How Dark is Too Dark for Our Roof?

I am replacing our shake roof with a DaVinci product. I want to get the color right because this will hopefully be the only roof I will put on this house. I have considered the Mountain Blend, the Weathered Green Blend, Slate Gray-VariBlend and Slate Black-Vari-Blend or a combination of the mountain, gray and possibly green. I noticed that you have added Smokey Gray which I also think would look nice because I felt that black might be too dark but the slate gray not dark enough. I am attaching photos of the house and would appreciate your advice on the best roof color.

Terri Mardis
Rogers, Arkansas
Product: DaVinci Multi-Width Slate


Hello Ms. Mardis,

You have a lovely home and I can see why you are considering each of the colors you mention. Here is what I recommend.

First, decide if you prefer the look of shake or slate. Either one could work very nicely on your home so it becomes a matter of personal taste. Changing to slate will be the bigger change and will add a bit of formality.

As for color, you are correct that black would be too dark. I like the dark gray of Smokey Gray or the dark gray/brown of Mountain depending on whether you chose Multi-Width Slate or Multi-Width Shake.

A blend of colors could work but a more solid color with the look of natural color variations like the ones I'm recommending will keep the focus on your entrance and the interesting details of the front of your home.

I hope those thoughts help you to make your final color selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


Red, Red Roof

There's something about a red roof. It jumps out at you. It makes a statement. And, it sets your project apart.

Red Slate RoofJust ask Victoria Jackson, president of Classic Restorations in Stamford, Connecticut. Her company installed terracotta red DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing on the Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat. (see Terracotta-Hued Roof Added to Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat in Connecticut)

"We had the DaVinci team create a custom color that involved 33 percent each of dark and medium terracotta with light clay colors to capture just the right blend to complement the retreat,” says Jackson. “We recommended the DaVinci slate tiles based on our past successful work with this company. We believe DaVinci is the best synthetic slate product in the marketplace and we’ve installed the roofing tiles on several homes in our area.”



Custom Color Polymer SlateHomeowners Carol and Ray Knoff understand the "lure of red." When it came time to replace the roof on their 111-year-old Queen Anne style home, they decided to replicate a red to gray roof coloring they had previously seen on a historic home with synthetic slate roofing. (see Vintage Home Gets Custom-Color Roof)

 “All of our investigative work brought us to DaVinci Roofscapes," says Carol Knoff. "The DaVinci team was as excited as we were about the challenge of custom creating the color for our roof. They worked with us to develop a color combination of Midnight Gray and Cottage Red that really ‘pops’ and gives a positive first impression of our home while helping define the roof lines and architectural style.”


Topping off the 1904 St. Paul's Cathedral and Parish House in Oklahoma also had this installation team seeing red.

"Our research brought us to DaVinci, and we're very pleased with the results," says Mike Murphy, a member of St. Paul's Church and a director at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. " The primary reasons we selected the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate product were the low-maintenance factor coupled with the roof's impact- and fire-resistancy features. The warranty from the manufacturer and the ability to get the roofing tile in the fire brick red color we wanted really sold us on the product.

"The new roofs have been up since early in 2014 and the bright, attractive red color now serves to highlight our location in the community."


Color Difficulties... Please Help

I'm having difficulties picking the right colors on my home. There is too much dark red tone.

Marine City, MI
Product: I'm not sure.



You have a lovely home and it will look even nicer with a new roof that complements the existing colors and downplays the reddish tones.

On your style home you have the choice of going with either the slate or shake profile.​

There are two color directions that I recommend. Go with a brown that is darker in color than the brick and more brown/black than brown/red. The DaVinci Mountain blend would be a good fit. If you prefer to keep the trim in the brown family this would be a good choice. When it is time to repaint choose a brown that blends with the tones in your new roof.

Or you could go gray. European blend slate be a good choice because it has a few brownish tiles placed throughout that would blend with your brick and window frames. A solid gray could also work. In either case you could then change your main and accent colors to light gray/dark gray to update the overall look of your home while still going with a color scheme that would respect its history.

