DaVinci Celebrates Umbrellas, Sea Monkeys and Pancakes!

Ah, February. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it's long on special celebrations.

There's no other month that is dedicated to grapefruit, potato lovers and candy (or, our personal favorite, "Return Your Shopping Cart to the Supermarket" Month). But, if celebrating a month of canned food, umbrellas and chocolate is too much for you to take, then we suggest you select a few specialty days, like February 4, which is Homemade Soup Day or February 15, which is National Sea Monkey Day.

Sure, you can mark more traditional occasions like Super Bowl Sunday on the 2nd, Valentine's Day on the 14th or even the start of the XXII Olympics on February 7. However, wouldn't you have more fun offering a pat on the back to your local weather person on February 5th for National Weather Forecaster's Day or even dedicating yourself to National Pancake Week starting on the 14th?

If all else fails, make sure to circle February 11th in red on your calendar. That's National Inventor's Day ... and at DaVinci, we'll be celebrating the creation of our plastic slate and shake shingles on that day (and on the 22nd, which is National Margarita Day!).

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