Mosquitoes, Hobos and Elvis Shakes it Up

August Monthly Celebrations!"Thank you ... thank you very much." Who is famous for saying those words? If you guessed Elvis Presley, then you easily qualify to celebrate Elvis Week from August 8 through 12. You don't have to be in Memphis to join the fun ... just put on your blue suede shoes and dance the night away!

If you're not an Elvis fan, then maybe you'd like to celebrate National Psychics Week (August 1-5), International Clown Week (August 1-7) or National Hobo Week (August 11-14). This month also marks some fun and special days ... like Spiderman Day on August 1st, National Underwear Day on August 5th, I Love My Feet Day on August 17th and World Mosquito Day on August 20th (go ahead and swat a few!).

As in many households across the country, at DaVinci Roofscapes we're getting ready to cheer on Team USA when the XXXI Summer Olympics start on August 5th. Whether you're rooting for your favorite swimmer or volleyball player, make sure to stay up-to-date on all the activities by following the schedule provided at Rio2016. From equestrian events to water polo to table tennis, this site has it all. Go Team USA! And we offer a hearty "thank you ... thank you very much" to all the competing athletes!


Chicken Wings, Cheesecake and Caviar

Every month seems to have a different theme ... and July is all about food.

If you're hungry, this is the month for you! Month-long celebrations in July are dedicated to grilling, blueberries, ice cream and hot dogs. Special mini-festivities focus on beans and bacon, garlic and even baby food.

You can actually "eat your way through" July with a different food festival every day. There's International Chicken Wing Day, French Fry Day, Mac & Cheese Day, Slurpee Day (on 7-11!), Cheesecake Day and Lasagna Day. For those with discriminating tastes there's also National Caviar Day. And, if all that eating makes you a little lazy, don't worry ... July 24th is National Drive Thru Day!

At DaVinci Roofscapes we think it's fun to share these crazy, offbeat celebrations with you each month. We know you can't be thinking about your home and your roof all the time. After all, you have to eat!

But, when you do start thinking about a roof replacement, we hope you'll consider our synthetic roofing material. Made to withstand severe weather, fire and impact, our polymer slate and composite shake roofing tiles are durable and reliable.

Another note ... stick to the cheesecake and chicken wings this month. Neither you nor insects can eat our polymer roofing. While our composite roofing may look "good enough to eat" ... they're termite-resistant so insects and critters will have to look somewhere else for their next meal!


Celebrating Made in USA Day with American-Made Building Products

Happy Made in USA Day!

July 2 each year is the time to remember that buying Made in America materials --- including building products --- helps support our economy.

MAde in USA"Selecting a toilet, roof or window that's made in the United States supports our economy and keeps Americans employed," says Tim Carter, founder of "I've had my hand on the pulse of the building industry for 20+ years as a builder, and now 20 more years as a new product reviewer, and I've seen firsthand that American-made products resonate with consumers in today's market.

"Some consumers don't realize how much rides on their decision when purchasing a new garage door or insulation for the attic. Every purchase we make impacts our nation's economy, so it's important to make a conscious effort to choose American-made products. That's an important part of the reason why I selected synthetic slate roofing tile from DaVinci Roofscapes, made in Kansas, for my own home last year." (See the story Roof Busters!)

Carter and others in the building industry have found through the years that USA-made products are quality-made with the added benefit of arriving faster at the job site.

"There's no magic to purchasing Made in America products for home construction," says Carter. "All it takes is the dedicated effort of consumers and building professionals to look for Made in America packaging and commit to supporting our country and our economy."





June 5-11: National Roofing Week

Here's a celebration we love to support. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has designated June 5-11, 2016 as National Roofing Week!

Designer RoofThe yearly event focuses on the good deeds of the roofing industry and stresses the value of professional roofing contractors. That's a great message to share and DaVinci Roofscapes applauds NRCA for creating this special week. 

Professional roofing contractors are just as important to homeowners as licensed plumbers or HVAC experts. When it comes to your roof, you need to invest in experts trained to evaluate, make recommendations and do repair or replacement services.

Fortunately the NRCA has a great tool on its website (click HERE) that can quickly help you identify NRCA professional roofing contractors in your immediate area. Keep this easy-to-use tool in mind when you're considering a roof replacement.(Along with Checklist For Your Roof Replacement)

In the "Everybody Needs a Roof" section of their website, homeowners can find tips and tools on everything from a checklist to Buying a New Roof and Getting Your Money's Worth to How to Select a Professional Contractor to A Guide to Checking Your Roof.

NRCA is a great resource for consumers ... and National Roofing Week is the ideal time to visit their website to get detailed information and insights before replacing your roof! 


Cobras, Headless Chickens and Hurricanes, Oh My!

Another month, another look at the crazy events people are celebrating.

In June you can join in the activities of National Bathroom Reading Month, National Smile Month or Fight the Filthy Fly Month. Or, mark your calendar for June 17-19 for Duct Tape Days or June 23-26 for Watermelon Seed Spitting Days.

Speaking of days, there are some very creative ones in June. Here's a list of our favorites at DaVinci Roofscapes:

            - June 2: Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day

            - June 3: Mike, the Headless Chicken Day

            - June 5 - National Moonshine Day

            - June 11 - World Bike Naked Day

            - June 23 - Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Day

We don't make these days up ... but we'd sure like to see how some of them are truly celebrated!

June also has some more "traditional" holidays, like Father's Day on the 19th and the start of Summer on the 20th. And let's not forget that the 2016 Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st.

Whether you're celebrating International Clothesline Week from June 4-11 or Worldwide Knit in Public Week from June 11-19, we appreciate you making it a priority to visit the DaVinci blog site from time to time. We'd even like to see pictures of how you're celebrating the crazy holidays we mention each month ... except World Bike Naked Day. You can keep those pictures private!


That's A Lot of Roof

Lee and Chris Young have a sprawling custom home in Kansas. When their old cedar roofing started to fail they didn't want to say farewell to the look of cedar shake roofing --- just to the hassles inherent in real cedar.

"Wind, sun and hail took their toll on our shake shingles," says homeowner Lee Young. "We plan to live in our house for another 15-20 years and wanted a roofing product that would maintain a like-new appearance for decades to come.

"We're in a rural area, so we also have concerns about fire protection and the spread of wildfire. That's a big concern throughout Kansas these days. Once we did our research, we found that composite shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes was the answer. It brought us comfort just knowing about its high ratings against fire spread, wind and impact."

The Youngs selected DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in a Tahoe Blend to cover their home in the "wood shingle" look they wanted. And they chose Weddle & Sons, Inc. to handle the challenging task of installation.

Fake Cedar Shake


"This was a huge project because of the size of the roof along with the beautiful landscaping surrounding the home," says Allyn Weddle, co-founder of Weddle & Sons. "We took great care to plan out removal of the old cedar shake roofing, covering up the roof to protect from pop-up storms, and then the actual installation of the synthetic cedar shake materials.

"This was one of almost 20 DaVinci roofs we installed last year, so we have solid experience with this simulated shake roofing product. Because our company serves communities within a 60-mile radius of Manhattan, Kansas, we get repeat calls for this composite roofing. It can withstand severe weather and look great for years to come.

"With a DaVinci roof overhead, homeowners definitely have more peace-of-mind. And, in some cases like the Youngs, there's also an added benefit of gaining discounts on homeowner insurance premiums. That's a win-win situation!"

Want to learn more about how other homeowners made the switch to composite roofing? Check out  North Carolina Embraces Polymer Shake Shingles and  Big Changes for Big Bear Lake Resident.


Tubas, Chicken Dancing and Hurricanes

May is a month of many strange celebrations. There's Lumpy Rug Day on the 3rd, Dance Like a Chicken Day on the 14th and Tuba Day on the 6th. Those are nothing special compared to World Naked Gardening Day on the 7th and International Tiara Day on the 24th!

Severe WeatherWhile some people may be excited about No Socks Day on the 8th, at DaVinci Roofscapes we're more likely to circle the dates of May 15-21 on our calendar. That's National Hurricane Preparedness Week --- an event we take very seriously. This is a time families and businesses should take to assess their daily locations, get updated on tips to handle hurricane situations, and prepare emergency plans.

Mother Nature hits us with all her fury when a hurricane strikes. High winds, hail and severe flooding are all part of her calling card.

In a hurricane, there are four vital areas of a structure that need to securely stay in place to keep a home or business standing --- the windows, entry doors, garage door and the roof. If one of these elements is breached, then Mother Nature comes inside to cause massive damage. (See 2015 Hurricane Season: Are You Ready?)

If you're in an area prone to hurricane situations, make sure you take time now, before Hurricane Season starts on June 1st, to evaluate the condition of your roof. We offer advice for how to do this, along with the benefits of having composite roofing, at Prepare Your Home for 2013 Hurricane Season.

