Custom DaVinci Red Roof Tops Townhomes

Constructed more than 30 years ago, the 23 townhomes in the Mt. Curve Place community in Minneapolis feature a complicated design style. Each home was designed individually so that one townhome may feature a flat roof, while another a steep slope roof and still others have bays.

When it came time for the replacement of the original roof in 2013, each homeowner had a differing opinion. While using real terracotta tiles or slate was a desire, research found that the materials would add too much weight to the roof. After a great deal of research, the homeowners association decided on realistic-looking Valoré Slate polymer tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Slate Alternative"This was a serious project for us," says Bill Kirchner, a board member of the Mt. Curve Place Homeowners Association. "We spent a year researching roof material options and interviewed a wide variety of local roofing companies. The authentic look of the DaVinci synthetic slate, coupled with the company's ability to create a custom color match to our current roof sold us on this lightweight roofing solution."

The unique red slate (not too orangey, and not too red) was custom created by the team at DaVinci Roofscapes for the townhomes. Once the tiles arrived on site, the dedicated team at Les Jones Roofing, Inc. installed the composite slate roofing materials over several months.

"We're exceptionally pleased with both the work provided by Les Jones Roofing and with the final look of our roofs," says Kirchner. "The design of the back of the DaVinci tiles is unique, so that it helps the tile later flatter and resist cupping. That was important to us.

"By selecting the DaVinci product we got an aesthetically-pleasing roof in a custom color that we believe will last for decades. Everyone's happy with this roofing decision and with the quality of work provided by Les Jones Roofing."

For more colorful luxury roof insights, see Colorful Slate Roof the "Second Star" on Mill Mountain.


Slate or Shake --- Which DaVinci Roofscapes Product is for Me?

The good news is that you've made the decision to get a new roof. The GREAT NEWS is that you've decided to invest in a 50-year roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. Now, where do you go from here?

While some people say the next decision is color, slow down and decide first if you'd like a polymer slate roof or a composite shake roof. The synthetic slate product is made to resemble real slate tiles, while the imitation shake resembles natural cedar shakes.

Just because you may have shake or slate on your roof currently doesn't mean you can't "change things up" with a totally new roof look. Or, perhaps you have an asphalt shingle roof now and you're not sure what type of plastic roofing materials to select.

Start by looking at pictures of different homes with similar styles to yours to see what others have put on their roofs. (HINT: the Masterpiece Photo Gallery on the DaVinci website is a great place to look!). You may also want to get some different plastic slate and simulated shake roof samples to lay on your roof and hold up near your siding to see what appeals to your home's style. (HINT #2 - Check out the "FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior" downloadable guide to see a variety of home styles with different roofs!).

Whichever you select --- synthetic slate shingles or synthetic shake roofing, know that you're in good hands with the DaVinci product. These roofing products resist insects, fungus, algae and mold. They come in a variety of profile lines, and DaVinci leads the industry in tile thickness, tile width variety and the greatest selection of subtle earth-toned colors.

DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning, lightweight roofing systems since 1999. The environmentally friendly roofing tiles are 100 percent recyclable. And, as a bonus all homeowners will appreciate, the virtually maintenance-free imitation slate and shake shingles are far more cost effective than the natural product.

For more insights, visit Check Out Polymer Slate Roofing Options and Invest in Your Roof.         


Cold Weather? Bring on the DaVinci Roofing Tiles!

The U.S. Postal Service employees aren't the only ones who deliver in bad weather --- DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing tiles are manufactured to be installed and perform great in rugged, cold weather conditions!

Roofing contractors can install synthetic DaVinci roof products in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That's because our carefully-formulated imitation slate and shake alternative roof tiles aren't brittle (like plastic roofing materials are thought to be). Even in the bone-chilling cold temperatures, contractors don't have to worry about excess breakage of the luxury roof tiles due to cold weather conditions. DaVinci composite roofing tiles are manufactured to remain flexible in cold temperatures.

