Ready for any Weather!

The home originally had wooden shake shingles, which were covered up over the years with several layers of asphalt shingles. We wanted to use a historically-accurate product on the roof, but the extreme dry heat we experience, combined with lack of rainfall, makes wood shake roofing impractical and dangerous. We did what most homeowners do when searching for product options --- we turned to the Internet. After searching for faux slate shingles, we found that many companies produced these products, but our research showed that most of them warp over time. We discovered that only the slate tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes are uniquely designed to resist warping, fading, curling and cracking. And, these polymer tiles are fire and impact resistant, so we never have to worry about how our intense Texas heat or hail storms will affect them. This new roof, with the patina green on the copper, complements the original historic look of the home and helps us more appropriately ‘fit’ in our historic neighborhood. The roofing tiles never look like plastic. Right from the start they looked very natural with their understated slate gray color. While we decided not to use a blend of different colors, we’re delighted to see that there is still a subtle and natural looking variation of color from one roof tile to another. This so accurately resembles real slate that we’re completely delighted with its beauty. Now we’re the envy of the neighborhood and our roof is ready for any weather we face in Texas!  Read Full Story

Kathy Telecky, Homeowner
McKinney, TX

     McKinney Historic Home 

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