Color Assistance Please

I am seriously considering your product, but unsure about the color. I have attached a photo of our home. As you can see we currently have wood shake. We are considering either the Weathered Gray Blend or perhaps the Mountain Blend. What we are trying to achieve is the look of real shake from the curb.

Thoughts please!


Name: Jared
Product: Shake


Hi Jared,

The two blends you are considering would both work to achieve that look of real shake you are after.

I think that the Mountain Blend might work a bit better with the main color of your home but the Weathered Gray would be a good choice too as long as you would like a roof that is a bit lighter than what is currently on your home.

With the Mountain Blend the roof will be slightly darker than the siding, with Weathered Gray a bit lighter. From the way the colors look in your photos I believe either will work with the elements I can see on and around your home. The choice really depends on the overall look you prefer.

Multi Width Shake

I hope that helps.


Kate Smith

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