Bellaforté Slate and Solar Panels

I was introduced to DaVinci Roofscapes by my roofer. He recommended your product and showed me your website. I selected DaVinci's Bellaforté Slate in Slate Gray. The main consideration was durability (and lifespan): I have solar panels which I have to clean periodically, and I was tired of breaking my old concrete tiles. I also like the light weight - it more than makes up for the additional weight of my solar system (44 panels). Plus, my association does not allow asphalt shingles, so I needed something that looks like tiles. That also determined the color.  My DaVinci experience was positive. My roofer did an awesome job, and the roof looks great!

B. Gale, Homeowner
Whittier, CA


From the Architect's Corner - Solar Panels

The use of solar panels on residential properties is slowly increasing, mainly because over the last decade the cost to manufacture and install them has started to decline. Occasionally I speak with an architect who is working on a project where solar panels will be used, and he or she is investigating shingles or tiles to use in conjunction with these panels. It has been established that solar panels can be used on almost any type of roofing material, lightweight tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes included. Recently I received some photos of Bellaforté Slate installed on a house with solar panels. The photos do a great job of showing the finished product of a residential roof pairing solar panels and our products.

Happy Friday, Architects!

Eco-Friendly Roof

Environmentally Friendly Roof


From the Architects Corner - Solar Panels

The use of solar panels on residential properties is slowly increasing, mainly because over the last decade the cost to manufacture and install them has started to decline. Occasionally I speak with an architect who is working on a project where solar panels will be used, and he or she is investigating shingles or tiles to use in conjunction with these panels. It has been established that solar panels can be used on almost any type of roofing material, DaVinci's polymer slate and shake tiles included. Recently I received some photos of Bellaforté Slate installed on a house with solar panels. The photos do a great job of showing the finished product of a residential roof pairing solar panels and our products.

Happy Friday, Architects!


From the Architect's Corner - Solar Panels

The use of solar panels on residential properties is slowly increasing, mainly because over the last decade the cost to manufacture and install them has started to decline. Occasionally I speak with an architect who is working on a project where solar panels will be used, and he or she is investigating shingles or tiles to use in conjunction with these panels. It has been established that solar panels can be used on almost any type of roofing material, DaVinci's polymer slate and shake tiles included. Recently I received some photos of Bellaforté Slate installed on a house with solar panels. The photos do a great job of showing the finished product of a residential roof pairing solar panels and our products.

Happy Friday, Architects!


Tips for Solar Panel Installations on Polymer Roofing

How green are you? If you're like many environmentally-conscious homeowners, it's not enough to recycle your newspapers and compost old banana peels and coffee grinds. You may want to go "off the grid" by including solar panels in your roofing system.

Eco-Friendly RoofGetting from the "idea" of having solar panels on your roof to actually incorporating them on your home is a big step. You'll probably wish to consult a licensed PV/solar installer with a General Contractors license. This person will need a licensed electrician on the team to wire the panels and get the panels inspected once installed.

The good news is that you can include solar panels on your DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing!

According to Tyler Storfa, DaVinci's Western Technical Services Manager (see On the Road with DaVinci's Tyler Storfa) it's not any more difficult to include solar panels with polymer roofing than with most other roofing materials, and it's actually easier than including panels with more ridged roofing products like natural slate, clay and concrete tile.

Here are some insights from Tyler that can help get you started:

Tip #1 - When having a mounting system for solar panels installed, make sure anything that penetrates the tiles is flashed appropriately. Most systems need "L" type brackets to be lag bolded into rafters to hold a rail system that the solar panels are mounted on.  The "L" brackets have to be attached both under and through our simulated shake and imitation slate products. This is the area that needs to be properly flashed.

Tip #2 - Contractors can rest easier when walking on DaVinci's green roof systems. Our synthetic roofing material will not break when walked on, so it's actually a bit easier to make solar panel installations.

For more insights on solar panel installations on fake slate and cedar shake alternative roofs, see From the Architects Corner - Solar Panels.



Solar Panels and DaVinci Eco Friendly Roof

We all need plenty of energy to power our homes, cars and electronics. With increasing Lightweight roofing materials with solar panelsconcerns about depletion of fossil fuels and the effects on the environment, it only stands to reason that many of us want to find ways to minimize our environmental footprint. Saving money on energy costs is also a big concern. Some home and building owners are using the power of the sun to create their own energy because installing solar panels can have a positive effect on both the environment and the pocketbook.

A client recently contacted us about his experience using DaVinci Bellaforté slate roof tiles for his California home. Our eco friendly roof makes a great foundation to hold solar panels as they can be walked on for cleaning without fear of breaking. See the pictures of his 44 solar panel system atop our slate gray tiles by visiting our website customer testimonials page.

Solar panels add a lot of weight to roofs, but fortunately DaVinci lightweight roofing tiles can hold up the extra weight. Their durability is unsurpassed for withstanding inclement weather and natural environmental conditions that could otherwise compromise a roof’s integrity.

Have you installed solar panels on top of your DaVinci roof?  If so, we would love to hear your story and how you are saving energy!  Please share your story with us here.



Featured Project - Avon, CO

Sustainable RoofingWe regularly get questions about the use of solar panels with our products. It makes sense. According to the Houzz contributors for Forbes, the price of solar panels has reduced 60% since 2011. While we don't collect data on how many of our eco friendly roof tiles also have solar panel systems, I can tell you that as the photos of these projects come across my desk I see them on a semi-regular basis. This project was installed by TCC Roofing out of Eagle, Colorado. The tiles were Single-Width Slate in a Custom Blend


TCC Roofing Contractors, Inc




What Do More DaVinci Customers Say About Their Roofs?

DaVinci Shake and Slate Alternative RoofingOver the years our clients have been giving us the thumbs up about our products. We love getting their feedback and continually work to make our products the best in the industry. We’ve selected some key points from some testimonials to give you an inside peek into how our products change lives and leave many people smiling. We also provided a ‘how it works” section to make it easier for you to understand our products and the points mentioned in the testimonial.

Client: The Alsmillers
Location: Ft. Worth Texas
Key testimonial points: “….durability and appearance…” “…Light Grey custom blend…” Read full testimonial
How it Works: The durability and appearance of our products are intrinsically tied with technology and science. Each slate and shake we design is engineered with 100% pure virgin resins and offers a 50-year warranty. You can choose from our palettes or provide your own color preference to get the color and appearance you prefer.

Client: B. Gale
Location: Whittier, CA
Key testimonial points: “…tired of breaking concrete tiles”, “…lightweight makes up for additional weight of solar panels…”, “association does not allow asphalt shingles…needed something that looks like tiles…” Read full testimonial
How it works:  Concrete tiles are heavy and can break easily when load is applied. This makes it difficult for homeowners and business owners to maintain and install solar panels because of the extra weight of the panels and fragility of the tiles. DaVinci Roofscapes lightweight roofing tiles are easy to install and imitate the look of tiles. Our products are accepted by a wide variety of building associations so installing them should be hassle free. Furthermore, you can install solar panels on them and make your building even more energy efficient with the green characteristics of our tiles.

Need to renovate or are you considering constructing a new building? DaVinci has a varied line of products that will suite your project needs and give leave you with a beautiful designer roof.

Do you have a DaVinci roof?  Tell us about it and we might post it here on our blog!


Featured Project - Edwards, CO

Fake Cedar ShakeTCC Roofing Contractors out of Eagle, Colorado knows their way around installing the synthetic roofing material by DaVinci Roofscapes. With dozens of projects under their belt they have become familiar with both our slate and shake lines, as well as using the proper snow retention with our products, and also, as featured previously on our blog, using our polymer slate tiles with solar panels

This project features Multi-Width Shake in the Autumn color blend on a large roof located in Edwards, CO. Pad style snow guards were incorporated onto the roof to prevent snow slides this winter when heavy snow fall becomes common.

TCC Roofing Contractors, Inc



DaVinci Tiles Add Personality to Home

Hugh Willner's fiber cement roof was no match for Mother Nature.

Fake Cedar ShakeWhen a rare late January wind storm tore off his roof, Willner contacted El Cajon Roofing for help.

"My roofers introduced me to synthetic shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes and I really liked the look," says Willner, a resident of San Diego, Calif. "I wanted something a little less 'common' that would help add personality to my home while withstanding strong winds."

He determined the Single-Width Shake tiles in a custom blend of Medium Light Autumn was the perfect fit for his home. With a proven wind resistance up to 110 mph, Willner no longer has to worry that his roof will be affected by windy weather. And, he decided to have 30 solar panels added to the south side of his roof at the same time!

"My USAA Insurance paid for the entire roof replacement," says Willner. "By adding in the solar panels I've had a minus energy usage for several months. This is a win-win situation for me. As a bonus, there were some composite shake roofing tiles left over so I had my outside shed also re-roofed.

"This is a great looking roof. Everyone loves it. I would definitely recommend a DaVinci polymer roof to any of my friends or family looking for a new roof. I just hope they don't have to have Mother Nature come blowing in before they make the decision to invest in one!"

Learn more about the benefits of polymer roofing at:

      New DaVinci Roof = Cash in Your Wallet

      What Would Your Friends Say About a New Lifetime Roof From DaVinci Roofscapes?




Are DaVinci Slate Roofs Walkable?

Lightweight Roofing SystemsFederal OSHA safety rules are very specific about roofing contractors and the work they perform on low slope and steep slope roofs. During roof installation, workers on low sloped roofs with unprotected sides or edges that are 6 feet or more above ground or lower levels must have protection in place such as a warning line or guard rail system. For steeper slopes, roofers need protection from falls with guardrail systems using toe boards, safety nets and/or personal fall arrest units.

To read the specifics of these rules, please refer to 1926.501 (b)(10) and (11).

DaVinci synthetic roofing materials are walkable for the purposes of installation and repairs. So OSHA laws notwithstanding, the fact that workers can walk on our roofs just means that combined with safety harnesses, they can easily move around to get the job done.

The same applies should a home or building owner decide to install solar panels or some sort of attic ventilation system that requires venting on the roof. Our tile roofs made of lightweight roofing materials can withstand the weight of people standing on them as well as the weight of solar panels. The only consideration property owners will need to make on do it yourself projects that require walking on the roof is making sure to follow proper safety precautions while up on the roof.

If you have questions, please contact us. We have answers.



Technical Difficulties?

Lightweight Roofing TilesWhether you are a homeowner, a building owner, an architect, a contractor, a roofer or the like, we are here to answer your questions about any technical difficulties that you're having when it comes to:
  1. Installing our lightweight roofing materials
  2. Prior to deciding on buying our lightweight tiles
  3. After installation and wanting to install something on top of them like a solar panel
One thing that is great about our lightweight tiles is that they are easy to install, however, everyone's roof and situation is different, therefore we understand that you might have an unusual circumstance that might require our expertise.  Of course, even if we don't know the answer off the bat (for example, if you are installing something complicated on top of your roof), we will find a way to get it to you.

Of course, if you don't have an unusual situation and just need a question answered, we can handle those as well!  Our sales support team is the go-to when it comes to questions about our roofing products.

You might also want to see our website where you can download various technical documents.

Have you installed our lightweight roofing tiles?  How do you like them?  What installation tips would you give to our readers?

From the Architect' Corner - Residential Projects

Here is a round up of the latest residential project featured on our blog. Enjoy!


Featured Project - Little Rock, AR

When deciding on a roof color did you know that the first step is to take the fixed features (in this case the brick and siding) into account? Click here to read more about this project. 

Featured Project - Birmingham, MI

New Construction is nice to see! Click here to to read more about this two side by side polymer slate projects. 

Featured Project - Avon, CO

Did you know that you can use solar panels with our synthetic slate roof shingles? Click here to read more about this project located in Colorado.

Featured Project - Fort Scott, KS

Have you ever liked something so much you've bought another one? Click here to read how this homeowner first bought a DaVinci roof for her main house and again for her lake cabin.

Happy Friday, Architects! 


Aloha! $5.2 Million Maui Home Boasts DaVinci Roofscapes

Believe it or not, life in paradise has its down side. If you're a homeowner, the constant salt air, strong winds and sea spray can all play havoc with your home. Those coastal elements make selecting low maintenance exterior products a critical decision for oceanfront residents.

"Ten years ago we had to replace the granular bitumen coated steel tile roof on our Maui home," says Robin Vivian. "Because we're so close to the ocean, the steel roof had major corrosion resulting in perforation in many spots. (see picture to the right)

"We needed an aesthetically-appealing roof that would stand up to Mother Nature. We followed the recommendation of someone who knew about DaVinci Roofscapes and we've been exceptionally pleased with the results. We've never had to worry about the roof and it looks as good today as when it was installed a decade ago."

Vivian's seven-bedroom, five-bath home in Maui (plus an Ohana cottage with three bedrooms and two bathrooms) is currently on the market. The 30-year-old home features 25 solar panels on the roof that fully power the property plus two solar hot water panels on the garage portion of the roof. More than 5,800 square feet of living space enjoy oceanfront views plus access to a swimming pool.

According to Rhonda Smith-Sanchez, the realtor tasked with listing the picturesque Vivian property, having a DaVinci roof is a key selling point for the home.

"Outside of the 280-degree premiere ocean view this property frames, the roof could be the next most valuable item a buyer considers," says Smith-Sanchez with Coldwell Banker Maui. "This roof looks fantastic after 10 years of service. It's strong and exudes confidence to a buyer when making a major purchase such as this. Buyers don't want to be faced with --- or even have the slightest concern --- that a major reroofing project may be needed in the next five years."

Smith-Sanchez promotes the Vivian home as being designed with salt-resistant materials to capture the "ease of lifestyle" that people in Hawaii wish to achieve. "All homes along our shore line on Maui have to consider using products that can endure salt, wind and sun --- lots of sun," says Smith-Sanchez. "Stucco seems to be used the most prominently for exteriors with the next option being stucco with teak exposed beams.

"I make a point of educating buyers who may not be familiar with the Vivian's composite multi-width slate roof about its benefits. The DaVinci roof is truly a common-sense roof for our geographic area that looks beautiful while also providing exceptional features."


composite slatepolymer slate

(Above Left: Original DaVinci Install 10 years ago, Above Right: DaVinci Install Today)


You don't have to live in Hawaii to appreciate the benefits of manufactured slate and composite shake roofing systems. Learn how DaVinci products stand up to Mother Nature at Swapping Out: Choosing Synthetic Slate Tiles Over Real Slate Roof


Recycling with DaVinci Roofscapes Roofing Tiles

Environmentally Friendly RoofWhen you are looking into green roof construction, there are many factors to consider. You might want a material that is actually the color GREEN on your roof - or perhaps you are looking for a roofing product that is durable and has superior performance, but that is made in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, perhaps you are looking into green roof systems that are not only sustainable, but can also be recycled once their lifetime is complete.

Meet DaVinci.

Our environmentally friendly roof might be just the thing you're looking for.  Here's why:

  • Contractors or distributors are welcome to bring back any waste from the installation of your roof to have it be recycled at our plant.

  • After the 50 year lifetime of our roof, if you choose to replace it at that time, we will accept the tiles back at our plant for recycling.

  • As indicated in the photo to the right, solar panels can be installed easily on our roofing tiles.

  • DaVinci EcoBlend tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from your home and are another way you can take your green roof a step further with our product.

Contact DaVinci Roofscapes, 1-800-328-4624, to schedule a return or to learn more about our recycling program.

Do you have a DaVinci roof? Did you choose it because of the green aspects? Please share your DaVinci experience with us by leaving a comment below.


2016 Energy Awareness Month: Bottom-to-Top Energy Tips for the Home

The 25th anniversary of Energy Awareness Month in October serves as an ideal time for builders and home buyers to pay special attention to the construction of new homes. Originally designated by President George Bush in 1991, Energy Awareness Month spotlights how specifying energy-efficient products when a home is built can help homeowners save substantially on long-term energy bills.

While we usually like to focus on top-down home exteriors at DaVinci Roofscapes (because the roof plays such an important visual role in the overall home!), most energy-efficient homes are constructed from the ground up. That's why the first decision --- what the foundation is made of --- sets the "energy tone" for the rest of the home.           

"I start construction with Xi® precast concrete wall panels and then add an insulated basement slab to give my homes a head start on their high performance energy efficiency package," says Shawn Jessup, owner of S.D. Jessup Construction, Inc. in Pilot Mountain, N.C. "I'm building homes that are more than twice as efficient as a standard home built to 'code.'

"Superior Walls foundation products are crafted to help give a basement an excellent water, thermal and air barrier. I haven't found any other system that works as fast and easy, plus offers so much to the overall home in so many important areas backed by a strong warranty."

In creating the rest of the home envelope, builders consciously using foam-backed siding, extra insulation and structural insulated panels are helping create an energy-efficient structure. When it comes to the openings in the house, ENERGY STAR® qualified vinyl windows and fiberglass entry doors offer some of the best resistance to weather, wind and air infiltration.

Perhaps the largest opening in the home, the garage door, also deserves special attention. "Advances in steel and aluminum bring both strong insulation factors and beauty to the garage door offerings for the home," says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. "Mother Nature can throw some pretty nasty weather at a home, and a garage door takes the brunt of that weather.

 "Making a smart choice for a garage door means it will stand up to brutal temperatures and frigid, snowy weather while helping keep the garage interior safe and comfortable. Consider the advantages of a 5200 Series insulated aluminum or 2000 Series insulated steel garage door. These two-inch thick doors are filled with dense CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation with a calculated R-value of 17.66. That's a garage door that will help keep energy bills lower long term."

Sustainable Roof

At the top of a home, nothing gets more direct exposure to the sun than the roof. And all those searing sun rays can cause the home interior to heat up if the right roofing tiles are not selected. Fortunately, the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), an independent testing organization, has developed accurate and credible methods for evaluating and labeling the solar reflectance and thermal emittance of roofing products.

Choosing a synthetic tile roof, such as the DaVinci EcoBlend® composite slate or shake options, can help reflect sunlight and heat away from the home. Approved by the CRRC, six color blends are available that all meet California's newly-adopted 2016 Building Energy Standards (Title 24, Part 6) requiring the use of energy-efficient roofing materials. Two of the roof colors from DaVinci Roofscapes --- Weathered Gray EcoBlend and Castle Gray EcoBlend --- also meet the stringent requirements to receive the ENERGY STAR designation.

For tips on building an energy-efficient home visit the website. Full checklists are available there for energy efficient home design. And, for details on constructing an ENERGY STAR certified home (which can save up to 30 percent on utility bills compared to a typical home), visit



This Old House Guide to Upgrading Your Roof

You know it's time. The signs are all there. Curling tiles. Several leaky areas. Faded coloring. There's no doubt about it ... it's time to replace your roof.

For most homeowners, this is a once (or twice) in a lifetime experience. That means you'll have questions. Fortunately the smart folks at This Old House magazine have created a start-to-finish online guide that gives you sensible information and great insights into different types of roofing options.

This Old House offers an 8-page downloadable lesson entitled "Read This Before You Upgrade Your Roofing."

Our team at DaVinci Roofscapes worked with the editors at This Old House magazine while they created this handy online guide. In a straight-forward way, this piece gives you comparisons of synthetic roofing materials to real slate and shake, asphalt, clay and concrete tiles. It showcases the elements involved in the roofing process and describes "extras" you may wish to consider, such as solar panels, snow guards and rain collection systems.

Most of all the guide provides an easy-to-understand overview of synthetic shake and slate roofing tiles. You'll learn the differences between textures, widths and butts, along with costs and upkeep information.

When it's time to consider a new roof, there's nothing like some straight-forward information to help you get started. At DaVinci Roofscapes we're proud to have partnered with This Old House magazine to provide you with the insights you need for your roofing project.



FREE: "Upgrade Your Roof: The Complete Guide to Synthetic Slates and Shakes"

synthetic slate shake

Thinking of getting a new roof? Have we got a deal for you --- and it doesn't cost a cent!

Last year, DaVinci Roofscapes teamed up with the experts at This Old House magazine to create an easy-to-understand and comprehensive online guide called "Upgrade Your Roof: The Complete Guide to Synthetic Slates and Shakes."

Click HERE to download this free online guide that walks you through everything you need to consider when a new roof is in your future.

The experts and DaVinci and This Old House combined their experience to offer you everything you need to know when considering composite roofing, including:           

            - Comparing synthetic roofing to other types of roofing

            - How polymer tiles are made

            - What goes under your roofing tiles

            - Cost comparisons

            - Key factors of different types of roofing

            - Choosing the perfect slate or shake products for your home

Whether for your new home or old house, this one-stop online guide should be your first stop when considering a roof replacement!