What Accent Roof Color Works Above the Entry Porch and Garage?

I am using this slate tile as an accent for the roof above the garage and above the entry porch. I was thinking that the Brownstone VariBlend would match well. Any comments or recommendations?


Pete Daniele
Bellaforté or Single-Width Slate



Hi Mr. Daniele,

An accent roof over the garage doors and entry porch will add another nice element to your exterior design.

You are on the right track with your thinking. Brownstone appears to match the brown tones in your stone work. My only suggestion would be is to make sure it is not too light compared to the main roof. 

The accent roof over the garage is a strong visual horizontal element in your overall design. Currently the strong contrast between the roof against the siding and the stone is one one of the reasons it works so well to balance the design and move the eye across the entire front of your home. If the roof colors blends in too closely with the siding and/or stone color you will lose some of the character that the accent roof adds to your home.

Another thing to look at with the Brownstone would be how it works with the main roof. From the picture your main roof looks gray. If that is the case you will want to avoid going too light or chocolate brown and instead look for a brown-black. That will help to bridge the brown in the stone with the gray in the roof. A color like Dark Tahoe would be one to consider.

I like the Single-Width but either Single- or Multi-Width profile would work. Go with the look you prefer.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert




Help Us Keep the Original Garrison Colonial Character... What Color Polymer Shake?

I own a Garrison Colonial in Westchester County New York. It currently has an asphalt roof that needs replacing. The original design of the house was a Cedar roof with cedar siding going half way down the front and back of the house, while the sides and lower half of the front and back are red brick. My contractor and I have decided to go either with the single-width or multi-width Cedar Shake in an attempt to restore the original look. We are also now debating replacing the original cedar shingle siding with the your product as well. My wife and I were having a hard enough time deciding on a color when it was just the roof, but now that the siding might be replaced as well, we are completely stumped.

Very few of your Gallery pictures included red brick homes, they also tend to only include large homes, which I wish was not the case since your products are very affordable for a house of any size.

We are open to almost anything, although we tend to feel the house should be simple and respect its original look, which I assume was unpainted cedar siding and the cedar roof. The siding is currently varied width, with each shingle of the same length.

We are also planning on bring back the original shutters on the Single windows on the upper stories and the two sides of the house, which were removed because they were in poor condition. Our doors are also about to be replaced, so the choice of roofing and siding color determines these as well.

Thank you for your time.

John Knittel
Hastings On Hudson, NY
Product: Single- or Multi-Width Shake





Hello Mr. Knittel,

It sounds like you are making all of the right changes to restore this home to its original beauty. It is going to be a nice improvement.

I recommend staying with the multi-width shake. You can continue with the even lengths or could go with varied lengths if you prefer that look. Either will work on your home and keep the integrity of the original look.

It looks like your bricks have a warm color cast that will work nicely with Weathered Gray or Tahoe. Weathered Gray is lighter and Tahoe darker so it just depends what you have in mind. Both have a look of natural cedar with the gray being more weathered and thus the name.



Using the same shake on both the roof and siding is the best choice and will give you home a very cohesive look from top to bottom. Either of the two colors I am suggesting will blend nicely with the brick. 

When you paint the trim it would be nice to go with an off-white rather than bright white to continue to tie the look together. As for shutters and front door go with whatever color you like best-- there are so many choices that would work great once you have the bricks and roof/siding working together. Muted to dark greens, blues, reds, golds and more. Find a color family you like and then hone in on the exact shade you think works best for your overall look.

I hope this advice helps you to make your color decisions.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


Holiday Décor Trends Beneath The Roof

The holidays are a time to welcome family and friends into your home to enjoy traditions and make memories. Make this year special by introducing a new look. You can add some glitz and glam or give a nod to mod for an on-trend holiday home. 2014 is expected to be a season of uniqueness, building upon ‘creating new memories’.

Turn your home into the place to be this holiday season with a DaVinci Slate or Shake roof overhead and one of these four trends to inspire your decor. All interior inspiration and images are from Wayfair.


