Bellaforté Shake Roofs Chosen by Florida HOA for Townhomes

Ewa Ziegler has become very popular in her community of Springdale in Palm Springs, Florida. As the first homeowner in her community to recently get a new Bellaforté Shake roof, she's getting plenty of people dropping by to admire her new synthetic shake roof in the Autumn - VariBlend. And, those people ask lots of questions.

fAKE sHAKE"I'm the center of attention with my friends and neighbors because everyone stops to ask how much the roof costs, if I like it and other questions," says Ziegler. "Our old cedar shake roof was one of the worst in our community. Now I feel more secure and happy with this impact-resistant composite shake roof."

Ziegler stepped up to get her roof done as soon as her homeowner association approved of the cedar shake alternative roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. Her friend, Piotr Zawadzki with Trusted Construction, recommended the DaVinci roof and installed it on her townhome.

"The DaVinci roof is a smarter investment than real wood shake because of our geographic location," says Zawadzki. "It's humid here and we have tropical storms and hurricane conditions. You need a special roof that can stand up to that kind of weather."

The leadership at the Springdale homeowner association agreed. 

"Everyone liked the look of cedar roofs but not how the cedar was weathering on the homes," says Wesley Finch, regional director of southeast operations for Signature Associations, which manages the Springdale community. "After a good deal of research it became apparent that the DaVinci roof, with its high resistance to impact, fire and winds, was the ideal choice for this community."

Finch relates that there are 412 townhomes in the community, with a third of them having real cedar shake roofs. "It's up to the individual homeowners when they choose to replace their roofs and we expect the conversion to be a staggered process.

"However, now that Ewa's roof is in place and other residents see how beautiful it is, I expect we'll have homeowners making the transition fairly quickly. With another hurricane season now upon us, all it will take is some severe weather for homeowners to see the value of making the change sooner rather than later. We believe that will lead them to investing in the synthetic cedar shake roofing."

Florida residents aren't alone in selecting lightweight roofing materials from DaVinci. HOA Selects Polymer Roofing showcases a Kansas community choosing polymer roofing. And, Utah Homeowners Appreciate DaVinci Roofs takes the composite roofing preference westward!


Building a Shed from the Bottom Up

Need more space for your lawnmower, gardening tools and snow blower? Consider building a backyard shed. It's not as difficult as you may think.

Sustainable RoofingHome improvement expert Joseph Truini has just come out with his third shed-building book for active DIYers. Building Sheds includes step-by-step instructions for constructing five different styles of sheds plus an introduction to shed-building methods and materials.

Don't be surprised to see composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes make a guest appearance in the book. Truini, who has worked with DaVinci's imitation slate shingles in the past, used our synthetic slate roofing tiles to cover a 10-foot by 10-foot board-and-batten style shed he constructed for the book.

"The faux-slate roofing from DaVinci is incredibly durable so it's ideal for a shed," says Truini. "For this project we installed the polymer slate tiles in a one-inch staggered pattern, but they can also be nailed in a straight line. I think the staggered pattern produces a much more interesting-looking roof, but it does take quite a bit longer than running the roofing courses in straight lines." (see also Installing DaVinci Lightweight Tiles With a Staggered Pattern)

Several pages in the Building Sheds book (which is published by The Taunton Press and can be found at Lowe's stores and on and are dedicated to the step-by-step installation of the imitation slate roof.

"Most shed-building books are filled with pretty pictures of finished sheds, but they give very little advice on how to actually build a shed," says Truini. "From the onset, I wanted to take a decidedly different and very DIY-friendly approach by showing how to build backyard buildings, starting quite literally from the ground up and topping off with some great roofs."



From the Architect's Corner - Harvesting Rainwater

Custom Blend - Fired Brick RedDesign Opportunity - This question doesn't come up often, but from time to time I am asked if our eco friendly roof tiles can be used when the homeowner will be collecting rainwater. I was asked this for the first time a few years ago while working with a client on a project in the US Virgin Islands. It would be a complete deal breaker if the rain water collected off the roof could not be used for irrigation, laundry, bathing and drinking. 

Design Solution - DaVinci Roofscapes' lightweight roofing materials are suitable systems to be used if you plan on collecting rainwater for your private use. Of course we recommend sticking to the recommendation that the EPA makes regarding the safe collection and use of harvested rainwater. Check out the picture of the finished roof from the above mentioned conversation. Not only a tool used to collect rain water for the homeowner, but a gorgeous, custom color to boot! 