Of course we have a few tips for those warm-hearted, but cold weather installations. First of all, if you're the one on the roof, bundle up! Dress in layers and wear heavy shoes that can break pieces of ice or grip the roof sub-surface as you're installing slate and shake alternative products. Second, if you're using a pneumatic nail gun, make sure the pressure isn't set too high. And third, make sure that the DaVinci simulated slate and shake roofing tiles have been stored flat, and are flat when installed.

While winter installations are no "day at the beach" for a roofing contractor, the roof must go up --- and hardy installers can re-roof homes with confidence during winter months when installing DaVinci lightweight roofing systems. Check out more winter installation tips at Cold Weather Installation of DaVinci Roofing Materials.


From the Architect's Corner - Beating the Objections Week 4 - What is Your History?

As I come up on my 10th Anniversary here at DaVinci, I no longer feel like I am talking about anything new. For years I have been discussing color blends, impact ratings, installation details and everything else that goes into selling our polymer slate and shake roof tiles. A few years ago somebody (oddly I remember the saying, but can't remember who said it) told me, "What's new to you, is new to them (your customers), but also what's old to you is new to them." This resonated with me, and so for the 4th week where I discuss common objections (click here to read week 1, week 2 or week 3), I wanted to touch on our history within the category of composite roofing. 

When we started developing this product in the mid 1990s, we decided to use injection molding techniques using one of the most stable types of materials: An Engineered Polyethylene (polymer) Resin System. At that time lightweight roofing tiles comprised of a variety of materials, but made to look like slate, wasn't anything new. Products made of fiber cement and other materials had been around for years, and some had met success and others...not so much.  According to Tim Gentry, VP of Technical Services and a developer of the DaVinci Slate and Shake products, "That knowledge [of other product's successes and failures] along with new technologies allowed us to create the highly engineered polymer system and the unique injection molding color system we use today." 

So when people ask, which they do, how long the product has been on the market and what it is made of, I feel good about discussing our history which dates back more than 15 years, and how the quality of our process and our polymers has allowed us to expand from one product line to seven in under a decade, and we that have roofs up in all 50 States, Canada and some pretty exciting international projects to boot. 

Click here to go to our free, online continuing education course which goes even more in-depth on the composition, testing methods and features and benefits of our polymer roof systems.

Click here to read Tim Gentry's blog on the history of synthetic slate roof shingles. 

Happy Friday, Architects!


Swing, Shag, Shuffle and Shake

New Year's Eve celebrations at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta had the popular theme of "Swing, Shag, Shuffle and Shake" during the early 1990s. The all-night event included music options to match the mood of every partygoer.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we make every day a "roof party" with our synthetic shake roofing products. While these cedar shake roof alternatives don't dance, they're the talk of any house party when they sit on the roof overhead!

Made in the U.S.A. by experienced professionals, the full line of polymer shake roofing tiles at DaVinci add value and prestige to homes across America. DaVinci Multi-Width Shake shingles display the texture of natural cedar shake with a deep-grained surface. Available in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths along with a virtually limitless color palette, the multi-width fake shake product features both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths of the 5/8" profile on the tiles help create a more natural, non-repeating appearance that can be laid in either a straight or staggered pattern.

Bellaforté composite shake roofing tiles feature a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge to help reduce the installation time for the products. A square of Bellaforté tiles (with 100 pieces per square) weighs just 190 pounds. This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs.

And, if you want to get fancy about your cedar shake alternative roof, look at DaVinci Fancy Shake polymer roof tiles. They provide a more refined cedar look when compared to traditional hand-split shake shingles. With the clean, smooth look of a machine-sawn shake, Fancy Shake is available in 12", 7" and 5" widths with a tile thickness of 7/16". Using multiple widths helps create a more natural, non-repeating appearance that can be laid at a straight or staggered pattern.

Finally, shake up your home with the single-width Valoré Shake product line. These lightweight roofing materials embrace the art and science of roofing to offer exceptional aesthetics and performance at a value-driven price point. Valoré Shake comes in a 9" tile width with a 5/8" profile to provide deep, attractive shadow lines.