The Great Gatsby Holiday Glam

Polymer Roofing

Bellaforté Slate Black-VariBlend

Fascination with the roaring 20s will make this year’s holidays chic and glitzy. “Think Great Gatsby!” says Kaemingk, a seasonal décor company which will be infusing a line of 1920s-inspired holiday décor with its new Glamour Time collection. Golds, black and whites, pearls and lots of jazzy-inspired looks will create a vintage look with a glamorous feel.


Style Mash Ups

Imitation Slate

Multi-Width Slate Custom Blend

In building unique holiday décor, many companies are introducing style hybrids of two or more hot trends from years past. At Demcado, an artistry décor company, the Around the Block collection speaks hipster meets lodge. ‘Upcycled’ pieces are turning old tired décor into new whimsical holiday signs and unique decorating statement pieces with plaids, pops of color or fresh sayings that would make anyone smile.


Tranquil Beauty

Fake Slate

DaVinci Multi-Width Slate Weathered Green

A softer, more serene holiday is achieved when you introduce pastels or even white to your décor. Keeping things light and intentionally chosen, this style works best when done in minimal touches throughout your spaces. Infuse one pattern for interest – floral, subtle stripes or the like for a really beautiful, more feminine holiday look.


Personalize Your Holidays

Fake Shake

Single-Width Shake Autumn-VariBlend

On-trend always, personalized holiday items are timeless, classic and become instant family traditions. This year pulling out your family items and infusing them with some new pieces like a family tree skirt or hand embroidered stockings, create memories and décor together.

Selecting a trend for your home is easy when you examine personal style and favorite colors. From hipsters to homebodies built on tradition, there is always a beautiful, colorful way to make new memories under your roof this holiday season.


Help in Colorado... Maybe a Custom Blend for Our Polymer Roof?

We would like assistance choosing our colors using the Bellaforté Slate.

We have a red brick georgian house - the majority of the house is brick. Our trim is white. Our shutters and front door are a very dark green - nearly black. Our roof is not very obvious from the front of our house.

Currently our house has yellow paint but we will be repainting it. We are leaning towards grey.

We have pavers for our front walk/porch and back porch that were just installed. All our landscaping was just completed so in the pictures, things look a bit bare with all new plant.

We like the European Blend but would like suggestions for a custom blend.

Thank you.

Greenwood Village, CO
Product: Bellaforté Slate





Thank you for sending a variety of images of your home. I can see how many nice improvements you have already made to your home and a DaVinci roof will be perfect to top off your look.

I can see that you enjoy the interplay of pattern and color from the design you selected for the newly installed pavers. I think that works very well with the colors and style of your home. I also think going with gray on the siding will look great with the pavers and brick.

For the roof I recommend you go with subtler variations in color rather than a more distinct pattern such as the European blend. On their own each pattern is beautiful but when added to the same exterior they can start to compete with each other for "visual attention" and then none of them will stand out. Instead think about going with the subtle color variations that is possible with DaVinci's VariBlend technology.

If you are still set on pattern you could get away with it because so little of your roof shows but I would still recommend a pattern that incorporates 2 or 3 grays rather than different colors.

​If you want something a bit different, DaVinci Roofscapes is about to release a new VariBlend.​ It is a color called Smokey Gray that is between Slate Gray and Slate Black. I think this color would be a great choice to give your home a distinctive look.

Take a look ​at these three options ​and think about how less pattern on the roof can make the other patterns make more impact to your overall look. I think you will see how going more solid on your roof can bring your other patterns to life.​


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert



Need Help Finding Alternative to All Black Roof...


I've asked Crystal to come up with some alternatives to an all-black roof.

Thanks - Bob

Bob Gibb
Calgary, Alberta
Product: Multi-Width slate


Hi Bob,

A black roof could certainly work on your home but I can understand why you would prefer something a little different to set your home apart. I would still recommend that you stay in the black/gray range of colors but there are other options.

I think Slate Gray could be a nice choice in Multi-Width Slate. The color would blend nicely with your brick and shake as well as pick up on the black trim around the windows and on your door.