I hope that helps you to make your selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


The Best Shades Of Gray Paint For A Home Exterior


The Best 50 Shades Of Gray Paint


When DaVinci Roofscapes customers need answers to their roof color questions or advice to help guide them through the process of choosing a roof color blend to beautifully complement their home I am available to guide them. I have helped hundreds of homeowners to choose the right synthetic shake or imitation slate tiles in all of the 50 colors available. Of all the nature-inspired roof colors, gray is always a favorite because it blends beautifully with virtually all of the most popular home exterior colors.

polymer roof tiles


I know the top six gray roofing colors -- Weathered Gray, Chesapeake, Slate Gray, Castle Gray, European, Smokey Gray -- but also wanted to know the top gray paint colors for a home exterior. So I asked the experts at seven popular paint brands to reveal their favorite gray paint colors. Here is what they shared:



  • Gateway Gray MQ6-22
  • Anonymous 780F-5
  • Porpoise 790E-3
  • Mined Coal PPU18-18


"In the past, the color gray was thought of as cold or flat. The grays of today incorporate a variety of color undertones that lend to their versatility. A gray exterior provides a sleek backdrop for the landscape and hardscape features of a home. Grays add an inviting, balanced feel to exteriors without competing with other design features." -- Erika Woelfel, Director of Color Marketing at Behr Paints

Benjamin Moore

  • Stonington Gray HC-170
  • Thunder AF-685
  • Storm AF-700


"Grays are typically preferred for historic homes. People tend to use gray on the outside of the home because they look at nature and the existing colors. For example, gray can be extracted from the pavers and stonework. We've seen a trend of homeowners using gray so the house blends into the existing landscaping. While gray can be subtle and understated, it makes a statement. Twenty years ago gray was mostly used for industrial spaces. Now it's chic and modern and people are using different gray tones to create a monochromatic look." -- Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director

Full Spectrum Paints

  • Ash
  • Dove
  • Driftwood
  • Putty
  • Smoke
  • Spanish Moss
  • Thundercloud


"What I love best about gray is that there's an endless variety of undertones. It's the perfect neutral for a roof or exterior paint because it's easy to find a shade that marries well with any surroundings. " -- Ellen Kennon, Creator of Full Spectrum Paint


Pittsburgh Paints

Light Gray

  • PPG1001-2 Aria
  • PPG1001-3 Thin Ice
  • PPG1009-1 Tundra Frost
  • PPG1013-1 Raddison

Medium Gray

  • PPG1004-5 Pewter Mug
  • PPG1008-4 Gray By Me
  • PPG1009-4 Gray Stone
  • PPG1013-4 Silver Charm

Dark Gray

  • PPG1001-5 Dover Gray
  • PPG1009-5 Phoenix Fossil
  • PPG1010-7 Zombie
  • PPG1013-6 Gray Flannel


"Gray is arguably the new "It" neutral, having sneaked up on beige and white. Whatever you put against it works and feels melded together.-- Dee Schlotter, Sr. Color Marketing Manager, North America, PPG Architectural Coatings


Pratt & Lambert

  • 28-26 Gig's Grey
  • 28-17 Lava
  • 29-26 Armory
  • 29-19 Monumental
  • 33-10 Zephyr Hills
  • 14-25 Whale
  • 33-30 Gray Moire
  • 32-20 Flint
  • 18-18 Graphite


“Grey is a truly important color for the home exterior. Grey transcends architectural style, regional preferences, historical record, culture, nature, seasonal changes...the list goes on. When I color style grey exteriors, I like to use a variety of cool and warm shades, in combination with bold, exciting colors for door and shutter. If I had to pick, my favorite grey's have a tendency to be warm. In fact, my own 100 year old house is painted Woodwitch 32-22, with Designer White trim & front door Mesa Tan 7-20.” -- Susan Wadden, Color Marketing + Design Manager – Pratt & Lambert


  • Agreeable Gray SW 7029
  • Mindful Gray SW 7016
  • Anew Gray SW 7030
  • Amazing Gray SW 7044
  • Worldly Gray SW 7043
  • Dorian Gray SW 7017
  • Mega Greige SW 7031


