Churches Thankful for Roofs Overhead

From Saint Louis Catholic Church to the Cynthiana Baptist Church, church members nationwide are giving thanks for the sturdy polymer roofing products over their heads. Whether replaced due to old age or storm damage, replacement lightweight roofing systems are becoming popular in churches across America.

"Within the past few years we've been blessed to see a significant increase of our roofing products used for church projects,"  says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. "The biggest trend we've witnessed is for simulated shake and slate roofing products to be used on historic churches to replicate the original look of a slate or shake roof."

Churches Coast-to-CoastPolymer

In Ohio, the 140+ year old chapel at the Dayton Veterans Administration Medical Center recently had its roof replaced. The new DaVinci plastic slate roof replicates the original large cross design with a star-studded border in medium tan slate polymer tiles on a background of black slate polymer tiles.

Another historic religious center, St. Patrick's Church in Terra Haute, Indiana, was created in 1881. A new Bellaforté slate roof was recently installed to replicate the structure's original roof. Aging copper gutters blend with the blend of greens on the lightweight roofing solution for the parishioners.

For visitors tcedar shakeo the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in Johnson City, New York, it's the three 80-foot tall domes capping the massive structure that captures immediate attention. A re-roofing job done in 2011 features 90 squares of Valoré polymer shake tiles in a Tuscano color blend of light, medium light, medium and dark autumn colors. The simulated shake roofing on the church accents the wood exterior, creating a stunning structure.

Other churches featuring lightweight roofing systems from DaVinci include St. Clement Eucharist Shrine in Boston, Unitarian Universalists Church in Muncie, Indiana and the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles.

"The appeal of polymer roofing's longevity, aesthetics and durability are greatly appreciated by many church congregations," says Rosewall. "These low-maintenance products bring peace-of-mind to many churches and are truly an answer to their prayers."

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