Another gray such as combination of Dark and Medium Gray could also work. I like the warmer/brown gray tones slightly better than the cooler/bluish grays based on the photos. Look at the samples of the colors outside your home to determine which color will look best.

Once you decide on your roof gray, I would suggest changing the blue paint on the stairs and porch to a gray that blends with the roof color to give the exterior a cohesive look. 

You have a lovely home and I hope this helps you to pick the perfect roof color.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Fake Slate
















Your Guide To Lighting Up Your Home Exterior For The Holidays

Christmas lights are popping up all over the Internet as quickly as they are beginning to appear in neighborhoods across the country. If like me, you have yet to put up the first light, here are some tips to get both of us started.

A fantasy holiday color scheme (picture from totalenvironmentinc.com)

More Choices Than White or Bright Colors

With the introduction of LED bulbs your holiday lighting is no longer limited to warm white or bright colored lights. Today there are more color choices and combinations than ever before. Mix up light and dark green. Bring together pastels and brights. Update traditional red and green by adding pink and light green. Even a combination of warm white and cool white with amber or faint blue can create a special winter wonderland look.

Just like when you are picking colors for your exterior, selecting the right colors for your holiday decor starts with considering a few things about your home. Your color scheme can be inspired by your lifestyle, style of your home or even be influenced by your neighborhood.

If you have kids multi-colored lights and plastic reindeer might be what gives them the most delight. White lights or a single soft color can be best if your goal is to highlight your home's architectural details, landscaping or other outside elements. Sometimes neighbors collaborate to turn their entire street or cul-de-sac into an attention getting display. Whatever color scheme you choose, make it your own.

An elegant display in white (picture from outdoorlightingnashville.com)

LEDs Light The Way

Once you've got a design in mind, if you will be purchasing new lights -- go with LEDs. The cost of LEDs is more initially but they use less than 15 percent of the electricity of traditional lights. They also don’t break as easily. In the past LEDs had a bluish glow that most people found less appealing than the warm yellowish glow of incandescent lights. However, the color of LED lights has really been perfected and considering net costs are the way to go for outdoor decor.

Landscape Lighting

As you are getting your design direction in mind, don't forget to extend your lighting to your entry, walkways, edges of flower beds and driveway. Focusing lights on the architectural details of your home highlight your home’s beauty and adds to the festive atmosphere. If you are doing quite a bit of lighting I recommend that you consult a lighting professional. They will help you to avoid ending up with a tangle of wires and extension cords that might not stand up well to the weather or could be too much for your electrical system.

Add Lush Greenery

No one wants to see the cords and plugs so take this tip from Southern Living on how to disguise unsightly wires. Keep the cords or extension cords for strings of lights out of sight by winding them around a column or post and cover with Christmas greenery or garland. Add a pretty container of ornamental cabbage or kale at the base.

Let Someone Else Do The Decorating

Companies offer turnkey services that remove the hassle of purchasing, installing, maintaining and storing exterior decorations. They can also give you a unique design or ideas for installing the lighting. During the holiday season, they will service the lighting should anything become damaged or stop working. One of my favorite reasons for hiring someone else to handle you exterior decor is that they take down the display and place the items in their own facilities for the next year.

If you want to have their holiday lighting up and running by the day after Thanksgiving it is best to book early. I don't know about you but I really don't like putting up decorations when it is freezing outside and I have many other holiday chores to attend to. Get on it right now and mark your calendar for next year right so you remember to book your dates for decorating right after Labor Day.

So go get started planning the perfect display for you and your family. The possibilities for holiday lighting are endless. The only limitation is your imagination.

More Inspiration

Light Up Your Home For The Holidays

Rooftop Decorations Santa Is Guaranteed Not To Miss

Why Red & Green Are the Colors of Christmas


Need Color Ideas for My Home

I have 30 sq. house and would be interested in color ideas.

Nathan Buerge
Joplin, MO
Product: Slate


Hello Mr. Buerge,

I have looked at the images of your home and have the following recommendations for the color and style of your roof.

Your home has lovely details and many materials that add to its stately style. You will not want to detract from these by adding a distinct pattern to the roof. Allow eye to move to the pattern in your brick, stone and the timbers by choosing a roofing material with a the natural look of subtle color variations.

