Polymer Shake Roof Accents Ukrainian Church

Shake RoofVisitors to the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in Johnson City, New York are immediately captivated by the traditional Ukrainian design of the church structure, including three 80-foot tall domes.

From far away, it looks like the building's siding and roof are all made of wood shakes. But look closer and you'll see that the roof is really made of DaVinci's polymer Valoré shake tiles. More than 90 squares were used in the Tuscano color blend of light, medium light, medium and dark autumn colors.

"The wooden cedar shake roof installed on the church in 1977 deteriorated so badly that we started looking at alternative composite shake materials back in 1995," says Rev. Teodor B. Czabala, Jr. "Our research brought us to DaVinci shake roofing tiles.

"The new polymer shakes look almost identical to the older wooden ones, but these will last so much longer. We're both amazed and pleased that these man-made roofing tiles could have such a positive and beautiful impact on our facility."

The cedar shake alternative roofing tiles were installed on the church by BSR out of Binghamton, New York. They resist fungus, algae, mold, cracking, fading and curling. In addition to resisting severe weather, the new DaVinci church roof is easy to maintain.

Cedar Shake Roof"We're thrilled with the 50-year warranty and how these polymer tiles have already stood up to the weather conditions in our area," says Czabala. "This is the perfect solution for our church."

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