Think "FRESH" When Selecting Roof Colors

Thinking of a new roof ... then think FRESH! National color expert Kate Smith recommends that both homeowners and roofing contractors "Think Fresh" when selecting the best colors for a lightweight roofing system.

Smith sugges people use the acronym "FRESH" to consider:

Fixed Features
Regional Colors
Environmental Surroundings
Style of the Home
Historic Colors

"If you take the FRESH approach when looking at your home and its setting, you're on the right track for selecting a polymer slate or shake roof color," says Smith, a color consultant for DaVinci Roofscapes.

Brick facade with Slate BlackFixed Features are permanent design elements of the home, like the foundation, partial stone or brick facades, pathways and retaining walls. For example, a home with a slate tile walkway in shades of gray may look best with a DaVinci Slate Castle Gray combination of three tones of gray in a slate blend on the roof.

Regional Colors reflect the prevalent housing style colors and natural surroundings in an area. A southwestern style home in a desert may match perfectly with a Sonora blend of medium and dark terracotta colors in a synthetic slate roof.

Environment and Surroundings asks you to think about the natural colors around you. Are you near a waterfront, the mountains or desert? Coastal area homes may work best with a Chesapeake blend of four tones of oceanfront gray as a lightweight roofing solution. However, homes in wooded settings would look great with the DaVinci Mountain blend of multi-width polymer shake tiles.

Shake Mountain BlendStyle of the Home suggests you stick with colors that are "true" to your home's design. If you have a Craftsman style home, Smith recommends a natural looking Class A Fire Rated shake roof in New Cedar or Weathered Gray color. However, a Victorian home can use manufactured slate tiles in a multitude of colors to complement the charm of the house.

Historic Colors should definitely be considered if you live in a historic district. Lightweight roofing tiles are a great alternative to original wood shake roofs or heavy tile products. More traditional colors work on historical homes for their roofs --- such as whites, browns, black and shades of blue and green.

"Thinking FRESH brings a host of colors into consideration when you're working on a sustainable roof replacement," says Smith. "Thankfully DaVinci offers 49 roofing colors in lightweight tiles that are perfect for all home projects!"

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