It appears in your pictures that your home is trimmed in black or a very deep charcoal gray. This works well with the style of your home as well as the colors in the brick. Keeping the roof in either Slate Black VariBlend or Slate Gray VariBlend is what I would recommend.

For the profile I think the Bellaforté Slate would be the way to go. The larger tiles and uniform pattern fit the style and size of your home very well and I think you will be pleased with the results.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert












See How The Many Colors of Pumpkins Inspire Exterior Color Schemes

There are so many reasons I love Autumn. The colors of the fall foliage, ripe red apples, Indian corn and of course pumpkins. Seeing a patch filled with bright orange pumpkins is a cheerful sight that I look forward to but in the past few years, a few other colors have elbowed their way into the patch and found their way into my heart.

Brown, white, red and even blue skinned beauties join orange as options for fall decorating. I've been enchanted by the luscious combinations of colors found in the skin and flesh of the many new varieties available. They are so lovely that they have inspired me to think about how I might use these color schemes to help you choose a new look for your exterior.   

Traditional orange pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

The bright orange of a traditional pumpkin doesn't often work for an entire exterior, but it is a warm inviting color for a front door and window frames.

Blue pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

Of all the non-traditional colors for pumpkins, blue seems to be the most unexpected. Take your color cue from the blue skin and rich orange flesh of the Jarrahdale pumpkin. The blue on the front door against the red-orange bricks creates a perfect complementary scheme.

Brown pumpkin inspired color scheme

The Musquee de Provence Pumpkin is a favorite among those with an eye for color. This beautiful heirloom from the South of France is green when immature, and then the skin turns a lovely rich blend of browns when fully ripe. The variations of the browns are much the same as one of my favorite DaVinci Roofscapes standard blends -- Autumn. 

Tan pattern pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

The Galeux D'Eysines is another heirloom pumpkin and its name translates as "embroidered with warts from Eysines”, a small town in southwest France. Its color and texture might inspire an analogous color scheme of warm golden hues with the front door, painted in a rich, spicy orange of Benjamin Moore Etruscan AF-355.

Red pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

It has been said that Cinderella's carriage was fashioned after the Rouge Vif d'Estampes pumpkin and that the roof of her castle was covered in Bellaforté Imitation Slate in the standard blend Sedona.

White pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

Coming on the scene only a dozen years ago, naturally white pumpkin, once an oddity found only at farmers' markets, are now making their way into more and more homes and becoming an autumn favorite. The combination of white with stem green and bright orange as accent colors is perfect on this home in Austin, TX.

Mother Nature is a true expert when it comes to putting colors together. All you have to do is harvest one of her pumpkin-inspired combinations to add the beauty of Fall to your home year round.


Blue October in Kansas City!

The fountains are flowing with royal blue water in our home town of Kansas City, and World Series fever is running high!

Royal Blue


Next week our Kansas City Royals go to the World Series for the first time in 29 years ... and we have high hopes of beating the San Francisco Giants! After all, we did it this past August when the Royals swept the Giants in a three-game series in Kansas City. Will history repeat itself? We hope so!

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we're unabashedly proud of our hometown baseball team --- and the focus being placed on Kansas City. After all, the Royals are the first team to sweep both their division and AL Championship games. And, now that we have two wild-card teams meeting at the World Series (for only the second time ever!) it's "all fans on deck" to cheer on our team when the first game starts on October 21st!


We're so excited about this amazing sporting achievement, that we're thinking of creating a Royal Blue polymer roofing tile!


After all, we have already offered A Simple Guide to Exterior Color Trends 2014 | Take A New Look At Blue! While we think about that option ... you can check out these fun facts:

- The Royals have previously played in just two World Series ... losing in 1980 to the Philadelphia Phillies, but winning in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

- The "Royals" name comes from the American Royal ... a livestock and horse show, rodeo and championship barbeque competition held each year in Kansas City since 1899.

- Our city has several other sports teams with distinctive patriarch names ... including the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Monarchs.