Composite Slate a Winner for Texas Homeowner

What a difference the right roofing contractor can make. Just ask homeowner Bruce Granger. After experiencing headaches trying to find the best roofer for his Fort Worth, Texas home, he finally discovered the team at Showtime Exteriors in Mansfield, Texas.

"One of the best aspects of working with Showtime Exteriors is their professionalism," says Granger. "They were eager to make us comfortable and happy with our roofing project from start to finish. The Showtime Exteriors team did a great job on our reroofing project. I'd feel confident in recommending their services to my family and friends."

Fake Slate


Granger feels equally satisfied with his decision to invest in synthetic slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. He selected Bellaforté Slate in a Slate Gray color for his Tudor-style home.

"We love the look of our Bellaforté Slate polymer roof and the incredible Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty that DaVinci Roofscapes provided to us," says Granger. "When we were looking for a roof, we were impressed by the many features of the DaVinci  Roofscapes products, such as the resistance to impact, hail and fire. Now that we have the roof on our home, we're even more impressed that those features come with a roof that looks so good on our house!"

Want to know what other Texas homeowners think of DaVinci lightweight roofing materials? See Historic Texas Home Gets Faux Slate Roof and Featured Project: Irving, Texas!


One-of-a-Kind Synthetic Roofing Material

How do you know a roofing company really believes in the polymer roofing product they install? When they put it on their own company headquarters!

TASK Construction did just that ... they installed DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake roofing on their Leawood, Kansas headquarters building in late 2015. According to company president Jake Kaminski, they selected a Bellaforté Shake in a Mountain-VariBlend to perfectly accent their building exterior.

Fake Cedar ShakeQ: Your company headquarters already had a standing seam metal roof on it that was in good condition. So, why replace it with simulated shake roofing?

A: We decided to update the look of our office building with a material that has proven long-term sustainability. We love the realistic aesthetics and curb appeal of the DaVinci product and we believe this composite shake roof brings positive attention to our place of business.

Q: TASK has offices in six major markets throughout the U.S. and you've completed almost 100 DaVinci roof installations in various regions of the country. What keeps you coming back to DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions?

A: DaVinci is a one-of-a-kind roofing product that is unmatched in functionality and aesthetics. We have never experienced a repair call after installation or witnessed any type of defective manufacturing. Our crews are enthusiastic about installing this synthetic roofing material. We're proud of our commitment to surpass expectations in every project we complete. Whether on a residential or commercial project, the curb appeal of the DaVinci product speaks for itself and helps us achieve this goal.

Q: What would you tell your friends and family members if they asked you about DaVinci products?

A: I would confidently tell them that DaVinci Roofscapes is the last roofing system they'll ever have to put on their homes ... then I'd point to our headquarters roof and show them that we believe in the product so much we put it on our building!

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Architectural Insights: Kevin Price

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we have the opportunity to work with many architects and designers on a daily basis. Many of these people, like Kevin Price of Kevin Price Designs in Utah, specify DaVinci polymer roofing again and again on their projects ... which is why we want to share their insights with you!

Q: Why do you keep including DaVinci polymer roofing material on your home designs? 

A: First and foremost, I like the way they look. When I look at the versatility of the DaVinci products I know I can always find a style that will fit my needs. The other point about the DaVinci sustainable roofing that makes it easy to sell to clients is its durability. 


Q: What are the features/benefits of DaVinci products that work best for your geographical setting in Utah?

A: The Park City area is a tremendous test for composite roofing products, and DaVinci is the only product I’ve used that has been able to hold up to our severe weather conditions, such as extreme freeze/thaw cycles; ice build-up; high UV light. The latter being especially important, because I’ve seen a lot of other roofing products lose their color and eventually look cheap. DaVinci is the only synthetic roofing material I specify.


Q: What have the reactions been of your homeowner clients to your recommendations of the DaVinci imitation slate and composite shake products? 

A:  My clients are always very complimentary of the DaVinci products. Clearly, the DaVinci products cost a little more than other products that will not hold up as well, but I’ve never had a client come back to me and say they wish they hadn’t spent that extra money on the roof – quite the contrary, when they see their neighbor’s roofs start to lose their color or see their neighbor’s asphalt roofs start to look a little cheap as time goes by, they often comment to me that they are so glad I specified the DaVinci product. They almost wear it as a badge of pride.


