Heber Valley Visitor Center - Part II

With the decision made to re-roof the Heber Valley Visitor Center with Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles, county leaders turned to Utah Correctional Industries (UCI) for installation assistance. Started in 1997 in conjunction with the Division of Facilities and Construction Management, the roofing program provides job training to low risk inmates who have been cleared and qualified for the work release program.

Fake Cedar Shake"The objective is to enable prisoners to make a contribution to society," says Jason Manwaring, correctional industries supervisor for UCI. "The program helps reduce prison idleness while increasing inmate job skills that can improve the prospects for a successful transition back into the community when they're released.

For the re-roofing of the Heber Valley Visitors Center with simulated shake tiles, UCI inmates, under the supervision of Manwaring and Adam Pierce, learned skills associated with the easy-installation of Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles. "The DaVinci team was very supportive of this project, making it go smoothly for everyone involved," says Manwaring. "This is a product that is very self-explanatory to install and the inmates were able to complete the entire roofing project in less than two weeks."

According to Rachel Kahler with the visitors center, the inmates did exemplary work.

"These individuals were respectful, kind and professional," says Kahler. "Because we're in a high-profile location, we get 25,000 people cars passing us daily on Main Street. Whenever visitors stopped in our center during the roofing process, the inmates ensured the area was clean and the building accessible --- all while working efficiently to have the roof installed in a timely manner."


Heber Valley Visitor Center - Part I

In a unique program coordinated by the state of Utah, ten inmates and their supervisors recently installed a new Bellaforté Shake roof on the Heber Valley Visitor Center. The minimum security inmates from the Lone Peak facility at the Utah State prison completed the polymer roof installation in 10 days with outstanding results.

Constructed in 1992, the alpine-style visitor's center was in dire need of a new roof. "When the team started pressure washing our wood shake roof this past autumn, water began leaking into the building," says Rachel FAke Cedar ShakeKahler, marketing and events manager for the Heber Valley Visitors Center. "The original wood shake roof had deteriorated badly over time and had finally given out.

"After reviewing our options and budget, we decided the best solution was new composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes in a Tahoe-VariBlend. These simulated shake tiles beautifully accent our peg-and-groove building. The tiles look extremely authentic. People now stop in our visitors center and ask us about the roof on the building!"

Wasatch County officials relate that Utah Correctional Industries (UCI) program inmates have installed two other roofs on county buildings in the past --- on the courts/jail building in 2014 and on the county administrative building in 2012.  "UCI does very good work," says Mike Davis, Wasatch County manager. "They're responsive and the quality of work is excellent.

"This was the first time our county used DaVinci products and we're exceptionally pleased with their look and durability. The next time we have a county roofing project we'll definitely consider another DaVinci roof."

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out more about the inmate installation program in Utah.


Class A Fire Rated Roof Atop Ohio Hospital

When checking into a hospital room, some patients might "check out" the bed controls or TV remote. These days, patients at Mount Carmel New Albany in Ohio are more likely to check out the imitation slate roof above the two-story facility.

In May of 2015 the hospital had a new Bellaforté Slate roof in Smokey Gray installed. Housing 60 patient rooms and eight operating rooms, Mount Carmel New Albany specializes in outpatient and inpatient orthopedic, neurologic and musculoskeletal care. The 117,668 square feet of the hospital are now topped by DaVinci Roofscapes roofing tiles that add both an element of aesthetic appeal and safety to the structure.

Fake Slate Roof  Polymer Roofing Tiles


Bellaforté Slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles are ideal for commercial structures like hotels, restaurants and hospitals. The composite roofing has achieved a Class A Rating for fire retardance in the ASTME E 108 fire test and withstands straight line winds up to 110 mph in the ASTM D 3161 test. The polymer roof tiles also resist impact, severe weather conditions and wind-driven rain. (See Tests Done on Bellaforté Slate)

Next time you're "checking in" to a hospital, look up ... and first check out the roof! 


Holiday Shopping ... For a New Roof

Tired of the crowds in the stores, getting jostled for a good bargain and fighting for a parking spot at the mall? Next time you're out shopping, take a break and look up --- you might be surprised to find a DaVinci Roofscapes designer roof over your favorite store!

Fake ShakeImitation slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles from DaVinci can be found on many shopping centers, strip malls and individual stores across the country.