All DaVinci designer roof tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects, making them ideal for installation in a wide variety of geographic areas. Plus, they are 100 percent recyclable and come with a 50-year limited warranty ... so party on!

For more information on our shake products, please visit Four Shake Profiles - What's the Difference? and Roof Check Recommended During Fire Prevention Week, October 6-12, 2013.


DaVinci Roofs: An Answer to Many Prayers

Coast-to-coast you'll find DaVinci polymer roofing tiles atop many different churches. While each church recognizes the benefits of the long-lasting synthetic roofing tiles, perhaps the churches that appreciate them the most are the oldest ones.

“This simulated slate roofing product truly looks like the original slate tile that was placed on our church and chapel more than 75 years ago," says Father Peter Grover, OMV with St. Clement Eucharist Shrine in Boston. "The Bellaforté product allowed us to preserve both the historical look and feel of our facilities. We also gained the advantage that these polymer tiles resist fire, high winds and severe weather. That gives us all peace-of-mind knowing that our church facility and seminary are protected."

In Jacksonville, Oregon, the town's Historic Architectural Review Committee approved a DaVinci Roofscapes shake shingle roof to replace the decaying cedar shakes on the roof at the historic First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, which opened in 1881. A Tahoe blend featuring five shades of brown in multi-width composite shake tiles provides the church with the authentic cedar look they desired.

"Our entire town is on the national historic register and we had to receive permission from the Historic Architectural Review Committee to use the DaVinci roofing product," says Dave Harter, elder at the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville. "Because the product looked so authentic to real cedar shakes and had a better fire rating than wood shingles, the committee made the decision for the first time ever to allow polymer roofing tiles on a structure in our city."

The DaVinci lightweight roofing materials used for both churches are Class 4 impact rated and have been rated Class A for fire retardance. The fake slate and fake cedar shake roofing materials have also achieved the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph and have passed testing for extreme weather conditions.

Backed by a 50-year limited lifetime warranty, DaVinci plastic roofing materials resist insects, fungus, algae, mold, cracking, fading and curling.  

Looking for more details on how imitation slate shingles are used to create eco friendly roofs? Then visit Historic Church Gets High-Tech Polymer Roof and Historic Peterson House Gets DaVinci Polymer Roof.


First-Time DaVinci Installer Sold on Polymer Shakes

Michael Haight is a DaVinci convert. The president of Larry Haight's Residential Roofing out of Redmond, Washington recently installed his first DaVinci simulated shake roofing system ... and he firmly believes it won't be his last one.

The recent Mill Creek, Washington re-roofing project provided Larry Haight's Residential Roofing the opportunity to install DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic cedar shake roofing tiles to replace worn-out natural cedar shakes.

"Many homeowners in our area are tired of the continued maintenance involved with real cedar shake roofs," says Haight. "This was the same situation with our Mill Creek customer. They wanted to keep the cedar shake look without going back to real cedar roofing."

Haight and his team have specialized in residential roofing for more than 29 years, so they've dealt with cedar roofing issues in the past. "As with many other homeowners, this particular homeowner decided to replace their roof because the old material was worn out and they didn't want any leaks.," says Haight. "At the same time they decided to install eight new skylights and new gutters. This was a dream project working with the realistic-looking DaVinci Multi-Width Shake polymer roofing tiles."

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake displays the texture of natural cedar shake with a deep-grained surface. Available in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths along with a virtually limitless color palette, the multi-width fake shake product features both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths of the 5/8" profile on the shake alternative tiles help create a more natural, non-repeating appearance that can be laid in either a straight or staggered pattern.

For their roof, the Mill Creek homeowners chose to modify the standard DaVinci Tahoe blend to create a custom color blend that includes dark, medium dark, medium light and light Tahoe colors. The earthy combination complements the home's brick exterior and tree-covered setting.