Q: What insights would you share with other designers and architects about specifying DaVinci green roofing materials? 

A: Designers and architects need to become familiar enough with the DaVinci products to be able to convince their clients of its superiority over cheaper alternatives.  This roof is an investment for the future and for homeowner peace-of-mind. Overall, the DaVinci designer roofs make me look good, because they put a refined edge on my homes that no other roofing material can emulate. 

Designer Shakes Up Utah Roofs gives more details on Kevin's love of lightweight tiles for the roof from DaVinci!


Tips for Cold Weather Installations

In many parts of the country, almost balmy weather conditions made December a dream month for roofers. Forget about layering up ... many roofers from North Carolina to New York were still in t-shirts!

However, as January weather settles in, colder weather is inevitable. That means polymer roofing installers need to prepare for cold weather situations.

If the temperatures have gotten nippy in your area and you're forging onwards with roofing installs, here are some tips from DaVinci Roofscapes to warm you up through the next several months:

Designer RoofTip #1 - Prior to installation in colder temperatures, make sure that synthetic shake shingles and composite slate tiles have been stored flat.

Tip #2 - DaVinci's unique formula allows our synthetic roofing material to remain flexible in colder weather. It's important that the roofing shingles are laid at a very minimum 3/16”.

Tip #3 - If using a pneumatic roofing nail gun for plastic roofing materials installation, the pressure should not be set too high. You may wish to hand nail pieces in if you're having trouble with your air compressor.

Tip #4 - Cold hands? Buy some "shake and use" hand warmers to slide into your gloves.

Tip #5 - When cutting imitation slate tiles or shake alternative shingles in colder temperatures, score the lightweight roofing tiles with a straight blade and break the tile along the score or use a saw blade with smaller and finer teeth.


Need more help for simulated shake roofing and plastic slate installations this winter? Then see Brrrrrisk Polymer Roofing Installations.



Realistic Profile Imitation Slate Tiles

Patios. Walkways. Stairs. Flooring. To us, this sounds like a good use for real slate. But for roofs? No way.

As you might guess, real slate is very, very heavy. Plus, it has a tendency to be brittle and crack or break --- especially if hail pounds down on it or a tree limb crashes onto it.

So, before you ask a roofing contractor to bid on the back-breaking (and rafter-bending) project of installing real slate roof tiles on your home, think about a slate alternative.

DaVinci Roofscapes offers three different imitation slate shingles. Each one is Class A Fire Rated, resists impact and damage from hail and severe weather, and is backed by a lifetime limited materials warranty. Our simulated slate roofing also comes in a multitude of colors and color blends to complement the style of your house. Whether you prefer basic black or a blend of several colors, we have the polymer slate for your home! (See Which DaVinci Slate is Right for My Home)

Now available with even more realistic slate profiles, here are the slate lightweight roofing solutions offered by DaVinci:

Fake Slate


DaVinci Multi-Width Slate: Our multi-width profile comes in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths. Bundles of the fake slate tiles arrive at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork.

DaVinci Single-Width Slate: Single-width synthetic slate roofing tiles come in a consistent 12" tile width that provides the beauty of a clean, simple design.

Bellaforté Slate: Our 12" wide Bellaforté Slate tiles include a leading edge tab that helps secure every slate shingle to the next to improve wind performance. The snap-fit tiles also create a built-in rain gutter. 


Catching Up with Chris Marshall

Who has one of the most travel-intensive jobs at DaVinci Roofscapes? Definitely Chris Marshall. He's the Western Region Manager for our company, which requires him to travel from his home in Kansas City to all points west ... including the Pacific Coast and beyond!

With all his traveling, we were able to catch up with Chris so he could share some of his favorite composite roofing tips and projects with you.

Q: What are three of your favorite DaVinci polymer roofing projects you've seen?

A: It's easy to say "all of them" ... but if I have to choose just three, it would be Fleur du Lac Estates on Lake Tahoe (see Hassle-Free DaVinci Composite Shake Tiles) with beautiful Bellaforté Shake tiles, Utah State University with Fancy Shake synthetic shake shingles on various campus buildings, and Saint Mary Parish in Independence, Missouri.

Q: Why is Saint Mary Parish a favorite?

A: It's one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Missouri Valley, dating back to 1865. Father Matthew Bartulica spent much of his life in Europe. So, when it came time to update the aging slate roof on Saint Mary's, he helped the church chose DaVinci Multi-Width Slate for its towering steeple and DaVinci Single-Width Slate for the main church roof. The result is a stunning designer roof.

Q: What projects are coming up that you're excited about?

A: There's the small, historic Armour Chapel in Kansas City's Elmwood Cemetery that will soon receive a Multi-Width Slate roof plus there's a massive community college campus that plans to replace failing concrete tile with a custom blend of Bellaforté Slate lightweight roofing materials.  So many projects are on the horizon!

Q: What "ace in the hole" tip can you share related to installation of polymer roofing?

A: We've got a great team of experts at DaVinci that installers can call on for any assistance they need. Tyler Storfa (see On the Road with DaVinci's Tyler Storfa) our Western Technical Manager, shows a nifty trick with Bellaforté rake pieces that give it a perfectly uniform look for every edge. We can share those tips with any roofers!


From the Architect's Corner - DaVinci Can Now Be Found on SpecLink

If you are a spec writer or architect who uses SpecLink's software to write your specifications you can now find the lightweight roofing systems by DaVinci Roofscapes in there! We are located in section 07-3110 Synthetic Shingles, and from there you can easily specify our polymer slate and shake roofing products. 

Not a SpecLink user but still want to specify our materials? Contact me to get a copy of our editable 3-Part Specifications. 

Happy Friday, Architects! 


American Made MATTERS

November 19 is American Made Matters Day. Why does it matter that products are made in America? Because it keeps jobs in our country, grows the economy and makes it faster and easier to get products you need.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we've always been exceptionally proud to promote the fact that our polymer roof tiles are 100% Made in America. Our facility in Lenexa, Kansas is a one-stop location where we manufacture all of our composite slate and simulated shake roofing products. This includes our multi-width and single-width full product lines, plus our 50 standard colors of polymer roofing. (See Made in the U.S.A)

You don't have to travel to Kansas to see how we make our  Class A Fire Rated lightweight tiles.  Just click HERE  or on the video below to see a short video of our team at work.

Making our sustainable roofing materials in the USA means we control all aspects of the manufacturing process. And it means we get them to the job site fast.

This November 19th stop a minute to think about what it means to buy products Made in America. Whether it's clothing, furniture, appliances or roofing, you have the power to help grow our economy when you dedicate your efforts --- and your dollars --- to purchasing American Made products!


Spotlight on: Butcher & Butcher Construction Co.

In 2015 the team at Butcher & Butcher Construction Co., Inc. served as the roofing and waterproofing contractor for two custom homes built by Thomas Sebold & Associates in Birmingham, Michigan. Here are insights from Mark Dalrymple, President of Steep Roofing & Sheet Metal Operations at Butcher & Butcher.

Polymer Roof TilesQ: The two homes you re-roofed are side-by-side. Both homes gained large additions to existing structures. What was the role of Butcher & Butcher?

A: As an industry leading contractor for high-end residential roof installations, Butcher & Butcher was contracted for installation of DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate for each designer roof. One home has the Castle Grey blend synthetic slate shingles and the other homeowner chose to create their own custom color blend of Castle Grey, Medium Tan and Dark Purple for their luxury roof. Both DaVinci roof projects were completed with copper flashings, half round copper gutters & downspouts, copper barrel dormers and copper standing seam roofs. 

Q: Your company has installed DaVinci composite roofing for more than 10 years. How do you compare the DaVinci roofing tile to other competitors?

A: DaVinci Roofscapes has proven themselves in the synthetic slate and shake industry as the best. I've had many experiences with other manufacturers' synthetic material failures. I've never had a failure with DaVinci or heard of a failure with DaVinci. As a result, I've singled out DaVinci as the only polymer roofing material I will work with.

Q: What specifically keeps you coming back to DaVinci synthetic roofing material?

A: Compared to other roof system types, DaVinci gives a great natural slate roof appearance with many additional benefits to the homeowner. Their consistent high quality lightweight roofing materials are a benefit to me as the installer. And, the large selection of color options provides my clients with the opportunity to choose a roof to their individual liking.

Q: How important is the lifetime limited warranty offered by DaVinci to you and your customers?

A: DaVinci's got our backs. The actual fine print of the warranty and its coverage is very important to me as an installer because if there were to be any failures I am the first contact for the owner. I only install the best materials with the best warranties, which is another reason I install DaVinci.

Need a roofer for your next project? See  How to Find a Contractor for tips from DaVinci!



Composite Shake Roofing Makes Great First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression ... that's why builder Tim Aalders with Handcrafted Homes decided to use a Bellaforté Shake designer roof on a show home in Salt Lake City.

"This is the first time we've used composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes we're very impressed," says Aalders, owner of Handcrafted Homes based in South Jordan, Utah. "People visiting this home love the cedar shake alternative roof. They are constantly asking about the type of material it's made of and what the color is of the polymer shake roofing tiles. We have to answer questions about the roof all day long!"

The realistic looking Bellaforté Shakes have a natural hand-split cedar shake look with sawn edges and staggered lengths. Each one-inch thick tile is 100 percent recyclable and meets exceptional testing standards.


Designer Roof


According to Aalders, the different seasonal weather and high winds experienced in Utah make the simulated shake roofing a good choice for their homes.

"The Tahoe blend of roofing colors looks very authentic and complements the overall style of the house design," says Aalders. "We've been pleasantly surprised at the response to the roof. Some show home visitors have specifically asked if we could reroof their homes with this product! We were able to refer these people to area roofers and we already know of three homes that have the new DaVinci roofs as a result!"

Wondering what other builders have to say about DaVinci lightweight roofing systems? See First-Time DaVinci Installer Sold on Polymer Shakes and Out of the Mouths of Contractors.


Restaurants and Retailers Rely on Dependable Composite Roofing

Polymer SlateWhat do the retail stores Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chico's and Talbot's in Charlottesville, Virginia have in common? They're all in the Barracks Road Shopping Center --- and they all rely on the DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing overhead to help protect them from severe weather!

From restaurants to banks to shopping centers, thousands of consumers each day walk into retail facilities and never realize there's a designer roof overhead from DaVinci.

In Chesterfield, Missouri, the upscale Edgewild Restaurant and Winery boasts DaVinci composite roofing, as does The North Face store in Victor, New York. Westwood Plaza in Omaha, Nebraska features 70 stores and dining experiences ... all housed under a DaVinci Multi-Width imitation slate roof in the Vineyard blend of colors.


Fake Cedar Shake RoofA variety of specialty dining locations across America are also topped with lightweight roofing materials from DaVinci. Captain George's Seafood Restaurant on the Outer Banks of North Carolina selected simulated shake roofing in a Mountain blend when it was constructed several years ago because of the ability of DaVinci synthetic shake to stand up to severe weather conditions, salt air and sea spray. Further inland, Yesterday's Restaurant in New Jersey selected Class A Fire Rated synthetic slate roof shingles when the owners rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2010.

From the Ole Liberty Station restaurant in Bedford, Virginia to Paces 88 American Bistro at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, commercial project owners and builders are selecting imitation slate and shake alternative roofing materials from DaVinci. They've discovered what savvy homeowners already know ... that these sustainable roofing products bring beauty, peace of mind and easy care to their retail projects from coast to coast!

Looking for more unique commercial projects with lightweight roofing tiles? Then see Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out and Condos, Churches and Colleges ... Oh My! 


Real Slate Versus Composite Slate Roofing

Spoiler Alert: real slate roofs are heavy. According to one slate roofing company, they estimate the weight of natural slate roofing as anywhere between 800 and 1,500 pounds per square.

Lightweight SlateThat type of weight means installation of slate roof tiles is a slow, heavy process. Each piece has to be individually taken to the roof and secured in place (by some very tired installers!). And, even more importantly, if you're going to have all that weight on a roof, you need to make sure your home's "bones" can handle that weight on its structure.

Enter DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate --- the lightweight roofing solution.

DaVinci offers a variety of manufactured slate options, including Multi-Width, Single-Width and Bellaforté Slate. These products weigh substantially less than natural slate materials, yet they're even more durable when it comes to impact resistance.

The lighter weight imitation slate means roofing installers can transport our lightweight roofing tiles up to the roof quicker, handle the product faster and install it in less time than real slate roofing materials. And, it means that the structural system of the home won't be compromised.

