Mansard Roofing at Donges Bay Elementary School

When Roofing Consultants, Ltd. was brought in to make recommendations on improving the building envelope of Donges Bay Elementary School, one of their first thoughts was the roofing. The school, which houses 460 students, needed the replacement of both flat and mansard roofing.

"The mansard application was old cedar shakes, many of which were well past their prime," says Eric Raatz, senior consultant with Roofing Consultants, Ltd. "Some of the cedar shakes were starting to curl. Water had run down this siding-type application for years, so there was also organic growth on the shakes. Overall, it was clear that improvements were needed."

For the very visible mansard tile shake application at the Mequon, Wisc. school, the team at Roofing Consultants, Ltd. decided to specify multi-width composite shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

"We felt that a synthetic shake would last longer than natural shake and have some advantages for this application," says Raatz. "Our team compared several types of synthetic shake tiles and the DaVinci product was remarkable.

"We were especially impressed by the fire rating of the product and the algae resistance. We took a torch gun to several products and the DaVinci tiles held up incredibly well. Add to that the authentic look of the simulated cedar shakes was great and the 50-year warranty was appealing for everyone involved."

With five locations throughout the Midwest, Roofing Consultants, Ltd. offers engineering, architectural and building envelope specialists to support commercial projects. The licensed engineering firm includes many staff members who have earned credentials through RCI Inc., the Roofing, Waterproofing and Building Envelope Institute.

Raatz and his team specified EPDM (ethylene propylene dienete polymer) for the flat section of the roof for its durability. The synthetic rubber roofing membrane, which is unseen from the ground, served the needs of the project. For the more visible aspects of the school's mansard roof, white sheet metal trim was added to accent the rich deep color of the DaVinci Tahoe Blend shake tiles.

"The finished product is tremendous," says Raatz. "The look is great and we enhanced the durability of these synthetic shakes by going a step 'above and beyond' by recommending that ring shank stainless steel nails were used. This roofing application will last for decades!"

Before: Shake polymer shake :After


Back to School 101: What Roofing Protects My Children?

Backpacks are ready and children of all ages are soon headed back to school.

We expect our teachers to be geared up, classrooms to be prepared and school facilities to be equipped for the onslaught of returning students.

At many schools, colleges and universities across the country, the buildings where students will spend their days studying are protected by impact- and fire-resistant composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Get ready to be impressed. Here are just some of the outstanding educational facilities now boasting DaVinci imitation slate and synthetic shake roofing on their buildings:

  • Polymer RoofingWashburn University
  • Valparaiso University
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Nebraska
  • Florida State University
  • Rivers Education Center
  • Mohawk Avenue School
  • State University of New York (SUNY)
  • Sara Bea Learning Center at Notre Dame
  • Willard Elementary School
  • St. Joseph University
  • Trinity Pawling School
  • Princeton University
  • Colorado State University
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Mount St. Mary's
  • College of New Jersey


Why are so many educational buildings relying on our polymer roofing? Durability and beauty are two key features that smart school administrators like about DaVinci Roofscapes. Plus security. Our products have a 50-year limited warranty on commercial structures and are resistant to everything from high winds to severe weather and impact.

Before you send your children back to school this year ... ask the question of "what roofing is protecting my children?"

Read more about our eco-friendly roof shingles on schools at  DaVinci Roofscapes Get A+ in the Classroom, Back to School with Polymer Roof and Forget "Back to School" --- it's "Back to Roof" Time.



A Special Roof for a Special Collections Building

Time really does move quickly. It's already been five years since the Special Collections Libraries building at the University of Georgia was constructed.

Fake SlateIt's here on this sprawling southern campus that unique and extraordinary materials are preserved and organized related to the history and culture of Georgia. There are rare books, manuscripts and other collections inside this 110,000-square-foot climate-controlled structure. The building also includes classroom and exhibit space.

On the top of this impressive 90-foot tall building you'll find a Slate Gray polymer slate roof manufactured by DaVinci Roofscapes and installed by Bone Dry Roofing of Athens, Georgia. (See Valore Slate Tops UGA Special Collections Libraries Building)

The brick and limestone veneer building sits proudly on the UGA campus ... as if it had always been there. Collins Cooper Carusi Architects, Inc. planned it that way. The building was constructed on top of a 28,000-square-foot records vault that is located 35 feet below the finish floor. After a challenging construction process, the building --- and its impressive synthetic slate roof --- are now firmly entrenched on the college grounds.


DaVinci Synthetic Slate Roofing Tops Off Nursing Education Center at Thomas Edison State College

When the doors open at the Nursing Education Center at Thomas Edison State College in early 2016, students, faculty and area residents will be impressed with how well the new three-story structure fits into the overall campus design. Capping off the $26.2 million building sits a single-width slate polymer roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Polymer Slate Roof"We needed to reduce the weight and costs of the roof installation on the new Nursing Education Center, so we specified a polymer slate product," says Stephen Doyle, AIA, LEED AP with Clarke Caton Hintz in Trenton, N.J. "We were looking for a material with good roof reflectance values since the project is seeking LEED certification. And, we were looking for a product with exceptional warranties. DaVinci Roofscapes delivered all of these features and benefits.

"The DaVinci slate shingles have helped add a sense of timelessness to the project and fit well within the historic context of this site. We found they have the thickest profile simulating traditional slate roofing --- better than other polymer slate products we've seen. The color options also allowed us to identify the Castle Gray-VariBlend of two shades of gray. This coordinates very well for this project and location."

For installation of the designer roof, the team turned to Advanced Roofing and Sheet Metal Company, professionals at commercial roofing projects in the north and central New Jersey areas.

"Our crew of six completed the polymer slate roofing installation in October," says Jake Arnold, project manager with Advanced Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. out of Bellville, N.J. "We've installed several other DaVinci roofs in the past, so we knew the quality of the product we were working with on this structure.

"We take our time to get it right on every roofing project.  This one was no exception. The reward is at the end. We look up at this beautiful roof now and know that it will proudly reflect our workmanship, the quality of the roofing product and the overall design of the Nursing Education Center."

Sustainable roofing by DaVinci can be found on other campuses across the country. See "Fighting Irish" Fan of DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof and DaVinci Slate Roofs Specified on Washburn University Buildings.



Polymer Slate "Hides" Rooftop HVAC System at Valpo

Back to school time at Valparaiso University in Indiana this year means sophomores flocking to their new homes at Beacon Hall.

Completed earlier this year, the inside of the four-story suite-style residence facility boasts a 24-hour computer lab, prayer room, floor lounges and laundry facilities. On the outside, it's what you don't see that's impressive.

Lightweight Roofing MaterialsHidden behind roof "screens" covered with Single-Width Slate polymer roof tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes are HVAC systems. What appears to be a peak at the top is not actually the top of the roof --- it's where the roof/screen stops so that the HVAC equipment can rest on a flat membrane roof and be open to the sky above, but hidden from view.

"The site location was very tight so we needed to have the HVAC equipment on the roof," says Fred Plant, executive director of campus planning & projects and environmental sustainability at Valparaiso University. "The building design is a form of a Collegiate Gothic so we wanted to have a slate tile roof. However real slate is too heavy for this type of application.

"FGM Architects was familiar with the imitation slate roof from DaVinci and made the recommendation. We felt that the composite slate properly simulated natural slate, had a good warranty and was budget friendly."

Installed by Midland Engineering Company, it's the first time the slate gray DaVinci sustainable roofing product has been used on the Valpo campus, but it may not be the last. "If we have an appropriate application we would certainly consider using the DaVinci composite roofing again on campus," says Plant. "The finished look of the product on Beacon Hall is very appealing ... and it does exactly what the design intended it to do --- it hides the HVAC systems from site."

Thinking of a manufactured slate roof or composite shake for a commercial project? See Why Choose DaVinci Roofscapes for Commercial Projects? TCO!


Forget "Back to School" --- it's "Back to Roof" Time

All across the country children are getting ready to head back to school. While they concentrate on what's inside the classroom, some roofers focus on what's covering that classroom.

Fake SlateAtop the Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta, New Jersey, roofer Chris Boyd installed DaVinci Roofscapes Slate roof tiles back in 2010. Since then the polymer slate roof has withstood some severe weather and continues to look great. (See 100-Year-Old Slate Roof Replaced on NJ School)

Boasting a Class A Fire Rating and resistant to high winds and high impact, the DaVinci lightweight roofing materials were fast and easy for Boyd to install. Because of the school's geographic location, he made sure to place snow guards around the structure to ease the potential accumulation of snow on the simulate slate roofing during winter months.

“After a snow storm, ice and snow can settle on a roof,” says Boyd, with CM Boyd Authentic Design. “When the sun eventually melts the surface snow, there’s a potential for the snow to slide collectively off the roof. The snow guards prevent large blocks of snow and ice from suddenly sliding off the roof and crashing to the ground. They help the snow melt slower, which helps keep people on the ground safer.”

Slate ShinglesStudents at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Canton, New York are also used to seeing DaVinci composite slate roofs on campus. The eight buildings that create the Smith and Mohawk Residences each feature a mansard roof of DaVinci Slate roofing materials in the European Blend color that reaches from the top of the buildings down more than four stories to the lawn below. (see Towering DaVinci Roofs at SUNY)

“We’re used to working on steep slopes roofing, but nothing like this,” says Michael Lucey, president of Mid-State Industries, which installed the roof. “This was an almost straight vertical application that required us to use special scaffolding for installation. The dormitories are surrounded by steep landscaping with minimal access, which posed many challenges to our team. Fortunately the DaVinci product is lightweight and installs easily. This made the application go quickly and effortlessly.”


DaVinci Roofscapes Get A+ in the Classroom

There's a lesson for any contractor installing a new roof on a school: do your homework and select a composite roof that can stand the test of time.

On the University of Notre Dame campus, Senior Project Manager for Facilities Design and Operations Tony Polotto learned his lesson well.

“The residential style of the Sara Bea Learning Center for students with Disabilities couldn’t support the weight of traditional slate tiles so I looked into polymer slates,” says Polotto, LEED AP BD&C, RRC, RRO. “I reviewed many tile options but was most excited about the DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles. The appearance, features and benefits of the polymer slate was commendable. After the Learning Center roof was completed, I found myself so impressed with the product that I installed it on my own home.”

Polotto isn't the only roofer to give DaVinci sustainable roofing an A+ grade. In Sparta, New Jersey, roofer Chris Boyd replaced 100-year-old slate tiles on the Mohawk Avenue School with DaVinci composite slate roofing.

“I knew as soon as we replaced that roof it would completely transform the look of the school," says Boyd with CM Boyd Authentic Design. "I’ve been installing roofs for 28 years and the authenticity of the synthetic roofing tiles we used is one of the best advances I’ve witnessed in this industry.”

For the reroofing project, Boyd and his team installed 198 squares of DaVinci Slate synthetic roofing tiles in a European blend color that was specified by Gianforcaro Architects, Engineers and Planners out of Chester, N.J.

“This was our first experience specifying DaVinci products and it worked out so well we proceeded to include the roofing tiles in several other school projects we were designing,” says Anthony Gianforcaro, AIA, PE. “We’re extremely pleased with the lightweight yet durable nature of the synthetic slate and how it so closely resembles real slate.


DaVinci Slate Roofs Specified on Washburn University Buildings

"Back to school" is the motto at Danker Roofing, Inc. The roofing installation team has spent so much time at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas during the past six years that they should enroll in classes. The roofers have been on campus to install DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate polymer roofing systems on three major university buildings.

"We value the opportunity to complete a variety of roofing projects at Washburn University," says Dallas Little, president of Danker Roofing out of Manhattan, Kansas. "This school was started in 1865 so there are many structures that need re-roofing on an ongoing basis. The school's investment in the DaVinci products, with their 50-year limited warranty, means Washburn University officials won't have to worry about new roofs on these buildings for many decades."

Originally covered with architectural asphalt shingles, the roofs on the Bradbury Thomas Alumni Center, Whiting Field House and the Mulvane Art Museum now have long-lasting synthetic DaVinci simulated slate roofing. The art museum, which is the oldest art museum in Kansas, was the first DaVinci re-roofing project Danker Roofing undertook on campus in 2008. The designer roof features DaVinci's European blend of five roofing colors including Light, Medium and Dark Gray combined with Light and Dark Purple.

"After the success of the Mulvane Art Museum re-roofing project we were asked to tackle the Whiting Field House in 2011," says Little. "For that project the Castle Gray blend of three shades of gray was used. This project also included the reroofing of 11 additional roofs connected with the structure where modified bitumen was installed. Then, in 2013 we completed the reroofing of the alumni center, again using the European blend."

Nelda Gaito, RA, is the university architect at Washburn University who has specified the DaVinci manufactured slate roofing tiles on the three structures. She first learned about the slate alternative products when doing research for the Mulvane Art Museum re-roofing project and has stayed with the product because of its similarity to real slate plus the product's strength.

"The best way I can explain why our school appreciates DaVinci products is to relate a storm story from May of 2011," says Gaito. "A freak hail storm hit our campus and most of the southwest Topeka area. The hail was the size of a small fist. More than half the campus roofs were damaged and needed replacing. The DaVinci roofs showed no damage at all. To me, that's the sign of a good product.

"We expect to continue specifying DaVinci on additional projects because this is a roofing product we believe in. For us, the bonus is that we can proudly say these durable polymer slate tiles are made in our state!"

To learn more about green roofing options used at colleges and universities, visit New Polymer Roofs at The College of New Jersey, "Fighting Irish" Fan of DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof and Lynchburg College Gets New DaVinci Roof.


Towering DaVinci Roofs at SUNY

Specially-designated floors at several residences at the State University of New York (SUNY) provide unique living environments for students. At the all-freshman Smith Residence, you can live on a floor dedicated to automotive technology or gamer interests. At the Mohawk Residence there's an alcohol-free honors floor plus a special pet wing. And for both residences, there's reliable DaVinci sustainable roofing materials overhead.

The eight buildings that make up the Smith and Mohawk Residences in Canton, N.Y. were re-roofed in 2009 with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate synthetic roofing in a European blend of five colors --- light, medium and dark gray plus light and dark purple. This is a synthetic slate roof tile that the students see everyday --- from eye level!

The unique mansard polymer roofs reach from the top of the buildings down more than four stories to the lawn below. Originally built in 1968, the dormitories house 850 students and an assortment of pets.

"This was an almost straight vertical application that required us to use special scaffolding for installation," says Michael Lucey, president of Mid-State Industries, Ltd. "The dormitories are surrounded by steep landscaping with minimal access, which posed many challenges to our team. Fortunately the DaVinci product is lightweight and installs easily. This made the application go quickly and effortlessly.”

Who made the decision on what slate alternative roofing products should be used on the student residences? The architectural team at C&S Companies in Syracuse, N. Y.

"We liked everything we saw about the DaVinci product,” says Jenny Schumaker, senior designer at C&S Companies. “The reinforced ribbing on the back of the product, combined with the product’s resistance to curling and insects were all positive aspects.

"Yet, our decision was really made when we learned of the different width varieties and colors available for the tiles. These factors, all combined with the guaranteed 50-year warranty, sold us on using synthetic tiles for the mansard of these residence halls.

“With the extensive visibility this project has on campus, it was important for us to find a roofing color palette that closely matched the other buildings. In addition, many of the steep roof elevations come down near grade and are susceptible to damage from students and maintenance equipment. We felt that the DaVinci product was the very best choice to offer durability and style to the vertical applications on the dormitories.”

For more information on this project, please visit Featured Project - Imitation Slate Shingles for SUNY Canton.


Back to School with DaVinci Roofscapes

From Mohawk Avenue elementary school in New Jersey to the Sara Bea Learning Center at Notre Dame, DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofs can be found on school campuses across the country.

“Dozens of schools nationwide have selected DaVinci’s low-maintenance polymer roof tiles due to their aesthetic appeal and 50-year limited warranty,” says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. “The long-lasting slate and shake tile shingles we manufacture can be found on the roofs at Willard Elementary School in Ridgewood, New Jersey, the dormitories at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia and on the Trinity Pawling School in Pawling, New York.

“These dependable Class A Fire Rated roofs are especially popular at colleges and universities for new construction projects like dormitories and classroom buildings. You’ll find fire-resistant DaVinci roofs on structures at Princeton College, Colorado State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Mount St. Mary’s and the College of New Jersey.”

At the State University of New York (SUNY) campus in Canton, New York, there are eight buildings that create the Smith and Mohawk Residences which house 850 students. Each dormitory features a mansard roof of DaVinci Slate roofing tiles in the European Blend color that reaches from the top of the buildings down more than four stories to the lawn below.

And, at the Mohawk Avenue School in New Jersey, 100-year old slate tiles had to be replaced after years of service. “We specialize in authentic historic design roofing work and this project totally fit our capabilities,” says Boyd with CM Boyd Authentic Design, the team that installed 198 squares of DaVinci tiles in the European blend color. “I knew as soon as we replaced that roof it would completely transform the look of the school. The authenticity of the polymer roofing tiles we used is one of the best advances I’ve witnessed in this industry.”

For more details on schools with DaVinci synthetic slate and shake roofing overhead, visit "Fighting Irish" Fan of DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof, School House Roofs and From the Architect's Corner - Specifying DaVinci On a College or University.


"Fighting Irish" Fan of DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof

Located near the famous University of Notre Dame Main Building sits the Sara Bea Learning Center for Students with Disabilities. The large structure provides accommodations for students with disabilities attending the university, houses the campus mail distribution center and is home to a back-up generator system.

Failing asphalt shingles and venting problems on the roof required the university to find a long-term solution for the structure's roof in 2013. While some people desired a natural slate roof on the building, Senior Project Manager for Facilities Design & Operations at the university, Tony Polotto, had other ideas.

"This residential style building couldn't support the weight of traditional slate tiles so I looked into polymer slates," says Polotto, LEED AP BD&C, RRC, RRO. "I reviewed many tile options but was most excited about the DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles. The appearance, features and benefits of the polymer slate was commendable. After the Learning Center roof was completed, I found myself so impressed with the product that I installed it on my own home."

Learning About Polymer Roofs

"This is the first time we installed a slate alternative on campus, but you can't tell any difference from the natural slate," says Polotto. "The roof blends in perfectly with the surrounding buildings that feature real slate."

Nearly 10,000 square feet of roof  on the university's Learning Center was covered with synthetic slate roof tiles from DaVinci in the European blend of light, medium and dark gray along with light and dark purple. The structure features copper valleys, snow guards, gutters and downspouts.

"Sustainability is a large part of how we construct buildings on our campus," says Polotto, who oversees the entire University Roofing program at Notre Dame. "The 50-year limited warranty provided by DaVinci aligns with our goal of using long-term, environmentally-friendly products."           

On the Homefront

After supervising the successful roofing project on campus, Polotto decided to reroof his home. "My house is just nine years old, but the architectural shingles were already showing signs of bacterial growth and weakness from hail damage," says Polotto.

The 12/12 roof pitch on the home made replacement a challenge --- especially since Polotto decided to re-roof the house himself.

"Every night and on weekends during the entire summer I went up and did the installation," says Polotto. "I started with Grace Ice and Water Shield under the roof and also used 30 pound felt to achieve a Class A fire rating. I read all the DaVinci instructions and watched every installation video I could find to ensure I performed the installation correctly. It was a great experience and I'm proud of the finished project."

Because the look of the DaVinci roof on the Sara Bea Learning Center so impressed him, Polotto used Valoré Slate alternative tiles on his home. He staggered the 12-inch tiles in Dark Gray to give the roof an authentic, natural slate look.

"In my experience I've found that most homeowners are not educated on roofing options," says Polotto. "Too often they stick with asphalt shingles because they don't know about any other product. That's a shame, because those shingles need to be replaced in about 20 years or less ... and the DaVinci tiles will be on my roof for at least 50 years.

"During my home's roof replacements, dozens of people stopped to ask me what type of roof I was installing. They thought it looked incredible. Now I'm helping educate people at the University of Notre Dame and in my neighborhood about all the attributes of the DaVinci polymer slate tiles!"

To learn more about DaVinci roofs on campus, visit New Polymer Roofs at The College of New Jersey.


Lynchburg College Gets New DaVinci Roof

Guests arriving on the campus of Lynchburg College in Virginia are greeted first with a view of Hall Campus Center, the building that includes the Office of the President, the Campus Information Center, Security, a 500-seat Memorial Ballroom and several student-centered offices. The prestigious building, constructed in 1923, now has a new DaVinci Valoré Slate roof overhead to help give the structure a new life.

Originally built as a gymnasium, Hall Campus Center underwent renovations in 1980, 2000 and 2004. When a violent wind storm damaged the natural slate roof on the building in June of 2012, college officials knew it was time for a different kind of renovation --- a new roof overhead.

"The original slate on this roof was heavy and vulnerable to severe weather," says Troy T. Brown, general manager at W.A. Lynch Roofing, the company that installed the new DaVinci Slate roof. "School officials were definitely open to using a man-made product that wouldn't be so susceptible to future storm damage. They liked everything we had to tell them about the polymer slate tiles, including the 50-year limited warranty and the synthetic slate's resistance to impact and fire."

The Villa blend of colors in the selected Valoré Slate product includes both medium and dark gray colors to perfectly complement the exterior of Hall Campus Center and other buildings at the college.

Brown and his team have had previous experiences with installing DaVinci products in Virginia. "We've installed DaVinci products on both residential and commercial projects in the past, including the Barracks Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville, Va.," says Brown. "The product is easy to install, looks terrific and is a top-quality substitute for natural slate.

"Our team salvaged the existing slate roof for recycling purposes. That product will have a new use somewhere, because these DaVinci slate tile are going to be on this structure for decades to come. That's the dependability we count on when recommending DaVinci products to our customers."

For another story on DaVinci polymer roofs on a college, visit New Polymer Roofs at The College of New Jersey.


Marching Chiefs Happy with New Band Storage Facility

At many schools, a new band storage facility wouldn’t cause much cheering. But, at Florida State University, which boasts the largest college marching band in the world, it’s reason to celebrate!

The new facility boasts a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate polymer roof in Castle Grey. With room to store the instruments for 470 marching band members, the new FSU band storage facility on the Tallahassee, Florida campus gets lots of use. Whenever the FSU Seminoles are in town, the Marching Chiefs band members (which was started in 1939) are on the field in full uniform performing impressive halftime routines.

Something else that’s impressive is the new roof on their storage facility.  Installed by Exterior Specialists Inc., the DaVinci slate roof resists, fire, impact, insects, algae and curling --- and it has a 50-year limited warranty. That means that generations of marching band members can safely store their valuable instruments in the facility without worry!


New Polymer Roofs at The College of New Jersey

Students at New Residence Hall at The College of New Jersey slept easily when Hurricane Sandy whipped through New Jersey last year. Why? Because a DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof overhead helped keep them safe and secure.

Valore Slate Milano Blend            “There was lots of damage in this area and other roofs on the campus had problems with the storm, but not the DaVinci roofs,” says Gerald Strober, president of Strober Roofing & Metal Works. “We installed a Valoré Slate roof on this residence hall in 2011 in a Milano blend of roofing tile colors, including light, medium and dark gray mixed in with dark purple tiles. There are about 250 students living here and they all now benefit from the impact-resistant roof overhead.”

            Strober and his team also installed a new impact-resistant DaVinci Slate roof on the school’s Packer Hall in the summer of 2012 --- home of the aquatic center and Media & Technology Support Services program. For this project officials selected a Weathered Green blend of five colors, including light and dark green, dark tan, along with green and dark stone. Both structures are part of the 289-acre campus that includes 39 major buildings that accommodate an enrollment of 6,200 undergraduate students.

            “The College of New Jersey asked me what I recommended as the best roof for these re-roofing projects and I said it had to be DaVinci,” says Strober, whose company has been providing roofing services since 1928. “The officials at the school did their research and agreed with my recommendation. From there we picked out colors to complement the campus setting and got started with the installation project.”







Back to School with Polymer Roof

Historic structures can be found in abundance throughout South Carolina. Preserving those older buildings can be a challenge. The Rivers Education Center is one of those structures targeted for restoration and reuse.

Originally the site of the Royal Bay and Yarn Manufacturing Co. beginning in 1900, the masonry school building was converted to a school in 1938 and has been used over the years as an educational facility.

After closing in 2005, the school lay dormant for several years. Now, thanks to the redesign and renovation efforts of Davis & Floyd architects, the building should be open and ready for classes by 2012.

Rivers Education Center

"The old slate roof did not meet current seismic and wind code requirements for our area," says Paul Ferrari with Davis & Floyd, Inc. "Our search for a similar looking tile roof led us to the Bellaforté polymer roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

"The DaVinci imitation slate shingles is a great looking roof alternative to real slate and was accepted by the City of Charleston Commercial Corridor Design Review Board. There are 465 squares of Slate Gray Bellaforté tiles installed on this building. It looks perfect with the new copper gutters and downspouts we've added."

According to Ferrari, there is a long history in the south of preserving past structures. "Being able to incorporate the newest building materials with all their man-made advantages is a true asset on a project like this," says Ferrari. "We're able to beautifully replicate the old tile roof while providing the students and faculty with a roof overhead that will help protect them from unexpected acts of nature."

Read Full Story


Valore Slate Tops UGA Special Collections Libraries Building

The new $46 million, 115,000-square foot Special Collections Libraries Building at the University of Georgia has many bells and whistles --- galleries for exhibits, customized climate control and integrated security.

What roofing material did they select to help protect this major campus focal point? DaVinci Valoré Slate polymer roofing tiles in Slate Gray.

Bone Dry Roofing installed the Class A Fire Rated synthetic roof earlier this year. According to Jennifer Foucher with the roofing company, they completed the installation almost seven weeks ahead of schedule!

"The Valore Slate was very lightweight and easy to install," says Foucher. "While the slope of the roof sections was challenging, the product made the job go quickly."

UGA Special Collections LibraryAlthough the building won't be finished until later this year, people can watch the construction progress. The 300 squares of lightweight Valoré Slate product shows prominently in the construction progress, illustrating how imitation slate shingles are being match up with a brick exterior.

"This was our first time installing DaVinci synthetic roofing tiles, but we hope it won't be our last," says Foucher. "We are about to bid on several more projects at the University of Georgia that have been specified for DaVinci products, so we're hopeful that we'll be up on the roof of UGA again soon!"

For more details on the new structure under construction, visit University of Georgia Libraries.