5 Homeowner Resources for National Curb Appeal Month

To commemorate National Curb Appeal Month in August, DaVinci Roofscapes has compiled a list of five top curb appeal resources for you.

"Summertime is the perfect point in the year to make improvements to your home exterior," says Michael Cobb, vice president of sales and marketing at DaVinci Roofscapes. "The first step is to carefully look at your home from the 'top down' to see what can be done to enhance its appearance and overall value."

Cobb reminds homeowners that the roof can sometimes offer as much as 40 percent of the visibility on a home exterior. "Take a fast look at your home and you'll most likely see that the roof plays the largest part of your curb appeal view," says Cobb. "If your roof is in poor shape --- if it's missing tiles or has curling shingles --- that makes a negative impact on the overall curb appeal of your home.

composite roof

"A new roof, with colors that complement your entire home exterior, can make a positive impact on your home's curb appeal and value. Just imagine a new, low-maintenance composite slate roof on your home with a blend of different shades of gray that sets off the rest of your home. It's a stunning way to add more color and style to a home."

 If it's time to consider a new roof for your home, Cobb and our experts at DaVinci Roofscapes recommend these five free resources to get educated on re-roofing options that can increase the curb appeal of your house:

  • Upgrade Your Roofing from This Old House - easy-to-understand online tutorial of the structure of the roof, options for roofing tiles and environmental considerations. 
  • Top Down ColorTM Visualizer - online tool allows you to upload pictures of your home exterior or use images of 10 supplied home styles. Tool lets you quickly make and see changes to roofing materials and colors, along with adjustments to the home's siding, accessories, doors and windows trim. 
  • FRESH Home Exteriors Color Guide - online guidebook featuring "5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home." Learn the importance of fixed features, regional colors, the environment, style of the home and "have-to-use" colors when considering the overall curb appeal of your home. 
  • FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior - online booklet shows step-by-step process for selecting the best exterior color combinations for your home. Tips on adding coordinated color selections for a variety of home styles, including Colonial, Ranch, Bungalow, Victorian, Spanish Mission, European and New American. 
  • Tips for Selecting Roofing Products from Allen Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford - overview and tips on selecting roofing materials includes review of features and benefits of composite roofing. 



Farewell Hail and Fire Worries

Time and weather had taken their toll on George and Christine Rossie's real cedar shake roof. After 25 years and several hail storms, they decided to replace it in 2015.

"I think Colorado is the hail capital of the country," says Dr. George Rossie. "The roof was ready to be replaced after some significant hail damage in 2014 ... and we were ready for a worry-free change.

"We're very happy with the quality of this composite shake product, and especially glad to move from a high fire-risk real wood shake roof to one that is both fire- and hail-resistant. As another advantage, once the new DaVinci roof was installed we switched insurance companies and got a significant discount in our homeowner rates for having this new, highly-rated roof."

The team at Advanced Exteriors recommended an impact- and fire-resistant Bellaforté Shake roof in an Autumn Blend from DaVinci Roofscapes to provide the Rossies with peace-of-mind.

The couple's 1930s Tudor-style Denver home has multiple levels, additions and slopes. Some areas are extremely steep while other parts are flat. "Advanced Exteriors handled our roof challenges extremely well," says Rossie. "We love the way this roof turned out. We've received lots of compliments from neighbors and friends and we'd have no problem recommending this synthetic shake roof or Advanced Exteriors to anyone!"

shake roof shake tile roof




Exterior Color Schemes: European Roof Reccomendations

A roof is typically not a focal point of a home, but with DaVinci European roof tiles, it may steal the show. European slate style roof offers multiple shades of colors rooted in black and gray, accented with deep reddish-purple tones. These make choosing a main exterior color simple.

But even when you are starting with a gorgeous roof it is still a big decision to choose the exact color scheme for your home exterior. Have no fear. I'm here to help you. Rather than start with hundreds of potential colors and unlimited color combinations. I've put together five of my favorite combinations based on the many hundreds of homeowners I have helped by using my "top down" approach for selecting exterior colors.

You can use one of these schemes exactly or it can be the inspiration for creating your own perfect scheme.

Simple White

White is an age-old color known for its simple nature in home design. Black shutters are the perfect accent to anchor the home. The varied tones in the European roof tiles add interest to a white home without taking away from the classic appeal.