According to the non-profit organization, The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, the longevity of a roof depends on many things: the grade and quality of the product used, the quality of the application, climate, salt-water proximity, exposure and maintenance. The bureau estimates the live span for natural cedar roofs is approximately 30+ years if well maintained. With no maintenance requirements, synthetic shake roofs from DaVinci are backed by a 50-year limited warranty.   

"This particular roofing project has generated a lot of leads for our company," says Haight. "I think we've got a win-win situation going here for homeowners in our area. Between the impressive warranty that comes with the DaVinci product and our company's lifetime workmanship warranty on all re-roof and gutter installs, the combination brings peace-of-mind to our customers."

Each DaVinci eco friendly roof shingle is lightweight, impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, impact resistant, maintenance free, color fade resistant, Class A fire rated (with specified underlayments), UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated, and wind resistant to 110 mph. All DaVinci plastic roofing materials resist water absorption, which eliminates freeze-thaw issues and allows for installation in most weather conditions.

See Four Shake Profiles - What's the Difference? for detailed information on DaVinci simulated shake roofing options.     


Towering DaVinci Roofs at SUNY

Specially-designated floors at several residences at the State University of New York (SUNY) provide unique living environments for students. At the all-freshman Smith Residence, you can live on a floor dedicated to automotive technology or gamer interests. At the Mohawk Residence there's an alcohol-free honors floor plus a special pet wing. And for both residences, there's reliable DaVinci sustainable roofing materials overhead.

The eight buildings that make up the Smith and Mohawk Residences in Canton, N.Y. were re-roofed in 2009 with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate synthetic roofing in a European blend of five colors --- light, medium and dark gray plus light and dark purple. This is a synthetic slate roof tile that the students see everyday --- from eye level!

The unique mansard polymer roofs reach from the top of the buildings down more than four stories to the lawn below. Originally built in 1968, the dormitories house 850 students and an assortment of pets.

"This was an almost straight vertical application that required us to use special scaffolding for installation," says Michael Lucey, president of Mid-State Industries, Ltd. "The dormitories are surrounded by steep landscaping with minimal access, which posed many challenges to our team. Fortunately the DaVinci product is lightweight and installs easily. This made the application go quickly and effortlessly.”

Who made the decision on what slate alternative roofing products should be used on the student residences? The architectural team at C&S Companies in Syracuse, N. Y.

"We liked everything we saw about the DaVinci product,” says Jenny Schumaker, senior designer at C&S Companies. “The reinforced ribbing on the back of the product, combined with the product’s resistance to curling and insects were all positive aspects.

"Yet, our decision was really made when we learned of the different width varieties and colors available for the tiles. These factors, all combined with the guaranteed 50-year warranty, sold us on using synthetic tiles for the mansard of these residence halls.

“With the extensive visibility this project has on campus, it was important for us to find a roofing color palette that closely matched the other buildings. In addition, many of the steep roof elevations come down near grade and are susceptible to damage from students and maintenance equipment. We felt that the DaVinci product was the very best choice to offer durability and style to the vertical applications on the dormitories.”

For more information on this project, please visit Featured Project - Imitation Slate Shingles for SUNY Canton.


February Means Las Vegas for DaVinci Roofscapes

Want to find the DaVinci team in February? You'll have to head to Las Vegas! And no, we won't be at the slot machines or the blackjack tables ... we'll be working the show floor for both the NAHB International Builders' Show and the International Roofing Expo!

On February 4-6 you can see a wide assortment of DaVinci polymer roofing tiles at our display in booth C2136 at the NAHB International Builders' Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The entire DaVinci Roofscapes team will be on hand to showcase our synthetic roofing products to builders, remodelers, contractors and roofers from around the world. Our imitation slate and shake shingles exhibit includes Bellaforté Shake and Slate composite roofing products, along with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate and Shake roofing tiles plus samples from our Valoré and Fancy Slate and Shake lightweight roofing systems.

Then, we're headed back to Las Vegas February 26 - 28 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the International Roofing Expo. You'll find DaVinci at booth 1753 for this roofing industry show. If you're at this roofing show you can count on seeing an assortment of DaVinci simulated shake and slate roofing materials in a variety of colors. Our green roofing options come in many colors --- from terracotta to purple to, well, green!