Gray for exterior works so well with many of the natural stone colors used on homes today. The warmer side of gray blends well with the natural environment and surrounding landscape in many regions of the country. Anew Gray and Mega Greige are two of the most popular for exterior." -- Jackie Jordon, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams


  • Polished Silver 4008-1B
  • Voyage 4006-1B
  • Urban Sunrise 4004-1B
  • Woodlawn Colonial Gray 6004-1B
  • Oatlands Subtle Taupe 6005-1B


"With an increase in consumer confidence in the housing market, there is a desire to shed the previously popular "beige” from walls and explore a more contemporary aesthetic. To do this, consumers are looking toward the cool side of the spectrum for inspiration and gray is proving to be the perfect transitional hue. Similar to the shift in identity of brown from mud to luxury, the meaning of gray is shifting from industrial to intelligence.

Grays can take on many personalities that vary depending on its undertone, whether it’s violet, blue or green. It is also a strong neutral that can support surrounding colors within a space without losing its true personality." -- Sue Kim, Valspar Color Strategist

Download The Best 50 Shades of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF

The Best 50 Shades Of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF

To make it easy for you to save the information that is in the free infographic above, I put the same information into an easy-to-read PDFs for you to download to keep as a reference. Click here to get The Best 50 Shades Of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF 100% Free.

Please Visit These Companies That Provided The Paint Color Recommendations:

Let me know which are your favorite of the best 50 shades of gray by leaving a comment below.

Have you seen The Best 50 Shades of Gray [Infographic]? Check it out now...


The Power of Gray

Polymer Slate RoofFrom steely gray ties on men to naturally graying hair on women, "going gray" is the newest way for people to express themselves. Identified as a "commanding color" that signifies stability, elegance and dependability, gray is the new power color for 2015.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, 14 shades of gray are offered as options for the company's imitation slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles. The company's newest color, Smokey Gray, is the darkest shade of gray available from the company and reflects a deep, rich blackish gray reminiscent of real slate. The dark charcoal color gray can be combined with softer gray tones on a roof, such as Light Weathered Gray, Medium Light Chesapeake or Slate Gray, to create unique roofing profiles.

 “When you look at a home’s exterior it’s completely acceptable to ‘go gray gracefully’ with different shades of natural stone, flint and granite on the roof,” says color trends forecaster Kate Smith with Sensational Color. “A gray fake slate or composite shake roof offers exceptional versatility to the home exterior because the different grays in the roofing tiles complement almost any color siding or exterior accents.

“A gray luxury roof has a stately, refined look without being dull. And, a blend of grays is a wise choice that will live up well over the years and allow a homeowner to change out the colors of their siding, trim or main entry door. The universality of a multi-hued gray composite slate roof means it will look just as regal in 50 years as it does the day it’s installed.”


DaVinci offers 50 different standard roofing colors, including 14 shades of gray: Smokey Gray, Slate Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray, Medium Light Weathered Gray, Medium Dark Weathered Gray, Dark Weathered Gray, Light Chesapeake, Medium Light Chesapeake, Medium Chesapeake and Dark Chesapeake.

Visit the free DaVinci Color Design Program tool to create your own custom color blend using DaVinci’s 50 standard colors.

Can't get enough of DaVinci color options for our synthetic roofing material?  See Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out and No Blender Needed.


Need Help with Color Blend Selection to Enhance Brick

What is the best color to blend/enhance the red brick and dark brown siding and tannish trim. A darker Autumn-VariBlend? Tahoe-VariBlend seems to be too gray. Other product samples of grayish roof materials do not match well at all.

Name: Stan Ward
Product: Single-Width or Fancy Shake


Dear Mr. Ward,

You are correct in your thinking that a gray or color that leans gray will not be the best choice for a roof for your home. I agree that you will want to find a shake that brings out the brown and red tones of the existing materials.

I recommend either Tahoe or Mountain in either the Fancy Shake or Single-Width Shake. Both of these colors have a warm brown tone. Go outside during the late morning or early afternoon to look at a sample of each color and decide which is more appealing with your brick.