In Victor, New York, you'll discover a composite shake roof atop The North Face retail store. In Charlottesville, Virginia the Barrack Road Shopping Center (home to Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chico's and Talbot's) has composite roofing overhead.  Another outdoor shopping area in Kansas City (Country Club Plaza), also has sustainable roofing from DaVinci. And, if you're shopping at Bass Pro Shops look up and you'll most likely see our custom red simulated shake roofing overhead. (See Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out)

What makes our synthetic roofing materials so popular for retail locations? It's a combination of many things: aesthetics, fire- and impact-resistancy, durability, many color options and easy-care/low maintenance.

Next time you're shopping, think about shopping for a new roof for your home. The same features that make DaVinci roofs a winning choice for stores also make our roofs a sensible choice for your home!


Restaurants and Retailers Rely on Dependable Composite Roofing

Polymer SlateWhat do the retail stores Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chico's and Talbot's in Charlottesville, Virginia have in common? They're all in the Barracks Road Shopping Center --- and they all rely on the DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing overhead to help protect them from severe weather!

From restaurants to banks to shopping centers, thousands of consumers each day walk into retail facilities and never realize there's a designer roof overhead from DaVinci.

In Chesterfield, Missouri, the upscale Edgewild Restaurant and Winery boasts DaVinci composite roofing, as does The North Face store in Victor, New York. Westwood Plaza in Omaha, Nebraska features 70 stores and dining experiences ... all housed under a DaVinci Multi-Width imitation slate roof in the Vineyard blend of colors.


Fake Cedar Shake RoofA variety of specialty dining locations across America are also topped with lightweight roofing materials from DaVinci. Captain George's Seafood Restaurant on the Outer Banks of North Carolina selected simulated shake roofing in a Mountain blend when it was constructed several years ago because of the ability of DaVinci synthetic shake to stand up to severe weather conditions, salt air and sea spray. Further inland, Yesterday's Restaurant in New Jersey selected Class A Fire Rated synthetic slate roof shingles when the owners rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2010.

From the Ole Liberty Station restaurant in Bedford, Virginia to Paces 88 American Bistro at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, commercial project owners and builders are selecting imitation slate and shake alternative roofing materials from DaVinci. They've discovered what savvy homeowners already know ... that these sustainable roofing products bring beauty, peace of mind and easy care to their retail projects from coast to coast!

Looking for more unique commercial projects with lightweight roofing tiles? Then see Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out and Condos, Churches and Colleges ... Oh My! 


Stylish Snow Guards

Function and style combine on the new roof at the U.S. Post Office in Tahoe Vista, California.

When it came time for the owner of the building to replace deteriorating cedar shake roofing, he turned to DaVinci Roofscapes for a long-lasting solution. Class A Fire Rated Bellaforte Shake composite shake shingles in the Tahoe Blend (what else for this Lake Tahoe area?) were installed on the roof along with a variety of snow guards.

Fake ShakeSince the Tahoe area routinely receives 170+ inches of snowfall each year, making sure snow didn't avalanche off the roof of post office and fall on customers was a top priority. Durable snow guards from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards were installed around the entire perimeter of the structure. However, at key entryways, golden eagle snow guards from Sieger Snow Guards were added to give a distinct patriotic style to the structure.

The sturdy snow guards on the post office help evenly distribute melting snow and reduce the chance of snow accumulations sliding off the roof as a "sheet of snow." (Need to know more? Check out  On Guard for Winter Weather ... with Snow Retention System)

While the eagle snow guards are the perfect touch for this government building, there are also a variety of other designs that can be purchased from snow guard manufacturers across the nation. Old World styles and fleur de lis designs, the maple leaf and sunbursts are also popular decorative options used in conjunction with synthetic roofing material.

No matter what style you select, the important thing to remember is that if you have composite roofing and live in an area prone to snowfall, make sure to order snow guards. They can help break up melting snow and protect your landscaping, walkways and foot traffic.


Ohio Assisted Living Facility Gets Synthetic Slate Roofing

This is National Assisted Living Week --- a time to shine the spotlight on the facilities and people dedicated to helping people as they age or need special services.

Fake SlateAt DaVinci Roofscapes, we're tipping our hat to all those who help people in assisted living locations ... and those who will soon help others at new, "under construction" facilities that will have our plastic roofing materials overhead.