There's more. Unlike natural slate, imitation slate shingle's won't crack or break. Plus they have impact resistance and come in a wide array of colors.

If you're considering a slate roof, think twice before committing to heavy natural slate  ... and check out DaVinci Slate Roofing Rivals Natural Slate and Polymer Slate: Beauty Without the Maintenance.


Forget "Back to School" --- it's "Back to Roof" Time

All across the country children are getting ready to head back to school. While they concentrate on what's inside the classroom, some roofers focus on what's covering that classroom.

Fake SlateAtop the Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta, New Jersey, roofer Chris Boyd installed DaVinci Roofscapes Slate roof tiles back in 2010. Since then the polymer slate roof has withstood some severe weather and continues to look great. (See 100-Year-Old Slate Roof Replaced on NJ School)

Boasting a Class A Fire Rating and resistant to high winds and high impact, the DaVinci lightweight roofing materials were fast and easy for Boyd to install. Because of the school's geographic location, he made sure to place snow guards around the structure to ease the potential accumulation of snow on the simulate slate roofing during winter months.

“After a snow storm, ice and snow can settle on a roof,” says Boyd, with CM Boyd Authentic Design. “When the sun eventually melts the surface snow, there’s a potential for the snow to slide collectively off the roof. The snow guards prevent large blocks of snow and ice from suddenly sliding off the roof and crashing to the ground. They help the snow melt slower, which helps keep people on the ground safer.”

Slate ShinglesStudents at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Canton, New York are also used to seeing DaVinci composite slate roofs on campus. The eight buildings that create the Smith and Mohawk Residences each feature a mansard roof of DaVinci Slate roofing materials in the European Blend color that reaches from the top of the buildings down more than four stories to the lawn below. (see Towering DaVinci Roofs at SUNY)

“We’re used to working on steep slopes roofing, but nothing like this,” says Michael Lucey, president of Mid-State Industries, which installed the roof. “This was an almost straight vertical application that required us to use special scaffolding for installation. The dormitories are surrounded by steep landscaping with minimal access, which posed many challenges to our team. Fortunately the DaVinci product is lightweight and installs easily. This made the application go quickly and effortlessly.”


Are You Happy?

August is such a happy month. Maybe it's because of summer vacations or the last weeks of relaxation before school starts, but August has been designated "Admit You're Happy Month" AND "Happiness Happens Month." We know for sure that singer Pharrell Williams is indeed happy, even if he's singing "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof."

polymer roof tilesAt DaVinci Roofscapes, we can't imagine being happy without a designer roof overhead made of our composite slate or synthetic shake! And because we want to make our customers happy, we're pleased to offer our limited lifetime warranty on our lightweight roofing materials.

Something else that we know makes people happy is the Class A Fire Rating on our composite roofing products. This means that whether you live in wildfire-prone areas of the West or sparks from your neighbor's fire pit travel to your DaVinci roof, you have no worries. And, because our sustainable roofing product is also impact resistant, you won't need to be concerned with roof hail damage.

Worry-Free DaVinci Roofs can also mean happy times for the environment. Our eco-friendly roofs help with Green Roof Construction that helps save on natural resources. So, go ahead and think about a new roof for your home ... because once you invest in DaVinci polymer roofing you'll also qualify to wholeheartedly participate in another August celebration ... National Smile Week from August 10-15!


Roofer Insights into DaVinci Composite Roofing

Jordan Eades, president of HOPE Roofing & Construction in Washington, has some insightful opinions about her experiences with polymer roofing and DaVinci Roofscapes. She's sharing those thoughts with you today!

Faux SlateQ: What have you experienced as some of the benefits of synthetic roofing material?

A: Because they are lightweight tiles, DaVinci polymer roof tiles place less stress on the structure of a home. From our perspective, the product is easy to install when compared to natural slate and cedar shake roofing. Another benefit is less waste, as the eco friendly roof products are of consistent quality. These features combined benefit both the contractor and the client with cost savings.

Q: What about the look of synthetic shake and composite slate from DaVinci?

A: Because we service an area with many historic homes, our customers are looking for roofing products that have the look and feel of natural slate and shake. DaVinci products deliver this authentic look. The company offers a wide range of choices that our customers appreciate.

Q: How are you "selling" DaVinci composite roofing to your clients?

