shake shingle roofs in other areas, including Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. And, in Boulder, Colo., wood shakes and wood shingles are prohibited from being installed. After January 1, 2014 it will be against the law in Boulder to repair major portions of wooden roofs rather than replace them with non-flammable roofing materials.

DaVinci polymer-composite synthetic shake shingles offer all of the natural, rustic beauty of real cedar shingles - but without any of the natural drawbacks of real wood. State-of-the-art polymer chemistry is used to create an appearance of a natural cedar product in both hand-split and machine-sawn varieties.

Each DaVinci composite roof shingle is lightweight, impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, impact resistant, maintenance free, color fade resistant, Class A fire rated (with specified underlayments), UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated, and wind resistant to 110 mph.

DaVinci shake roofing tiles feature both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend in the Multi-Width product line for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths on the tiles help create a natural, non-repeating look that can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. All DaVinci shake tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects, making them ideal for installation in a wide variety of geographic areas.

For more details on DaVinci shake products visit Composite Shake for Shingled Roofs        



October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week... What's On Your Roof?

If you've been watching all the wildfires that have occurred this summer, then it makes sense why a full week in October is devoted to fire prevention.

The truth is that every week should be fire prevention week.

As a manufacturer of roofing products, we are highly aware of the importance of fire prevention. After all, many roofs made of natural products like cedar shake shingles can be a catalyst to a much larger fire. It is for this reason that many communities around the country have outlawed the use of natural wood shakes on re-roofs. That's why products like DaVinci are so important - they allow for the aesthetic appeal of the natural roofing products that people have used for centuries, but add a performance aspect those natural counterparts never had. For example, we have made sure that all of our lightweight roofing tiles offer the best fire rating available for roofing products - Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108) when used with proper underlayments.

This video from our YouTube channel is probably appropriate for Fire Prevention wee. It shows our DaVinci Shake tiles vs. their natural counterpart during a Class A burning brand test. You will see how the DaVinci synthetic shake shingles stand up to fire compared to natural cedar shakes.

Having trouble watching this video? Click here to view.


Don't live in an area with wildfires? Fire prevention is still key because lightning strikes can start fires in an instant. On another note, you might also want to check with your home or building insurance company. They just might offer a discount for installing a Class A fire rated product.


Historic Architectural Review Committee in Oregon Approves Polymer Roof for Church

Founded in 1852, the old mining town of Jacksonville, Oregon prides itself on keeping its city structures historically accurate. So, it was welcome news when the town's Historic Architectural Review Committee approved a DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake roof to replace the decaying cedar shake shingles on the roof at the historic First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, which opened in 1881.

"Our entire town is on the national historic register and we had to receive permission from the Historic Architectural Review Committee to use the DaVinci roofing product," says Dave Harter, elder at the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville. "Because the product looked so authentic to real cedar shakes and had a better fire rating than wood shingles, the committee made the decision for the first time ever to allow polymer roofing tiles on a structure in our city."

The DaVinci Shake roofing products chosen for the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville are Class 4 impact rated and has a Class A fire rating. The roofing materials have also achieved the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph and have passed testing for extreme weather conditions. A Tahoe blend featuring five shades of brown in multi-width roofing tiles provides the church with the authentic cedar look they desired in a fake cedar shake shingle.

Installed in 2008 by Hoag Roofing in Central Point, Ore., the roof has held up extremely well for the past five years. "We would recommend this DaVinci product to any other church looking for a durable, authentic-looking roofing material," says Harter. "Best of all, with its 50-year roof limited warranty, we don't have to worry about reroofing our church again for many decades to come!"

For more information on churches with DaVinci roofs visit Churches Thankful for Roofs Overhead         


Severe Weather Worries? Not With A DaVinci Roof!

One of the great things about a man-made roofing product is that you can not only make it look like you want it to look, but you can also engineer it perform to the best standards possible.

DaVinci Lightweight Tiles

When you purchase a DaVinci roof, you not only get a beautiful luxury roof, but you also get a high performance roof that will stand up to Mother Nature's nasty weather.

