Cobras, Headless Chickens and Hurricanes, Oh My!

Another month, another look at the crazy events people are celebrating.

In June you can join in the activities of National Bathroom Reading Month, National Smile Month or Fight the Filthy Fly Month. Or, mark your calendar for June 17-19 for Duct Tape Days or June 23-26 for Watermelon Seed Spitting Days.

Speaking of days, there are some very creative ones in June. Here's a list of our favorites at DaVinci Roofscapes:

            - June 2: Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day

            - June 3: Mike, the Headless Chicken Day

            - June 5 - National Moonshine Day

            - June 11 - World Bike Naked Day

            - June 23 - Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Day

We don't make these days up ... but we'd sure like to see how some of them are truly celebrated!

June also has some more "traditional" holidays, like Father's Day on the 19th and the start of Summer on the 20th. And let's not forget that the 2016 Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st.

Whether you're celebrating International Clothesline Week from June 4-11 or Worldwide Knit in Public Week from June 11-19, we appreciate you making it a priority to visit the DaVinci blog site from time to time. We'd even like to see pictures of how you're celebrating the crazy holidays we mention each month ... except World Bike Naked Day. You can keep those pictures private!

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