Oatmeal, Squirrels and Bubble Wrap

Don't get caught up in a post-holidays let-down. There's plenty of reasons to celebrate the first month of 2014.

Did you know that national food celebrations throughout the month of January are focused on candy, oatmeal, soup, apples, apricots, hot tea and prunes? January is also Skating Month and National "Get Organized" Month. And, here's a piece of trivia ... January 4th is National Trivia Day!

On January 3rd you can celebrate "Fruitcake Toss" Day or wait until January 21st for "National Squirrel Appreciation Day" to share your leftover fruitcake with the furry critters. And, while January 26th is dedicated to "Peanut Brittle Appreciation Day," we at DaVinci Roofscapes can't wait for the popping fun of January 27th --- "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!"

But perhaps our favorite day of the month is "Make Your Dreams Come True Day" on January 13th. That's because we really celebrate that day throughout the entire year when we manufacture our award-winning polymer roof tiles for residential and commercial projects across the country. We don't need a specially-dedicated day to help homeowners create their own designer roofs complete with a limitless selection of color options. At DaVinci, we proudly make roofing dreams come true every day of the year!

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