From high winds, driving rain and hail to crazy freeze/thaw cycles, DaVinci tiles have you covered. Here's a run down of our various lightweight roofing materials and their certifications:

Our Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles and Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles have the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119) 
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved


Our Single-Width Valoré Shake, Fancy Shake and Multi-Width DaVinci Shake share the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approval
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved (Single-Width Valoré and Multi-Width DaVinci Shakes only)
  • Florida Building Code (Fancy Shake only)


Our Bellaforté Slate and Shake roofing tiles are our newest line of tiles offering the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals 
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance 


Did you buy a DaVinci roof because of it's high performance capabilities? Has it been put to the test? Please share your comments below!



From the Architect's Corner - Specifying DaVinci On a College or University

A large university campus could have hundreds of buildings, so it is a pretty fair assumption that there are frequent roof replacements at these institutions. Often I get calls from facility managers and architects working on projects where they need a high quality and good looking roof to fit in on their campus. To the decision maker DaVinci polymer slate and shake roof tiles are appealing because of their natural appearance, the need for little maintenance over the lifetime of the roof, and that they are Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated and wind certified to 110 mph.

Below is a list of a few of our featured College or University projects:

We have plenty more projects like these, and by subscribing to our blog or liking us on Facebook you can get notification as the roofs are installed and the features are written! Do you have a DaVinci Roofscapes luxury roof project that you think might make a good case study, project profile, or news story? Contact me at with the details.



From the Architect's Corner - Replacing Cedar with a Polymer Shake Tile

There's no question that cedar shake makes a beautiful roof. It can, however, have it's shortcomings. Wood deteriorates due to normal freeze and thaw weather cycles, thus leaving the homeowner with brittle and cracked tiles as well as leaves the shakes looking less than brilliant. Many are Class A Fire Rated when treated, but the treatment wears off and has to be redone every few years, not to mention one hail storm can take the whole thing out.

Architects and designers have embraced polymer made materials, like Bellaforté Shake, because with a polymer roof tile your clients won't have the problems listed above. Our products are Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated and the shakes don't split, crack, or lose their brilliance over time. Yesterday a great example of some before and after pictures came in to me (Featured Project to come!) from a contractor in Colorado. This picture beautifully demonstrates how a cedar roof replaced with Bellaforté Shake freshens up the look of the home's exterior and won't need to replaced for 50 years.


Happy Friday, Architects!


Fire Codes and Your Roof: Class A vs. Class C Codes

Are you familiar with fire codes and how they work with roofs? Depending on where you live in the world, you may have more stringent fire codes than in other parts of the world. For example, in the United States, if you live in the Midwest where the rainfall is usually plentiful, the fire codes may not be as strict as they would be in New Mexico, for example, where wildfires can cause havoc on a number of properties.

Roofing tiles can earn one of three main ratings that range from "A" to "C". When a roofing product has a Class A fire rating, it has attained the best fire rating that is available. It also means that the material in question meets the following criteria:

  • Intermittent Flame - an assembly of tiles is subjected to an intense flame with a strong air current for two minutes then turned off for two minutes. This procedure is repeated 15 times. After the final flame cycle the air current is continued and the assembly observed for an additional hour to look for failure.

  • Spread of Flame -  flame and air current are applied for 10 consecutive minutes and then observed until the flame deck recedes. Once the flame deck recedes the assembly is checked for maximum spread of flame. 

  • Burning Brand - a burning brand is placed on an assembly of roofing tiles with a high volume of wind behind it. The decking of the assembly is constantly monitored for 90 minutes to see if any fire burns through.  If fire burns through the roof deck anytime during the 90 minute trial, the tiles fail.

A Class C fire rating on a roofing material, means the tests on the assemblies are done with 1 1/2" brands instead of 12" x 12" brands and the tests are run for shorter periods of time.

DaVinci Roofscapes tiles are Class A fire rated with the proper underlayments. The video below shows a burning brand test on our roof tiles.

What questions about testing certifications do you have about our polymer roof tiles?


Weathering the Storm with a Davinci Roof

Where do you live? What are your concerns when looking for a new roofing product for your home or building?

More than likely, wherever you live, we have a polymer roofing product that will fit your needs. All of our lightweight roofing materials are tested for fire, impact and wind, so wherever you call home, we have you covered.

Here is a quick run down of the different products we offer:


All of our products offer a Class A  or Class C Fire rating(depending on how the tiles are installed), Class 4 Impact rating and are Certified to withstand up to 110MPH* winds giving them superior abilities to weather the storm. 

What questions do you have about our products and their ability to weather the storm? How can we address concerns you have for a roofing product in your home town?

 * See DaVinci Installation Instructions for details.




From the Architect's Corner - Technical Advice

As an architect, if you call into our office seeking technical advice you will most likely get me. Most of the time I've got it covered, but sometimes a question can leave me stumped so I have to turn to Tim Gentry, VP of Technical Services, for help. Click here to meet the DaVinci Roofscapes' Technical Team and keep reading to get answers to the questions most closely related to the design professional.

Custom Installations

Do you want to add a unique quality to your design and wonder if a polymer roofing product is the right choice? Click here to read Tim's thoughts on custom staggers, unique roof shapes and more.


What Does a Class A Fire Rating Mean?

In his job with DaVinci, Tim oversees all product testing and knows all the up to date testing methods and requirements. While many people have heard the term 'Class A', most are unsure what exactly that means. Click here to read more about the ASTM E 108 test.


Installing DaVinci Tiles with No Waste

This seems like a crazy concept, but think of the cost savings to your client knowing that DaVinci tiles can be installed with either very low or no waste? Click here to keep reading Tim's blog about the waste factor for our polymer slate and shake roof tiles.


Preventing Ice Dams

Often I receive calls from architects concerned about cold weather application, freeze thaw durability and if the product will create ice dams (therefore problems) on their client's roof. Click here to read Tim's ideas on preventing ice dams with the DaVinci tiles.




Class A Fire Rating

What does a class A fire rating mean on a roofing product mean? It means that the roof covering has undergone extensive fire testing using the ASTM E 108 test standard at the Class A level. Class A is the best classification available.

For polymer roof coverings there are three tests.

1. Intermittent Flame - an assembly of tiles is subjected to an intense flame for two minutes then turned off for two minutes. This is cycled 15 times to see if there is failure in the roof deck.

2.  Spread of Flame -  flame and air current are applied for 10 consecutive minutes and then checked for failure. 

3. Burning Brand - This is my personal favorite...not that I liked starting fires as a child. In this test, a burning brand is placed on an assembly of roofing tiles with a high volume of wind behind it. The decking of the assembly is constantly monitored for 90 minutes to see if any fire burns through.  If fire burns through the roof deck anytime during the 90 minute trial, the tiles fail.  Below are pictures of DaVinci's Class A Fire rated slate and simulated shake roofing. DaVinci tiles PASS these tests with flying colors. 

slate brand
shake brand

DaVinci Lightweight Tiles Offer Class A Fire Ratings

Are you searching for a roofing material that offers a Class A fire rating? Or did you just happen upon this blog post as you were browsing our site? Whatever the case, you are in luck because our simulated shake roofing and our imitation slate roofing offers a Class A fire rating with proper underlayment.

To help explain a Class A fire rating, I always like to share this video with interested customers. It shows what the shingles and the underlayment have to go through into order to achieve the Class A rating (which is the best fire rating a shingle can have).


You can imagine (after watching the video above) how a burning branch falling off of a pine tree would take much longer to burn through a roof deck with DaVinci and the proper underlayment than it would with a natural cedar shake roof.

Do you live in a fire prone area and want to learn about our Class A fire rated lightweight roofing systems? Please feel free to reach out to us Contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-DAVINCI.

Did you select DaVinci for your roof because of the Class A rating or because of our Class 4 impact ratings? Tell us about it.


From the Architect's Corner - AIA 2013

I really enjoyed working at the AIA Expo at the national convention this year. We had some great discussions with architects from all over the country (26 states recorded for literature/sample requests), and overall the show had a good vibe and our polymer slate and shake roof tiles received a warm reception. In case you didn't make it into the expo, I kept tabs of the top 5 frequently asked questions so that I could come back here and share them with you.

  1. What is the product made of? The products are made of 100% virgin polymers, UV stabilizers and thermal stabilizers using the most advanced technology.

