100-Year-Old Slate Roof Replaced on NJ School

When roofer Chris Boyd saw the Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta, New Jersey a year ago, he smiled. The roof was in very bad shape. It still had its original 100-year old slate tiles on the building.

Slate RoofWhy was Chris smiling? Because he knew this school would look great with a fake slate roof. 

"We specialize in authentic historic design roofing work," says Chris. "This project totally fit our capabilities. I've been installing roofs for 28 years and the authenticity of the slate alternative roofs we use is one of the best advances I've witnessed in this industry."

For this school project, Boyd and his team installed 198 squares of DaVinci synthetic slate roofing tiles in a European blend color. Resistant to fire, high wind and high impact, the DaVinci products were fast and easy for Boyd to install. He also made sure to place snow guards around the structure to ease the potential accumulation of snow on the synthetic slate roof during winter months.

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