Functional Gray

When in doubt, turn to warm gray. This color is a safe, neutral tone that delivers every time. The monochromatic paint on the home allows for excitement using a bold gray and dark red accent color. These tones are repeated in the European roof tiles giveing the home a cohesive look and unending curb appeal.



The color yellow embodies happiness and is reminiscent of sunny days. A soft creamy yellow with tan trim sits brightly under a slate roof. The door color is perfectly agreeable with the homes’ main color using a soft gray with lavender undertones.


Cameo White

The beauty of the European color is that it adds dimension to a homes exterior no matter what shape or size the roof. The blend of black, grays and red tones allow for similar accent colors. This paint palette combines an off-white color for the main color with gray accents. Add flair with a toned down maroon front door for a twist on a traditional white home.


In home design, the color black is making a comeback. Homeowners, once timid to use such a dramatic color, are now braving the tone on all sorts of homes. The minimalistic color is an easy choice when DaVinci European toned tiles line the roof. Several shades of gray and deep reddish-purple shine through the European tile. The deep hue on the homes’ exterior creates an amplified focus on all surrounding architecture.


See what your home would look like with a DaVinci roof in Slate Black or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.


**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.


DaVinci Slate Roof Tops Off Tudor Style Home

Nestled against natural gardens and custom landscaping sits the stunning Tudor-style home belonging to Lou and Lindsey Mannarino. The New Jersey couple enjoy their house, which includes a southwest-style room with an authentic Spanish-style fireplace on the inside and a custom in-ground pool on the outside. It also includes a new DaVinci Roofscapes roof overhead.

"We were looking for a roof to complement the style of our home and the DaVinci Slate roof met all our requirements," says Lou Mannarino. "This roof resists insects, fire and impact, plus it's low maintenance. Exactly what we were looking for in a roof to help protect our family while enhancing the style of our home."

slate roof

The appealing exterior of the Mannarino's 8,500-square-foot home includes real stucco, cedar plank and brick. Now topped with composite slate roofing and snow guards, the home has a cohesive, complete look to it.

"We love the look of this roof and how it so closely resembles an authentic slate roof," says Mannarino. "All of our friends and family think it's a real slate roof! This DaVinci roof truly complements the overall look of our home."


Design Flexibility at Your Fingertips with Top Down Color Visualizer

Have you tried out DaVinci's new Top Down ColorTM visualizer yet? 


This free online tool makes it easy to see what your home could look like with a new roof, different colored siding or even changes to the trim and doors!


"This tool showcases how the vast array of colorful DaVinci synthetic shake and slate roofs work with color schemes and textures," says Wendy Bruch, marketing manager with DaVinci Roofscapes. "Whether a person is uploading a picture of his or her own home to see how a new exterior color combination will look, or if they're using one of our pre-loaded home styles, they'll be able to quickly distinguish how color from the 'top down' on a house can add tremendously to a home's curb appeal."


According to Kate Smith with Sensational Color, the tool serves as a valuable resource to anyone in the building industry.


"Imagine being an architect and having the ability to share color palettes for home exteriors with clients in just a few clicks of the mouse," says Smith. "Or think about how a homeowner can decide on changes to the elements of their home exterior and then be able to share those changes immediately online with their contractor. Whether making one modification to a home exterior or embracing a full remodel, this tool is a lifesaver!"


Created by DaVinci Roofscapes to showcase different "top down" color options on home exteriors, the free visualizer can be found at www.davinciroofscapes.com/color/designer. Images can be saved to an online account, posted on Facebook or Pinterest or easily shared in a tweet.


"It's actually quite fun to dream a bit using this online tool," says Smith. "If you've ever wondered what your home would look like with a new slate roof, different colored or textured siding, or perhaps a bright new front door, this is the way to do it!


"Upgrading the curb appeal of your home can make it more valuable to potential buyers or just more personalized for your own tastes. This tool provides a 'no risk' way of seeing how changes to the front of your home can make your exterior either stand out from or blend in with other homes in your area."


The Last Roof You Will Put on Your Home

When Anthony Walsh gets involved in a re-roofing project, he wants it done right. His company, Durashield, prides itself on ensuring the peace of mind of each customer by providing unparalleled customer service.

As specialists in general contracting and restoration, Durashield gets involved with many exterior restoration projects, including some unique roofing challenges. For the past several years, Walsh and his team have relied on DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing products as the solution to those challenges.

"DaVinci offers an awesome product that's a great alternative to real cedar shake," says Walsh. "We consult with homeowners about the age and condition of their current roofs to determine if we're dealing with a repair or replacement project. When the decision is made to replace the roof, we recommend DaVinci without hesitation.