In Granville, Ohio, the Middleton of Granville complex will open in just a few weeks. This $18.3 million community includes 94 assisted living and memory care units plus lots of amenities. Atop the new single-story facility is an abundance of Bellaforté Slate Black polymer roofing.

"Our assisted living facility has a large footprint for a one-story building," says Jack Lucks, a founding partner with Continental Realty, the developer of the property. "Anything you can do to give depth to the roof on a project like ours is a benefit. The DaVinci tiles have the shadow lines and aesthetics we need for our facility."

The consistent single width of Bellaforté Slate tiles provides beauty to the property's roof with its clean, simple design. At a half-inch tile thickness, these simulated slate roofing tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates.

"DaVinci offered the look we needed to make our facility come together," says Lucks. Keep watching and we'll share pictures of the finished facility soon. In the meantime, you can see other examples of synthetic slate roofing at SRA Architects Specify DaVinci Polymer Roof for New LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge and Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes.


Sneak Peek at DaVinci Roofscapes on Upcoming Commercial Projects

Look, up in the sky ... it's DaVinci Roofscapes!

Yes indeed, there are several unique commercial projects underway right now throughout the country that are getting polymer roofing added. These projects aren't complete yet, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the lightweight roofing systems being installed on these prestigious projects.

Polymer RoofingWardman Towers - 32 luxury residences in the 11-story Wardman Towers are currently being renovated. Atop the historic building in Washington, DC the roof is also being replaced --- with Single-Width Slate composite roofing in a Slate Gray.

Hawes Place - At the New Hope Baptist Church in Boston, work is underway to convert the historic church structure into condos. Atop the building a custom color blend of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate is being installed. A striking combination of Medium Green, Dark Green, Dark Tan and Green Stone will grace the roof of this structure.

Mississippi State University - Construction is underway at MSU of an impressive three-level building with 20 classrooms on the top level and parking for 150 cars on the bottom two levels. The new structure will be capped off with a Single-Width Slate luxury roof from DaVinci in a Slate Gray color.

Granville Assisted Living - The Middleton of Granville Assisted Living facility is being constructed in Granville, Ohio. The $18.3 million community consists of 94 assisted living and memory care units in a park-like setting. A Bellaforté Slate roof in Slate Black will top the 92,000 square foot single story facility.

Want to learn about more composite shake and imitation slate roof product used on commercial projects across the country? Then check out DaVinci Roofscapes Goes Commercial!


Round Two for DaVinci Roofscapes Installation at Hotel Breakers

The saying "life's a roller coaster" certainly resonates with roofer Jim Carson. He and his team from A-STAR have been "up on the roof" for the second winter in a row installing 

Bellaforté simulated slate roofing high atop the Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point theme park.  

With Cedar Point's famous roller coasters as the backdrop, the A-STAR team installed 450 squares of composite slate tile from DaVinci Roofscapes --- plus on four turrets --- in a custom Milano blend featuring combinations of gray and purple tones. The project started in November of 2014 and lasted until late April 2015. (See Cedar Point Hotel Gets Bellaforté Roof)

"Our experience with installation on the first phase of this project last year made it a bit easier for the second phase," says Carson, vice president of A-STAR out of Macedonia, Ohio. "However, there's nothing that can really help when temperatures hit record lows and with the brutal snowfall we had this year."

Backed by a lifetime warranty, all DaVinci green roofing materials are designed to remain flexible at extreme temperatures, making it possible to install roofing tiles during all types of weather. The DaVinci resin system for all products has passed the freeze-thaw ICC-ES Test (Acceptance Criteria AC07, section 4.9) with exposure to temperatures from -40 F to 180 F in 22 hour cycles for approximately a month.

DaVinci sustainable roofing products have also undergone the accelerated weathering test ASTM 4798 test for 4,500 hours with very little significant change in tensile strength. That test is six months of actual exposure, but is equivalent to several years of exposure to the sun. The test replicates real world weather extremes such as high temperatures, moisture and thermal shock.  

"One of the chief reasons Bellaforté slate roofing tiles were chosen for the Hotel Breakers re-roofing project originally was because the installation could be done in cold weather without having to warm the polymer roof tiles before installation," says Carson. "This is the final phase of the installation, which has gone very well. While there may be more re-roofing projects on site here, I don't believe we'll be battling Mother Nature as much in the future."