  2. What is the fire rating? (if you have spent any time in Colorado recently, sadly this is something everybody is talking about) It is a Class A Fire Rated material. This means that all of the products have passed ASTM E 108. Click here to learn what that means and watch a video of a fire test.  

  3. What colors does it come in? We make 49 standard colors that we mix into our different color blends for slate and shake. You can choose either a standard blend, for example, Brownstone in DaVinci Slate, or you can use our colors to customize your own blend. Click here to access our color tool and find the color blend that works for you.

  4. Is it recyclable? YES! We will take back jobsite waste and repurpose it into our starter tiles. Click here to read more!

  5. Can I see installations in my area? Sure! Click here to email me and request an installation list for your city.

Below you will see the famous Big Blue Bear statue that looks into the Colorado Convention Center.




Happy Friday, Architects. Hope to see you in Chicago next year!


Bellaforte by DaVinci – Engineered to Withstand High Winds

Our Bellaforté tiles are some of the most advanced roofing tiles on the market. These tiles have all the appearance and beauty of natural slate or shake roofing tiles but with a higher level of durability from the proprietary-engineered polymer roofing formula. Although the tiles look complex, their installation and final appearance on the roof is not complicated at all.

See that little tab on the lower right hand side of the shingle? That tab helps to interlock to the next tile - and the "gutter" Bellaforte Slateon the left hand side of the tile is used to also interlock to the next existing tile. This snap-fit system and leading edge tab secures every tile to increase wind performance. What this means for the roof owner is that you have a greater wind resistance due to the fact that the tiles are so tightly put together.

Whether or not you live in a wind prone area, you might be interested in checking out our Bellaforté products. In addition to high wind ratings, these tiles also have a Class 4 impact rating and a Class A fire rating (with proper underlayment). These tiles come in two profiles - an imitation slate and a cedar shake alternative.

Have you installed Bellaforté tiles on your roof? We want to see it!  Please share your DaVinci roofing experience with us - be sure to include photos so we can share them on our blog!


Prepare Your Home for 2013 Hurricane Season

Are you ready for the 2013 Hurricane Season? National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 26 to June 1st, which is a great time to get the exterior of your home ready for potentially severe weather.

According to Jill Hasling, President and Meteorologist with the Weather Research Center in Houston, at least nine to 12 named storms will form in the Atlantic this year with six of them intensifying into hurricanes. She also predicts that the coastal areas from Louisiana to Alabama and the western coast of Florida have a 70 percent chance of experiencing landfall of a tropical storm or hurricane this year, with the coast from Georgia to North Carolina being the second highest risk area.

And, as Hurricane Sandy proved in 2012, you don’t have to live directly on the coast to be impacted by hurricane conditions. Twenty-four states were affected by Hurricane Sandy, with home damage resulting from strong winds, flying debris and massive flooding.

“Now is the time to carefully evaluate your home’s exterior,” says Mark Clement, co-host of MyFixitUpLife home improvement radio show and a professional contractor. “Never assume that the roof, windows, doors or garage doors that held up well during previous storms will again be able to handle severe weather conditions.

“Repeated exposure to strong weather can take a toll on the home. Always review and evaluate the effectiveness of the entire home ‘envelope’ each year at the beginning of the hurricane season.

A home’s roof should be examined yearly to determine if there are missing shingles, curling or splitting shingles, lifting shingles or loss of granules. Both straight line winds and pressurized winds can cause different damage --- from uplifting the shingles off the roof to pushing intense wind-driven rain and flying debris onto the roof.

“Weather conditions have changed so much in recent years,” says Clement. “My recommendation is to always select an impact-resistant roof for the home. Even though we live inland in Pennsylvania, we put a DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate roof on our home.

“This roof has achieved Class 4 ratings for impact resistance along with the Miami Dade County Acceptance (High Velocity Hurricane Winds) and the Texas Department of Insurance, showing that the roofing tiles can withstand hurricane-force winds. In addition, DaVinci slate and shake roofing tiles are rated Class A for fire retardance and have achieved the highest rating for straight line wind testing at 110 mph. The roof also has a limited 50-year warranty for added peace-of-mind.”