"This is a product that is impact- and fire- resistant, needs no long-term maintenance and has a great product warranty. It's the last roof you'll ever put on your house. I would absolutely put a DaVinci roof on my home."

Walsh and his team have installed almost a dozen Bellaforté Shake roofs in the past few years in the Chicagoland area. They've done extreme makeover roofs and also large residential projects with custom copper accents.

"People often come to us after a storm has severely damaged their roof," says Walsh. "That's when we really step up. We work with them through the claim process and provide them with strong options that will put a better roof on their home than they had before. Oftentimes a DaVinci roof is our top recommendation. It's worth every penny for the security and peace of mind it brings to a homeowner."


Exterior Color Schemes: Mountain Roof Recommendations

Home on the range is tall on style with the feature roof color Mountain. A westward journey of color scaling monstrous mountains, creeks, and streams in the wilderness bring an earthy hue to any rooftop.

Homes vary by region but DaVinci’s Mountain color clearly fits the timberline build as well as homes in a wide variety of locations and styles. Choosing an exterior color scheme for your home with this rich grayed brown is easy because it goes well with so, so many colors. What makes it difficult is deciding which color scheme you like best for your home from what seems like an infinite number of color combinations.

When creating an exterior color palette, I use my "top down" approach to help me narrow down the choices. I start by looking at the color of the roof. From there, I follow my FRESH steps to choose each color. To help you find the right color scheme, I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes for homes with DaVinci Shake in the color Mountain. You can use one of these color schemes exactly or use them to inspire you to create one of your own.



Northwood Brown

The home pictured uses the natural elements of wood and stone. A monochromatic scheme using a medium brown mixed with tan, and light cream keep the focus on these natural textures not distract with bold paint.


shake tile roof

Tree Moss

Trouble finding the perfect color? Let nature be your guide and go green. Envision a forest filled with various species of trees some light some dark, but all in a similar color family. This is exactly how light green, a deeper muted green and brown work together. DaVinci Mountain roofing tops it off - literally, with a multi-toned roof tile to compliment these gray greens. Utilizing contrast is still an option by painting or staining a dark brown door color.


composite slate roofing


Yellow is a color that gives your home for a sunny and fun personality. Golden yellow and brown are perfect partners. Mountain roof tile on top of the gold tone paint gives a upbeat welcoming tone without drawing away from the natural surroundings. Bright yellow would call too much attention and is best reserved for more tropical settings. The brown, almost purple accent color compliments the main color beautifully. On the front door this color rich in brown from a distance will illuminate with purple undertones up close.


Shake Roof

Origami White

In home design, white often shows classic and timeless style. Homeowners seem to either love or hate white. For those who love white, its best to go with a contrasting door color. Painting the door darker than the deepest color of the Mountain color on the roof is a great way to add contrast and depth to the home.


shake roof tile

Glazed Pear

Many historic properties contain a similar color palette due to naturally occurring colors. A muted color can sometimes be more powerful in framing a property or landscape. The cream exterior color is simple when paired with off-white trim. The pale brown accent can detail windows. Dark brown would cover the door while coordinating tones with the Mountain roof.

See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Shake roof in Mountain or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.



**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.


Do You REALLY Want to Pay More for Real Cedar?

Shake RoofRecently-imposed tariffs on soft woods transported from Canada to the USA means two key things. First, lesser amounts of wood are crossing the border from Canada to America. Second, the likelihood that the prices of those wood products making it into the USA are rising.

How does that affect the roofing industry? Think about real cedar shake roofs. Much of that product comes to us from Canada.

In recent years homeowners have sought alternatives to real wood shingles because of their inherent problems: rotting, curling, splitting, insect infestations and algae growth. Now there's other reasons to look away from real cedar shake roofs --- availability and increasing costs.

Fortunately DaVinci Roofscapes has an abundant supply of cost-effective synthetic shake roofing tiles. Made of durable polymers, Multi-Width, Single-Width, Bellaforté and Fancy Shake composite roofing from DaVinci resists all the challenges that real cedar roofs experience. Our products will never rot, curl, split or become infested with algae or insects. Plus, they're impact- and moisture-resistant so they're ideal to use in coastal areas. And, if you live in California, you'll be happy to know that our EcoBlend shake tiles meet Title 24 requirements.

Now, what about the price? There's good news there too.

While pricing for real cedar shakes is rising, DaVinci Roofscapes announced price reductions in late 2016 on the company's most popular roofing products. Thanks to operational efficiencies, we've reduced prices from 11 to 16 percent on several synthetic shake product lines. These price reductions mean that pricing of Bellaforté Shake tiles now falls below the cost of many real cedar shingles, but with the added benefit of resistance to fire, splitting, curling, mold and algae.

For aesthetic appeal, long-term low maintenance and ease of availability, you owe it to yourself to research synthetic shake options for your home.


Standing the Test of Time

Back in 2013 the condo community of Mai Kai decided it was time to re-roof their 34 units located in Newport Beach, California. After decades of exposure to salt air and sea spray, the real cedar shake shingles had simply failed.

After an extensive search process, the board for the community selected synthetic shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

shake roof

How have the composite shake tiles held up to the constant exposure to coastal area weather conditions? Like champs.

"The roof has held up very well," says Lorain Petry, president of the HOA for Mai Kai. "We had our rainiest season in years in 2016 and there were no leaks.  It was a huge test and the roof came through with flying colors."

According to Petry, the aesthetic appeal of the DaVinci shake roof has been applauded by homeowners. "It's been a great addition to the homes in our community," says Petry. "Along with the visual appeal, we appreciate that there haven't been any problems with damaged tile shingles.

"DaVinci offers a low-maintenance composite roofing system that we would highly recommend. It's an excellent product that is standing the test of time and weather conditions for our area."


No Regrets

Have you ever been asked by a friend how you REALLY like something a few years after you purchase it ... like a car, an upgraded TV or a computer system?

Many times we have to "live with" something for awhile before we truly feel that we can make a recommendation. That's why we've gone back to some homeowners who purchased DaVinci Roofscapes during the past decade to find out how they truly feel about their investment in a designer roof. Here's what they have to say:


Composite slate roof

"We are completely satisfied with our roof. I would recommend it to anyone who desires a high-quality, attractive roof system for their home."

          -Al Ruggirello, 2015 DaVinci roof purchaser - Traverse City, Michigan


slate roof

"Investing in a DaVinci roof has freed me from the never-ending depreciation debacle that owners of other roofs get to face. This roof has done rather well. After it was installed I watched hail about 1-1/2" in diameter bounce off of it without leaving a trace."

          -Dean Imel, 2010 DaVinci roof purchaser - Nichols Hills, Oklahoma


colorful slate roof

"This is the best roof I have ever had the pleasure of being over my head with no worries when storms pass by. We have a wonderful, vibrant roof color and consistently 'no wear' on the roof! It's worth the additional initial cost as a long-term investment and savings."

          -Raymond Knoff, 2012 DaVinci roof purchaser - Vinton, Iowa


Slate Tile Roof

"The DaVinci roof has performed perfectly. This was an excellent investment. Lake Tahoe gets severe winter snow storms, and 2016/2017 was one of the worst with about 12 feet of snow. The house and the roof are still intact with the snow just seeming to slide off of the roof."

          -Emilio Ricci, 2010 DaVinci roof purchaser - Tahoe City, California


Exterior Color Schemes: Slate Gray Roof Recommendations

Choosing a color scheme for your home exterior? If you are feeling both excited and overwhelmed, you are not alone. You may be thrilled about updating the look of your home. At the same time, you may be inundated with the hundreds of colors and an infinite number of color combinations.

I understand. Over the years, with my help, hundreds of homeowners have gone from feeling paralyzed by the number of choices to confidently selecting their colors. Now I want to help you have that same feeling of satisfaction that comes with creating a beautiful home exterior.

When creating an exterior color palette, I always use my "top down" approach, which starts by looking at the color of the roof. From there, I follow my FRESH steps to choose each color. To save you the time, I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes for each of the top roofing colors. This can shortcut the process and give you an exact color scheme to use or inspire you to create one of your own much more quickly.

The most popular choice for roofing is gray. It is also trending as a top choice of for exterior paint color, too. So for my first post, I will give you my Slate Gray roof recommendations. Look for other colors in my post that follow.

Orange Maple

The boldness of a main exterior color, such as orange, will be tamed by a slate gray roof. Gray acts as a neutral creating unified curb appeal. The gray shutters also help to make a connection between the roof and the color on the house.

top down color


Bone Black

A gray exterior can feel calm and cool. The vibrant yellow front door keeps the look from feeling too sedate. The dark gray accent provides depth while the off-white trim is a healthy contrast to the gray.

exterior color


Agreeable Gray

Pale gray and blue become grounded by the Slate Gray tone in roofing. The subtle hint of brown in the main exterior paint color is easily complimented by blue and more pronounced when set next to the Slate Gray roof.

home exterior color combo


Smoke Embers

Play up the cool tones of gray with a blue, green or teal accent color. These cool tones give the gray an edgy flare perfect for understated design. Slate Gray roofing is a natural pairing with any blue tones.

home exterior color


Chelsea Gray

Gray on green is fun to pronounce, but even more fun to paint. The trio of light, medium and dark gray keep the exterior of the home interesting while providing variety at the same time.


Do more than just dream, visualize. See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Slate roof in Slate Gray or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.



**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.



Historic 1883 Barn Gets New Synthetic Slate Roof

Travel through the back roads of Ohio and you may come upon the City of Green, near Akron. If you do, make sure to visit Southgate Park.  That's where you'll find a historic barn (134 years old!) with a new DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof.

Back in 1883 the timber-framed Standard Pennsylvania style barn was constructed with a real slate roof on the homestead of the Hartong family. After more than a century of service, the worn out slate roof --- and the rotting wood structural support system beneath it --- have finally received a facelift.

slate roofing


 "After reviewing all our choices it was easy to make the selection of a DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width composite slate roof," says architect Chas Schreckenberger, AIA and principal of Braun & Steidl Architects.  "The appearance of the composite slate, its lightweight composition, affordability and durability all made it the obvious choice for this project."

The next step required gaining approval on the roofing choice by the City of Green and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office (which awarded a grant to finance the roof's replacement). The challenge of recreating the 1883 date on the roof, plus detailing the entire roofing job for the Hartong barn, required a great deal of collaboration between the team at Absolute Roofing and Construction, Inc. and Braun & Steidl Architects. Started in the spring of 2016, from start to finish, the roof frame reconstruction and tile installation took about six months.

new roofcustom slate roof


"There were two significant challenges in this project," says Chris Kamis, president of Absolute Roofing and Construction, Inc. "First, we were working alongside the framing team to make sure the structure was secure and ready for the roof installation. Second, we had to configure the 1883 date carefully.

"The DaVinci product was slightly different in dimension from the original slate, so it took several layouts to accurately recreate the date. The original date on the roof had been very faded, so we had some guidelines. In the end, the roof looks terrific with the 1883 date in Evergreen tile colors showing up beautifully against the Slate Black tile background."

slate roof


The completed roof project received the Contractor of the Year Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry in 2016 in the commercial specialty category.


New Top Down ColorTM Visualizer from DaVinci Roofscapes®

It's here! DaVinci has just introduced our new Top Down ColorTM visualizer. This handy online tool makes it easy for homeowners, builders, remodelers, contractors and architects to quickly see how the exterior of a home can be changed.

Check out the new tool at www.davinciroofscapes.com/color/designer and enjoy the fun. You'll be able to select products and colors for the home from the roof to the ground!

"Having thousands of colors and a wide variety of product selections at your fingertips with this free online tool provides an exciting view at how a home could look with modifications," says Kate Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color. "This is a 'must use' tool for anyone in the building industry and for all homeowners thinking of making exterior upgrades."

Fast and simple to use, the Top Down Color visualizer starts by offering the option of uploading your own home exterior image or using one of 10 home styles supplied in the gallery of images.

After selecting the desired home exterior there are five options for making changes to the home exterior --- from the roof down to the front door. Steps for the options include:

                        - Step 1: Select a roof style and color from synthetic slate and shake tile options available from DaVinci Roofscapes.

                        - Step 2: Select different exterior options, such as siding, brick, stone or a painted finish to the home.

                        - Step 3: Select a color for the house trim, including brackets, millwork and shutters.

                        - Step 4: Select a color for the front door.

                        - Step 5: Select a color for the trim on the windows.

Thousands of paint color choices from Sherwin-Williams® and Benjamin Moore® are available on the visualizer. The multitude of colors can be found in the categories related to selecting the home exterior, house trim, front door and window trim

21st-Century Architecture Makes Space for Classical Details

By Steven Randel, Houzz

Ancient Greece and Rome obviously provide the origins of classical architecture. What makes the subject relevant today is the high number of buildings and houses throughout Europe and America that have been designed with the aesthetics that developed in ancient times, and the interpretations that followed. While modern design theory relinquishes precedent for inspiration and formulation, there are still basic principles that great architecture relies upon: Symmetry, hierarchy, repetition and proportion are a few. The fact that classical architecture strictly follows these principles makes it an important architectural discipline to appreciate even today.

In the U.S. classical architecture has experienced three significant historical phases, in addition to its use today.

First, from about 1770 through 1830, the early classical revival era evolved with the cultural association of democratic Roman ideals as the U.S. was formed. Through the influence of the classical renaissance in Europe and architects like Thomas Jefferson, it gained followers.

Next came the closely related Greek revival phase, which lasted from around 1825 to 1860. A congruence of a desire to understand the roots of Roman classical architecture, which are of course Greek, and the Greek War of Independence propelled the affection for the prominently columned structures of this style.

Finally, classical architecture resurfaced with extraordinary popularity after the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where it was celebrated. William Ware's subsequent publication of The American Vignola, which dissected the conclusions about classical architecture by 16th-century Italian architect Giacoma Barozzi da Vignola, further advanced its proliferation and people's understanding of it. Other studies, such as that of Andrea Palladio, also propelled the interest in classical design, which sustained great momentum until about 1950.

SGK Landscapes, original photo on Houzz

This 1847 Jackson, Mississippi, early classical revival house is somewhat simplified compared to others of the same era. However, the prominent centered pediment, or gable, rests atop two story-high columns topped with Ionic capitals. Its identity is certain.

Chadsworth Columns, original photo on Houzz

This contemporary Greek revival house makes the same robust statement as its ancestors. Of the five classical orders, its columns most closely resemble the Tuscan order. The flattened columns against the walls and at the corners of the building are called pilasters; they match the detail of the four round columns.

The band of detail above the columns to the lip of the eave line is called an entablature. This is divided in equal parts, from below to above, into the architrave, the frieze and the cornice. Details of the entablature vary from one order to the other, as well as from one architect to another, one carpenter to another and so on.

Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite (Ionic and Corinthian combined) are the other four orders in classical architecture. Doric was the established system in Greece, while the Romans favored Corinthian.

Chadsworth Columns, original photo on Houzz

Here an Ionic capital tops the column. The entablature is more correctly detailed in this example than in the previous one.

You can identify the architrave by the three flat bands just above the capital, topped by a band of molding. The next, much larger, flat band above that is the frieze. After that begins the cornice, with a more complex assimilation of shapes and details.

Notice the numerous individual scrolled elements in the cornice. These are called modillions; they lie in the same position as dentils would on other orders. Some orders have neither, some have one or the other, and some even have both modillions and dentils.

Witt Construction, original photo on Houzz

How is this all relevant to the abodes of today? Here you can see a simplified interpretation of classical architecture. There are four very simple square columns, and pilasters against the wall, each with a base and a capital. Two flat bands above the capitals imply an architrave and a frieze, while the trimmed fascia gives us the cornice. The gable face provides the basic pediment.

VOH Architects, original photo on Houzz

Typical of classical houses from the mid-1800s, a porch runs the full width of the primary elevation on this historic Texas house. This indelible theme defines more than plantation houses that were built in the U.S. South during that period. Banks, university buildings, hotels and scores of government buildings across the U.S., especially those built during the neoclassical period, have classically detailed colonnades with an imposing presence.

Historical Concepts, original photo on Houzz

Look closely at the details on this South Carolina house. It has the same type of full-width porch. Though the columns are square, they still have an impression of a base and a capital. A minimally detailed entablature defines the eave and fascia.

And especially delightful are the pediment-adorned dormers. Though minimally scaled, their correct proportions make them especially handsome. Notice the detail above the windows under the porch. They are each capped with their own entablature. Finally, pilasters frame the entrance door and sidelights, and the group is also capped with its own entablature.


Custom Green Roof Tops Church

It's hard to visit Norman, Oklahoma and miss McFarlin Methodist Church. Taking up a full city block, the expansive structure includes a sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, atrium and gym.

Originally constructed in 1924, the massive stone church stands out in the community for its landmark green roof. When built, the structure was topped with green Ludowici tile on the roof. After experiencing significant hail damage to the roof over the years, church leaders brought in CMR Construction and Roofing to replace the entire roof. Of key importance was finding a roof that would withstand future severe weather conditions plus replicate the custom green color that had become the church's trademark.

slate roofcustom roof 

"We selected DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles based on the company's reputation and the quality of the product," says Jon Georgiandis, facility manager with McFarlin Methodist Church. "We've had the DaVinci composite roof up for several years now and have had no problems at all, despite some truly bad storms."

Showcasing DaVinci's unique color capabilities, our team at DaVinci took several of the original Ludowici tiles and created a custom color blend of light, medium and dark greens especially produced for the church project. Once developed, more than 500 squares of the green blend of synthetic slate tiles were used to reroof the historic church.

slate roofing materials

At DaVinci, we specialize in colorful roofs. To see more custom color creations see Colorful Custom Roof Projects - Part I. And, if you like churches, visit Historic Church Chooses Bellaforté Shake Roof and  Praying for a New DaVinci Roof for more stories!



Historic Homes from Coast to Coast

Pennsylvania. Virginia. Iowa. California. All across America you can find historic homes that have been enhanced with DaVinci composite slate and shake roofing tiles.

Up until recent years, restoring a historic home generally meant using original products, like real cedar shakes, clay or slate tiles. Oftentimes that was a tremendous problem. Real cedar roofs can split, cup or attract algae growth in a relatively short time. Real slate and clay tiles are very heavy and can split or crack.

With the introduction of top-quality composite roofing products in the past several decades, historic homes can now have all the long-term beauty of slate and shake roofs without the hassles.

A great example is the Nasratullah home in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania. The 139-year old home needed a new when the family purchased the house. They researched their options and selected a DaVinci synthetic slate roof in a Sonora blend of terracotta and clay colors to replicate the original tiles on the home's roof.

slate roofing


In Mill Mountain, Virginia, the Dye family wanted to replicate an original Mediterranean tile roof on their 1929 Italianate-style stone home. They chose DaVinci's Multi-Width Slate roof. "We brightened up the home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend of eight different colors --- dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, light and dark violet, dark stone and dark amber," says homeowner Nancy Dye. "This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”

composite slateSlate roofs


Midway through the country, in Des Moines, Iowa, the Knoff family decided to replicate the red to gray roofing color with a custom color created by DaVinci Roofscapes for their 300-year-old home. “The bold custom colors created by DaVinci give the house a unified look that complements the detail work of the house trim, siding and stone pathways," says homeowner Carol Knoff.

custom roof


Stretching across the country, the Fleur du Lac community in Homewood, California was originally created in 1938 as a private estate for Henry J. Kaiser to serve as his hideaway for himself and the heads of five companies who joined forces to build the Hoover Dam project. Years later the complex was turned into a private condo community. In 2015, the Yacht Club and Boat House were re-roofed with Bellaforté polymer shake tiles. In 2016 project work began on re-roofing the condos on the property.

Shake roof

"We started with our two most valuable community structures, the Yacht Club and Boat House," says Stewart Dalie, maintenance supervisor and project manager at Fleur du Lac Estates in Homewood, California. "Our plans are to re-roof all of the buildings in the Tahoe Blend over the next five to seven years. We did a tremendous amount of research to determine what roofing products would look realistic in this setting, meet the new codes required for roofs in our area, yet offer us superior qualities and a long life span.

"Selecting the fire- and impact-resistant Bellaforté shake material from DaVinci Roofscapes means we won't have to be concerned with the potential spread of flames should our area ever be touched by wildfires. That's a huge concern for our geographic area. However, not having to worry about wind-blown embers landing on a roof and then catching the building on fire is a tremendous relief."

Learn more about some of these coast to coast projects at Colorful Slate Roof the "Second Star" on Mill Mountain and Modern Roofing Materials Give New Life to Historic Home.



If It's Good Enough to Withstand Hurricane Katrina ...

Want to find a dependable roofing product? Then go visit an area devastated by severe weather. That's what John Adler did.

During his term as HOA president, the need to re-roof 34 units in his bayfront community became apparent. Constructed in the early 1960s, the Mai Kai condo community in Newport Beach, Calif. was exposed continually to salt air and sea spray.

Adler decided that he wanted to see roofs that had withstood other severe weather conditions --- most notably, Hurricane Katrina.

"Before a trip to New Orleans I contacted DaVinci Roofscapes," says Adler. "They gave me addresses of almost a dozen properties in the Garden District of the city which had been deeply impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The area was in bad shape --- except for the addresses given to me with DaVinci roofs overhead. 

"I thought the location was likely among the harshest in the country for roof longevity. I reported the results to my colleagues and the Board then selected a contractor and approved the purchase of the composite shake products from DaVinci."

composite roofingShake tile roofing

The Mai Kai installation project was almost five years ago. Despite strong gale force winds and exposure to coastal conditions, the DaVinci shake alternative roofing products have held up quite well.

"From the day it was installed, the DaVinci roofing has maintained its appearance as a quality material with a very natural look," says Adler. "I think this is the best looking, most practical roofing alternative material I could imagine working in our location."

For more HOA decisions leaning toward synthetic roofing materials, see HOA Selects Polymer RoofingDaVinci Roofscapes Shake Alternative Roof Gains HOA Approval and DaVinci Roofs Crown Condo Communities.



This Old House Guide to Upgrading Your Roof

You know it's time. The signs are all there. Curling tiles. Several leaky areas. Faded coloring. There's no doubt about it ... it's time to replace your roof.

For most homeowners, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime experience. That means you'll have questions. Fortunately the smart folks at This Old House magazine have created a start-to-finish online guide that gives you sensible information and great insights into different types of roofing options.

This Old House offers an 8-page downloadable lesson entitled "Read This Before You Upgrade Your Roofing."

Our team at DaVinci Roofscapes worked with the editors at This Old House magazine while they created this handy online guide. In a straight-forward way, this piece gives you comparisons of synthetic roofing materials to real slate and shake, asphalt, clay and concrete tiles. It showcases the elements involved in the roofing process and describes "extras" you may wish to consider, such as solar panels, snow guards and rain collection systems.

Most of all the guide provides an easy-to-understand overview of synthetic shake and slate roofing tiles. You'll learn the differences between textures, widths and butts, along with costs and upkeep information.

When it's time to consider a new roof, there's nothing like some straight-forward information to help you get started. At DaVinci Roofscapes we're proud to have partnered with This Old House magazine to provide you with the insights you need for your roofing project.



Featured Project - Palatine, IL

synthetic shakeWhen we rolled out our first simulated shake roofing product, Multi-Width Shake, in 2005 people couldn't believe it. It looks just like real shake, but it is a lifetime roof, and is maintenance free!? No way! More than twelve years later, we have since developed 3 additional products - Single-Width Shake, Fancy Shake, and Bellaforté Shake. While the look varies between lines, all of the shake products are made of the same polymer compound which makes them Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated, 110 mph wind rated, and virtually maintenance free. Anyone who has owned a house with wood shakes can account firsthand how important the little (to no) maintenance feature would be. The shakes don't need to be fire treated, stained, replaced after any little wind/hail event, or treated for mold and algae like natural shakes. 

This project was shared with us by Smart Roofing out of Chicago. On this house, the homeowners went with Bellaforté Shake in the Tahoe blend. We know they will enjoy not having to worry about their roof any longer!

Smart Roofing


30% Insurance Savings with DaVinci Roofscapes

Problem: A fierce storm in April of 2015 brought 80 mph winds to the Wichita, Kansas area. The severe winds ripped off part of the expansive roof on the Boorigie home in two different areas.

Solution: Homeowner, Laurie Boorigie, contacted her trusted roofer, Bill McCormack at Eaton Roofing. The company had expertly replaced a roof on their previous home and Laurie confidently relied on McCormack for a new roof recommendation.

"Bill suggested the DaVinci roofing product because it was impact-resistant and had a great reputation," says Boorigie. "I was reluctant at first to put plastic tiles on our house. But, after talking with an architect, I was assured it was a good, reliable product. Then I spoke to our insurance agent with State Farm, and he told us our premiums would go down 30% if we changed to the DaVinci product due to its resistance of high winds, hail, fire and impact!" (See also: Oklahoma Homeowners Get Insurance Discounts with DaVinci Roofscapes Impact-Resistant Roofs)

Synthetic Slateslate roof

The Boorigie family made the switch to a Bellaforté Slate Black roof to top their traditional home with an English flair. The black roofing complements the home's dark shutters and black iron light fixtures. 

"We've received many compliments on the look of our new synthetic slate roof," says Boorigie. "Since we replaced our roof with DaVinci composite roofing three other homes in our neighborhood have done the same thing!

"In Kansas we have very severe weather with high winds, large hail and occasionally tornadoes.  Having an impact-resistant roof gives you some peace-of-mind. We're happy to refer our friends and family to Eaton Roofing based on our exceptional experiences with them. And now we're equally pleased to refer people to DaVinci Roofscapes."