Make your plans to visit Las Vegas this month to see all the great luxury roof products DaVinci offers!


What Happens in Vegas ....

Are your bags packed for the 2014 NAHB International Builders' Show? If you're heading to Las Vegas from February 4-6 for this massive industry trade show, make sure to stop by and visit us in booth C2136!

The entire DaVinci Roofscapes team will be on hand to showcase our polymer roofing products to builders, remodelers, contractors and roofers from around the world. Our synthetic shake and slate exhibit includes Bellaforté Shake and Slate composite roofing products, along with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate and Shake roofing tiles, plus samples from our Valoré Slate and Shake, and Fancy Shake lightweight roofing systems.

What will you see at the DaVinci booth? Displays of different environmentally friendly roof applications, an assortment of color samples for simulated shake and slate roofing materials and updated product exhibits. We'll also have national color expert Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color, on hand to talk to you about how to best select roofing colors for your upcoming residential and commercial projects.           

DaVinci will provide a very colorful booth experience for show attendees. Remember that we offer the widest selection of polymer roofing colors in the industry, so it's likely you'll see colors in the booth including Dark Violet, Light Clay, Medium Terracotta, Light New Cedar and even Medium Green.

Mark your calendars for Las Vegas and booth C2136 ... and remember that what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas. You can bring home new product and project ideas to help make 2014 extremely successful for your business!


Check Out Polymer Slate Roofing Options

Beautiful --- check! Long-lasting --- check! Durable --- double check!

If you're thinking of having a new roof installed, you owe it to yourself to check out the high-performance, worry-free DaVinci polymer slate roofing tiles. Made of reliable synthetic materials, slate shingles from DaVinci Roofscapes can help you create a luxurious roof to reflect your home's style.

Made in the USA, DaVinci synthetic slate roofing is backed by a 50-year limited warranty that brings you peace-of-mind while adding beauty to the home. Available in 49 colors plus a multitude of color blends, the prestigious slate roof alternative can also be ordered in custom colors and blends to complement any home.

Need more reasons to consider slate alternative shingles from DaVinci? Consider this ... these composite roofing tiles resist insects, fungus, algae and mold. And, DaVinci leads the industry in tile thickness, tile width variety and the greatest selection of subtle earth-toned colors.

DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning, lightweight roofing systems since 1999. The environmentally friendly roofing tiles are 100 percent recyclable. And, as a bonus all homeowners will appreciate, the virtually maintenance-free imitation slate and shake shingles are far more cost effective than the natural product.               

For more details on DaVinci products, visit Fake Slate - All The Rage and Manufactured Slate Tile and Shake Alternative: DaVinci VariBlend.


Straight Coursing or Staggered Coursing? Which One Should I Choose?

So you have decided to purchase DaVinci synthetic slate roof tiles or our simulated shake roofing. The next question is how do you want them installed - in a straight pattern or a staggered pattern?

In this post, we will show you the differences between straight coursing and staggered coursing installations.

Here are a few factors that could influence your choice:

  • The style of the home: While the staggered pattern is suitable for some homes, others may look better with straight patterns. Colonial style homes, for example, tend to have straight coursings.

  • Budget: Straight coursing is usually less expensive than staggered because a staggered coursing requires more shingles than a straight coursing. So this can be an important factor that could influence your decision.

  • Preference: In some cases it is simply a matter of preference. Some people like it straight. Others like it staggered. If you would like to learn about straight or staggered coursing or our other roofing materials, feel free to contact us.

It's important to know that our Bellaforté tiles cannot be staggered. So, Bellaforté Slate will have a straight coursing appearance but, Bellaforté Shake is designed to have a staggered appearance. DaVinci Multi-width Slate and Shake, Valoré Slate and Shake and Fancy Shake can all be installed in a staggered coursing.
For more information on straight vs. staggered installation (coursing), visit:

Dress Up Your Home With a DaVinci Roof!

Quality construction, regular maintenance, and early diagnosis of problems help to increase the life of a roof. When you use DaVinci roofing materials, you take another step towards a long lasting, durable roof as well as adding significant curb appeal to your home or building.

DaVinci RoofAt DaVinci, we don't  think durability should come at the cost of beauty. We want your roof to last longer and look like a Masterpiece! Therefore, we have combined the beauty of slate and shake with the durability of a man-made product.

Scientifically engineered, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles and synthetic slate roof shingles were developed using the latest advances in polymer chemistry. They ad beauty and offer huge benefits like Class A fire ratings, Class 4 impact ratings, superior wind resistance, a 50-year warranty, etc... With DaVinci, beauty does not have to be sacrificed for durability.

Currently we have 49 standard colors and multiple standard color blends available. However, if you want your roof's blend to be totally unique, you can create a custom color blend or even create a custom color that is not part of our 49 stock colors. The sky is the limit and your roof is your canvas!

Our lightweight roofing materials come in a range of different profiles - from multi-width and single-width slates to multi-width and single-width shakes. These beautiful products are durable and maintenance free. Once installed, you sit back and enjoy your  50-year roof.

To see more homes and buildings that have been dressed up with a DaVinci roof, please read: Pictures of DaVinci Rooftops are Worth a Thousand Words.


Impact Resistant Roofing: Fight Back Against Mother Nature

Severe weather is always a concern for homeowners. Especially weather that brings with it hail and strong winds. No one wants to think about the damage that might be done to a roof during a storm, not to mention the costs of repairing that damage and the insurance nightmares that may follow.

As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do to bring down the cost of insuring your home. If you find a roofing product that has a Class 4 Impact rating, your roof may qualify for discounts on your homeowner's insurance premiums. Why? Because the insurance companies know that the product has been tested and therefore is less likely to need replaced. The amount of this discount will vary, and it may be a sufficient enough discount to rationalize the higher cost of using Class 4 materials, like fake slate and cedar shake alternative tiles from DaVinci.

Whether you're looking to get a new roof or you need to replace a hail damaged roof, you might be interested in checking out our lightweight tiles.

Wondering how the Class 4 impact test is executed? Check out this video below to see a simulated version of the test:

Having trouble viewing this video? Click here to view now.

Do you live in a hail prone area? Do you have a DaVinci roof? How has your DaVinci roof helped with the impact of hail?  Please tell us about your experience in the comments below.


Designer Shakes Up Utah Roofs

Designer Kevin Price is seeing red --- as in the Red Ledges community in Heber City, Utah. Price has shaken up the development by designing 22 custom homes, many with DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake roofing tiles.

"This development started with the edict that all roofs must be natural wood shake," says Price, president of Kevin Price Designs in Park City, Utah. "That just didn't make sense to me. Natural wood shake is a fire risk not worth taking and it doesn't hold up well in this part of the country. I lobbied Red Ledges to try an alternative roofing product. Of the options, DaVinci was a clear cut ahead of every other product.

"They approved the DaVinci synthetic shake tiles immediately when they saw the realistic look of the shake shingles. Since then I've specified it on every home I've designed in Red Ledges. Now I'm working on getting DaVinci slate alternative roofing tiles specified in the same development."

According to Price, the designs of his 5,000-square-foot homes are dictated by the views and the personalities of his clients. The commonality of the designs in Red Ledges is that they all capture stunning Timpanogos Mountain vistas and are created to complement the natural landscape.

"Since the roof in this desert setting takes the most abuse from the sun and weather, it needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing," says Price. "Both the Multi-Width Shake and Bellaforté Shake lightweight roofing materials we've been using capture both desires perfectly."

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake composite roofing has the texture of natural cedar shake with a deep-grained surface. Multiple widths of the shake tiles help create a more natural, non-repeating appearance on the roof and can be laid in either a straight or staggered pattern.

Designed to realistically resemble real cedar shake roofing tiles, Bellaforté Shake installs quickly thanks to the product’s patented features, which include a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge. All DaVinci simulated shake roofing resists impact, fire, algae and insects.

"With a 50-year limited warranty these DaVinci composite roofs will last for decades," says Price. "The bottom line is that the DaVinci polymer products make my homes look good ... and that's good for my reputation and business."

For more information on durable DaVinci roofs, see Multi-Width DaVinci Shake Tiles - Providing a "Premium Shake" Look to Your Home                                                    


What Is the Cost of a DaVinci Roof?

The cost of DaVinci lightweight roof systems is no secret, however, it's not an easy answer because there are so many factors involved in the total cost of a roof installation.

DaVinci CostThe material cost of DaVinci synthetic slate shingles and DaVinci cedar shake alternative shingles is determined by:

  • The DaVinci product that you select - Multi-Width Slate or Shake, Single-Width Valoré Slate or Shake, Fancy Shake or our Bellaforté products.
  • The exposure at which you want or need the tiles installed.
  • The coursing you'd prefer - straight or staggered (this also depends on the DaVinci product you would like).
  • Transportation costs - DaVinci is produced in Kansas City, KS. Some distributors order truck loads of product to keep the cost per square much by saving on fuel. However, transportation costs are always a factor in the overall cost.

On top of the material costs of a DaVinci roof, you also have several other factors that may or may not influence the overall cost of your roof:

  • Labor costs - Be sure you get at least 3 bids from contractors to so you can compare recommendations and costs for all that needs to be done (start to finish) to install the new roof.
  • Underlayment costs - depending on where you live in the country, you may need ice and water shield or other heavier duty underlayments that cost more than 30# felt.
  • Metals - The metal that you use in open or closed valleys as well as standing seam metals can affect the cost of your roof.
  • Nails - The quality of nails that you use can also make a difference in the overall cost of your roof.

The best way to figure out the cost of a DaVinci roof is to get 3 different quotes from three different qualified roofers in your area.

What was the cost of your DaVinci roof?  We want to hear?  What other cost factors did you have to consider for your area of the country?


Roof Check Recommended During Fire Prevention Week, October 6-12, 2013

Need a good reminder to inspect your roof? October 6-12, 2013 is Fire Prevention Week --- an ideal time to carefully inspect your roof, especially if your home has a flammable wood shake roof overhead.

"With the number of major wildfires in the United States increasing each year, roofs made from wood can increase the risk of a catastrophic loss for homeowners," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. "Even if the fire is not an immediate threat, wind-driven sparks and embers can ignite an untreated wood shake roof and spread to the entire home. A DaVinci polymer roof provides the same look as wooden shakes but retains its Class A fire rating for the life of the roof with no need for periodic retreatment."

This is why Rosewall recommends homeowners replace wood roofing materials with alternatives such as composite roofing tiles. Made to resemble cedar roof shingles, fire-resistant Multi-Width Shake, Bellaforté Shake and Valoré Shake products from DaVinci are rated Class A for fire retardance and come with a 50-year limited warranty.        

"Flames simply don't spread on our polymer shake roofs," says Rosewall.

It's the Law

In some areas of the country, such as in California, laws are being implemented that require homeowners to replace wood shake roofs with fire resistant roofing materials. The Roof Covering Ordinance that went into effect January 1, 2009, requires that all wood shake roofing within the San Bernardino County Fire Safety Zones be replaced by July 1, 2014. Homes and commercial properties have until that date to comply with the new law.

Similar building codes, ordinances and requirements exist for the installation and replacement of wood shake and wood shake shingle roofs in other areas, including Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. And, in Boulder, Colo., wood shakes and wood shingles are prohibited from being installed. After January 1, 2014 it will be against the law in Boulder to repair major portions of wooden roofs rather than replace them with non-flammable roofing materials.

DaVinci polymer-composite synthetic shake shingles offer all of the natural, rustic beauty of real cedar shingles - but without any of the natural drawbacks of real wood. State-of-the-art polymer chemistry is used to create an appearance of a natural cedar product in both hand-split and machine-sawn varieties.

Each DaVinci composite roof shingle is lightweight, impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, impact resistant, maintenance free, color fade resistant, Class A fire rated (with specified underlayments), UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated, and wind resistant to 110 mph.

DaVinci shake roofing tiles feature both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend in the Multi-Width product line for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths on the tiles help create a natural, non-repeating look that can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. All DaVinci shake tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects, making them ideal for installation in a wide variety of geographic areas.

For more details on DaVinci shake products visit Composite Shake for Shingled Roofs        



Tour the DaVinci Plant - See How It's Made!

One of the ways to truly appreciate our lightweight roofing materials is to see how they are made. There are a lot of steps that go into our manufacturing process from the product beginning in the Quality Assurance lab to our bundle sorting and blending prior to shipping to your home. After all, it's a 50 year luxury roof!

Mark Clement of MyFixitUpLife recently did a plant tour of our plant, so we thought we'd share it with you.

In the video below, Mark will walk you through our:

  • Quality Assurance Lab - Learn a bit about  our quality assurance process we use to make sure we are bringing you the best lightweight roofing tiles on the market.

  • Injection Molding Machines - Watch as our shingles are made using between 300 to 1,000 tons of force. This is probably the neatest part of our plant because it's where the polymers are molded and made into shingles.

  • Color Blend Sorting - See how we package our shingles. We bundle them according to color and width so they arrive at your home ready to go for your contractor. This eliminates the need for sorting and blending on the job site so your contractor can get started installing your new roof as soon as your DaVinci tiles arrive.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, click here to view.

What is your favorite part of the plant tour with Mark?  What would you like to see if you came to visit our plant?


Severe Weather Worries? Not With A DaVinci Roof!

One of the great things about a man-made roofing product is that you can not only make it look like you want it to look, but you can also engineer it perform to the best standards possible.

DaVinci Lightweight Tiles

When you purchase a DaVinci roof, you not only get a beautiful luxury roof, but you also get a high performance roof that will stand up to Mother Nature's nasty weather.

From high winds, driving rain and hail to crazy freeze/thaw cycles, DaVinci tiles have you covered. Here's a run down of our various lightweight roofing materials and their certifications:

Our Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles and Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles have the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119) 
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved


Our Single-Width Valoré Shake, Fancy Shake and Multi-Width DaVinci Shake share the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approval
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved (Single-Width Valoré and Multi-Width DaVinci Shakes only)
  • Florida Building Code (Fancy Shake only)


Our Bellaforté Slate and Shake roofing tiles are our newest line of tiles offering the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals 
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance 


Did you buy a DaVinci roof because of it's high performance capabilities? Has it been put to the test? Please share your comments below!



Historical Project? Think DaVinci!

Many architects that are in charge of the renovation of a historical project consider DaVinci lightweight roofing systems.


Well, there can be several different reasons:

  1. DaVinci ShakeBudget Constraints: Often times the old slate roof on the building or home is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.  However the cost of natural slate is way too much and they need a more economical alternative. DaVinci fits!

  2. Roof Structure Constraints: Sometimes the roofing structure isn't strong enough to handle the weight of other products - however, DaVinci is a lightweight roofing material and therefore usually works on many historical roofs. DaVinci fits!

  3. Color Matching: The current roof of a historical site might be breaking down, or perhaps the color of the slate is no longer available or just extraordinarily expensive. DaVinci can be a great solution because you can not only create your own custom color blend from our existing colors, but you can also create a completely new color altogether.  In other words, we can work with you to match the existing roof's color. DaVinci fits!

  4. Natural Shake No Longer Allowed: There are many places across the country (California comes to mind) where natural shake is no longer allowed because of the fire risks. However, the need for the authentic look of a shake roof is necessary to maintain the historical accuracy of the building. Therefore, DaVinci's shake products can be a perfect shake alternative for areas where natural shake is outlawed. DaVinci fits!

What historical project are you working on? Are you concerned about the roofing portion? How can we help alleviate any concerns?

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