Happy 4th of July --- Buy American!

With today being Independence Day, it's important to focus in on all things American --- including manufacturers that support America.

Based in Kansas City, Kansas, DaVinci Roofscapes has been producing 100 percent "Made in America" roofing products for the past 13 years.

"Responsible American consumers can research the products they purchase and make a conscious effort to support our country by purchasing products made in the U.S.A." says Ray Rosewall, DaVinci's president and CEO.

"We provide jobs to Americans, support the economy with the taxes we pay as a company, and produce beautiful, top-quality polymer roofing products that Americans can rely on to help safeguard their homes and families against the wrath of Mother Nature.

"We're so confident in the quality of our lightweight roofing materials that we offer a 50-year limited warranty on every polymer shake and slate roofing tile we produce."

Rosewall goes on to explain that by relying on suppliers located only in the U.S.A., DaVinci is able to support many avenues of the economy.

"There's a natural multiplier effect of our 'Made in America' focus that benefits numerous companies in our country and people,” says Rosewall. “Every roofing tile we sell helps the continued growth of our country's economy. As a result, homeowners purchasing our polymer roofing tiles are contributing to the economic recovery and enhancing the appearance of their own homes."

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