Tips for Cold Weather Installations

In many parts of the country, almost balmy weather conditions made December a dream month for roofers. Forget about layering up ... many roofers from North Carolina to New York were still in t-shirts!

However, as January weather settles in, colder weather is inevitable. That means polymer roofing installers need to prepare for cold weather situations.

If the temperatures have gotten nippy in your area and you're forging onwards with roofing installs, here are some tips from DaVinci Roofscapes to warm you up through the next several months:

Designer RoofTip #1 - Prior to installation in colder temperatures, make sure that synthetic shake shingles and composite slate tiles have been stored flat.

Tip #2 - DaVinci's unique formula allows our synthetic roofing material to remain flexible in colder weather. It's important that the roofing shingles are laid at a very minimum 3/16”.

Tip #3 - If using a pneumatic roofing nail gun for plastic roofing materials installation, the pressure should not be set too high. You may wish to hand nail pieces in if you're having trouble with your air compressor.

Tip #4 - Cold hands? Buy some "shake and use" hand warmers to slide into your gloves.

Tip #5 - When cutting imitation slate tiles or shake alternative shingles in colder temperatures, score the lightweight roofing tiles with a straight blade and break the tile along the score or use a saw blade with smaller and finer teeth.


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Driving Over DaVinci Roofscapes Polymer Roof Tiles

Seeing is believing. And, for Allen Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford show, testing a product is really believing.

Because he wanted to truly understand the durability of DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof tiles, Allen decided to put them to the test --- with fire, freezing, sledge hammers and even by driving a car over our synthetic slate product.

What happened? Nothing.

Watch the video above or click HERE to see how Allen blow-torched, hammered on and drove over DaVinci plastic roofing materials. You'll discover exactly what Allen did --- that our composite roofing materials are Class A Fire Rated and made to withstand fire, severe weather conditions and heavy impact. That includes everything that Mother Nature --- and Allen --- can throw at them!


Celebrate America Recycles Day

What do you recycle at home? Plastic water bottles? Cardboard? Newspaper? Glass jars? Beverage cans? Good for you!

Eco Friendly RoofToday is America Recycles Day --- part of America Recycles Month --- coordinated by the Keep America Beautiful organization. This group has done a terrific job of educating people on the value of recycling in the home and workplace. As a result, they report that the national recycling rate has increased every year for the past 30 years. Right now the current recycling rate is an impressive 34.5%.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we're proud to say we do our part to recycle. If a composite slate or synthetic shake roofing tile we manufacture doesn't meet our high standards, we recycle it into starter tiles for the roof.  We also accept and recycle back unused DaVinci polymer roofing from job sites (see Return Those DaVinci Scraps!). That means less plastic roof materials are going into landfills. Instead they're heading right back up on the roof!

You can do your part in recycling more and helping the environment.  Click HERE to see the top 10 items every consumer can recycle at home and at work. And, to learn more about eco friendly roofs made from DaVinci, see Go Green with DaVinci Synthetic Roof Tiles.


Brrrrrisk Polymer Roofing Installations

Break out the pocket warmers and the heavy-duty work gloves. Temperatures are dropping and that means getting yourself and your crew ready for cold weather polymer roofing installations!

The good news is that, even if the temperatures drop below freezing, you can still install DaVinci Roofscapes simulated slate roofing and composite shake tiles. Actually, synthetic roof materials from DaVinci can usually be installed in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polymer RoofingWhile you might resist installing other roofing materials in temperatures this cold, bundle up, because our products can handle frigid weather.

DaVinci's carefully-formulated imitation slate and shake alternative roof tiles aren't brittle (like plastic roofing materials are thought to be). They're actually made to remain flexible in very cold temperatures. Even in bone-chilling cold temperatures, you don't have to worry about excess breakage of the designer roof tiles due to cold weather conditions.

Of course, we do have a few tips to share. First, if you're using a pneumatic nail gun for installing our roof tiles, make sure the pressure isn't set too high. Second, make sure that our DaVinci shake alternative and slate roofing tiles have been stored flat, and are flat when installed. Third, You must make certain that the space between tiles is at a very minimum 3/16”. And, most importantly, use extra personal care when working in cold weather conditions. That means staying focused, keeping those pocket warmers handy and making sure to stay safe up on the roof!

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What Would Your Friends Say About a New Lifetime Roof From DaVinci Roofscapes?

If you're in the market for a specific brand of a new car, computer, or even a refrigerator, you're likely to seek out a lifetime warranty and ask friends who own those products for their opinions. It's the same way with buying a new roof.

But, you may not know of any friends with a DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof ... so let us introduce you to some new friends to hear what they have to say about our plastic roofing materials.

>>> Anthony Polotto, a registered roof consultant who works in the University Architects Office at Notre Dame, installed DaVinci composite slate on his own home after he was impressed by the installation of a composite slate roof from DaVinci on a campus project. "I actually recommend this roof to everyone I know," says Polotto. "The only drawback is this is an investment roof with a higher price tag. However, this is really no comparison to the value of this product, even with the most expensive asphalt on the market. I still have people drive by my home very slow to admire the roof ... and several people have even stopped to ask what type of roof it is. That makes me very proud!"

Imitation Slate


>>> Kim Butler had her DaVinci roof installed in combination with a steel roof on her Nebraska home last year. She's all smiles about her designer roof. "We are happy with our DaVinci roof and continue to receive great comments from those who see it," says Butler. "I think it's the combination of the steel with the DaVinci product that makes our roof unique. We would recommend the DaVinci product to others!"


Fake Shake


>>> Henry Bretthauer lives in Oregon and had his DaVinci synthetic slate roofing installed in 2013. "The spring rains wash the dirt off our roof and it looks like new again," says Bretthauer. "While our neighbors have to power wash their roof regularly to remove bird droppings, moss and mold, we just rely on Mother Nature to clean off our DaVinci roof!"


Polymer Roof Tiles


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Ohio Assisted Living Facility Gets Synthetic Slate Roofing

This is National Assisted Living Week --- a time to shine the spotlight on the facilities and people dedicated to helping people as they age or need special services.

Fake SlateAt DaVinci Roofscapes, we're tipping our hat to all those who help people in assisted living locations ... and those who will soon help others at new, "under construction" facilities that will have our plastic roofing materials overhead.

In Granville, Ohio, the Middleton of Granville complex will open in just a few weeks. This $18.3 million community includes 94 assisted living and memory care units plus lots of amenities. Atop the new single-story facility is an abundance of Bellaforté Slate Black polymer roofing.

"Our assisted living facility has a large footprint for a one-story building," says Jack Lucks, a founding partner with Continental Realty, the developer of the property. "Anything you can do to give depth to the roof on a project like ours is a benefit. The DaVinci tiles have the shadow lines and aesthetics we need for our facility."

The consistent single width of Bellaforté Slate tiles provides beauty to the property's roof with its clean, simple design. At a half-inch tile thickness, these simulated slate roofing tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates.

"DaVinci offered the look we needed to make our facility come together," says Lucks. Keep watching and we'll share pictures of the finished facility soon. In the meantime, you can see other examples of synthetic slate roofing at SRA Architects Specify DaVinci Polymer Roof for New LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge and Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes.


Composite Roofing Resists Mold

Ick. MOLD. That four-letter word can cause any homeowner to tremble.

Since September is Mold Awareness Month, our team at DaVinci Roofscapes wants to calm your moldy fears and offer some information and ways to eliminate your designer roof ever being associated with the word "ick."

Designer RoofOverall, mold likes to grow where it's damp. That's why you will see it accumulate on bathroom walls and showers, in not-so-recently opened jars of food that are left too long in the refrigerator, and in closed-in attic spaces.

The best way to prevent the "dreaded mold" is with proper ventilation. So, put on the ceiling fan when taking a shower, tightly seal opened food containers, and add ventilating louvers to your attic.

You should also make sure to add a continuous ridge vent at the top of your roof ---- especially in steep slope roofing situations. And, to prevent mold from growing on your designer roof, make sure to research the roofing material you select for your home.

Simulated slate roofing and composite shake tiles from DaVinci resist mold, algae and fungus growth. That's important because natural cedar shake shingles can be a smorgasbord for mold and algae. (See Simulated Shake Roofing Without the Hassles of Real Cedar Roofing)

At DaVinci, we manufacture our tiles to resist these elements of nature --- plus insects, decay and rot. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing techniques and our lifetime warranty on DaVinci plastic roofing materials, you'll never be saying "ick" when looking at your beautiful roof --- instead the word coming out will be "ahhhhhh."


From the Architect's Corner - Mountain Installations

When talking to architects I often get asked how well DaVinci products hold up in high altitude, high wind, high UV exposure, freezing and snowy in the winter, but warm in the summar (ie - the mountains) climate. With hundreds of installations in the mountains, it is easy to say "amazing"! The tiles, made out of an engineered polymer (and calling it plastic slate or shake is really over simplifiying it) are designed to not absorb water so as the tiles go through the freeze-thaw cycles, they can come out unscathed. They also have a high quality UV stabilizer package embedded in the tile to prevent color loss in all climates. 

Here are a few projects we have featured in high altitude areas:

Avon, Colorado

Click here to read about how a condo community chose Multi-Width Shakes for their large roofing project. 

Vail, CO

Click here to read how a Multi-Width Slate roof changed the Vail skyline. 

Cordillera, CO

Click here to read about this Bellaforté Shake project. 

Happy Friday, Architects! 


Checking in with Aaron Adams

A few weeks back we caught up with Aaron Adams, Central Region Manager for DaVinci Roofscapes, during one of his rare trips home. He spends many days traveling to roofing job sites to support our customers and can routinely be found anywhere from Minnesota to South Dakota to Louisiana.

Aaron's back in town again, so we're sharing more of his insights on the roofing industry.

Q: When you're on the jobsite, what are roofers telling you about the ease or challenges of installing DaVinci polymer roofing products?

A: Roofers equate our roofing tile install to a slightly faster cedar shake roof. Faster because they don't have to cull broken or knotted pieces, felt interlay is not typical, and they can be fastened with gun nails. One of the challenges they face is making sure new crews know how to hide cuts effectively.

Q: How do you see homeowners responding to DaVinci roofing materials?

A: The homeowners I've met with love the aesthetics of the polymer shake and composite slate. They look forward to not dealing with the ongoing maintenance of products like cedar shakes. Another piece of feedback I'm getting is that homeowners are relieved that they'll never again have to deal with bug infestations (like silverfish or termites) that they've had in the past with cedar shake roofing.

Q: What about the number of colors available in DaVinci products --- how do homeowners respond to having 50 standard color options?

A: Homeowners really seem to love the options and the ability to personalize their designer roof for their own home. Being able to put together a truly unique color combination that ideally suits their taste using the Color Designer Tool is a big hit.

Q: If you could sum up the message of DaVinci sustainable roofing products in one sentence, what would it be?

A: From color, virtually any steep slope roofing architectural design, severe weather conditions or green roofing options, DaVinci composite roofing products are up to the challenge!

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DaVinci Slate Roof: Then and Now

After three years of harsh Maine winters, homeowner Rob Fanjoy is as happy with his plastic slate roof as the day his re-roofing project was finished. (See Maine Challenge)

Fake Slate"My wife and I love our DaVinci Roofscapes luxury roof even more now that it's been installed for a few years," says Fanjoy, a resident of Hampden, Maine. "The durability is plainly evident and the composite roofing tiles have performed exactly as advertised.

"Our imitation slate roof has held up to three colder and snowier than usual winters and two very hot, sunny summers. EVERYONE who comes up our driveway comments on our designer roof --- friends, family, delivery drivers and service professionals --- they all rave about how great it looks and can't believe it's not real slate."

Fanjoy and his wife Holly selected a Multi-Width Slate roof from DaVinci in the Vineyard blend of eight colors. "We wanted a strong visual interest on the roof to accent our home," says Fanjoy. "We decided to make the roof the centerpiece of our exterior renovation plans. This worked out great for us and now we're in the process of using the 'top-down' color approach to select a siding that complements the roof!"

A big supporter of man-made products that replicate Mother Nature but offer more long-term benefits than natural products, Fanjoy continues to appreciate the features of his synthetic slate roof. "The DaVinci product resists cracking, fading, curling and impacts," says Fanjoy. "Plus, this polymer slate roof has a great warranty, so how could we want anything more?"


From the Architect's Corner: Can You Tell the Difference?

For the last 15 years we have made it our mission to make the most authentic polymer slate and shake composite roofing tiles on the market. You know you've succeeded when time and time again you send homeowners, contractors, and architects out to see the products installed on a nearby home or business and their response is, "I drove right by it! It looked like natural slate and I was looking for a plastic slate." Or when you're standing in a tradeshow booth and people absentmindedly stop and touch the material, and end up blown away because it didn't feel like the slate or wood they were expecting to feel. 

I recently received this picture from a longtime contractor (Featured Project to come!) and had to share. With the copper gutters and flashings, these Multi-Width Slate tiles in the European Blend have the authentic look that people seeking a roof in our category require. If you were driving by and saw this roof, what would you think? 

Happy Friday, Architects!

Simulated Slate Roofing

Strong and Beautiful ... Bellaforté Synthetic Roofing Materials

Fake ShakeHere's your Italian lesson for the day. "Bella" means "beautiful" in Italian ... and "forte" means "strong." So, it's no surprise that when we named our newest composite roofing product a few years ago we came up with Bellaforté --- a beautiful and strong luxury roof product for both homes and commercial projects.

Bellaforté polymer roofing makes installation easy while saving materials and cutting down on installation costs. How do we do this at DaVinci Roofscapes?  The Bellaforté self-aligning ledge on the back of each composite shake or imitation slate tile allows roofers to reduce installation time while assuring consistent installation quality.

That's impressive, but it's not all Bellaforté has going for it. The snap-fit tile creates a built-in rain gutter and the leading edge tab secures every tile to drastically improve wind performance.

The durability of Bellaforté lightweight roofing materials is also impressive --- at 1/2" thick, the Bellaforté Slate roofing tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates. And, if you're looking for a shake alternative product, the Bellaforté Shake tile is 1" thick with multiple profiles. This allows roofers to give a multi-width staggered look to the roof even though the tiles are all the same 12" width.

For more information on Bellaforté plastic roofing materials, see DaVinci's Bellaforté Roof Tiles Revolutionizing Roofing



Unlimited Possibilities with DaVinci Roofscapes

Like a tempting, over-flowing buffet line at a quality restaurant, DaVinci Roofscapes provides an endless array of designer roof possibilities for homeowners.

First, there are the colors --- oh, the colors! Whether you're looking for a stately, refined gray or an eye-catching violet, we have the color you desire to perfectly complement your home exterior. In fact, we have 50 different colors AND we can combine different shades to create a personal blend of polymer roofing just for you. If you can't find a color that doesn't perfectly meet your desires, just bring us your favorite paint color swatch, jacket or nail polish and we can create a custom roof color to meet your needs!

Designer Roof


Second, the composite roofing choices. DaVinci offers simulated shake roofing and composite slate in our lightweight roofing materials. And, we don't stop there. We have both multi-width and single-width offerings in our plastic roofing materials ... plus good-better-best options for pricing.

Unlimited possibilities at DaVinci Roofscapes is more than just a tagline --- it's our way of life.

For more than 15 years we've proudly created slate roof alternatives and synthetic cedar shake roofing that authentically replicates the real product, but offers so many more advantages. Our sustainable roofing gives you peace-of-mind with our Class A Fire Rating, high wind and severe weather tolerance and lifetime limited warranty.

Need more details? Then visit Which DaVinci Slate is Right for My Home? and DaVinci Shakes Up Cedar Shake Roofing Options.



Hi! I'm Allen Lyle...

One of the, I guess you would call it, “quirky” things about being in the profession I’m in is that total strangers often walk up to me and ask home improvement questions. I kid you not, I was standing in Wal-Mart the other day and a lady walks up with three different types of fasteners and says, “I want to hang a new flat-screen TV on a brick wall. Which of these would work best?” Not a “Hi” or “I sure love the television show.” Just walks up and BAM….Truthfully, I never mind helping with advice, but next time, at least introduce yourself!

Speaking of advice, just last week we got a call on the radio program asking about the best type of roofing materials. This particular caller asked our opinion about metal roofing vs. traditional asphalt shingles. They wanted to make sure I understood that they were looking for something that would last.

So I asked the caller about other roofs in the neighborhood and no one else had metal. My response: “I really don’t think a metal roof would complement either your house or the surrounding homes. Have you thought about a polymer roofing product?” You’d have thought I was speaking in tongues!

I explained how this is a man-made product designed to look like a natural material and her immediate response was, "Oh no, no, no. I don’t want a plastic-looking roof.”

Now, I love it when this happens, because all I have to say is, “Let me tell you about DaVinci Roofscapes" ….and I get to talk about the realistic looking composite slate and synthetic shake products.

I’m particularly fond of the new 12" Single-Width Slate profile I just saw this year at the International Builders' Show. I was inches away and still couldn’t tell the difference between it and a true piece of slate ... it’s that good. But given a choice, I’d pick these imitation slate tiles over real slate any day of the week.

I’m a true skeptic, so I put it to the test. Not that I needed to, because DaVinci has done a good job of making sure their products meet some pretty high standards, but I have to see for myself.

I took one of the fake slate pieces and placed it in the freezer for a few hours. Once I removed it, I took a baseball bat to it with swings that would make Hank Aaron, and even The Babe himself, envious. Not a crack, split or splinter.

Next, a propane torch……you want to call this fire resistant? Watch me set it on fire……and…. nothing. I’m not kidding you, this is impressive material. Plus, this manufactured slate tile is much lighter in weight than a true slate roof, so installation is faster and easier. With all these features, I can practically guarantee that you’re going to have the best-looking and most durable roof in the neighborhood.

... at least you will until the neighbors catch on and put DaVinci on their roofs; but, with 50 available colors at DaVinci, everyone can get the same durability and beauty without it looking the same!

Allen Lyle
Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
Radio Show Co-Host


Historic Homes Get Contemporary Polymer Roofing

When Kevin and Nancy Dye purchased their 1929 historic home in Virginia, they did so knowing a new roof was in their future.

Fake Slate RoofThe home originally sported a red Mediterranean tile roof, but it had been replaced by an artificial black slate roof that that the homeowners disliked.

 “We did an extensive amount of research on roofing materials and searched for a realistic and durable slate product," says homeowner Nancy Dye. "The result is a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roof that we love. We brightened up the home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend of eight different colors --- dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, light and dark violet, dark stone and dark amber. This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”


Half way across the country in Texas, the Telecky family faced the same challenge of replacing the roof on their historic 1914 home.

Slate Roof Alternative“The home originally had wooden shake shingles, which were covered up over the years with several layers of asphalt shingles,” says homeowner Kathy Telecky. “We discovered that only the polymer roof tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes are uniquely designed to resist warping, fading, curling and cracking. And, these polymer tiles are fire and impact resistant, so we never have to worry about how our intense Texas heat or hail storms will affect them.”
The Telecky family is pleased with their new imitation slate roof. “The roofing tiles never look like plastic," says Telecky. "Right from the start they looked very natural with their understated slate gray color. This so accurately resembles real slate that we’re completely delighted with its beauty. Now we’re the envy of the neighborhood and our roof is ready for any weather we face in Texas!”

See Roof Envy - A Tale of Two Roofs and Homeowners Talk About DaVinci Roofscapes for more homeowner insights on composite roofing from DaVinci!


From the Architect's Corner - Eyebrow Windows

An eyebrow window can be a charming focal point of a house. Prevalent in the Northeast (but found all over the US), it can also cause a challenge. How do you cover it? Metal? Shingles? What if you want the portion over the window to match the rest of the house? Natural slate, shake or cement tile definitely would not be an option.

DaVinci Roofscapes' composite slate and shake are plastic roofing materials. The components of the product allow it to be malleable, if necessary, so it can curve around an architectural detail such as this.

Happy Friday, Architects!



Architect and Builder Team Up on Simulated Slate Roofing Project

Architect Christopher Derrick is like most people --- he sticks with what works. For his roof specifications, that often means recommending DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate roof tiles.

“When the home style fits with a composite roofing product, I always recommend DaVinci,” says Derrick, principal and founder of Derrick Architecture out of Wheaton, Ill. (See DaVinci Polymer Tiles Meet Needs of Chicago Area Architect )

Over the years Derrick has worked with a variety of builders to construct his single-family custom home designs. Most recently he partnered with Charleston Building and Development to create two custom homes in Naperville, Ill. that feature Bellaforté Slate tile roofs.

“Working with Chris is exciting because he’s so creative and passionate about his home designs,” says Adam Van Someren, president of the residential division of Charleston Building and Development based out of Naperville. “He brings both historical perspective and solid product recommendations to his work.

“The Bellaforté product looks very realistic. I’ve seen other man-made plastic slate roofing products before that looked too fake. The DaVinci products look natural and complement the home styles very nicely.”



For their most recent project, Van Someren points out that using Bellaforté slate tiles probably saved the homeowner more than $50,000 as opposed to having natural slate on the roof.

“Considering the high cost of natural slate, the waste you get with cracked and broken pieces, plus the additional support required for the roof and rafters to support the weight of natural slate, the Bellaforté is a great option,” says Van Someren. “This product really has it all. Good looks, lightweight and durability. There’s definitely a value there with Bellaforté.”


Freeze/Thaw No Trouble for DaVinci Polymer Roofing

5 degrees in Nashville. -2 degrees in Atlanta. This past winter's deep freeze stretched far deeper into the South than usual. The good news is that, when these temperatures "heated up" to the 20's and 30's, roofers were back out installing DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing materials. (See Bone-Chilling Polymer Roofing Installations)

Polymer RoofingWhat those southern roofers might not know --- because they don't always experience extreme temperature conditions --- is that DaVinci composite roofing materials are designed to be installed in areas where freeze-thaw conditions are common. These hard-working imitation slate and synthetic shake products don't absorb water so there aren’t the same freeze thaw issues that some roofing materials have.That means that even if a DaVinci roof has moisture on it, there will be no damage during freeze-thaw cycles like cracking or splitting of tiles.

Made of 100% virgin polymer resin, simulated shake roofing and composite slate tiles from DaVinci don't react the same to colder weather conditions as natural roof products. For example, a wood shake roof goes through freeze/thaw cycles constantly in some weather environments. This means that it is common to see cracking and splitting on some cedar roofs. In some areas of the country, the daylight to nightfall temperature swings alone can cause damage to cedar shake roofing. (See DaVinci Shake is the Best Fake Cedar Shake on the Market)

In addition, DaVinci plastic roofing materials are very thermally stable. A 12" synthetic slate roof tile expands just 1/12" with a 100 degree temperature swing. Thanks to this engineering feat, you don't get the buckling or movement with a DaVinci tile that can put strain on fasteners as with some other products.


Record Snowfalls Remind Us to Have Snowguards for Composite Roofing

At least eight feet of snow fell in the Boston area this past winter season --- probably more by the time you read this story. Record-breaking amounts of snow have also been recorded in Buffalo and other northeastern areas of the country.

If you live in the snow-socked North or Midwest, you'd better have snow guards on your polymer roofing.

What are snow guards? As the sun warms accumulated snow on a composite shake or imitation slate roof, the masses of accumulated snow can slide off in large chunks, causing an avalanche effect. Snow guards are small metal pieces that are strategically placed on your luxury roof (usually on the bottom portions) to help the snows melt more evenly to reduce the avalanche effect.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we recommend that all homeowners living in areas that routinely see snowfall each year have snow guards installed. This way the melting snows won't come down and harm your landscaping, deck areas or people who may be nearby when the snow slides.

Even if your roof does not have snow guards on it now, they can be retrofitted to your plastic slate or composite shake roof this Spring. The small, sturdy accessories or anchors can be installed by a professional roofer during warmer weather to prepare your home for next winter.

For more details on snow guards, see To Guard ... or Not to Guard and Slip, Sliding Away... Might Need Snow Guards.


Falling in Love with DaVinci Roofscapes

February is traditionally associated with the month of love. As soon as stores remove their Christmas decorations, hearts and cupid's arrows are decked throughout the aisles.

While we associate Valentine's Day with chocolates and flowers, is it possible to fall in love with your designer roof? According to many homeowners, the answer is YES! Here's what several satisfied homeowners shared with us recently about their new polymer roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes:

"I didn't realize how different a home can look based upon roof selection. The DaVinci roof totally enhanced our home in every way. Aesthetically, it anchors the house. The color, the weight and thickness of the tiles and the materials looks very substantial."

                                    Kerry Nelson - Oklahoma homeowner

"We felt that this faux-slate roof would be a huge improvement in our area over the old asphalt shingle roof. This roof truly replicates natural slate, and it definitely lends an air of authenticity to a somewhat contemporary home design."

                                    Rob Fanjoy - Maine homeowner

"This new roof, with the patina green on the copper gutters, complements the original historic look of the home and helps us more appropriately 'fit' in our historic neighborhood. The roofing tiles never look like plastic. Right from the start they looked very natural with their understated slate gray color."

                                    Kathy Telecky - Texas homeowner

“There’s not a week that goes by when someone passing by doesn’t remark on our ‘real slate’ roof. I enjoy explaining about the benefits of our polymer roof and have no worries now about future storms in our area. This roof can handle it.”

                                    Michael Klappa - Kansas homewoner

“We still have roofers and contractors come by to show our roof to their potential customers. Both my wife Anita and I love the look of the roof and couldn’t be more satisfied with DaVinci Roofscapes.”

                                    Chuck Musgrave - Oklahoma homeowner