Seeking the Highest Level of Energy Efficiency Possible

Our goal was to create a new family home that demonstrated our dedication and commitment to the advancement of smart, sustainable design and our belief that good design is inherently sustainable. The careful selection of building materials and systems became paramount to achieving the highest level of energy efficiency possible. The demands on the roofing material not only had to complement the architectural style of our house and contribute to the energy efficiency goals, but also had to meet a Class-A fire-resistive rating. Our Architecture firm, Demattei Wong Architecture, worked from the top down in determining the products to specify. They searched for a roofing product that would have a minimum lifespan of 50 years, feature tiles that could be recycled, and provide a strong, positive look to the house. The research led us to the Bellaforté polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. There are many energy production and conservation aspects designed for this home, along with water harvesting systems ---- but it all really starts with the creation of an energy-efficient building envelope. We believe the Castle Gray EcoBlend Bellaforté roofing tiles exemplify our dedication to the advancement of smart, sustainable architectural design.

Anthony Demattei, Homeowner/Architect
San Mateo County, CA
Bellaforte Slate  Bellaforte Slate

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