Hot Door Colors Meet Their Designer Roof Color Match

When a homeowner adds a DaVinci imitation slate or shake roof often the first thing they do is stand back admiring how great their home looks. Now that the roof looks so great, they often decide other parts of their exterior could also benefit from being spruced up. The front door is often the next area homeowners look to improve. The good news is that all it may take to have your front door live up to the beauty of your roof is to brush on a fresh coat of paint. But what color?

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Match

Deep cranberry warmed up with gold is reminiscent of a luxurious carpet or
velvety rose petals Cranapple adds a touch of tradition to any style home.

Here are some hues to inspire you. These are from the top 10 hottest door colors for Therma-Tru Doors Five of the colors that I believe will find their ways to many front doors in 2015 are bold and influenced by cross cultural experiences, such as Bronze Tone and Tripoli Sand. Then there are five other colors — like Thyme Green and Amazon Soil — which are more muted hues that invite us to step out of the fast flow of life to relax in our homes. You can learn more about these colors and see a video showing how all these colors look on a front door visit SensationalColor.com

Hot New Door Colors 2015

Using images from This Old House matched up to DaVinci Roofscapes roof colors you can see how the hot colors work in an exterior scheme. See a few examples and the reasons the combinations work well together.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Color Match

This monochromatic scheme of the natural siding and DaVinci composite slate would work well with just about any color family. I like the cheerful feeling a color like Tripoli Sands projects. Wright Blue Mist would also be a wonderful choice. Capture the glow of the beaches along the Mediterranean with this stylish shade that brings out the golden colorcast of stone or brick.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Color Match

A blend of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in Dark and Medium Chesapeake is a perfect match to the colorcast of the bricks. Thyme Green on the door plays off the greenish cast of the roof color and picks up the warm tones in the brick. A classic, rich green with a touch of brown never goes out of style and pairs well with most exterior home colors and features.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Color Match

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in Tahoe Blend and the siding get a lively lift with a color like Bronze Tone that brightens up a subdued exterior. Bold but not overpowering, this deep shade of orange is a good choice to add energy to any neutral theme. 

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Match

This patchwork blend of bricks needs a strong roof color. Bellaforté Slate Black-VariBlend fills that bill. Painting the front door black could work but using a color like Amazon Soil that incorporates all of the colors in the brick is friendlier and more interesting. A deep, lush shade of mauve, this dramatically dark color gives the front door a velvety richness.

Your roof and front door are two of the key elements on your exterior. By picking the right color for both your home will stand out from the rest and have instant curb appeal.


Afraid of Going Too Dark on the Roof... What Do You Think?

The stucco on my house is a light pink, with a dark green trim. The stone on the front has pink and green highlights in it. I am afraid of going too dark on the roof, and am not sure what collar would look best. What do you think?

Terry Jackson
Fort Collins, CO
Product: Bellaforté Shake


Hi Terry,

I have looked at your images and I agree you won't want to go too dark on your roof.

I understand you like both the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in either the Tahoe or Mountain blend. Color-wise you are on the right track. Finding a color that blends with your stone will tie to elements together and open up many possibilities for siding and trim if you decide to change your color scheme.

That being said I think the Mountain blend appears to be a bit too dark for the tones in your stone and the home overall. Since you are already voicing a concern about going too dark I don't believe you would be delighted with this color.

I think Tahoe looks like just the right lightness/darkness and the colors in the tiles appear to blend well with the stone. You will want to view the tile samples near the actual stone on the front of your home to confirm that what I am seeing is true in the natural light around your home before you make a final decision to be sure the colors are pleasing. If you like what you see then I think you will be very pleased with this blend on your entire roof.

I hope that helps make your decision a little easier.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert













From the Architect's Corner - Free Online Learning!

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I go in when selecting exterior colors for my home?"

According to Kate Smith, DaVinci Roofscapes' color expert, the correct order is roof, siding, windows, front door, trim then garage door. Unless the home is brick or stone, the largest fixed feature is probably the roof, so you will want to start there. 

Interested in learning more? Are you a professional in need of a continuing education credit? Jump over to AEC Daily's website to take our course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors. It is free and available online 24/7.