Rest, Relaxation and Roofing

A place to unpack, relax and lay down after a busy day. That's what most hotels offer their guests. But, at the Beach Terrace Inn and Hotel Breakers, they also offer a designer roof overhead from DaVinci Roofscapes that boasts a Class A Fire Rating for added peace of mind.

The eco friendly roof on the Beach Terrace Inn is almost as picturesque as the calming Pacific Ocean waters just a few feet from the California hotel. Fake SlateSimulated slate roofing atop the 48 rooms in an Aberdeen blend of stone, gray, brown, green and purple shades, offers an eye-pleasing appeal to the structure. And, the easy-care polymer roofing resists the damages of salt air and sea spray, so the fake slate roof always looks its best.

Also located on restful waters, the Hotel Breakers sits between Lake Erie and Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. The historic hotel is now in the second phase of having Bellaforté synthetic slate roofing installed over the entire hotel complex. (see Cedar Point Hotel Gets Bellaforté Roof)

"One of the chief reasons Bellaforté slate roofing tiles were chosen for the Hotel Breakers re-roofing project originally was because the installation could be done in cold weather without having to warm the polymer roof tiles before installation," says Jim Carson, vice president of A-STAR, the roofing company in charge of installing both phases of the imitation slate roof.

While the Union Printers Home in Colorado Springs had similar cold weather concerns when installing DaVinci composite roofing on their 1892 historic structure for 120 assisted living residents, there are those lucky hospitality projects, like the Westin St. John Villas Timeshare, that have no worries. Located in the tropical paradise of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bellaforté Shake tile roofs were installed by people in shorts --- not in snowsuits!

Need more details on our lightweight roofing materials used on hotels? Then Check Out DaVinci Roofs on Hotels!


Class A Fire Rated DaVinci Roof Selected After Restaurant Fire

When roofer John Blair heard about a fire that destroyed Yesterday's Restaurant in Hazlet, New Jersey, he knew the restaurant would be rebuilt. After all, the Spalliero family had served up authentic southern Italian and Simulated Slate RoofingAmerican cuisine at the restaurant for almost 50 years before the tragic fire in 2010.

Blair was pleased that his company was chosen for the roofing job for the new restaurant --- and especially excited about the owner's choice of a Class A Fire Rated Bellaforté composite slate roof.

“I’ve installed other DaVinci Roofscapes roofs in the past when we needed products with outstanding aesthetic appeal, and we’ve always had superior results,” says Blair, president of Garden State Roofing. “Our business is also family-owned, so I knew how important it was to everyone at Yesterday’s Restaurant to get back to work quickly.

"The snap-fit application of the Bellaforté product went smoothly and was easy to install. This roof has a high-end look at a reasonable price.”

The patented snap-fit, self-locating Bellaforté sustainable roofing tiles installed on Yesterday’s Restaurant replaced old, burnt-up asphalt shingles. Featuring Faux Slate Tilesan integrated rain gutter and leading edge tab, the synthetic slate roofing tiles resist insects, fungus, algae, mold, cracking, fading and curling.

“There was never a doubt that we’d rebuild,” says Vinny Spalliero, owner of the Bayshore community restaurant. “This business is family owned and operated, so we pulled together to get back in business as quickly as possible.

“I picked out the slate gray Bellaforté roof because it had the look I was going for that matched up with the stone and stucco siding features we added to the building after the renovation. The polymer roof is a nice, durable product and the fire resistant benefit gives us all added peace-of-mind.”

Want to read about more restaurants using lightweight roofing materials? See Serving Up DaVinci Roofs


Featured Project - Monroe, GA

Recently the Walton County Courthouse, located in Monroe, Georgia, got mini makeover. The metal roof on the facility was still in working order, but a vertical accent portion of the roof needed to be replaced. Bone Dry Roofing out of Bogart, Georgia replaced the old imitation slate product with new Single-Width Slate roof tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes. The gray tiles were accented by a light grey stripe every few courses, adding some visual interest to the project. 

Bone Dry Roofing



DaVinci Roofscapes Goes to Court

Look up at the historic Carroll County Courthouse in Carrollton, Ohio and you think you're seeing natural slate roof tiles on the rooftop. But, it's not.

Fake Slate RoofIn 2014 a re-roofing project was completed by Architectural Roofing Contractors, Inc. on the 1885 courthouse that now boasts Bellaforté Slate roofing in the European-VariBlend color blend.

"The DaVinci Roofscapes product was one of three presented to us along with slate and metal," says Ed Eick, building maintenance supervisor for Carroll County. "I found the DaVinci product to be very affordable to us along with being cost effecting in long-term maintenance."

The European VariBlend colors of Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray and Dark Purple was chosen because the color blend reminded Eick of the natural slate roofing materials already on the roof. This similarity helped the county retain its designation as a U.S. National Register of Historic Places site.

"I found it to be very appealing that the DaVinci product is 100 percent recyclable," says Eick. "Knowing that there are county offices that urge recycling, that in itself made sense that the county courthouse should be a good example of county officials looking out for the environment."

The results gained a big thumbs-up from Eick and the county commissioners. "Architectural Roofing Contractors did an excellent job and I made sure their company knew it," says Eick. "The roofers on the job said the product was nice to work with and easily installed. We have a roof and gutter system that will last us for years to come, hassle-free."

Carroll County isn't the only community to rely on composite roofing from DaVinci. See Downtown Vail A “City of DaVinci Roofs”


Why Choose DaVinci Roofscapes for Commercial Projects? TCO!

Across the country new construction and remodeling commercial project planners are discovering that polymer roofing options from DaVinci Roofscapes deliver dependable results. From New York to Oklahoma to Colorado, DaVinci composite roofing can be found topping off university buildings, hotels, country clubs, apartment buildings and churches.

"Project managers reviewing the 'Total Cost of Ownership' aspects when making commercial project roofing decisions continue to be impressed by DaVinci composite roofing products," says Mike Ward, vertical market manager for DaVinci Roofscapes. "They're determining which roofing products have the greatest return on investment from the standpoint of durability, longevity, low-maintenance costs and aesthetics. These considerations point them to DaVinci."

According to Ward, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis plays favorably for polymer roofing products because they resist impact, fire, insects, mold and algae. Other advantages that commercial project planners look for in sustainable roofing include the color being blended throughout each tile and a strong roof warranty.


Polymer Slate RoofGaillardia Country Club

The elegant 55,000-square foot, three-level clubhouse at Gaillardia Golf and Country Club in Oklahoma City now boasts a new Bellaforté Slate Black-VariBlend polymer roof from DaVinci.           

"The new owners wanted 600 squares of a Class 4 impact-resistant roof system to replace the concrete tiles on their 15-year old country club," says Andy Lacks, vice president of commercial roofing with Mallard Construction out of Oklahoma City, Okla. "They wanted a durable roof system that would fit the high-end neighborhood surrounding the Gaillardia Country Club while withstanding severe weather. Our confident recommendation was the DaVinci impact-resistant tiles for this job."     



Historic Hotel Breakers

Opened more than 100 years ago, the 650-room Hotel Breakers is the original on-property hotel at the Cedar Point theme park in Ohio. In 2014 hotel management decided to invest in the European-VariBlend of Bellaforté imitation slate tiles.

"One reason why Bellaforté was chosen was because the installation could be done in cold weather without having to warm the roof tiles before installation," says Jim Carson, vice president of A-STAR out of Macedonia, Ohio. "The hotel is on the shores of Lake Erie. That's a challenging situation, especially since we experienced the worst Cleveland winter in 30 years right in the middle of the installation!"





LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge


Opened in late 2013, the multi-purpose LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge in Tennessee includes 232,000-square feet of meeting and exhibit space in a sprawling lodge-type setting. Topping off the impressive structure is 965 squares of Single-Width Slate alternative roofing tiles from DaVinci in the Evergreen-VariBlend of light and dark green lightweight tiles to complement the facility's Smoky Mountain setting.

"The size of this complex plus the building code limitations made it impossible for us to specify weighty, expensive real slate for the roof," says Michael Smelcer, principal with SRA Architects, Inc. "After researching our options, we selected the DaVinci Single-Width Slate product because of aesthetics, weight and Class A fire classification. The owners of the center were very open to using this particular polymer slate roofing because it gave them the mountain lodge look they desired."         


North Abbey Apartments

New life has been given to the historic 1888 Protestant Episcopal Church of the Covenant in Philadelphia. After several years of renovation --- including the addition of a new DaVinci synthetic slate shingles overhead --- the church's 12,500-square foot property has been converted into 16 luxury apartments called North Abbey.

"The Bellaforté Slate roof we selected brings historical accuracy to the project while allowing us to have a roof that resists fire, impact, rot and decay," says real estate broker and developer Jordan Brody. "We were sold on this roof because of its aesthetic appeal, durability and longevity."  (Pictures coming soon).


Learn more about DaVinci commercial projects at Impact-Resistant DaVinci Roof Tops Kansas Church and Back to School with DaVinci Roofscapes.


A Tale of Two Coasts

From coast-to-coast ... and in every state in between ... contractors are relying on DaVinci Roofscapes lightweight roofing materials to "top off" both residential and commercial structures.

Polymer ShakeOn the East Coast, Captain George's Seafood Restaurant on the Outer Banks of North Carolina needed a sturdy roof to combat hurricane-force weather conditions, moisture, sea spray and potential rot.

Roofing installer Rex Simpson installed 150 squares of DaVinci synthetic shake atop the restaurant that seats 400 people. "These shakes completely replicate cedar shake roofing, but without the negative aspects that real wood shakes bring to a job," says Simpson, general manager of Gallop Roofing & Remodeling in Wanchese, N.C.

"You can't just throw anything up a roof and hope it will work — especially not in coastal areas. I believe this roof works perfectly because of its anticipated long life span, low maintenance needs for the restaurant owners and the product testing results. This DaVinci roof is Class 4 impact rated, Class A fire rated and tested for high wind endurance. It's darned hard to beat those qualifications in a roof!"

On the West Coast, Mike and Andrea Boone knew it was time to replace their old wooden cedar shake roof when their insurance company threatened to cancel their homeowner insurance due to concerns over potential wildfire spread.

Polymer SlateThe Boones turned to Jerry Shaw, the trusted designer who had previously created a home for the couple. Shaw embraced the roofing specification challenge and introduced the Boones to polymer roof tiles from DaVinci that resist fire, impact, moisture and insects — all potential problems for a California coastal home.

After selecting the composite roofing product,  the Boones next had to decide on the color of their new designer roof. "The wide assortment of color combinations was an important element in our decision to use the DaVinci product," says Shaw. "The ability to combine colors to achieve a custom color for this roof was a prime factor for us selecting this synthetic roofing material."

For more stories that address lightweight roofing systems for coastal projects, see The Roof Is On Fire! NOT! and California Roof Shake Up.


California Dreaming ... with DaVinci Roofscapes

Early season, fast snowfalls have kick-started winter in areas all across the country. Instead of wallowing in the cold, DaVinci Roofscapes invites you to relax and reflect on this sunny California project next to the Pacific Ocean.

In Carlsbad, California, there are 48-rooms at the seaside Beach Terrace Inn hotel. And, while guests may initially be drawn to the oceanfront views, it doesn't take long for their gaze to wander to the fully-renovated hotel itself. That's when they're likely to notice the structure's unique design and low-pitch roof that boasts colorful polymer roofing from DaVinci.

The hotel's management team selected the Aberdeen blend of  Dark Gray, Light Brown, Dark Purple, Green Stone and Dark Stone for its luxury roof. The eco friendly roof was the perfect choice for the oceanfront hotel, since it resists both the salt air and harsh rays of the sun. The Class A Fire Rating on the compositing roofing also means the owners have an added sense of security when their guests go to sleep at night.

The hacienda-style hotel needed a dependable designer roof, and they fulfilled their needs with the composite slate roof from DaVinci. The fake slate roof stands up to tough coastal conditions, plus high winds, impact and potential fire with virtually no periodic maintenance.

Check Out DaVinci Roofs on Hotels for more roof projects featuring synthetic roofing material!


Colorado Townhome Community Topped with DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Shake Tiles

As part of a two-phase re-roofing project, two dozen townhomes at Buckhorn - Bachelor Gulch now have impact-resistant DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake roofs overhead.

Shake AlternativeLocated in Avon, Colo., Buckhorn - Bachelor Gulch offers luxury living and fast access for residents and visitors to area ski slopes. The homeowners association for the community selected the DaVinci lightweight roofing materials in the Autumn blend to complement their mountainous location. Custom copper flat seam roofs and a full snow-retention plan designed by Rocky Mountain Snowguards was incorporated into the luxury roofs on the multi-story townhomes.

"Our team has installed more than 100 DaVinci roofs in the Aspen and Vail areas," says Trevor H. Cannon, owner of Umbrella Roofing. "This is the only synthetic roof we install. The track record we have with this polymer roofing product is very impressive.

"In our geographic market people are moving away from real cedar shake shingles due to their deterioration and susceptibility to fire. Anytime we have a new customer looking for a simulated shake roofing product we discuss the cost, insurance, appearance and maintenance saving aspects of the DaVinci cedar shake alternative product. These are features that immediately win over the client."

Fake ShakeAs a high-end contractor, Umbrella Roofing has 35 employees. Many of those team members worked on the re-roofing project at Buckhorn - Bachelor Gulch.

"This project had a great number of steep slopes, was very 'cut up' and had many transitions from custom flat seam copper to the DaVinci polymer roofing tiles," says Cannon. "Our quality installers embraced the challenges of this project and produced a superior finished designer roof product.

"We specialize in re-roofing high-end residences. The combination of our expertise and the reliable DaVinci sustainable roofing product have positioned us a step above our competition. When homeowners in this area want peace-of-mind plus a sensational looking imitation shake or slate roof, they come to us!"

Want to learn about other composite roofing successes in multi-housing projects? Read Why You Should Care that DaVinci Polymer Roofs are Used on Condo Communities and Bellaforté Shake Roofs Top 207 Covington Creek Condos.


A Second Look at Imitation Slate

A second look --- that's what the Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City is getting these days thanks to their new DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof overhead.


We shared this beautiful re-roofing project last summer on our DaVinci blog. But, since we just got new pictures of this designer roof we decided you deserved to get a second look too!

So, rather than reading lots of words ... focus on the pictures. You'll see the French Normandy design style of the 55,000-square foot Gaillardia Country Club now boasts Bellaforté Slate Black polymer roofing on the multiple turrets and roofing structure areas. With the appearance and beauty of natural slate roof tiles, Bellaforté provides a "better than nature" sustainable roofing alternative backed by a 50 year roof warranty!

P.S. - Want the full story on this fake slate luxury roof? See Impact-Resistant DaVinci Roof Selected for Oklahoma City Country Club.


Scary Roofs

Creaking stairs and ghoulish figures aren't the only haunting things in neighborhoods this Halloween. Some roofs are downright scary.

Cedar ShinglesAt the Covington Creek condo community in Indiana, the cracked, rotted and algae-ridden real cedar roof shingles on 207 condo units were a frightful sight in recent years. Forget shrunken heads ... at this subdivision there were stained, curling and shrunken wooden cedar shake roofing tiles overhead.

This year however, Covington Creek isn't a haunted community. Thirty-one buildings have now been re-roofed with new Bellaforté Shake composite shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Gone are the scary roofs ... replaced with synthetic shake roofing that's beautiful and long-lasting. Plus they're backed with a 50 year roof warranty.

We promise ... it's no trick that fake cedar shake roofs look better and last longer than cedar roofing. Our state-of-the-art polymers help provide a durable designer roof with synthetic shake shingles that is simply a treat for homeowners!

Composite Shake


Want another Halloween treat? Learn how to Invest in Your Roof and Shake it Off ... with our shake roofing materials!


From the Architect's Corner - Blending in While Standing Out

Our typical project requires a roof that will fit in with existing roofs on neighboring homes or buildings. Most of my callers end up describing to me what other types of roofing material there are around the project so that we can get on the same page, as far as product and color samples needed. Between DaVinci's Slate and Shake polymer roof profiles we have 7 products and 49 colors, which can blend into almost any college campus, retail district or neighborhood with ease.

A great example of this is a project we featured last year in Beverly, Illinois. The building owners started looking for something that would complement the other roofs in the neighborhood for a lower cost and less weight. The new roof needed a product that would hold up to the tough weather conditions of the area and could go through the seasons with as little maintenance as possible. The roof coverage starts just 10 feet off the ground, so the tiles needed to look as good as possible close up and they ended up going with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in Slate Gray and it complements the natural slate roofs in the neighborhood. Click here if you are interested in finding out more about this project.

Happy Friday, Architects!