This month, get serious about preparing for the 2016 Hurricane Season. After you've taken the necessary precautions to safeguard your home, then go ahead and celebrate Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day on May 29th. It's an old tradition started in the 1930s to bring good luck to a household!


Shades of Gray in Richmond

If you're planning a trip to Richmond, Va. in the future, make sure to include a "tour of DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofs."

It's easy to do. Just visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and make sure to pass by the Evelyn D. Reinhart House at St. Mary's Hospital. Both these locations have sustainable roofing from DaVinci.

When you're at the botanical gardens, visit the Bloemendaal House, built in 1884. With views of Lakeside Lake, the historic home hosts wedding receptions, small events and unique functions. And, atop the two-story house you'll find Bellaforté Slate roofing tiles in Castle Gray --- the perfect accent for the lovely setting.

On the campus of St. Mary's Hospital you'll find the spacious new 14,000-square-foot Evelyn D. Reinhart House. The structure includes 16 guest rooms and is used for guests of the hospital as a "home away from home." On top of this beautiful building you'll find Single-Width DaVinci roofing tiles in Slate Gray.

Evelyn D. Reinhardt HouseIt's no surprise that shades of gray are so popular on these Richmond roofs. According to color expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color, gray is a classic, timeless color. (See The Power of Gray)

"Gray is a color with historic roots that is at home on a beach bungalow or a stately mansion," says Smith. "Shades of gray continue to increase in popularity because of the color's widespread appeal.

"The color gray reflects the finer things in life, a respect for history, and a love of colors that are as complex as we are. Gray tones are mysterious in many ways ... especially in how they can both 'carry' a color scheme or sit back and serve as a bolster to other colors."


Gray at Home - A Trendy Color

When it comes to home exteriors, gray is a true neutral that "plays well" with all other colors.

Fake SlateColor expert Kate Smith relates that neutral gray can set the stage for creating a cohesive color scheme for the many materials used in a New American house and other home styles.

"Traditional homes are appealing for tones of medium or deep gray, accented with lighter trim and strong accent colors," says Smith, with Sensational Color. "Ranch style homes benefit from going with two tones of gray --- one for the designer roof and one for the siding --- to give the illusion of height to balance the strong horizontal design of a Ranch.

"You'll also find that gray can balance the multi-color schemes found on Victorian homes. And, on any style home, gray is an appealing alternative to white or off-white as a trim choice."

Inside the home, Smith says that homeowners are requesting gray in everything from cabinetry to flooring to furniture. "Gone are the days of matching metals," says Smith. "Today, incorporating different metals and finishes is the way to go. People are mixing the gray of silver, pewter and chrome with the warm tones of gold, iron and copper. These are unique ways that gray proves its staying power as a stable color both inside and outside our homes."

For gray polymer roofing color options from DaVinci Roofscapes, see Don't Hide Your Gray! 


Architectural Insights: Kevin Price

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we have the opportunity to work with many architects and designers on a daily basis. Many of these people, like Kevin Price of Kevin Price Designs in Utah, specify DaVinci polymer roofing again and again on their projects ... which is why we want to share their insights with you!

Q: Why do you keep including DaVinci polymer roofing material on your home designs? 

A: First and foremost, I like the way they look. When I look at the versatility of the DaVinci products I know I can always find a style that will fit my needs. The other point about the DaVinci sustainable roofing that makes it easy to sell to clients is its durability. 


Q: What are the features/benefits of DaVinci products that work best for your geographical setting in Utah?

A: The Park City area is a tremendous test for composite roofing products, and DaVinci is the only product I’ve used that has been able to hold up to our severe weather conditions, such as extreme freeze/thaw cycles; ice build-up; high UV light. The latter being especially important, because I’ve seen a lot of other roofing products lose their color and eventually look cheap. DaVinci is the only synthetic roofing material I specify.


Q: What have the reactions been of your homeowner clients to your recommendations of the DaVinci imitation slate and composite shake products? 

A:  My clients are always very complimentary of the DaVinci products. Clearly, the DaVinci products cost a little more than other products that will not hold up as well, but I’ve never had a client come back to me and say they wish they hadn’t spent that extra money on the roof – quite the contrary, when they see their neighbor’s roofs start to lose their color or see their neighbor’s asphalt roofs start to look a little cheap as time goes by, they often comment to me that they are so glad I specified the DaVinci product. They almost wear it as a badge of pride.


Q: What insights would you share with other designers and architects about specifying DaVinci green roofing materials? 

A: Designers and architects need to become familiar enough with the DaVinci products to be able to convince their clients of its superiority over cheaper alternatives.  This roof is an investment for the future and for homeowner peace-of-mind. Overall, the DaVinci designer roofs make me look good, because they put a refined edge on my homes that no other roofing material can emulate. 

Designer Shakes Up Utah Roofs gives more details on Kevin's love of lightweight tiles for the roof from DaVinci!


Composite Slate Luxury Roofs --- Times Two

Side-by-side homes in Birmingham, Michigan have more than the same contractor in common --- they both have DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roofs.

Built by Thomas Sebold & Associates and roofed by Butcher and Butcher Construction Company, the homes are both topped with durable composite slate roofing to complement the home designs and help protect them from severe weather conditions. (See Spotlight on: Butcher & Butcher Construction Co)

"We felt good about working with the team at Butcher and Butcher," says homeowner Jay Feldman. "They were patient while we picked out our custom color blend of Castle Grey, Medium Tan and Dark Purple for our designer roof and they did a professional job.

"There are many strong features of our DaVinci roof. The lifetime limited warranty and low maintenance aspects bring us peace-of-mind. Best of all, our roof looks unique and perfectly complements our home's design."

Next door at the home of Feldman's neighbors, Castle Gray Multi-Width imitation slate tiles were installed on his home.

"The authentic natural slate appearance of the DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles was the most important feature in our decision to select this product," says the homeowner. "The product's benefits of resistance to hail and fire, as well as the lightweight aspect of the composite tiles, have added to my overall satisfaction with the DaVinci roofing products."

Fake Slate


Architectural West Magazine Focuses on DaVinci Roofscapes

What are architects reading about these days? In the two most recent issues of Architectural West magazine, they're reading about synthetic shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes!

The November/December 2015 issue of the magazine included a cover story on the re-roofing of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Centennial, Colorado featuring composite shake shingles from DaVinci. (See Horn Brothers Create Lightweight Roofing Solutions).

Then, in the new January/February 2016 issue, the cover story is on the beautiful Fleur du Lac Estates project on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.  That's where DaVinci simulated shake roofing tiles have been installed on the Yacht Club and Boat House, and will soon appear on homes in the community. (See Hassle-Free DaVinci Shake Tiles)

In case you don't subscribe to Architectural West, we want to make it easy for you to read these in-depth project profiles on DaVinci polymer roofing. Just click on the magazine covers below to get instantly connected to the stories.  Happy reading!



Bad News for Cupid

Oh no! Cupid has an important job to do, but he's been thwarted by homes with impact-resistant DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake and slate tiles overhead.

"Time is tight and I'm trying to shoot my love messages to people in homes, but the DaVinci roofs are really getting in my way," says Cupid. "I'm using all my strength, but my arrows are simply bouncing off the DaVinci roofs."

Cupid has discovered what many homeowners have already learned --- DaVinci synthetic slate and imitation shake roofing tiles are Class 4 rated for impact resistance, plus they have a Class A fire rating, so even flaming arrows won't damage them.

"Synthetic roof tiles are durable in all kinds of situations," says Wendy Bruch, marketing manager with DaVinci Roofscapes. "Our roofs normally have to stand up to hail, high winds, snow and other weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at them. So, unfortunately for Cupid, he's going to have to find another way to deliver his heartfelt messages."

The good news for Cupid is that he can see DaVinci roofs in shades of his favorite color --- red --- during his romantic travels.(See Red, Red Roof)

Designer RoofIn Stamford, Conn. the Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat has a custom terracotta color blend of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate on its roof to accent the restful setting of the Mediterranean-style complex and gardens. (See Terracotta-Hued Roof Added to Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat).

And, in Greenwood, Penn. homeowner Ellen Greenwood recently had a custom adobe red composite slate roof put on her 1867 white farmhouse to complement a nearby classic red metal roof on a stone barn.

Gillespie Contracting helped Greenwood get the red roof of her dreams. "The owner had a very specific shade of red in mind for her roof and I had confidence DaVinci could deliver," says Bill Gillespie, president of Gillespie Contracting. "The final choice on product selection came down to DaVinci and another faux slate. Mrs. Greenwood compared both products side by side and felt the DaVinci simulated slate roofing was more durable and sturdier than the other option."

Durable, colorful and arrow puncture-proof. A winning combination sure to impress even Cupid.


Mother Nature Hired as Head Designer at DaVinci Roofscapes

As we launch into 2016, the team at DaVinci Roofscapes gives full credit to Mother Nature for the continued success and acceptance of our composite shake and imitation slate roofing products. (See Is it Real or is it DaVinci?)

"In 2015 we recreated all of our composite slate product profiles using Mother Nature as our head designer," says Mark Hansen, vice president of sales and marketing at DaVinci Roofscapes. "The results are an amazingly realistic quarried profile that people have to get up close to in order to determine they're not looking at real slate roofing.

Polymer Slate Roof

"Our synthetic Bellaforté Shake tiles were already created as an exact duplication of real wood shakes. Thanks to their authenticity, polymer shake roofing is our best selling product. With our slate line now perfectly replicating natural slate, we believe 2016 will be another strong year for our company."

Fake Cedar Shake


Hansen points out that growth of DaVinci products overall appears to come as a result of the acceptance and growing awareness of the company's polymer roofing.

"We always say that roofs sell roofs," says Hansen. "We seem to do the best in areas where we have had the longest presence. The more DaVinci lightweight roofing systems installed in a specific market, the more we sell there because people like what they see.

"We hear stories everyday about people stopping homeowners to ask what roofing product is on their home ... then they contact us about replacing their own roofs with DaVinci products."


February: Loving Jello, Valentine's Day and a Fake Shake Roof

Love. Love. Love. The month of February is the most romantic month of the year.

While many focus on Valentine's Day with their warm thoughts, others just love to focus on Super Bowl Sunday and Mardi Gras as their favorite "holidays" in this lovely month. But, there's so much more to February.

We've done our research and discovered that February 20th is "Love Your Pet Day" and Jello Lovers Week is February 7-13. Do you love pizza, Girls Scout cookies or pancakes? There are specialty days devoted to these tasty treats in this festive month.Fake Cedar Shake

Of course, at DaVinci Roofscapes we're very tuned in to love --- because we get so many comments and calls from homeowners who love their synthetic roofing material. Linda Merrihew is a great example. She didn't want a composite roof ... until she saw the DaVinci simulated shake roofing on a home in her neighborhood. (DaVinci Composite Shake: Seeing is Believing)

"After we visited a few locations so I could actually see it on an entire roof (and not just a picture or a piece), I loved it," says Merrihew, a resident of Tualitin, Oregon. "Our roof is a huge portion of our house so a single color would have been boring and overpowering. The tri-color grey blend is subtle but just enough to break it up and make it look unique. I love it!" 



Fat-Free Composite Roofing

Counting calories and headed to the gym this month? You're not alone. January is the post-indulgence month. It's also Diet Month, Fat-Free Living Month and Fiber Focus Month. So, it's only natural that it's also Oatmeal Month and Prune Breakfast Month!

Polymer RoofingIf you get just halfway into the month and get fed up with a healthier lifestyle, then consider celebrating on January 17th --- Ditch Your New Year Resolutions Day.

Here's one 2016 resolution you'll want to keep. Don't let your roof go on a diet. If your asphalt roofing tiles are looking too "thin" and are shedding their granules faster than you're shedding pounds, then this is the year to invest in durable polymer roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Our imitation slate shingles and cedar shake alternative tiles are long-lasting and beautiful. And, when you select EcoBlend composite roofing tiles you will also be able to save money on your long term energy bills ... which is a smart decision you can make on January 10th --- National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Or, consider waiting for January 13th to invest in synthetic roofing material for your home --- Make Your Dreams Come True Day!

Need more details to make a 2016 polymer roofing decision? Then see To Slate, or Not to Slate ... That is the Question and Save $$$ With an Eco-Friendly Roof.


Santa Searches for Stores with DaVinci Rooftops

Polymer RoofingThe countdown is on ... and the elves are running behind. Santa has agreed to stop off and do some last minute Christmas shopping before making his deliveries. But the question is ... where should Santa shop?

"I'm not just looking for great gifts, but a place to safely land my reindeer and sleigh," says Saint Nicholas.

Lucky for Santa that he remembers his Christmas Eve trek a few years ago that introduced him to DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing tiles. (See Santa's Reindeer Add DaVinci Polymer Roofing to their Wish Lists)

"Those composite slate and synthetic shake tiles really held up exceptionally well under the weight of my overflowing sled," says Santa. "The reindeer had no trouble landing on them and we could see from the sky they had beautiful colors in realistic slate and shake tiles."

Now, where can Santa shop on December 24th?

According to the team at DaVinci Roofscapes, Santa has many options. There are polymer shake roofs in Santa's favorite color (a custom red) on many Bass Pro Shops across the United States along with a stunning composite shake roof atop The North Face store in Victor, New York.

And if Santa's in the mood to multi-task, he can stop at the Barrack Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville, Virginia --- home to Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chico's and Talbot's --- which also has DaVinci roofing overhead. Halfway across the country in Kansas City, Santa can reload on gifts at almost 100 stores at Country Club Plaza. There he'll find DaVinci roofing covering every store he needs from Baby Gap to Tiffany & Co. to Zoom Toy Store!

"I'm setting my RPS (Reindeer Positioning System) coordinates to hop-scotch across America looking for stores with DaVinci roofs," says St. Nick. "And next year, I ho-ho-hope that more stores will have these wonderful roofs overhead!"


Gingerbread Houses, Egg Nog and Crossword Puzzles

December overflows with family events and holiday cheer. With Hanukkah and Christmas taking center stage, it's sometimes easy to forget the lesser-known celebrations.

Holiday CheerNot to worry ... DaVinci Roofscapes is here to remind you of the fun and unusual festivities you can celebrate this month.

If you're in the mood for fun all month long, December is National Tie Month, Exotic Fruits Month, National Egg Nog Month and, let's not forget, National Fruitcake Month. If you'd like to eat healthier, it's also National Tomato Month and National Winter Squash Month!

With a full 31 days packed with fun, this is the month to celebrate National Bath Tub Party Day on the 5th and National Pastry Day on the 9th. December 16th is National Chocolate-Covered-Anything Day and the 15th is Cat Herders Day! You can also go online to see the National Gingerbread House Competition winners at the Grove Park Inn to celebrate Gingerbread House Day on the 12th.

And if all this celebrating is too much for you, settle in on December 21 with a crossword puzzle ... and relax on Crossword Puzzle Day!

Need more December festive occasions? Then check out No Cookie Cutter Roofs with DaVinci Roofscapes!


Sky-High View of Polymer Roofing

Look! Up in the sky ... is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a drone!

These days drones are all the rage --- and sometimes they cause rage. Despite some concerns, drones are predicted to be one of the top Christmas gift items this year. And, after DaVinci Roofscapes hired a drone photographer for the first time, we now understand why.

As you might guess, it's a bit difficult to get pictures of our polymer roofing on homes in some areas. Steep slope roofing can make it especially hard to get good shots of valleys featuring our simulated shake roofing and synthetic slate shingles.

Late this past summer we hired a company to take both drone pictures and video of Al Ruggerillo's house in Traverse City, Michigan. Al and his wife Pam had our Multi-Width Slate roofing tiles installed earlier this year on their expansive home. We were especially interested to get aerial images because the Traverse City area had severe weather, including hail and high winds, right before the photographer came out. (See  When the Winds Blow ... )

As you can see in the video, this designer roof looks tremendous. And, we've now got some terrific pictures and video to share with you to prove our composite roofing can hold up to all kinds of weather!


Eating Up November

November is all about food. Of course there's the mega-eating celebration at Thanksgiving, but there are numerous food-dedicated days leading up to the holiday.

National Food DayIf you're hungry, go ahead and celebrate Sandwich Day on the 3rd, National Candy Day on the 4th and National Nacho Day on the 6th. Or, just binge on the 15th, which is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day!

Whether you're a daring diner and choose to celebrate Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day on the 8th or if you're a lazy cook and indulge in National Fast Food Day on the 16th, one thing's for sure ... make sure to celebrate Use Your Common Sense Day on the 4th.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we invite you to work off all that food by taking a stroll around your home's exterior. Look up at your roof. Now's the time of year (before the snow falls!) to check out your roof for loose or missing tiles, worn out areas or clogged gutters.

In between celebrating Donut Day on the 5th and National French Toast Day on the 16th, call a licensed contractor if you see damage to your roof. (We can help --- click HERE for tips on selecting a contractor and see DaVinci Advice: Call the Pros)

Getting your roof fixed before winter weather hits may just earn you an extra slice of pie on November 29th --- National Lemon Creme Pie Day!