Historic Oklahoma City Church Gets Fire Brick Red Polymer Roof

Almost two decades after the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the heavily-damaged St. Paul's Cathedral and Parish House near the blast site finally have new, long-lasting polymer roof tiles overhead.

The 1904 Norman-Gothic church structure, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was badly damaged during the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. The bombing lifted off the roof and splayed the walls outward.

In the rebuilding aftermath, a roof was added that failed during the ensuing years. Now, after extensive research, the church has invested in a composite slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes in an attractive fire brick red color.

Fake Slate       Simulated Slate Roofing


"Our Roof and Restoration Committee did extensive research into roof replacement options and also consulted with our architect, Mass Architects, Inc.," says Mike Murphy, a member of St. Paul's church and a director at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. "The primary reasons we selected the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate product were the low-maintenance factor coupled with the roof's impact- and fire-resistancy features. The 50-year limited warranty available from the manufacturer and the ability to get the roofing tile in the fire brick red color we wanted really sold us on the product.

"The roof put on after the bombing was a hard, composite material. Over time they failed, with an abundance of breaking and leaking. Our research brought us to DaVinci, and we're very pleased with the results. The new roofs have been up since early in 2014 and the bright, attractive red color now serves to highlight our location in the community."

For additional composite roofing stories involving churches, see Religious Structures and DaVinci Slate and Polymer Shake Roof Accents Ukrainian Church


Roof Color- New Construction- French Country

Needing help picking a color- probably between cambridge and milano.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is new construction, so we don't have photos- but it will be a French Country style- arches on windows with shutters, stucco with a stone wainscot. The window cladding will be a darker bronze color.

We have not yet picked out stucco and stone color.

Brad Jones
Bellaforté Slate


Hello Mr. Jones,

It sounds like your French Country home is going to be just lovely and I do know how many decisions you will be making as you select your materials. Let me give you a few thoughts that might help.

Select materials for the elements of your exterior that will not change often (if ever) that have a common color or what is called colorcast for materials like roofing, stone, brick, etc. I wrote a blog post about colorcast that I think you will find helpful.


As you can start to see the roof and stone will set the tone for the colors on the rest of your home. Dark bronze on your windows could work with either the European VariBlend (formerly called Milano) or Brownstone VariBlend (formerly called Cambridge). What it will come down to is if the stone you prefer is more gray or more brown. Once you find the stone you love selecting the roof will be easier since you'll know what color you are looking for.

From there the other colors will start to fall into place as well. If you haven't already downloaded the free ebooks I think you would find them helpful, too. If gives you an order for selecting your colors that can help you to know what decisions you have to make first in order to create a cohesive exterior.


I hope that helps and that you will share a picture of your finished home. I bet is is going to be just beautiful.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert



Seven Reasons Brown Is The Best Roof Color For Your Home

The color of your roof is important to the overall appearance of your home. Choosing the best color for your lightweight roofing system will help ensure that your home exterior has a look that you will love for many years to come. You will want to choose a color that best suits your home's style and materials as well as work in the climate and environment where you live. Here are seven examples that show when brown is the best color for your roof.

1. Your home is set within a wooded area or mountainous landscape.

Best Roof Color Brown

DaVinci Roofscapes Shake

2. The stone on your home's exterior is predominately brown or has a brown colorcast.

DaVinci Roofscapes Shake

Norris Architecture

3. The brick on your home is brown or has a brown colorcast.

DaVinci Roofscapes Shake

4. Your long-lasting window frames are in a brown tone.

Veranda Fine Homes

5. Your home is constructed of reclaimed natural materials since the majority of these have a warm patina.

Banner Elk Architects & Building Designers

6. Brown best complements the colors and materials of you home.

Hendel Homes

David Buergler Architecture

7. Your home is a full or partial log home.

DaVinci Roofscapes Shake

You may read advice or even dictates that say black or gray is the best color for a roof but as you can see by these examples how a beautiful brown roof can be. 


Going for a "Charleston" Feel...