Either profile shake will work well on your home. Personally I like the Fancy Shake slightly better with your other finishes but go with the profile you prefer since either will be lovely and give your home a nice refresh update.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


The Best 50 Shades Of Gray [Infographic]

Gray is always a great color for a roof. It is also a very popular color choice when painting a home. In either case, I often get the question, "Which gray would be best?"

To answer that question I picked my favorite DaVinci Roofscapes gray slate and shake. Then I got the experts at seven popular paint brands to reveal their favorite gray paint colors for a home exterior. Here are our favorite shades of gray…all 50 of them:

Best 50 Shades Of Gray For A Home Exterior Infographic
To share this infographic on your blog or website visit Sensational Color
To enlarge the infographic just click on the image and when the new window opens click on the infographic again to view it at full size.


Download The Best 50 Shades of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF

The Best 50 Shades Of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF

To make it easy for you to save the information that is in the free infographic above, I put the same information into an easy-to-read PDFs for you to download to keep as a reference. Click here to get The Best 50 Shades Of Gray For A Home Exterior PDF 100% Free.

Also Visit These Companies That Provided Information For The Infographic

Let me know which are your favorite of the best 50 shades of gray by leaving a comment below.

Want more color with your gray? See How To Use The Hottest Colors For 2015 On Your Home Exterior


Potatoes, Pancakes and Shopping Carts

What's not to love about February? For true romantics there's Valentine's Day on the 14th ... and for unconventional "love affairs" February is Potato Lovers Month, Love the Bus Month and Library Lovers Month. And, don't get us started on who could have created the national celebration of "Working Naked Day" on February 1st!

While these are all fun February celebrations, at DaVinci Roofscapes, we decided to name February our own "We Love Color Month." That's because, with the recent addition of our 50th color --- Smokey Gray --- DaVinci now offers "50 Shades of DaVinci" for homeowners to add to their luxury roofs!


From Light Chesapeake to Dark Weathered Gray, we've got you covered in every range of gray you can imagine. (Bonus: See Don't Hide Your Gray!) Plus, for more colorful roofs, we offer Dark Terracotta, Light New Cedar and Dark Violet. Looking to feature a "woodsy" color for your polymer roof? Then check out our Medium Autumn, Light Tahoe and Dark Clay roofing color options. And, if none of our 50 colors work for you, we can create a custom color roof to perfectly match your needs.

So, while the rest of America celebrates "Return Your Shopping Carts to the Supermarket" Month in February, or National Pancake Week from the 14-20, at DaVinci we're focused on making February all about colors!


BREAKING NEWS: DaVinci Roofscapes Introduces 50th Color!

Make sure your 2015 plans include introducing yourself to DaVinci Roofscapes' 50th color --- Smokey Gray.

Already the leader in color options in the polymer roofing industry, DaVinci enhances its position by introducing the company's newest color, Smokey Gray.

"This deep, rich blackish gray is reminiscent of real slate," says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. "The color reminds some people of a dark, stormy night or of charcoal. The distinct Smokey Gray color will be available as a standard color option in the DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate product lines, along with the Bellaforté Slate line."

Smokey Gray will be the 50th color offered by DaVinci in their luxury roof offerings, and the darkest gray available from the company. Slate Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray, Medium Light Weathered Gray, Medium Dark Weathered Gray and Dark Weathered Gray are also available from DaVinci.

"Subtle tone differences are so important in roof color offerings," says Rosewall. "While we have an industry-leading reputation for color at DaVinci, we will continue to respond to marketplace requests for new colors. This demand is what brought us to the launch of the dark gray pavement tone of Smokey Gray."

Why is gray so popular? See Don't Hide Your Gray! for tips on lightweight roofing tiles that boast gray.


Legacy Home Investments

We are planning to possibly do a charcoal gray shake siding slightly darker than in the pictures below. And we would like to have a similar contrasting roof like in these pictures below. The autumn variblend seams to be very orange and doesn't have the weathered look at all. Obviously, this product doesn't weather much, so what would you recommend. Probably a little darker and grayer than the autumn blend, since that seems too orange in pictures.

Andrew Fleischman
Philadelphia, PA
Product: Bellaforté Shake











Dear Mr. Fleischman,

The Autumn blend is one of my favorites but I agree that it would not be quite right for the look you are going for. I think that Tahoe will give you the warm, aged look you are after and will work very nicely with dark gray on the siding.

You could also look at Mountain as a possibility but you do not want to have the roof and siding be the same value (lightness/darkness). Having some contrast between the two will give you a nicer look. This color may be too close in value to the siding color. If you prefer Mountain over Tahoe just make sure to look at your siding and roof colors side-by-side from a distance and make sure that you can clearly see the contrast between the two colors.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert 


Color Trends: How To Use The Hottest Colors For 2015 On Your Home Exterior


Color Trends: How To Use 2015 Hottest Colors On Your Home Exterior


Ringing in the new year gets most of us thinking about the changes we want to make. For many that means working out more, eating better, finding a new job or spending more time on a hobby. For others making improvements to their home tops the list. For those of you that have resolved to freshen up or completely renovate your home exterior, I'm sharing five companies choices for the 2015 Color of the Year to inspire you to come up with your own perfect colors this year.

In 1990 Pantone, the global color matching company, announced their first color of the year and since then many other companies have followed suit. The color of the year represents the hue that the color gurus at each company feel will influence design over the next 12 months. Here is a look at the color of the year as predicted by these five companies -- Benjamin Moore, PPG Pittsburg Paints, Sherwin-Williams, Akzo Nobel, and Pantone. 


How to use Marsala on your home exterior


Complex and full-bodied, Marsala can provide a rich tone for an exterior or unifying element for interior spaces. This deep reddish brown has been used on home exteriors throughout history and is reminiscent of aging red barns that dot the countryside. I'm showing the closest match to this color and its coordinating colors above using Behr paints

It is a perfect match for the many shades of gray that are on trend right now but also goes well with shades of brown. With its burnished undertones, Marsala pairs fabulously with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, and blues in the more vibrant range.


How to use the hottest colors on your home exterior


Coral Reef is Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2015. It is an uplifting, vivacious hue with floral notes is the perfect mélange of pink, orange and red that can be used to liven up any home. While it would be too bold as a main color on most homes it does make the perfect accent color. This energizing color stands beautifully alongside, white, black and warm neutrals or other lush flower-garden hues. For vintage quality that’s hard to beat, Coral Reef and aged matte brass make a perfect pair.

Blue Paisley was announced as PPG Pittsburg Paints 2015 Color of the Year. This vibrant, almost-but-not-quite royal shade of blue plays well with so many colors. It is a great complement to warm wood tones, copper, peachy stone or brownish bricks. It only takes a small amount of Blue Paisley to transform the look of a home making it perfect for a front door, shutters, or outdoor spaces. How to use Guilford Green on your exterior Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore's 2015 Color of the Year is Guilford Green. This is a hue that complements both modern and traditional styles. This is a very timely choice for home interiors and exteriors that connects the home to nature and gives it feelings of vitality, energy and growth. Guilford Green is a very livable color that works well with a variety of colors. I like this warm green as a main color. It works especially well with natural wood tones and with stone or brick with a warm colorcast.  It would also be gorgeous paired with blue, blush or berry.


How to use color of the year copper orange on your home exterior


AkzoNobel, a global colors and coatings company headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Copper Orange. This color was selected by an invited panel of independent design and color experts following in-depth research into emerging worldwide trends. The strong appeal of this color is in its warmth and approachability. It makes an inviting front door or accent color that works with most neutrals. It can also be used as a main color but works best on beach cottages, Victorians or in neighborhoods where brighter colors are the norm.

I never recommend going with a color just because it is on trend but it can be fun to look at what colors are at the forefront of design as inspiration for coming up with your own perfect scheme. Have these color schemes give you any ideas for a new look for your home? If you now have some ideas but want to make sure they are going to be right for you home go here to find a wealth of resources on selecting color for your home.

Source for images for each color: Guilford Green - Blue Paisley - Coral Reef - Copper Orange1 - Copper Orange2 - Marsala


Undecided - Which Color is the Best Match for My Brick?

This is the color brick I will be using on my house. I am undecided which color Multi-Width Slate to use between the following colors:

  • Castle Gray
  • Slate Gray
  • Slate Black
  • European


Sandro Scaramuzzino
Little Neck, NY
Product: Multi-Width Slate




Hello Sandro,

From a color standpoint all four of your choices could work however, because your brick has a distinct pattern I recommend that you select a roof color that has a more even tone.

The variations in color of the European and Castle Gray blends will compete for attention with the brick. Slate Black or Slate Gray would be a better match for your brick.

The choice between Slate Gray or Slate Black will come down to the style of home and your personal preference. I hope narrowing it down to these two choices will help you make your decision.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


DaVinci Roofscapes Heads to Vegas!

The crates have been shipped, the suitcases are packed, and we're on our way to the 2015 International Builders' Show!

Starting January 20th, more than 100,000 building industry professionals will descend on Las Vegas for the 2015 Design & Construction Week containing five different trade shows: the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the International Window Coverings Expo, the Las Vegas Market (home décor & furnishings) and The International Surface Event.

DaVinci Roofscapes will play a major role in IBS with our booth C2136 that introduces our new refined slate profile and Smokey Gray color to industry professionals.

"The edges of our Single-Width Slate 12-inch composite slate tiles now have a more quarried look to them," says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. "Deeper impressions in the tiles make them appear thicker, even though they're the same weight as previous tiles in this product offering. This is just one example of how we're continually refining our products and making improvements that enhance the overall aesthetical appeal of DaVinci polymer roofing products."

The other star of the DaVinci booth will be the new Smokey Gray color available as a standard color option in the DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate product lines, along with the Bellaforté Slate line. The new deep, rich blackish gray color is reminiscent of real slate. It's also the 50th color launched by DaVinci to provide homeowners, roofers and builders with unlimited possibilities when it comes time to add a colorful roof to any home or commercial project.

"Subtle tone differences are so important in roof color offerings," says Rosewall. "While we have an industry-leading reputation for color at DaVinci, we will continue to respond to marketplace requests for new colors. This demand is what brought us to the launch of the dark gray pavement tone of Smokey Gray."


See these new designer roof products first-hand and join the fun in Las Vegas from January 20 - 22. Just make sure to pack your most comfortable walking shoes and circle booth C2136 on your exhibit hall map to see the best new composite roofing products in the industry!


New Home - New Roof. What Color?

I'm trying to decide between Slate Black and Slate Gray and wanted to get your expert opinion on what will look better. I believe our HOA will only allow different variations of Gray, but I think I could make a case for Black. I have to decide in the next day or two since I'm purchasing this home and need to replace the roof ASAP. So if there is any way you could respond soon, it would be most appreciated!

Amber Manry
Henrico, VA
Product: Bellaforté Slate


Hello Ms. Manry,

I think that either the Slate Gray or Slate Black would be great choices for your new home. If you want a darker gray rather than going all the way to black take a look at the newest color being introduced to the DaVinci line - Smokey Gray. It is between Slate Gray and Slate Black and might be just the solution you need to get a dark look while meeting the HOA requirements.

Congratulations on you new home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert


Kick Off Your Year with a New DaVinci Roof

63,000+ people will huddle in the University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1st waiting for the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX. Those lucky football fans will have front row seats to sports history while most of America watches the mega show on televisions in their homes.

If you're one of those gathered at home with family and friends to cheer on your favorite team, take a moment to think about the roof over the player's heads --- and your own roof. In Phoenix, the stadium roof is made of two translucent "Bird-Air" fabric retractable panels (each weighing about 550 tons!) and the entire roof takes about 15 minutes to open.

What type of roof do you have over your home?

Cedar Shake Roof


If your roof isn't living up to your high standards ... or if it has started to leak, curl or break apart ... now may be the time to kick off the year with a new designer roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Made in the U.S.A. of dependable composite roofing materials, our Class A Fire Rated roofs are available in both imitation slate and synthetic cedar shake. Constructed of lightweight roofing materials, DaVinci roofs resist hail and impact damage, severe weather, fire and insects. And, so you can show your team spirit, we even have 50 standard colors available for our synthetic roofing material!

Choosing an eco friendly roof from DaVinci is a winning experience. From our easy-to-use online Color Designer tool to our free FRESH Home Exteriors guidebook, we're here to support your game-winning moves in selecting the luxury roof that is perfect for you and your home.



How To Use Pantone's Color Of The Year 2015 Marsala On Your Home Exterior

Every year, top executives and color experts at Pantone, a leader in the color industry, choose a color of the year that they have seen designers and product development professionals from around the globe planning for their future products and designs. Their choice is announced with grand fanfare beginning with a release in the Wall Street Journal. What this means for you is that you are going to be seeing this color everywhere. With so much attention on this color I wanted to give you some ideas for how Marsala could be used on your home exterior! 

Marsala Color of the Year Pantone

Pantone describes the color as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said the color would enrich the mind, body and soul.

Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.


Pantone Color of the Year Marsala for Home Exterior


Homeowners in Seattle, WA chose a color similar to Marsala for their Queen Anne style home. Notice how they carried the color onto the trim and chose a brighter color for their front door. Nicely done!


Pantone Color of the Year for Home Exterior Marsala

source: Country Living

Awning Red is the color that Lonny chose as a match for Marsala but I like the slightly more toned down Red Brick for an exterior. It is a wonderful color and I like it with any gray roof but the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in European blend might be the best match for this color of the year. Since this rich tone is often used with neutrals bringing a bit of the color into the roof adds another dimension to the exterior design.

I rarely think that white is the best choice for a front door and when I talk to homeowners who have white front doors it isn't because they thought it was the best choice either. They just couldn't decide on an accent color. Don't go that route. Go with color to create a focal point at your entrance.

Here are some ideas for accent colors that you can pair with colors like Marsala. These are five colors from my Hot New Door Colors For 2015 but there are many other colors that would be perfect for the front door, too so don't be shy. Go with the color that speaks to you.

Accent colors to go with Pantone Color of the year 2015 Marsala

Marsala also makes a great accent color on the home exterior. Marsala would make a beautiful front door color with gray siding. It could be the color for shutters with stained front door.

Is your home ready for the warm earthiness of Marsala? Whether as your main color just a pop of this deep reddish brown as an accent don't forget to top it off with the perfect roof color.


Meet Us at Booth 2136!

If you're headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks for the 2015 International Builders' Show, we invite you to meet us in booth 2136 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center!

January 20 - 22 are the key dates to be at this mega trade show to see all the newest items available from manufacturers across the country. DaVinci Roofscapes will be one of those companies launching new products at the show --- our new Single-Width Slate 12-inch tile with an enhanced profile and a new Smokey Gray color!

Available starting January 1st, the new Single-Width Slate 12-inch tile boasts a more authentic quarried look. This new slate alternative tile has a thicker, more realistic profile that accurately replicates genuine slate in an imitation slate tile. Deeper impressions in the slate alternative tiles make them appear thicker, even though they're the same lightweight roofing tiles as previous tiles in this product offering.

And, at DaVinci we just can't get enough of color! Already the leader in color options in the polymer roofing industry, we are enhancing our position in 2015 by introducing our newest color, Smokey Gray.

When you get your first look at our Smokey Gray color, you'll see that this deep, rich blackish gray is reminiscent of real slate shingles. The color reminds some people of a dark, stormy night or of charcoal. The distinct Smokey Gray color will be available as a standard color option starting in January in the DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate composite slate product lines, along with the Bellaforté Slate® line of green roofing materials.

In case you're counting, Smokey Gray will be the 50th color offered by DaVinci, and the darkest gray available from us. Other gray options from DaVinci include: Slate Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray, Medium Light Weathered Gray, Medium Dark Weathered Gray, Dark Weathered Gray, Light Chesapeake, Medium Light Chesapeake, Medium Chesapeake and Dark Chesapeake!