A: DaVinci products sell themselves! More and more, we hear our clients asking for products that will withstand climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest. They are looking for roofing products that are more resistant to weathering, are low maintenance in terms of upkeep, offer a lifetime warranty and improve the curb appeal of their home.


HOA Selects Polymer Roofing

Kansas residents are no strangers to severe weather. Located in Tornado Alley, most homeowners understand that their state is subject to unusually strong weather during the course of the year. That's why many people, like the residents of Harbor Isle I, seek out durable building products to help protect their homes and families.

Lifetime Warranty"When constructed about 18 years ago, our community had wood shake and cement tiles used for roofing," says Dee Manning, president of the Harbor Isle I homeowner association of 59 homes. "As the years went on, the wood shakes were wearing out and, at the same time, they became harder to get insured. We wanted an alternative that was realistic looking but lightweight enough to be installed over the existing roof trusses of the homes in our community.

"We did our research and DaVinci Roofscapes offered the most realistic alternative to natural cedar shakes. Our community started offering DaVinci products three years ago as an option for homeowners looking for replacement roofing. After the microburst in April, that interest level quickly accelerated and now there are at least 10 homes ready to commit to the DaVinci polymer tiles to replace their destroyed cement tile roofs."

Made of 100 percent recyclable virgin resins, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles and imitation slate shingles are engineered to resist fire, impact, insects and algae. The company's products are Class A Rated for fire retardance, have achieved a Class 4 impact rating and passed the TAS-100 certification test for wind driven rain. The durable composite roofing products have also passed the maximum of 110mph in the ASTM D 3161 Standard for straight line winds and achieved very high design pressures in TAS-125, a test to demonstrate wind uplifts and acceptability to be installed in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

See also Invest in Your Roof for smart ideas on having green roofing materials on your home!


DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Material Can Stand the Test of Time

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. It invokes childhood memories of the days I used to spend at my grandmother’s house in north Louisiana. There was a grocery store down the road called the Dixie Dandy and their chocolate covered ice cream bars were the best ever!

The heat was sweltering, but we never stayed inside. I mean, come on! It’s summer vacation! I played outside from dawn to dusk.

One of the craziest things I remember was how, on a hot day, a storm blew in rather suddenly, and even though the thermometer was showing 90-degrees, big nuggets of ice started raining down from the sky! Hail storm!! Yes, that was summer down south.

Eco-Blend Fake SlateI had the opportunity to re-visit that small Louisiana town recently, and between the scorching sun, many more hail storms and the strong winds that accompanied them, I noticed many of the houses were looking a little worse for the wear, especially the roofs.

It’s unreal what Mother Nature can do to a traditional shingle, slate or cedar shake roof. Curled edges, missing tabs, faded colors, cracked and split edges…..if this describes your roof, then it’s past time for a change.

Before spending your hard-earned money on another rooftop that starts to degrade the minute it’s sitting out in the elements, do a little homework and look into low-maintenance polymer roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

All those natural elements I talked about don’t stand a chance against a synthetic shake or composite slate roof. These lightweight roofing tiles are fade-resistant and the color runs completely through them.

Hail stones the size of golf balls? Not a dent! Hurricane force winds? They won’t budge! Aside from the fact that a polymer roof is going to last longer, it’s also going to look better and stay that way for years beyond that of a traditional roof. This is an added bonus, because it adds value and curb appeal to your home. (See Superman Roofs)

By the way, there’s a big difference between “standing out” and “sticking out” (like a sore thumb) and a composite slate roof  or simulated shake roofing from DaVinci stands out.

I would defy anyone to drive down the road and be able to tell the difference between a DaVinci fake slate roof and genuine slate, or DaVinci composite shake and a true cedar shake roofing. It looks that good!

One final thought to consider when choosing which product is right for you. DaVinci’s EcoBlend tiles have an Energy Star rated version called Cool Roof that actually helps reflect sun and heat away from the roof which, in turn, will reduce the load on your AC. That means your roof can positively impact your home's energy efficiency, the lifespan of your cooling unit AND help reduce power consumption to keep the house cool.

The moral of my story? Time will march on. I’m not a kid anymore…the recipe for the perfect Dixie Dandy ice cream bar is gone forever…but the right synthetic roofing material will stand the test of time well into the future.

Allen Lyle
Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
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Allen Lyle
Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
Radio Show Co-Host