I have a very traditional southern home. (Trying to give it a Charleston feel). Trying to decide between Single-Width, Bellaforté and Multi-Width. Also, leaning towards a dark gray or black but would love your advice on style and color.

Name: Mary Frazelle
Raleigh, North Carolina
Product: Synthetic Shake


Hello Ms. Frazelle,

You're home is lovely and the black and white scheme is very "Charleston" Any of the tiles you mention could work with the style of your home so go with the profile you like best. 

I prefer the multi-with to add some depth and texture to the roof but that is just a personal preference. With the single width you will have a uniform appearance that can also be nice with the "buttoned up" look of your home. The Bellaforté is going to give my considerably more texture and a slightly more relaxed look so if that is what you are after this would be a good choice.

Also either color will look just fine. I lean toward going a little darker with the Slate Black. It feels more in keeping with some of the grand homes of the south that come to mind but many also had gray. Again both would work so it goes back to personal preference.

This may not be the solid "this is the way to go" advice you were hoping for but the good news is that with the colors and styles you are considering it would be hard to go wrong. Trust your instincts on which style and colors feels right to you. The DaVinci roof will top off your traditional, southern home beautifully and make it feel even more like it could be on a street in Charleston.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert












Top Down Curb Appeal Takes Spotlight!

Lights, camera, ACTION! Once again this year national color expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color stood in front of the cameras to talk about "top down" color on the home. This time Kate tied her message in with National Curb Appeal Month and the need for homeowners to coordinate and maintain their home exteriors.

"Just as design and color harmony are essential for a beautiful home interior, the same is true for the outside of the home," says Smith. "I always recommend starting at the top of the home with the roof and working your way down to create a coordinated look.

"Try to keep in mind that no single exterior element can stand alone. It's a marriage of design, colors and materials that vies the home a cohesive look and maximum curb appeal."

Kate was interviewed by almost two dozen television and radio shows across the country. (Click HERE to see her interview in Roanoke, Virginia!) She shared tips on adding color to the roof with polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes, and then working down the home to the siding, vinyl windows, fiberglass door and decorative polyurethane trim.

"These are all great investment products for the home," says Smith. "Just consider if you add a new luxury roof, you could get back up to 67 percent of the product cost when it comes to selling a home. And, since 78 percent of homeowners surveyed report that a home's curb appeal is either 'extremely' or 'very important' to them, you have the peace-of-mind in knowing that your dollars are being invested in the best manner possible."

Interested adding curb appeal to your home? Then check out The Most Important Factor In Creating Curb Appeal and Curb Appeal Starts with a DaVinci Tile Roof.


Looking for 3-Color Combination for Our Roof

Trying to select an appropriate 3 color combination in Multi-Width Slate for my house. Here are some details to go along with the 2 attached photos. Front door is Cinnamon which is a dark mahogany color. Garage doors will eventually be replaced to match as closely to the front door color. Gutters and downspouts will be replaced with copper half round gutters and round down spouts. Chimney pots will be replaced with either copper or clay. Existing roof is brown. Would like to keep in line with the brown but go darker than what is currently there. Was thinking of Slate Black, Dark Tahoe and Dark Chesapeake with copper snow guards; however, it is hard to tell the colors exactly from the website. Based upon the above information and the pictures of the house do those colors make sense or do you suggest something different? I want to get this absolutely right. Please let me know. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Andrew Crisp
Darien, Illinois
Product: Multi-Width Slate


Hello Mr. Crisp,

The updates you are making to your home sound really great. I think you are on the right track going brown with the your blend for the roof. I also like the idea of a 3-color mix of colors to add interest to the roof surface.

I looked at the three colors you were considering - Slate Black, Dark Tahoe and Dark Chesapeake. This could work but I am concerned that the Slate Black may look "spotty" rather than an integral part of the color blend. It would be best to get some full size tiles and have them laid onto the roof surface so you can see how it will actually look when installed.

An alternate choice would be to replace the Slate Black with Dark Mountain. This is a brown darkened with black. It would be similar but without the high contrast of the black. You can also sample this so you could see both of the blends and decide which on looks best.

I hope that helps you to make a decision about the blend for your new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert












Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your Bungalow Style Home

If you are wondering about the best way to choose colors for your home exterior then I have some great news for you. I've taken my years of experience choosing colors for hundreds of homes and put it into easy to follow steps for you to download for FREE in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio

Green Roof Systems

In my first ebook FRESH Home Exterior Colors: 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home I introduce you to my FRESH approach for picking your colors in five steps.

In the second ebook FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior I provide step-by-step color guidance for seven different home styles. You will see how I use a “top down” approach, giving you insights on adding eye-pleasing color palettes to your home exterior starting with the roof, then working your way down to consider your siding, window frames, front door and trim. As you see how I create these looks you will quickly learn how to do the same for your home.

Here is an example of selecting a color scheme for the bungalow home you see above rendered with the suggested colors. Just as you will do for your own home, I considered each part of "FRESH", the homeowner's like and dislikes, their personal style and vision they had for their home. These are the steps I took for this home. You can see examples of the other six styles in FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior.

Cedar Roof Shingles

To honor the style of this home, polymer shake roofing tiles in New Cedar were used on the roof. This blend includes a combination of five shades of cedar colors and complements the entire vision of the home.

The homeowners didn’t love the dark color of the bricks on their home. I knew that the high contrast of their existing white trim was making the bricks seem that much darker. I also knew that the perception of a color could be changed by the colors surrounding it, so I worked on finding a color that would make the brick more attractive.

There was only a small area of the siding that was not covered with brick. For those areas I chose Chamois, a warm golden tan paint color that harmonizes with the New Cedar roof and the color of the bricks. Chamois contrasts with the brick to highlight the architectural details of the Bungalow-style and brings out the best of the color tones in the brick.

A second paint color, Forest Night, added to the peaks over the door and window areas, draws the eye upwards. Although the paint covers a small area, the color takes most of the attention away from the color of the brick.

British Brown was my choice as an accent color for the urethane brackets above the door and near the dormer windows as well as the pot shelves under the lower windows. The Chocolate Brown window frames—another color choice that honored the history of this style of home --- inspired my choice of British Brown.

Chamois was used on the rest of the trim including column wraps to carry the color across more of the home and keep the focus on the entry and front porch details.

Rather than paint the front door, I recommended replacing it with a classic- looking fiberglass entry door stained in cedar with a doorlite and sidelites that had decorative glass. This makes the entry a welcoming focal point for the home and stays with the type of door style found on original Craftsman bungalow homes.

Finally step back and ask yourself, "Is Any Other Color Needed?"

Look carefully at your home. Make note of which of the colors you have selected will be applied to each architectural detail of the exterior. Is there an area of the exterior that you haven’t chosen a color for? On this bungalow the privacy lattice on the side porch was replaced and stained cedar to match the front door color. Once you've looked at the entire home and selected the colors for each element following my FRESH approach, congratulate yourself...

Designer Roof

Now you see how easy it can be to find the perfect colors for your home exterior. If you haven't already downloaded the download for FREE ebooks in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio go do that right now. Then make sure to stop back here over the next few weeks as I share more of my experience and insights on choosing exterior colors.


Help... Not Sure Which Color Will Work Best on Our Roof

Looking for color and install thoughts, like the color and install style located at http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b2/d5/c5/b2d5c50908a2bca32a9d637708228390.jpg. Not sure how this look is achieved, not sure what color will work best. Looking for recommendations. Thank you!

Courtney Springer
Kansas City, Missouri
Product: Multi Width Slate

Shake Shingle Roof












Hi Mr. Springer,

The multi-color, multi-width style you noted that you said you like could be great on your home from what I can see. As long as the front doesn't have any elements such as stone or brick that would not work with the colors and style.

Consider either Vineyard Blend or Aberdeen Blend. I think Aberdeen fits the surrounding well. Vineyard Blend would be more colorful. Either one would add a lot of personality to your home.

You could choose one of the colors in the roof and then go a bit stronger/brighter for your front door.

I hope that gives you some ideas for your roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert