Home Exterior Color Trends For 2016: White Feels Right

This year I'm talking about a color that doesn't often come up in a conversation about color trends -- White!

Yes, white. This non-color is getting attention this year because it just feels right to many people for many reasons. White is clean and uncluttered. It is a color we associate with a fresh start or new beginnings. It the proverbial blank canvas. White gives us a place to rest our eyes and space to clear our minds. Who doesn't find those qualities attractive after another way-too-busy day?

When it comes to home design white and off-white are timeless. They are traditional, modern and every style in between because there are myriad ways to use white especially on a home exterior.

White makes the most of interesting architectural details, it helps the details stand apart from the main color. Even with a white-on-white scheme the shadows created when light hits white define trim, dental molding, window frames, cornices and other architectural elements.

Black and white is a classic look that is the ultimate in contrast. A white exterior with black slate roof tiles and black shutters is a look that is hard to beat. White trim against any dark main color is dramatic or dark accents against a primarily white home play up the high contrast in another way.

Fake Slate

This year's white with its slightly warm undertones works well with muted medium shades and the diverse mix of materials so popular on a home exterior today. I especially like this warm white with DaVinci Slate Gray (shown above), or Smokey Gray roofing shingles.

My prediction of white as an important color in 2016 was proven correct when both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams selected white as their 2016 Color of the Year. First Benjamin Moore announced Simply White soon followed by the release of Sherwin-Williams Alabaster. Suddenly everyone was talking about white. 

Even though white doesn't often find its way onto the roof of American homes it does show up on nearly every other element of a home exterior. So I wanted to give white its due. Go ahead and stand out more proudly than ever white. This is your year!

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Wondering What Color Trends You'll Be Seeing in 2016? Here's A Sneak Peek!

Exterior Home Color Trends 2016

As the year draws to a close there is always lots of interest in what is ahead in the new year. The conversation is no different when it comes to color. Everyone from major media outlets to my best friend's teenage daughters are interested in what colors will be hot in 2016.

Color trends are the design industry equivalent of celebrity gossip. Most people don't really need to know what colors are trending, especially when selecting colors for your home exterior, but it is fun to have a little insight into what you will be seeing next year. With that in mind this is the first of a few blog posts I'll be writing to give you the inside skinny on trends.

Rich tones have been on-trend for the past view years and remain relevant for 2016 playing a significant role on the home exterior. The reason deep, mysterious hues are trending is that they are a convergence of a passion for the finer things in life, a respect for history, a curiosity about other cultures, interest in spirituality and a love of colors that are as complex as we are.

One of my favorite colors that falls in this category is Black Walnut. This color brings together smokey charcoal gray with sensuous dark brown. The result is a color that is smart, solid and stable yet sexy. 

This is a perfect hue for topping off your home. The tones found in DaVinci Shake Mountain are similar to Black Walnut and have the same appeal. 

Black Walnut and Mountain are dramatic when paired with warm neutrals like greige or taupe or more colorful but slightly toned down hues. The strong contrast makes a strong statement when they are paired with Simply White or Alabaster.

Our desire for complex colors and individual expression also has us embracing other multi-dimensional colors that make a statement.

2016 Color Trends Home Exterior


These colors would be too dark or too vibrant to be used as a main color on most home but they are perfect as accent colors.

Other colors that are on-trend that can be used as accent colors to enhance Black Walnut are Different Gold, Blackberry, Galagos, Patriot Blue or Courtyard Green. Other adventurous pairings would include turquoise, chartreuse, or yellow-orange.

That's it for your first sneak peek into the 2016 color trends. Stay tuned for the next scoop on what colors you will be seeing in the new year.


Slate Roof Color Originally Found On Your Early American Home

Wondering what color slate was most often found on American homes built from 1785 to the early 1900s? The best way to get to the answer to that question is to first focus in the period style of your home. Then find out what colors were used when it was originally built. You will also want to look at whether the roof was a single color or multi-color blend. Here is what I found to be the most common slate colors by style during this period.

In the earliest style homes in the American - Colonial, Federal and Neoclassical -  slate was not often used because it was not widely available. These homes were roofed originally with wood shingles rather than slate. Occasionally slate would be found on homes of this style if they were built close to where slate was being quarried. The color would vary on what was found locally.

For example in Vermont and New York there are many different colors of slate - greens, greys, black, purples and red. These same quarries also produced slate mottled with two or more colors - green and purple, grey and black for example. In Virginia, the slate is more of a blue black whereas slate produced in Pennsylvania are very dark black. Even within the same area slate quarries could yield different colors and even within a single quarry different colors were extracted. 

Today, homes of Colonial, Federal and Neoclassical styles have replaced their original shake roofs with slate. The most popular choices seem to be gray or black roofs. If you want to be a bit more adventurous while remaining true to the period you could investigate what other slate choices might have been found in the area at the time your home was built.

Gaining popularity a little later in the century, Greek Revival homes also typically originally had wooden shingles in most areas of the country. The exception to this was homes built In the Northeast where slate was quickly gaining popularity. These homes had a variety of color depending on what was being extracted from the nearest quarry, but the most common colors are black, gray, followed by red, blue, purple and green.

About 1840, the Gothic Revival style was gaining popularity and the railway was enabling the slate industry in America to have wider distribution. The quarries started producing more roofing slate to meet growing demand. Slate was considered the material of choice for Gothic Revival homes. Dark single color slate and later multi-color slate patterns that mixed in purple, green, red and blue adorned the Gothic style. 

Second Empire with its characteristic mansard roof was also often clad in slate. For most homes a single darker or variations of lights to darks in a single hue was used. Some buildings and homes also employed various colors in a pattern on the roof.

Victorian homes were built to impress. They used various slate colors and a combinations of roofing styles that included towers and turrets. Like the many colors used to accentuate the trim, multi-color roofs were used for emphasis. Purple, blue and green were popular choices to mix with gray or black to adorn this style home.

The beauty of DaVinci Slate is that you can choose from all of the colors once only available regionally. Each of the 50 colors was inspired by colors naturally quarried throughout history. With is natural appearance even the "boldest" color choices is going to look at home on any early American architectural styles.

If you want to know what colors would be right for a variety of other style homes you can find the answers in the free ebook FRESH Color Schemes For Your Home Exterior.


Today Is National Color Day!

DaVinci Roofscapes is all about COLOR. From their color studio to the 50 colors in unlimited combinations they offer and all of the color insights and advice they have allowed me to share as their color expert over the years their appreciation for color shows.

National Color Day is also all about COLOR. October 22nd is a day set aside for celebrating the color-filled world we live in. It is also a day to learn how colors influence our mood, productivity and behavior in our everyday lives. So rather than talk about how to choose color for your roof or other elements of your home exterior I wanted to give you a glimpse into the meanings that colors convey.

The psychology and symbolism of each color has a profound impact on the choices you make consciously, unconsciously and subconsciously. Below is a quick look at some of the most common associations for each color.

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, happiness and carries the promise of a positive future. Yellow can instill optimism and energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.

Orange sparks more controversy than any other hue and true orange elicits a stronger “love it” or “hate it” reaction. Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy.

Red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Red draws attention, and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention.

Pink combines the passion of red with the purity of white. Bright pink has the same high energy as red; softer pinks are associated with romance, sweetness, and a desire for the more carefree days of childhood.

Purple embodies the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calm. With a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well-liked by very creative types.

Blue is the overwhelming “favorite color.” Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. The color of ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives.

Green is the pervasive color in the natural world and we are so used to seeing it everywhere. The natural greens, from forest to lime, green is tranquil and refreshing. Green is the color of peace and ecology.

Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority.

Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. Black represents a lack of color but also is associated with prestige, high quality and sophistication.

White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally wear white gowns, and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home.

I hope you enjoyed this short color break. If you want to learn even more about color psychology, symbolism and meaning I invite you to visit my website SensationalColor.com. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post about color for your home.

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National Do Something Nice (For Your Home) Day


October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day. It serves as a reminder to us all, as it is easy to get caught up with hectic schedules and fast paced lifestyles, to stop for a moment and do something nice. Most of us are nice everyday so today get a little creative and do something extra nice. You never know what a big impact a small act can have in someone's life. 

But why limit your thinking to just someone when you could also include something as important as your home to be nice to. Doing something nice for your home is also doing something nice for you and your family. These are five nice things you can do:

1. Choose the right roof. Your roof places a major role in the overall appearance of you home. The right roof not only protects your home but also adds to its style. If you need help on selecting the perfect product and color we are here to help you find the right roof for your home.

2. Update the front door. A door of a different color or replacing it with a style can go a long way in improving the look of your home. Match the door to the architectural style of your home. Then give it personality by selecting a color that blends with the overall looks but pops as a focal point for the front of your home.

3. Give you entrance special treatment. Place flowers or furnishing near your entrance so that it says, "welcome" to your guest before they even enter your home.

4. Add lighting or update your light fixture. Again find fixtures that match your home's style. By lightening up your exterior you make your home more inviting and safe plus you accentuate the architecture and give your home more dimension at night.

5. Improve the look of your garage doors. In most cases I recommend painting the garage doors to match the main color of the house rather than the accent color to help them blend in rather than overwhelm the front of a home. Investing in updated doors can do wonders for a home with a garage that is a big part of what you see.

For even more ideas see my 20 Sure Fire Ways To Create Curb Appeal infographic and guide for you to download.

Also grab your free copy of FRESH Home Exterior Colors: 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home. It will walk you through how to "Do Something Nice (For Your Home)!" today and everyday!


Home Exterior Color Trends: Go For The Gold

A slightly softened gold is emerging as an important color as we move into 2016 and it is a perfect color to use with gray as an accent color or main on a home exterior.

Gold gleams against DaVinci Slate

For the past few years warm gray has been thought of as the "new brown" but it is really more than just a replacement for brown. Besides do we really need to replace brown? I don't think so.

Gray is a timeless color that blends with most exterior home materials. A beautiful neutral color like gray can set the stage for creating a cohesive color scheme for your home exterior. Choose from light, dark or medium gray depending on the style of your home and the look you want. Light gray is an alternative to white or off-white as a choice for trim color against deeper gray or other toned down colors. 

Dulux Paint named Cherished Gold as their 2016 Color of the Year. In announcing this as their top color for next year they had this to say about Cherished Gold,  "Still bright enough to attract attention while also subtly referring to the past and the color of the earth, it also combines well with other tones." 

Gold looks lively with DaVinci Shake

Sherwin-Williams included Different Gold in their color trends forecast for 2016 saying it is a color the connects generations and is soulfully vintage.

Now getting back to brown. Your home will just about reach out and hug you when you mix the characteristics of gold with the warmth of a brown tone DaVinci shake. Who wants to come home to a home that feels like a warm hug? Everyone! That is why this combination remains a favorite and brown will never go out of style. 



Which Needs Sunblock -- Maple Trees Or DaVinci Roofs?

source - stockfresh

The answer is maple tress. Are you surprised? I was when I read that while studying the fall color changes on trees plant researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that brilliant red pigments act like sunblock to shade sensitive leaf tissue during the fall when trees reabsorb nutrients from their leaves. The researchers explained, "Trees need to store as many of those nutrients as they can before the leaves drop." Basically the red pigment produced by the leaves performs much the same important function as sunscreen on human skin.

The outer leaves of maple trees are more colorful than shaded leaves inside the canopy and leaves on the north side. The maples and oaks in the cool but sunny Midwestern and New England states turn red, while European species such as the Norway maple do not produce the same brilliant red. The absence of red leaves is the result of the cloudier and warmer weather in these locations during fall. Therefore, these species don't need the protection of these pigments.

Unlike maple leaves the DaVinci Shake and Slate composite roofing have state-of-the-art ultraviolet and color stabilizers to help protect the rooftop color from fading in the sun. The roofing tiles resemble classic traditional slate and shake but require none of the maintenance. Modeled after actual slate and shake, the synthetic roof shingles are backed by a lifetime warranty and resist fire, impact, moisture, curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects!

While you and your maple trees need to take care to block the sun your DaVinci roof needs no special care to keep it looking great.


What Colorful Exteriors Say About You

What Colorful Exteriors Say About You
Image from bigstock.com

Over the years as I've worked with hundreds of homeowners I have found that people will often pick colors for their home exteriors that reflect something about their own personality. Different "pops of color" can tell passersby a good deal about your personality.

What do the colors of your home's exterior say about you? Here are the personality traits most often associated with these popular colors used as main or accent colors on a home exterior:

Green --- boasts that you have traditional values, are down to earth, well-balanced and nurturing.

Blue --- tells people that you are relaxed, at ease, sincere and even a bit conservative.

Orange --- says that you are friendly, assertive, adventurous and optimistic.

Brown --- shows that you are honest, approachable, sturdy, reliable and wholesome.

Yellow --- reveals that you are cheerful, a leader or organizer, and that you have a modern, open outlook.

Red --- expresses a confident nature where you like to be the center of attention and sometimes exhibit signs of impulsiveness.

Purple --- discloses that you are a "free spirited" person who is comfortable taking risks and dreaming big.


Whatever color you have chosen for your exterior DaVinci Roofscapes has the perfect color for your roof. With 50 nature-inspired colors to choose from you are sure to find a combination that reflects your personality.

Does your home show your true colors? Leave a comment and let me know.


The Art of Synthetic Slate Roof Tile Color

Slate Quarry - Natural Slate Inspired Colors for Synthetic Slate Roof Tile
The beauty of slate can be seen at the Dinorwic Slate Quarry. Image from bigstock.com

When I'm not putting my color expertise to work professionally I can often be found sitting at my easel mixing oil colors and dabbing them onto a canvas in hopes of creating a pleasing landscape. My goal is to create a painting that looks as amazing as the scene that inspired me is to want to paint it. Good drawing skills are important but what makes a painting realistic is being able to recreate the colors of each object I see as closely as possible to how they appear in nature.

This is known as local color. Artlex.com  - the online art dictionary - defines local color as:

"The true color of an object or a surface as seen in typical daylight, rather than its color as seen through atmosphere or interpreted by the taste or imagination of the artist. Thus the characteristic local color of a lemon is yellow."

Seeing the local color of an object and all of its nuances takes keen observation but the final result is well worth the effort. Getting the colors right makes the painting not just beautiful but also believable.

When the team wanted to develop realistic colors for the DaVinci Slate line of products they thought like artists. Looking at the local color of natural slate and closely observing how the colors naturally blend one into another inspired the proprietary DaVinci VariBlend® technology. VariBlend creates a continuous variation from tile to tile which results in a beautiful natural blend.

Available in a full spectrum of authentic colors the natural beauty of slate has been brought to life in DaVinci Slate to provide a solution to the cost and expense of natural slate to property owners all over the globe.  The entire range of color has been artfully put together to give you the beauty of natural slate enhancing the realistic appearance of your roof. DaVinci Slate is not only aesthetically beautiful but also durable and therefore not only protects but enhances the value of your home.

Take a look at all of the nature-inspired colors and I'm sure you will find a perfect match for your homes color and style. If you are not sure about the right colors for the roof of your home let us help. At DaVinci Roofscapes, we can answer all your questions. If you would like help in knowing what color would best suit your home, please feel free to get in touch with one of our Project Specialists or Color Consultant to get advice on what would look ideal.


Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your European Style Home

If you are wondering about the best way to choose colors for your home exterior then I have some great news for you. I've taken my years of experience choosing colors for hundreds of homes and put it into easy to follow steps for you to download for FREE in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Designer. 

Colonial Home Drawing

In my first ebook FRESH Home Exterior Colors: 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home I introduce you to my FRESH approach for picking your colors in five steps.

In the second ebook FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior I provide step-by-step color guidance for seven different home styles. You will see how I use a “top down” approach, giving you insights on adding eye-pleasing color palettes to your home exterior starting with the roof, then working your way down to consider your siding, window frames, front door and trim. As you see how I create these looks you will quickly learn how to do the same for your home.

Here is an example of selecting a color scheme for the European-style home you see above rendered with the suggested colors. Just as you will do for your own home, I considered each part of "FRESH", the homeowner's like and dislikes, their personal style and vision they had for their home. These are the steps I took for this home. You can see examples of the other six styles in FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior.

The existing polymer slate roof is the Brownstone blend, which has a range of light to dark tones of brown. Copper accent roofing over three windows on the home complements the Brownstone blend and starts to bring color down the home’s exterior.

A mix of fixed features such as stone and brick are often found on European-style home. This home has Antique White Old World Ledgestone and Nassau Full Range Brick. Both have a reddish brown colorcast.

When an exterior has several textures and patterns as this home does, the main color usually looks best if it is in the same tones as the fixed features rather than in a contrasting color. Antique White blends with the features rather than competing with them for attention.

Good designs do not give equal importance to every element. Instead the designer focuses attention on one or two features and allows the other elements to provide support. Think of your home exterior in the same way as you choose your colors and materials. Plan your colors so that one or two of the best features stand out.

Use this same philosophy when selecting window or trim colors. Unless you want to highlight the windows or trim look for a color that adds to a cohesive overall look. For this home Chocolate Brown vinyl windows and Barista Brown painted urethane trim were the perfect choices to extend the color of the home throughout the exterior.

Often European-style homes sport a rustic, stained or painted door with prominent hardware. In staying with the natural feel created by the stone, brick and stucco, a door stained Mahogany was a good fit.

Finally step back and ask yourself, "Is Any Other Color Needed?"

Look carefully at your home. Make note of which of the colors you have selected will be applied to each architectural detail of the exterior. Is there an area of the exterior that you haven’t chosen a color for? On a European style home the many textures and tonal variations often complete the look without the addition of accent or other colors. Once you've looked at the entire home and selected the colors for each element following my FRESH approach, congratulate yourself...

Now you see how easy it can be to find the perfect colors for your home exterior. If you haven't already downloaded the download for FREE ebooks in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Designer go do that right now. Then make sure to stop back here over the next few weeks as I share more of my experience and insights on choosing exterior colors.


3 Reasons A Custom Color Could Be The Best Choice For Your Project

As the color expert for DaVinci Roofscapes I have had the opportunity to give hundreds of roof color recommendations. Most homeowners and contractors prefer the authentic colors and natural textures of quarried slate, hand-split cedar or machine-sawn shakes that DaVinci offers. With 50 standard colors available, I rarely find that I need to suggest custom color polymer roofing tiles. Still there are times when a custom color or blend is the perfect solution. Here are three times a custom color would be the best choice:

Matching An Existing Color

BELLAFORTE SLATE custom poymer tile roof

When you are trying to match an existing or unique color customizing your roofing is often the best answer. Jupiter Ocean Grande condo community in Jupiter, Florida needed a roof that matched the original color of their metal roof that had begun to rust and fade within just a few years of installation. Now the condo is topped with the same color as the original roof but with polymer Bellaforté Slate tiles that will stand up to the salt-laden air, wind, and rain of the Florida coast.

Replicating A Historic Roof Design

Older homes often used many colors arranged in patterns on their roofs. This another instance where creating a custom color or arrangement of colors can be your best choice.

BELLAFORTE SLATE custom poymer tile roof

When homeowners Carol and Ray Knoff were ready to replace the roof on their 111-year-old Queen Anne style home they knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted to recreate 300-year-old roof tile in a synthetic roofing material. 

The Knoffs chose to work with DaVinci Roofscapes and were not disappointed. “The DaVinci team worked with us to develop a color combination of Midnight Gray and Cottage Red for our Bellaforté Slate polymer tiles that really ‘pops’ and gives a positive first impression of our home while helping define the roof lines and architectural style,” says Knoff.''

Another example of how DaVinci slate was used to create a historic look is the Darocha's home. This homeowner selected DaVinci’s Single-Width Slate polymer tiles to complement the historic look of her home. She created a custom blend of colors for the roof, combining the European-VariBlend of dark purple plus light, medium and dark gray slate tiles with black tiles.

“I wanted the black added in to the roof so it would gain more attention,” says Darocha. “The unique mixture of the five color shades looks terrific and very historically accurate on the structure.”

Creating A Roof That Is You-nique

Inspired by their love of warm earth-tone colors and touches of safari-themed items found inside their home, Jack and Angie Craig transformed the outside of their colonial-style house with stand-out paint colors and a custom-color roof design created by DaVinci Roofscapes and Epic Exteriors.

The four earthy colors of polymer roofing tiles were staggered on the Craig's roof to create an inspiring pattern. By using a custom blend of Light Clay, Medium Light Autumn, Medium Autumn and Black, the homeowners were able to make an exterior design statement with their roof that reflected their personalities.

Is A Custom Color Right For You?

Are you thinking about a custom color for your home or building? See more examples of custom color roofing solutions and the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about creating custom color roofing.


Shake It Up Color Contest Winner

The dream of earning a college diploma came true for this Virginia homeowner earlier this year. Now a second dream has become a reality for Ms. Delgado. She is the grand prize winner in the 2015 Shake It Up Color Contest. Please join me in sending her a big, colorful congratulations!!


Fake Shake Roof


I hope she enjoys remodeling her home and that her new look inspires you as you think about improvements for your own home. Below I give you the top down approach to creating Ms. Delgado's winning look.

When thinking about making improvements to the outside of a home, my approach is to create an cohesive look and I encourage you to do the same when making changes to your exterior. By thinking about the essential elements that create a home's overall appearance and style it will make the selection process for products and color easier.

Let's take a look at the thought process I used in picking colors and materials for this year's winner.  If you follow this same type of process you will be able to make your design decision like a pro.

The smaller size of this cute cottage style home coupled with the homeowner's desire for a rustic look make the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake a great fit. The tiles are the right size and the uneven rows offer a contrast to the straight, even lines of the siding. Almost any color available would have worked on this home. Keeping in mind that I would be looking for a barn red for the siding I chose rich Tahoe for the roof color.

Many times a home has other elements or fixed features that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the color scheme. These would be things like brick, stone or existing roofing. This home didn't have any other elements I needed to keep in mind as I moved forward developing the color scheme.

On an exterior red can go bright very quickly. To tame the color and fit with the rustic chic style requested I chose cottage red. It is a deep red with a touch of brown. This color will give the home a big personality without shouting out too loudly -- "I'm red!"

To show off the new Fypon trim and railings, I wanted white trim but a cool, bright white would be to stark a contrast. Cloud white is toned down just enough to work well with cottage red.

The missing front door on the porch was replaced with Therm-Tru Classic-Craft Canvas Collection door. I considered a door with a pretty doorlight but because this home has windows all across the front a solid door was a better choice.

For the front door I could have gone with a color not seen elsewhere on the home -- blue, green, or teal could work -- but I liked the way it looked to continue the brown down to the front door. To find the right paint color I looked at the tones in the roof and then found a rich, medium brown that blended with the shingle colors. This color in a glossy finish will draw attention to the homes entryway.

To help you to follow these steps and add value and curb appeal to your home, I put together two ebooks --FRESH Color For Your Home Exterior and FRESH Home Exterior Colors: 5-Steps To Finding The Perfect Hues For Your Home.  GET COPIES OF BOTH EBOOKS FREE from DaVinci Roofscapes.

See the 2014 Color Contest Winner for another example of how to select color and products for a winning exterior look.


Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your Spanish Mission Style Home

A Spanish home has strong Latin influences and fosters a connection to nature. Generally built with thick stucco walls and clay tiled roofs, the courtyards are enclosed to extend the home's living area and merge with the environment.

Perfect Color Scheme For A Spanish Style Home

Tone down and neutral colors reminiscent of sand, wood and clay work well on this style of home. Wrought iron is a key element that is used for banisters, lighting fixtures and accents. Always choose color and design eleents that fit with the distinctive style rather than fighting it.

For more information on matching color and design to your style of home download FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior for FREE in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio.


Perfect Color Scheme For A Spanish Style Home- Roof Color

Warm clay and brown tones combine in an appealing color blend for this roof. The updated slate polymer tiles give a nod to the colors historically seen on a Spanish Mission-style of home.

The entranceway is decorated with colorful ceramic tiles that give character to the home and inspire the color scheme. If your home has a unique feature you will want to think about how you can best highlight that feature with the colors you select.

The exterior of a Spanish-style home was originally covered with stucco and this dictated the color. The stucco was a mixture of lime, sand, and water. The color of the stucco came from the aggregate. Lime was usually white and thus so were many of the original Spanish-style homes.

Any variation in color came from adding local pigments to the aggregate. The results were light tints of the colors found in the desert. In keeping with that tradition I chose Ivory Tower for the main color.

Perfect Color Scheme For A Spanish Style Home - Trim Color

On Spanish-style homes the combination of trim pieces that surround the windows tend to be simple and flat. The trim is most often painted in brown, terracotta or another rich hue inspired by the desert.

For this example, I chose Southern Wood, a muted orange-based color that plays off of the color in the roof tiles, to be painted on the trim.

Shutters, when used on a Spanish-style home, are mounted on the interior of the home rather than exterior. Most houses have only a single color on the trim around the windows. 

Perfect Color Scheme For Spanish Style Home  - Front Door

In Spanish folklore it is said that painting the front door a shade of blue stops evil spirits from entering the home. This fun conversation starter, along with the fact that blue was perfect with the tiles around the entryway, made it my choice for this home’s front door.

For the color azul (color blue in Spanish) I chose Suenos, a sun-washed blue whose name means “dreams.” This lighter blue shows up in the shadows of the alcove and feels cool and refreshing as people enter the home.

Finally step back and ask yourself, "Is Any Other Color Needed?"

With their colorful roofs and clean lines, a little color can go a long way on a Spanish-style home.

If additional colors are needed for your home, add them. Just always have a reason for the additional color. For example, adding color to call attention to the entrance or best features of your home is usually a good reason.

At this point you can congratulate yourself because you've covered all of the steps to come up with the perfect colors for your home.

Now that you know how to select a perfect color for a Spanish style home you can gain some additional tips on choosing color by looking at some of my guides for other styles:

Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your Colonial Style Home

Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your Ranch Style Home

Picking A Perfect Color Scheme For Your Bungalow Style Home

Or see all of the styles by downloading FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior.


Why You Need A Color That Is Darker Than You Think

In 1671 Sir Isaac Newton revealed to us the connection between color and light. Ever since that time one thing has been true. Just knowing that there is a connection doesn't make it any easier to choose colors. What makes it easier is knowing how that fact may impact the colors you choose today.

Slate Black luxury roof

In my last post, The Colors Matched When I Picked Them Out. Why Don't They Match Now?, you learned how color can change under different lighting conditions. Now let's take that idea a step further and talk specifically about how to think about light as you choose your exterior colors.

Your exterior is illuminated by sunlight, the brightest of all light. What that means is that a color you select in a store or inside your home will look lighter when used on an exterior. This is especially true of a roof, which in most cases fully bask in the sunlight.

When selecting colors indoors, try a shade or two darker than the color you have in mind. The more intense the sunlight the more the color will be washed out by the light. In the Southwestern states exteriors are mainly warm neutrals or, go to the opposite end of the spectrum, are brightly colored. The reason is that exterior colors in that area must stand up to the intense warm sunlight in the area.

In most areas of the country the sunlight is not that intense but it still is a factor in how the color appears once on your home. Even less intense sunlight will still washout the color.

In the northeast and Midwest the light is cooler. Colors that are slightly grayed are favored by most homeowners for their appealing appearance in the local light. Most of the colors in just about any paint company's line of historic exterior colors fall into this range.

Other factors that can impact the quality of light and thus the color are the change of seasons, weather, the quantity and proximately of trees, and light reflected off the water if the property is waterfront.

I hope these additional tips help you to "see the light" as you select the colors you will use on your home's exterior.


Color Contest Home Exterior Remodel Recommendations Recap


Have you voted in this year's Shake It Up Color Contest yet? If not, there is still time to cast your vote for your favorite home makeover and help the homeowner win the grand prize. Since time is getting short, here is a recap of the three before and after images along with a quick review of the changes that were made to each home. Take a look and then take a moment to vote for your favorite.

Tennessee Homeowner Hopes Third Time's The Charm!

For anyone one that thinks there is only one perfect color scheme for a home -- think again. For the third year in a row that this home has been selected as a finalist in the Shake It Up Color Contest and each year (see year 1 and year 2) I have come up with a different look. I like each of the different color schemes and am curious as to which one the owners like best. Do you have a favorites? Tell me in the comments below.


Following my FRESH approach to selecting exterior colors, I decided that this year I would go neutral with the siding and trim colors and let the roof be the color star. A 

The gray color from one of the tiles in the roof was carried into the peak beneath both gables using Benjamin Moore Timber Wolf 1600 a lighter tint of a similar color -- Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170​ -- was used for the trim.

The front door was replaced with a Therma-Tru Classic-Craft American Style Collection fiberglass entry door stained in cedar with a doorlite and sidelites in the Aborwatch decorative glass style.

New shutters were added and urethane timber square pot shelves both from Fypon were placed around the front windows. Fypon Urethane Timber Stained Brackets above the door and near the dormer window added nice architectural accents to this home.

The columns on the front and side porch were covered with Fypon's popular Column Wraps. I also replaced the privacy lattice on the side porch with a stained grid work that complimented the other elements of this home.

Last I recommend sprucing up the landscaping and adding pavers for a walkway and edging the area in front of the home.

Of the many colors schemes that could update the look of your home, I find this one especially pleasing and hope you (and the homeowners) do, too. 

Contest Finalist Sees Their Home With New Colors, Roof, Door and More

The Tucker family rhymed their way into one of the top finalist spots in the Shake It Up Color Contest. Based on their makeover-worthy words I put together recommendations to shake up their Cape Cod home. I wonder if this new look will inspire the homeowners to write another poem?

Home Exterior Makeover For Color Contest Finalist - Tucker


Starting with color from the top down I replaced the roof that was too light in color with a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate in Slate Gray. It made an immediate and very noticeable improvement.

Black is a popular door color choice for a brick home however in it looked more like a dark void than an inviting entrance. To give the entrance a more welcoming I chose a Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Canvas Double Doors with 2/3 Lite 1 Panel with Longford glass.

Then I choose a paint color that complements the brick color -- Sherwin-Williams SW 6941 Nifty Turquoise as a cheerful update for the entryway.

The shutters were replaced with Fypon Double Raised Panel Shutters. Instead of matching the shutters to the door color I selected a darker shade in the same color family. Sherwin-Williams SW 0064 Blue Peacock was my choice to frame the windows and set off the turquoise on the door.

The Tucker's have been dreaming of adding a porch to the front. To help them make that dream a reality a small gabled roof and Fypon Balustrade System create a strong focal feature on the front of this previously unassuming exterior. The products used to create this look were

  • Fypon Square Plain Columns -  10-1/2X10-1/2X108 SMOOTH
  • 5” Baluster Top & Bottom Rail with BALUSTER PANELSQUARE 28X28X1-1/4 on sides
  • BAL2x28SQ can be used to fill space if needed one the side of each panel square 

Last, replacing the existing walkway with a curved design and more landscaping softens the approach and moves the eye towards the entrance.

Virginia Woman Earns A Diploma And A Home Exterior Makeover!

The dreams to earning her college diploma recently became a reality for this Virginia homeowner. Now she waits to find out if her dream winning the 2015 Shake It Up Color Contest is also going to come true.


Contest Finalist Earns A Diploma And Home Exterior Makeover!

Going bold with color was the recipe for remodeling this adorable home. The existing roof was replaced with a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake in TahoeThe warm brown is a perfect color choice and with its 50-year guarantee it will last this grad though to retirement.

For the siding I recommend Benjamin Moore Cottage Red PM-15 with Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967 for the trim.

The missing door was replaced with a Therma-Tru Fiberglass Classic-Craft Canvas Door CCV205 painted Benjamin Moore Gargoyle 1546 and the existing railing plus another to match on the other side of the door were constructed from Fypon Balustrade System - BTR5X96, BAL2X32SQ.

The outdated windows were replace with double hung windows with grids in the upper sash only to create a "band" that carries your eye across the front of the home. The trim around the windows adds a nice architectural element.

Last the landscaping was spruced up and the walk and steps covered with pavers.

I think these design ideas are ones that will make this recent grad proud to call this house home.

Now that you've got a recap of the remodels for the three color contest finalist it's time to vote for your favorite home exterior makeover --

Vote for your favorite makeover now!


Home Exterior Color Contest Finalist Hopes Third Time's The Charm!

This Tennessee homeowner is hoping that "the third time's the charm!" This is the third year in a row that they have been selected as a finalist in the Shake It Up Color Contest. I wasn't surprised to see this house pop up again in the entries. I'm not sure what caught the attention of the other judges but in addition to the fact that this home has great potential this clever homeowner came up with a fun way of tell us why the home was deserving of a remodel. There were so many great entries this year but this homeowner’s creativity pushed him to the top.



Marquis Cayce Qualls is singing out to say, "Back to let you know we can really shake it up!"

The roof, The roof, The roof,
is so old we don't...
want just any roof...
we want a DAVINCI!

Our house in the middle of the street
Our house has a crowd
There's something happening
it's usually quite loud!
Mom is so house-proud! But
She and the guest come in through the
Bathroom window
we really need a

A mess is not allowed
Our house, in the middle of our street
Sometimes something tells us
That you've got to get away from it

I remember way back when
We were all so house proud
We Wished everything was

We had such a very good time,
Such a fine time, Such a happy time,
And I remember how we'd play
Simply waste the day away!
Never Improving Just

We really like it, Just needs a little work
BUT something was missing
those special details to make it perfect...

That's the ticket
Shake Shake Shake
Shake Shake Shake
Our House UP

Our house, is our castle and our Home
Our house, that's where we live
Our house, in the middle of our street

C'mon Exterior Color Contest,
DaVinci Roofscapes,
Shake our house up

DaVinci, Therma-Tru, Fypon
DaVinci, Therma-Tru, Fypon
DaVinci, Therma-Tru, Fypon


You can see the two previous entries for this home here:  "HELP!" and “LOVVE SHAKE!”

Home Exterior Renovation Recommendations

In past years I added paint color to shake up this charming home. This year I wanted to go neutral with the siding and trim colors and let the roof be the color star. I selected a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake in AberdeenThis multi-color roof is a blend of subtle warm tones that blend beautifully with the red/brown brick.

The gray color from one of the tiles in the roof was carried into the peak beneath both gables using Benjamin Moore Timber Wolf 1600. For the trim I chose a lighter tint of similar color Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

The front door and wrought iron were removed and replaced with a Therma-Tru Classic-Craft American Style Collection fiberglass entry door stained in cedar with a doorlite and sidelites in the Aborwatch decorative glass style.

The shutters were removed and Fypon urethane timber square pot shelves were placed beneath the front windows to add an architectural detail what may have been used originally on this style home. Urethane Timber Stained Brackets above the door and near the dormer window added another architectural accent to this home.

The columns on the front and side porch were a detail I wanted to highlight so I gave them a new look with Fypon's popular Column Wraps. I also replaced the privacy lattice on the side porch with a stained grid work that complimented the other elements of this home.

Last I recommend sprucing up the landscaping and adding pavers for a walkway and edging the area in front of the home.

There are many colors schemes that would update the look of your home. I find this one especially pleasing and hope you (and the voters) do, too. 

See the finalist in the 2015 "Shake it Up" Color Contest

Vote for your favorite makeover now!


Home Exterior Makeover Contest Finalist Gets New Colors, Roof, Door and More

Every year the entrants in the Shake It Up Color Contest do their best to grab the judges attention with their story about why their home is deserving of recommendations for a colorful makeover and the cash prize that goes along with it. This year the Tucker family rhymed their way into one of the top finalist spots. You can read their makeover-worthy words and see the rendering of the new look I put together to transform their Cape Cod home below.

Home Exterior Makeover For Color Contest Finalist - Tucker


Here is what the Tucker's told us about why their Cape Cod home is desperately in need of a makeover:

There once was a home with no curb appeal. It's location? Too embarrassing to reveal!

The owners were eager to "shake up" the facade and give new color to their basic cape cod.

They would love a DaVinci roof and a front porch. But who could help them carry this torch?

"Let's enter the color contest," the wife said with great glee. "We could win! Just wait and see!"

So they took the photo and filled out the form. They wrote in a way that was out of the norm.

With their entry submitted, they couldn't help but dream. The possibilities made them both beam!

"Imagine a front porch with Fypon columns and rail. You may have to get me after getting the mail!.

And our dark double doors are quite a sight. Envision a Therma-Tru door to make it more light!"

They went on and on until late in the night. They desperately wanted their home to be bright.

For now, however, they must patiently wait and hope that their entry gets judged as "great"

Their poem made me smile and must have captured the attention of the other judges too because when the votes were tallied the Tucker's home was chosen as one of the finalist to receive makeover recommendations and a chance at winning the Grand Prize.

Home Exterior Renovation Recommendations

One of the things that most detracts from this home's overall appearance is the roof. It is too light in color and the look of the surface is inconsistent making it difficult to notice any of the other details about this house. Replacing the roof with DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate in Slate Gray would make an immediate and very noticeable improvement.

Black is a popular color choice for a brick home however in some cases it can look more like a dark void than an inviting entrance. This is especially true when the door doesn't have glass and is in a recessed entrance. To give make the entrance more welcoming I chose a Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Canvas Double Doors with 2/3 Lite 1 Panel with Longford glass.

Then choose a paint color that complements the brick color. This will help the front door to stand out. If the front door is often in shadow as it would be under a porch, overhang, or in a recessed entrance go slightly brighter with your color. I chose Sherwin-Williams SW 6941 Nifty Turquoise as a cheerful update for the entryway.

The shutters were replaced with Fypon Double Raised Panel Shutters. Instead of matching the shutters to the door color I like a color that is darker than the door color but still in the same color family. Sherwin-Williams SW 0064 Blue Peacock would be a nice choice to frame the windows and set off the turquoise on the door.

The Tucker's have been dreaming of adding a porch to the front. To help them make that dream a reality a small gabled roof and Fypon Balustrade System  create a strong focal feature on the front of this previously unassuming exterior. The products used to create this look were

  • Fypon Square Plain Columns -  10-1/2X10-1/2X108 SMOOTH
  • 5” Baluster Top & Bottom Rail with BALUSTER PANELSQUARE 28X28X1-1/4 on sides
  • BAL2x28SQ can be used to fill space if needed one the side of each panel square 

Last, replacing the existing walkway with a curved design and more landscaping softens the approach and moves the eye towards the entrance.

To the Tuckers:

Color has been added from the roof all the way down,

With the hope of creating a smile where there once was a frown.

This is the beautiful vision I have for your Michigan home

As I think you can see, I am better at design than writing a poem.

See the finalist in the 2015 "Shake it Up" Color Contest

Vote for your favorite makeover now!


Contest Finalist Earns A Diploma And A Home Exterior Makeover!

The dreams this Hampton, VA resident had for her home had to be put on hold until she completed college. With diploma now in hand we offer her "Congratulations" both on the big accomplishment of completing college AND on being chosen a finalist in the 2015 Shake It Up Color Contest.


Contest Finalist Earns A Diploma And Home Exterior Makeover!


Here is what Ms. Delgato told us about her home and the vision she has for a rustic yet chic look befitting a professional woman.

Throughout college I always said I was going to get chickens and renovate the house after graduation. I’m proud to say that I am graduating and ready to do both! Since I already have a pot belly pig, I want to “shake up” my home by going with an urban farm/rustic chic theme. The exterior will be painted barn red with white trim. The old paint would be removed from the porch to allow the wood to show with a stain matching the doors for protection. As you can see the porch door blew off during a storm so I would like to put something more durable up. Therma-Tru’s ⅔ lite 1 panel plank with clear glass would be a sturdy alternative that would go great with the theme. Therma-Tru’s 2 panel plank soft arch front door would be the perfect compliment to that for our front door. I would also use Fypon’s quick rail  in white to replace the broken/paint chipped porch railing I have now. To top it off DaVinci Roofscapes makes roofs with a rustic flair. The Multi-Width Shake in Brownstone would add the perfect finishing touch.


Home Exterior Renovation Recommendations

To shake up this adorable home start from the top down. Replace the existing roof with DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake in TahoeThe warm brown is a perfect color choice and the shake profile fits with the vision you have for a rustic look. Not only is it a great fit for your home now but with its 50-year guarantee it will last you through to retirement.

Barn red is another excellent idea. I recommend Benjamin Moore Cottage Red PM-15 as the color to paint your siding. It is a deep, rich red that has historic appeal. Set the red off with Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967

I would not stain the porch or paint in a contrasting color. Doing so would break up the front of your home and make it look smaller and disjointed. Using a single color on the siding will give your home more curb appeal and increase the perceived value. You can always accent the property by using stained wood on the chicken coop or storage sheds.

Next replace your missing door with a Therma-Tru Fiberglass Classic-Craft Canvas Door CCV205. I considered other styles of door when I saw this one with its lines and curved detail I immediately liked how it gave the entire home the feeling that it was grander than its modest size. Paint the door in a medium tone that matches the roof. Benjamin Moore Gargoyle 1546 or a similar color that blends with your roof will be the perfect color. If you want to have a door with 2/3 lite you could use this on the interior door that leads into your home.

Replace your exiting railing and add a matching one on the other side of the door using Fypon Balustrade System - BTR5X96, BAL2X32SQ.

The jalousie windows have a dated look and are not the best choice for the climate in the Tidewater Virginia area. I recommend replacing the windows so that they are all the same. Replace with double hung windows with grids in the upper sash only. The windows create a "band" that carries your eye across the front of the home. The trim around the windows adds a nice architectural element.

Last you could spruce up the landscaping and cover your walk and steps with pavers similar to the ones shown in the rendering.

 I hope these design ideas are ones that will make a recent grad (and her potbelly pig and chickens) proud of their rustic/chic/farm house.

See the finalist in the 2015 "Shake it Up" Color Contest

Vote for your favorite makeover now!


The 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Home Exterior Makeover

When thinking about making improvements to the outside of your home, you must look at the essential elements that create its overall appearance and style. Each product, color and design decision you make must work together. It can be easy to fall in love with the color of a home you see in a magazine but it might not be the right choice for your home. That is when it is especially important to know the five things you need to think about before starting any exterior makeover project.

Above you see a home makeover from the "Shake it Up" Exterior Color Contest. I thought about each of these 5 things as I planned my recommendations for remodeling this home. I think the results speak for themselves.

1. Some Things Can Change - Some Must Stay The Same

What design elements of your home are permanent "fixed features" and which elements can be easily changed. Most homes today are constructed of multiple materials. These include shake, slate, brick, stone, stucco, concrete, wood, etc. Identify the fixed features on your house  -- roofing,  full or partial stone or brick facades, hardscapes, pathways and retaining walls. The surface of each may look different but most often the materials will have a common color or color cast. If you are going to be adding a new material -- especially one with a permanent color -- identify the common color of the fixed features already existing on the home and chose a color that will work well for your home’s overall color scheme.

2. Color Like Real Estate Is All About Location, Location, Location

Certain colors and materials may work well in one area of the country yet be completely out of place in another location. I can almost guarantee that the exterior look you loved when you lived in the Northeast won't look nearly as nice on your new place in southern Florida.  The light and landscape of the two areas are quite different and therefor the design elements that work in each area are different. Each region of the country has prevalent colors based on the housing styles, available materials, natural surroundings and the quality of light. Determine the colors in your area (often those you see a great deal of on other homes) to stick with regional colors.

3. Do You Want Your Colors To Disguise Or Surprise?

Some people want their home to standout. Others want their choices to be unexpected or unusual. Still other homeowners prefer their home to blend in with the natural environment. Decide what you want for your home. Then consider how to achieve that goal by looking at your setting. Are you near the waterfront, a desert or a mountain? Temper the colors on your home’s exterior to blend in or stand apart from your surroundings or the natural colors around you. The goal I most often go for is "standing out while still fitting in!"

4. You've Got Style & So Does Your Home

You chose clothes that match your personality and style, right? Approach choosing color,and materials for your home in the same way. Always remember to select design elements that support the home’s style and architecture. Determine your home’s style (are you a Ranch? Tudor? Victorian? Art Deco? Greek Revival?) and then do some research online to determine what colors are most often associated with your style of home.

5. There Are Just Some Colors You Have To Use 

If you live in a historic district or in a development governed by a Homeowners Association(HOA), you will need to check for guidelines and/or restrictions on selecting colors and materials your home. You may also be required to have your selections approved before you begin your renovation work.

Those are the 5 things you must know before starting your home exterior makeover. Think about these 5 simple ideas and you will have a fabulous home exterior from the top of your DaVinci lifetime roof all the way down to the walkway that welcomes your guest.

For even more great advice you can download my FREE ebooks in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio.Then make sure to stop back here over the next few weeks as I share the makeovers of the finalist in the 2015 "Shake it Up" Exterior Color Contest.


Celebrate Color!


Color is one of the most influential phenomena in our lives and on March 21st all around the world color is being celebrated as part of International Colour Day.

Members of the International Colour Association, which is composed of national associations and members representing more than 30 countries, set March 21st as International Colour Day. The group agreed to the date because it "is the “equinox”. Around the equinox, the night and day are approximately equally long, symbolically relating to the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow expressed in all human cultures." (via Wikipedia)

The logo has equal halves one of rainbow colors and the other black representing the light and darkness, day and night relating to the equinox. The two circles are also symbolic of the form of an eye.

I like the symbolism but I think March 21st is a great date because it is the beginning of Spring. This is the time many of us start putting together our plans for what we will do to improve our home exteriors now that warm weather is on the horizon. So let's celebrate color and the warm weather ahead by thinking about all the color options you have for your home.

We celebrate color everyday

At DaVinci Roofscapes we love color! Our goal is to empower you to select colors that express your personal style and enhance your home's exterior by providing you with color know-how and knowledge. You will find many valuable resources in our Color & Inspiration section that will help you to find your perfect colors. See all of the free color resources available>>

See lots of great color schemes

When you are looking for inspiration it is great to see the colors and combinations others have used. The DaVinci Gallery features dozens of homes in each of the designer roof profiles. Take a look>>

Create you own roof color design

Get creative with the Color Designer and craft your own color blend from a palette of 50 fabulous colors.  Mix and match color combinations in slate and shake profiles. Give it a try now >>

Continue exploring color

I love spreading my passion for color by sharing tips and techniques for choosing color. Here are a few of my favorite blog posts: