Is Your Roof Ready for Severe Weather?

April 2nd is an important anniversary date for residents of the Harbor Isle community in Wichita, Kansas. One year ago on that date a microburst struck their neighborhood. Winds up to 100mph created major damage in the area --- and sucked off many roofs.

Which roofs survived? Those made of synthetic roofing material from DaVinci Roofscapes.

DaVinci Polymer Roof Tiles"The majority of concrete tiles sustained very serious damage, with many others demolished," says Mike Heiland, president of Heiland Roofing and Exteriors in Wichita, Kansas. "Of the three DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofs we installed in this community, one home had zero damage. Another home had one missing ridge cap. The third home needed approximately ten feet of ridge replaced. That's absolutely nothing compared to the devastation that all the other homes in that neighborhood experienced."

Homeowner Donna Westhoff, whose DaVinci composite shake roof was less than six months old at the time, recalls her amazement after the storm. "To our joy and surprise, the new DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic shake roof, had only one end cap gone from the winds," says Westhoff. "Many of our development neighbors had major shingle loss and some had structural roof damage. We have a beautiful roof, but more importantly we have peace of mind. Our DaVinci composite shake shingles came through and held up when we needed them most."

Another homeowner, Paul Dugan, has similar recollections of the storm ... and then he took action immediately afterwards to gain his own peace of mind.

"Concrete roof tiles were thrown through neighbor's windows, into vehicles parked along the streets and in driveways," says Dugan. "Every home with a concrete tile roof was missing large sections while a couple of the homes that had been recently re-roofed by Heiland Roofing with DaVinci shake roofing tiles had every single tile in place and no visible damage to the property. I was very impressed and called Heiland Roofing the next morning.

"I now have a Bellaforté Slate roof that looks exactly the same as the previous concrete tile roof but has the highest impact resistance in the industry. The impressive interlocking system allows for installation with securing the tile in all four corners so we're not going to worry about tiles peeling back and blowing away in future storms."

Avoid Severe Hail Damage with Impact-Resistant Roof offers more insights from Mike Heiland. 


I used Valore Slate to accentuate my roof

I purchased a newly constructed home in 2009. I am a Senior Project Manager in the University Architect’s Office at the University of Notre Dame. Needless to say, my tastes and expectations of a home are above average after working on and being a part of the design of the magnificent facilities throughout campus. I struggled with the idea of constructing a new home, when I ran across a home for sale that had beautiful architectural design, and aesthetics located in the middle of Michigan’s major wine vineyards; however, I remember visualizing at the time how much better it could be, and was willing to make these upgrades through time. I have spent the past few years on landscape improvements, and interior work such as high profile moldings, and premium finishes. This year, I took care of the most magnificent improvement to date which was replacement of the roof.

The home is only 7 years old, but the typical architectural asphalt shingles prevalent in the Midwest as standard for residential style homes, had already started to show signs of mildew streaking and hail damage. I replaced the roof with the DaVinci synthetic slate tiles due to my roof structure weight design limits. To accentuate the roof, I used copper details such as valleys; step flashings; eave and rake trim, and also included snow guards; the transformation of the home was incredible! I distinctly remember people would randomly drive by slowly, even stopping on occasion to ask whey type of roof I was installing; not to mention my neighbors walking by every day to see the progress.

Attached are a few before and after photos of the home. Not only is the roof a showpiece of the home, but the mindset that I will never have to replace this roof in my lifetime is an immeasurable benefit. Since I am also a Register Roof Consultant, and a LEED Accredited professional, I wanted a roof that would identify my design abilities showcasing how you can really make a roof stand out; not to mention adding a sustainability factor. Next on the list is installing a brick and stone veneer façade which will finish the exterior improvements, and compliment the roof.

Thank you for offering such a magnificent product! I truly do not believe the pictures even give the home the justice it deserves when you can see the dimensions, shadow lines and details up close and personal.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tony Polotto, LEED® AP BD&C, RRC, RRO
Berrien Springs, Michigan


Bellaforté Shake

Your product looked amazing on this home I designed in Springfield, MO.

The best faux shake on the market!

Jason Thompson
Walnut Shade, MO


Polymer Roof Investment Pleases Oregon Homeowner

The original wood shake roof on our 20-year old home started to get soft from all the rain we have here. I had two companies tell us it needed replacing and from the ladder I could see that it was time for an upgrade.

We studied the DaVinci brochure and then drove to a location with this polymer roof. I liked what I saw, so we requested samples and reviewed them. We could tell the product was tough and durable with a good look to it.

Investing time to research our options really paid off. The company’s warranty is unbeatable and the roof looks sensational. I would recommend this roof to anyone because it resists moss and mildew so the roof is virtually maintenance free. Even the birds that used to gather on our old wood shake roof are finally gone. So this roof has solved many problems for us while enhancing the look and value of our home.

Henry Bretthauer
Eugene, OR
Multi-Width Slate, Slate Gray


Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

Having a career in the design field, I always appreciate the input of other design professionals. Along with making recommendations for the roof, Kate’s suggestion for changing the color of our main entry door validated that the entire home exterior needed to be cohesive. Now we’re working on final touches like lighting sconces and softscaping, and then we’ll have an entirely fresh exterior for our home!

I’m not sure anyone has ever created this custom blend of grays and purples before, but it’s perfect for our home. I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience. We now have a roof we can depend on to resist future severe weather along with colors that embrace the full aspect of our home. Thanks to that one hail storm, our house looks better than ever before!

Mercedez Tylock
Multi-Width Slate in TX




Neighborhood Trend Setter!

This product literally caused traffic issues on the main road that fronts our home. During the installation process we had a steady stream of people stopping as they drove by, plus people just camped out on our front lawn asking questions about the product while it was being installed.

Today we are the only home within hundreds of miles with this polymer roofing product. However, after all the excitement it’s generated, I’m certain more Canadians will be requesting it soon.

I’m extremely pleased with this impressive engineered product. It’s got everything we need here in Canada — a 50-year limited warranty that means I’ll never have to replace the roof again in my lifetime, incredible fire-, impact- and insect-resistance, and the aesthetic look that perfectly fits our neighborhood.

It seems that we’ve started a trend in our neighborhood!

Barry George
Thunder Bay, Canada
Bellaforté Slate - Sabino Blend



Bellaforté Shake

Just a short note to let you know how very helpful your personnel have been in selecting the DaVinci Bellaforté Tuscano Shake roof, and more importantly how the roof's appearance and resistance against the elements is above our expectations. Our neighbors are constantly knocking at our door to find out what kind of roof it is and how beautiful it looks. I'm enclosing photos to validate the excellent work your company has done in exactly duplicating wood shake shingles and making them last a lifetime.


Andrew M
Englewood, CO



Valoré Shake - Just what my home needed!

Two weeks ago I had a Valoré Shake roof put on my drab house. I had tried to up my curb appeal, new shutters, front door, etc., but the job was not complete. This roofing product exceeded my expectations.

The fringe benefits I notice now are that the roof provides excellent insulation for sound and temperature.

Suzette Lance
Easley, SC


Bellaforté Slate stands up to Hail Storm!

I just wanted to let you know I just went through the latest hail storm in Dallas. We had golf-ball size hail and larger. After having a Bellaforté roof put on last December with Paridigm roofing, it was nice to walk out and see a roof with no damage what so ever. I just wish my VW Beetle could say the same. Thanks for a great product.

Robert Kerley
Dallas, TX


Fancy Shake Wins Hands Down!!

We have a 125' long, two story club house. It was built with a wood shake roof that was 45 yrs. old and neede to be replaced. Our residents are very fond of this building and didn't want the "look" to change. After much searching, We discovered DaVinci. I seleted color samples to be placed for the residents to view and vote on color and other roofing samoles. DaVinci won hands down! Here is a picure of the finished product.

Robert Cotterman
Scotts Valley, CA


DaVinci Roof - One Year Later

> White-out blizzards: Check.

> Thunderous downpours: Never seen more rain fall out of the sky at one time.

> Howling wind: Beeeeep…tornado warnings on the Weather Channel anyone?

> Searing heat and frigid temps. Yup. Need both a Gatorade and a scarf (not at the same time though.)

> Problems with our DaVinci Roofscapes roof: No, negative, not a one.

Theresa and I would be lying if we said anything other than the roof performs and looks as well as the day we finished installing it and has markedly improved our experience inside and outside our home.

Performance-wise, our DaVinci slate tiles look new. Nary a tile has curled, warped, deformed, come loose—nothing. The color is dead-on-money the same as it was a year ago. I can’t say that about every synthetic slate roof I’ve seen either. Boom: once and done.

The roof’s color scheme (Theresa selected DaVinci’s European blend) and shadow lines…well…let me think for a second. I was going to use some design jargon here, but the deeper reality is simpler. It makes us happy.  Read entire blog.

Mark & Theresa


Ready for any Weather!

The home originally had wooden shake shingles, which were covered up over the years with several layers of asphalt shingles. We wanted to use a historically-accurate product on the roof, but the extreme dry heat we experience, combined with lack of rainfall, makes wood shake roofing impractical and dangerous. We did what most homeowners do when searching for product options --- we turned to the Internet. After searching for faux slate shingles, we found that many companies produced these products, but our research showed that most of them warp over time. We discovered that only the slate tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes are uniquely designed to resist warping, fading, curling and cracking. And, these polymer tiles are fire and impact resistant, so we never have to worry about how our intense Texas heat or hail storms will affect them. This new roof, with the patina green on the copper, complements the original historic look of the home and helps us more appropriately ‘fit’ in our historic neighborhood. The roofing tiles never look like plastic. Right from the start they looked very natural with their understated slate gray color. While we decided not to use a blend of different colors, we’re delighted to see that there is still a subtle and natural looking variation of color from one roof tile to another. This so accurately resembles real slate that we’re completely delighted with its beauty. Now we’re the envy of the neighborhood and our roof is ready for any weather we face in Texas!  Read Full Story

Kathy Telecky, Homeowner
McKinney, TX

     McKinney Historic Home 

Icing on the Cake

We looked into many options when deciding to replace the asphalt shingle roof on our home. Our research brought us to the DaVinci Roofscapes web site. The Bellaforté roof that’s now on our house is absolutely beautiful --- it’s the icing on the cake for our 3,800-square foot ranch-style home. Because these tiles are fire resistant and can stand up to severe weather conditions, we’re able to save on our homeowners insurance. And, one of our neighbors was so impressed with the look and quality of the roof that they’ve scheduled to have Bellaforté tiles installed on their home this month.

The Bradshaws, Homeowners


Dayton Veterans Administration Medical Center Gets a New Roof!

The old 1800s photos of the roof design were faded and required a great deal of work to configure a new roof layout that would accurately reflect the original roof. The current roof structure of the historic building could not handle the weight of real slate, so we specified the lighter weight synthetic roofing slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. We were impressed by the authentic look of the DaVinci products and their 50-year warranty. The availability of different shades of tiles made it possible to accurately duplicate the original design from the chapel’s roof. The result is a roof that everyone is exceptionally pleased with and a design that brings the original exterior look back to the chapel.

Edward Groh, Architect at PEDCO
Cincinnati, OH

Dayton Chapel 1     Dayton Chapel 2

Recommended, Researched, and Reassured!

I heard about DaVinci Roofscapes from one of the insurance adjustors that was working our job. He said that it was the only product that was untouched by our tennis ball sized hail. Once I looked at the website and saw that you had a product that mimicked the 80 yr old tile that was on the house I was sold. The more I investigated I found that your material was what I needed for this job. I wanted something that would stand up to another monster hail storm as my wife never wanted to go through this again. We liked the blend of colors we chose as it went well with our English Tudor style home. The crew from CMR made the experience even better. I should say that I have been in the construction business for over 30 years and know the difference between a good job and a mediocre one. As I was doing a small addition on the house as they roofed it, I got to see them every day. Their attention to detail was impressive. I still like coming home to see the difference the roof made to the appearance to our home.

Dean Imel, Homeowner/Contractor
Nichols Hill, OK
Imel Home      Imel Mailbox


Seeking the Highest Level of Energy Efficiency Possible

Our goal was to create a new family home that demonstrated our dedication and commitment to the advancement of smart, sustainable design and our belief that good design is inherently sustainable. The careful selection of building materials and systems became paramount to achieving the highest level of energy efficiency possible. The demands on the roofing material not only had to complement the architectural style of our house and contribute to the energy efficiency goals, but also had to meet a Class-A fire-resistive rating. Our Architecture firm, Demattei Wong Architecture, worked from the top down in determining the products to specify. They searched for a roofing product that would have a minimum lifespan of 50 years, feature tiles that could be recycled, and provide a strong, positive look to the house. The research led us to the Bellaforté polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. There are many energy production and conservation aspects designed for this home, along with water harvesting systems ---- but it all really starts with the creation of an energy-efficient building envelope. We believe the Castle Gray EcoBlend Bellaforté roofing tiles exemplify our dedication to the advancement of smart, sustainable architectural design.

Anthony Demattei, Homeowner/Architect
San Mateo County, CA
Bellaforte Slate  Bellaforte Slate

No More Thermal Issues

I found DaVinci Roofscapes online, then I spoke with Anthony Tangaro at Empire Building Materials in Bozeman. We selected Bellaforté Slate by DaVinci Roofscapes (Verde blend) for cost, ease of installation, appearance and thermal issues. Overall, I loved the product.

B. Hallin, Homeowner
Bozeman, MT

     Hallin Home #2

Best Looking and Most Durable Roof in the Subdivision!

We heard about DaVinci Roofscapes from Andy Rock, owner of Rocky Mountain Roof Doctors in Colorado. He re-roofed our house with the DaVinci Valoré Shake, Espresso Blend. We wanted something that looked similar in color and shape to the old wood shake that was previously on our roof.   At the same time, we wanted it to be more durable than the old wood shake. The DaVinci Valoré Shake fit those two requirements for us. To help us get the best result, the DaVinci representative worked closely with our roofer. The DaVinci representative even came to our house with the roofer to ensure that we'd get the right color blend and the right amount of material on order. The whole process flowed seamlessly for us. I think we now have the best looking and most durable roof in the subdivision. The Davinci Valore Shake looks so much better than the ordinary shingles you see on most of the homes in the neighborhood!

The Wielands, Homeowners
Broomfield, CO



Bellaforté Slate and Solar Panels

I was introduced to DaVinci Roofscapes by my roofer. He recommended your product and showed me your website. I selected DaVinci's Bellaforté Slate in Slate Gray. The main consideration was durability (and lifespan): I have solar panels which I have to clean periodically, and I was tired of breaking my old concrete tiles. I also like the light weight - it more than makes up for the additional weight of my solar system (44 panels). Plus, my association does not allow asphalt shingles, so I needed something that looks like tiles. That also determined the color.  My DaVinci experience was positive. My roofer did an awesome job, and the roof looks great!

B. Gale, Homeowner
Whittier, CA


Tickled in Texas!

Brett Hall of Joe Hall Roofing introduced us to DaVinci Roofscapes Valoré Slate products. We selected this product for the durability and appearance. We were able to get this roof in a Light Gray custom blend, a dark roof is not suitable for Texas weather. We had a very good experience with our DaVinci Roof installation and so far, so good!

The Alsmillers, Homeowners
Ft. Worth, TX