Colorful Custom Roof Projects - Part I

Tropical Sunset. Beaver Creek. Steely Green. These are just some of the personalized custom color roofing tiles that DaVinci Roofscapes has created during the past several years. Because the company has the ability to custom create any roofing color or color blend, the options are limitless for builders, architects, roofers and homeowners --- including those profiled below --- who wish to create unique colors for their polymer DaVinci slate and shake roofing tiles.

Selecting Nature-Inspired Colors

When Mike and Andrea Boone selected a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof for their new home, color selection played a major role.

Custom polymer slate blendThe Boones created a personalized DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof that features a blended combination of Slate Black and Slate Gray with highlight colors blended in of Light Green and Dark Green.

“We wanted a roof with some interest to it, not just one tedious color,” reports Dr. Mike Boone, a part-time resident of the coastal town of Cayucos, Calif. “Also, we needed a roof color combination that would not show sea salt spray or seagull poop. The subtleness of the colors we selected blended well together. We liked the blend of the roof colors so much that they inspired us to select exterior siding and accent colors to complement it.”


Colorful Roof Party

Homeowner Dan Baer was so happy with his colorful new Bellaforté roof that he threw a roof party to celebrate!

Bellaforte Slate“I wanted everyone to reach out, touch this roof and see why we’re so excited,” says Baer, a homeowner in Yorba Linda, Calif. “I’m thrilled with the quality of the DaVinci product, the custom color we selected and the fire-resistancy of this polymer roof.

“Our custom blend is a mix of light brown, medium brown, medium tan and dark amber. DaVinci used its VariBlend technology to create a continuous variation from tile to tile, which resulted in a beautiful, natural blend.”





Beaver Creek Blend on Town Homes

Roofing symmetry is one of the key goals for homes and buildings in the resort community of Beaver Creek, Colorado. A specific blend of green, tan and gray colors keeps a unified look to the area.

 Custom polymer slate blendAt Elk Track Town Homes of Beaver Creek, 16 units have been re-roofed using a custom blend of colors created by DaVinci Roofscapes. Named the “Beaver Creek Blend,” the durable polymer slate tiles were selected for the Elk Track Town Homes because of DaVinci’s ability to custom match the colors of the tiles to the existing roofs in the community.

 “Both the Design Review Board at Beaver Creek and the homeowners association for the town homes had to approve the product choice and the color before we could begin,” says Mark Belitt, owner and vice president of Arapahoe Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. out of Broomfield, Colorado. “There’s a standard six-blend ‘Beaver Creek style’ throughout the village area that DaVinci was able to match up perfectly.”


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