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From the Architect's Corner: Online Continuing Education

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I go in when selecting exterior colors for my home?"

According to Kate Smith, DaVinci Roofscapes' color expert, the correct order is roof, siding, windows, front door, trim then garage door. Unless the home is brick or stone, the largest fixed feature is probably the roof, so you will want to start there.

Interested in learning more? Are you a professional in need of a continuing education credit? Jump over to AEC Daily's website to take our new course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors. It is free and available online 24/7.


Happy Friday, Architects! 


What Accent Roof Color Works Above the Entry Porch and Garage?

I am using this slate tile as an accent for the roof above the garage and above the entry porch. I was thinking that the Brownstone VariBlend would match well. Any comments or recommendations?


Pete Daniele
Bellaforté or Single-Width Slate



Hi Mr. Daniele,

An accent roof over the garage doors and entry porch will add another nice element to your exterior design.

You are on the right track with your thinking. Brownstone appears to match the brown tones in your stone work. My only suggestion would be is to make sure it is not too light compared to the main roof. 

The accent roof over the garage is a strong visual horizontal element in your overall design. Currently the strong contrast between the roof against the siding and the stone is one one of the reasons it works so well to balance the design and move the eye across the entire front of your home. If the roof colors blends in too closely with the siding and/or stone color you will lose some of the character that the accent roof adds to your home.

Another thing to look at with the Brownstone would be how it works with the main roof. From the picture your main roof looks gray. If that is the case you will want to avoid going too light or chocolate brown and instead look for a brown-black. That will help to bridge the brown in the stone with the gray in the roof. A color like Dark Tahoe would be one to consider.

I like the Single-Width but either Single- or Multi-Width profile would work. Go with the look you prefer.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert




Help Us Keep the Original Garrison Colonial Character... What Color Polymer Shake?

I own a Garrison Colonial in Westchester County New York. It currently has an asphalt roof that needs replacing. The original design of the house was a Cedar roof with cedar siding going half way down the front and back of the house, while the sides and lower half of the front and back are red brick. My contractor and I have decided to go either with the single-width or multi-width Cedar Shake in an attempt to restore the original look. We are also now debating replacing the original cedar shingle siding with the your product as well. My wife and I were having a hard enough time deciding on a color when it was just the roof, but now that the siding might be replaced as well, we are completely stumped.

Very few of your Gallery pictures included red brick homes, they also tend to only include large homes, which I wish was not the case since your products are very affordable for a house of any size.

We are open to almost anything, although we tend to feel the house should be simple and respect its original look, which I assume was unpainted cedar siding and the cedar roof. The siding is currently varied width, with each shingle of the same length.

We are also planning on bring back the original shutters on the Single windows on the upper stories and the two sides of the house, which were removed because they were in poor condition. Our doors are also about to be replaced, so the choice of roofing and siding color determines these as well.

Thank you for your time.

John Knittel
Hastings On Hudson, NY
Product: Single- or Multi-Width Shake





Hello Mr. Knittel,

It sounds like you are making all of the right changes to restore this home to its original beauty. It is going to be a nice improvement.

I recommend staying with the multi-width shake. You can continue with the even lengths or could go with varied lengths if you prefer that look. Either will work on your home and keep the integrity of the original look.

It looks like your bricks have a warm color cast that will work nicely with Weathered Gray or Tahoe. Weathered Gray is lighter and Tahoe darker so it just depends what you have in mind. Both have a look of natural cedar with the gray being more weathered and thus the name.



Using the same shake on both the roof and siding is the best choice and will give you home a very cohesive look from top to bottom. Either of the two colors I am suggesting will blend nicely with the brick. 

When you paint the trim it would be nice to go with an off-white rather than bright white to continue to tie the look together. As for shutters and front door go with whatever color you like best-- there are so many choices that would work great once you have the bricks and roof/siding working together. Muted to dark greens, blues, reds, golds and more. Find a color family you like and then hone in on the exact shade you think works best for your overall look.

I hope this advice helps you to make your color decisions.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert