DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Profile: McRay Roofing

Commitment to craft makes a world of difference, and that’s what defines McRay Roofing & Exteriors LLC in Oklahoma City.

Polymer Slate RoofPresident Jeff McRay is passionate about the quality of his team’s creations. He views the roof like a canvas, creating a masterpiece that brings out the beauty of each home and its surroundings. His dedication to excellence has helped make Jeff a platinum member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program and the ideal roofer to chat with to share insights on composite roofing products.

Q: Jeff, tell us about your company and how long you've been installing DaVinci polymer roofing.

A: I started this company seven years ago, serving the roofing needs of property owners throughout Oklahoma. Four years ago I discovered DaVinci lightweight roofing systems. These luxury roof products have transformed my business.


Q: Why is that ... and how many DaVinci roofs have you installed?

A: We've installed 25 DaVinci roofs so far, and we have 10 more projects lined up in the next few months. We recommend DaVinci because the product has an authentic slate and shake appearance, is lightweight and extremely durable.


Q: How do you and your customers feel about the look of the DaVinci synthetic roofing material?

A: The look is everything to me. I want to see perfection on a roof, and I see it with these imitation slate and synthetic shake tiles. My customers are very happy. And, I wouldn't install the product if they weren't happy. I like to tell people that I've seen the product of the future in DaVinci!


Fake SlateQ: What is your competitive "edge" when you approach homeowners and suggest the DaVinci roofing product?

A: First of all, quality of the simulated slate roofing and the 50 year roof warranty that helps protect homeowners against severe Midwestern weather conditions. Second, the wide range of colors available in these polymer roof tiles. DaVinci gives me a bigger arsenal of colors with 49 slate color choices --- and I love being able to share those colors with our customers!


Q: What does it mean to you to be a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program member? What benefits does it bring to your company?

A: It's always good to be aligned with the best in the business. I think the DaVinci polymer roofing product provides unlimited possibilities to homeowners, and being able to offer this eco friendly roof product as a DMCP member really helps grow our business.

Click HERE to visit the McRay Designer Roof Photo Gallery with a selection of top-quality designer roofs created by DaVinci Roofscapes.


Polymer Roofing Caps Off Mixed Texture Home

After almost a quarter of a century with cedar shake shingles overhead, the Butler family decided to "shake up" their roof. Rather than simply replace their cedar shake roofing, the homeowners opted for a combination of metal and composite shake tiles on their roof to complement the brick, cedar and copper textures on the home's exterior.

Faux Shake ShinglesThe Butlers chose a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Shake roof in a Mountain blend of three brown tones of color for the top of their designer roof with an aging artisan metal secondary roof underneath and capping off dormer windows. The home's siding features both real cedar and brick accents, and the gutters and garage doors are made of copper.

"With each rain and wind storm we were losing pieces of our original wood shingles from the roof," says Kim Butler, of Brock, Nebraska. "We started searching online for long-lasting roofs and discovered the polymer shake tiles from DaVinci. At the same time we remembered the appeal of steel roofs we'd seen in Montana. Somehow we knew we wanted to combine the two products.

"We really like how metals patina with age to give a rustic look. With a steel roof and copper gutters, we believe the slow progression of the patinas will bring long-term beauty and durability to our home. Add in the DaVinci composite shakes and we have a winning combination."

Tips for Creating a Textured Exterior

For homeowners wishing to mix textures on the home exterior, national color expert Kate Smith recommends following the FRESH approach.

"Start by looking at the fixed features of the home --- such as the foundation material, chimney structure or walkways --- to determine the basic common color or color cast that will link all your materials together," says Smith, president of Sensational Color. "Next, look for commonalities in the regional colors for your home and the environment near your home.

Fake Shake"The Butlers did this perfectly. They were able to bring together so many different textures and colors seamlessly because they took into consideration the whole house and the surroundings while they stayed within one color family. From the dark window frames to the roughhewn cedar shutters to the smooth metal roofing, the style of their home beautifully lends itself to the use of multiple textures."

When choosing metal accents for the home, Smith reminds homeowners to take into consideration the aging process.

"As copper develops a patina it does so in stages," says Smith. "The initial patina is a rust color that generally turns a deeper brown within the first five years. After that it begins to slowly take on a light greenish tone (known as verdi gris) after 15 years. Each stage has a unique character and will work together beautifully with the other materials on the home, such as the siding and polymer shake roof."

Need colorful composite roofing? Then check out "Over the Roof” Color Options Available .


From the Architect's Corner: Digital Asset Library

Going paperless? Need an update to an existing architectural binder? Our website offers all documents found in our binders in one convenient place. Click here to get to our digital architectural binder and download the latest brochures, installation instructions, testing certifications, and green information on our steep slope roofing materials.

Happy Friday, Architects!


DaVinci Shakes Up Cedar Shake Roofing Options

Ready to shake up your roof with Class A Fire Rated simulated shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes? Our impact-resistant lightweight roofing systems replicate real cedar roof shingles, but without the concerns for rotting, fire or insect infestations.

When you're ready to make the smart decision to select synthetic cedar shake roofing, just look at all the options DaVinci has to offer.

Fake Cedar Shake

> DaVinci Multi-Width Shake: Reminiscent of natural cedar shake roofing with a deep-grained surface reflecting natural cedar roofing. Available in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths that can be installed in a non-repeating fashion in either a straight or staggered pattern. A deep 5/8" profile has both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend to create enviable shadow lines.

> DaVinci Single-Width Shake: Forget the worries of fire, wind and rain with our durable eco friendly roof made of composite shake. These 9" shake alternative tiles resemble hand-split cedar shake roofing. The 5/8" profile deepens shadow lines replicate real cedar roofing.

> Bellaforté Shake: Designed with a snap-fit tile that creates a built-in rain gutter, Bellaforté simulated shake roofing tiles feature a leading edge tab that secures every tile to drastically improve wind performance. The 12" tile width with multiple profiles simulates a multi-width, staggered rough hewn wood shake. And, at 1" average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake designer roof tiles are reminiscent of natural jumbo shakes.

> Fancy Shake: If you're looking for a more refined cedar look, then Fancy Shake synthetic shakes are for you. With a clean, smooth look replicating machine-sawn shake, these 7/16" thick shake shingles provide a polished beauty for your roof. Available in 12", 7" and 5" widths with bundles arriving at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork.

Crafted using only virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable roofing product, all DaVinci composite shake roofing materials are 100% recyclable. Available in a wide array of colors and blends, these lightweight tiles are a wonderful shake alternative for any home. Visit Swing, Shag, Shuffle and Shake and Lesson Learned: Life After Hail Damage for more polymer roofing information.


Scary Roofs

Creaking stairs and ghoulish figures aren't the only haunting things in neighborhoods this Halloween. Some roofs are downright scary.

Cedar ShinglesAt the Covington Creek condo community in Indiana, the cracked, rotted and algae-ridden real cedar roof shingles on 207 condo units were a frightful sight in recent years. Forget shrunken heads ... at this subdivision there were stained, curling and shrunken wooden cedar shake roofing tiles overhead.

This year however, Covington Creek isn't a haunted community. Thirty-one buildings have now been re-roofed with new Bellaforté Shake composite shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Gone are the scary roofs ... replaced with synthetic shake roofing that's beautiful and long-lasting. Plus they're backed with a 50 year roof warranty.

We promise ... it's no trick that fake cedar shake roofs look better and last longer than cedar roofing. Our state-of-the-art polymers help provide a durable designer roof with synthetic shake shingles that is simply a treat for homeowners!

Composite Shake


Want another Halloween treat? Learn how to Invest in Your Roof and Shake it Off ... with our shake roofing materials!


Composite Shake Shingles + Metal = Beautiful Roof

In the open areas of Brock, Nebraska, wind storms and severe rain can have a truly devastating impact on cedar roof shingles. So, when the Butler family decided to replace their cedar shake roof, they searched for a Class A Fire Rated roofing product that was impact-resistant and had a 50 year roof warranty.

fake shake roof


"We started searching online for long-lasting roofs and discovered the polymer shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes," says Kim Butler. "At the same time we remembered the appeal of steel roofs we'd seen in Montana. Somehow we knew we wanted to combine the two products."

The Butler family selected Multi-Width Shake from DaVinci in a Mountain blend of three brown tones for the primary area of their designer roof. A secondary roof area composite shakenow features an aging artisan metal roof. Combined with other exterior textures (including brick, cedar and copper), the home has a unique appeal.

"We really like how metals patina with age to give a rustic look," says Butler. "With a steel roof and copper gutters, we believe the slow progression of the patinas will bring long-term beauty and durability to our home. Add in the DaVinci composite shakes and we have a winning combination.

"It used to be that with each rain and wind storm we were losing pieces of our original wood shingles from the roof. Now we have a composite shake roof overhead that we trust will provide us with decades of service."

Jealous of the Butler home? See Roof Envy - A Tale of Two Roofs!


From the Architect's Corner - Residential Projects

If you are working on a residential project that needs a new roof, I encourage you to look at some of our Featured Projects. Between our Slate and Shake products, we have a style of roof that would fit most styles of homes and the performance of these products is suitable for the climates found across the country. Here are a few that have been recently featured here on our blog:

Featured Project - Priest River, ID

Mulri-Wisth Slate

Did you know our Multi-Width Slate was the first product we launched? Click here to read more about the benefits of this style of synthetic slate shingles. 


Featured Project - Fort Worth, TX

Bellaforte Slate

Does your client like a particular color blend in Multi-Width, but want to go with either Single-Width or Bellaforté Slate? Click here to read about how the color blends remain consistent across the slate product lines. 


Featured Product - Norman, OK

Multi-Width Slate

To stagger or not to stagger? This decision can change the whole look of a roof. Click here to read more about this project. 


Featured Project - Wichita, KS

Polymer Roofing is the product of choice for many Wichita, Kansas homeowners. Click here to find out why.

Happy Friday, Architects! 


Condo Community Chooses Impact- and Fire-Resistant DaVinci Polymer Roofing Tiles

The luxury ski resort area of Beaver Creek, Colorado received 186 inches of snowfall in 2013 ... and already has more than 188 inches of snowfall recorded for 2014. What helps protect the Dakotas at Arrowhead Townhome Association in nearby Edwards, Colorado from such massive amounts of snow? Their new roof featuring impact-resistant DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake tiles.

Fake Cedar Shake


"We had some leaking issues with the aging cedar shake roofs and new rules looming regarding approved roofing materials in Arrowhead for our 30 units at the Dakotas and decided now was the time to reroof," says Kimberly Rowland, director of association services at Bold Solutions, the property management companies for the Dakotas. "Real wood roof shingles are no longer allowed when doing a full roof replacement in this area due to fire risk and difficulty securing insurance, so we explored the options of synthetic shake shingles."

The team at Bold Solutions worked closely with the board, the roofing committee, the Arrowhead design review board for the association and other stakeholders to make a decision on new polymer roofing. When professionals from Turner Morris Roof Systems offered the fire-resistant Bellaforté simulated shake roofing tiles from DaVinci as an alternative roofing product, the group was impressed.

"We've installed DaVinci products on a dozen different commercial roofing projects in Colorado because they're the only product we've found that works well in our climatic region," says Scott Cunningham, mountain project manager with Turner Morris Roof Systems. "These roofs are impact- and fire-resistant with the natural look of real cedar with great shadow lines, but with all the advantages of a man-made product. Best of all, they have a 50-year limited warranty, so this is a great investment for the Dakotas community."

The final selection of Bellaforté synthetic shake tiles in the Mountain-Variblend color blend of three mountain browns was chosen for the project in the autumn of 2013.

"We looked at the 'total cost of ownership' when evaluating which roofing tile to purchase," says Rowland. "In doing our research, we found that the investment in these durable roofing tiles would potentially be offset by the expected longevity and low maintenance costs represented by Turner Morris and DaVinci," says Rowland. "From an aesthetics standpoint, the Dakotas at Arrowhead owners are very pleased. We have recommended the DaVinci product to other homeowner associations along with the services of Turner Morris."

Colorado residents aren't the only ones that love composite cedar roof shingles! North Carolina Embraces Polymer Shake Shingles showcases homes on the East Coast that are excited about DaVinci polymer shake roofing materials!


Profile: Turner Morris Roof Systems

Ask Scott Cunningham with Turner Morris, Inc. how he feels about DaVinci Roofscapes and get ready to be captivated.

"DaVinci is a true stand alone (roofing material) in the synthetic world," says Cunningham, mountain project manager with Turner Morris Roof Systems in Colorado. "The product itself is durable and withstands the stringent demands of our high alpine environment. This is the only product we've found that works well in our climatic region."

Cunningham should know. In the past eight years his company has installed more than a dozen commercial roofing projects in Colorado using DaVinci synthetic roofing material.

"The impressive thing is that DaVinci stands behind its product," says Cunningham, a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program. "I have been installing DaVinci imitation slate and composite shake for eight years and have never had any significant product issues. The problems that I have seen throughout the years have been specifically contractor installation defects, and unforeseen issues with snow and ice migration due to Mother Nature.

"I always recommend that extra caution should be taken when switching traditional cedar shakes to synthetic shake roofing as their insulation value and breathability is very much different."


A major project recently completed by Turner Morris is the reroofing of 30 condo units with simulated shake roofing from DaVinci. "These roofs are impact- and fire-resistant with the natural look of real cedar with great shadow lines, but with all the advantages of a man-made product," says Cunningham. "Best of all, they have a 50-year limited warranty, so this is a great investment for the community."

 Turner Morris isn't the only Colorado roofer who believes in cedar shake roofing alternatives from DaVinci. See Contractors Return to DaVinci Products for another great story!


Bellaforté Shake Roofs Top 207 Covington Creek Condos

Cracked, rotted and algae-engulfed real cedar roof shingles have topped the 207 condo units at Covington Creek in recent years. The stained, curling and shrunken wooden cedar roofing tiles have now been replaced with Bellaforté Shake polymer roof tiles, giving new life and a renewed look to the 31 buildings in the Fort Wayne, Indiana community.

"The old, less-than-functional cedar shake shingles devalued this property and truly needed to be replaced," says Mike Hamilton, RRC, RRO and principal with MartinRiley architects and engineers. "Our firm had previously specified DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate roofing for another project and we were happy to present the low-maintenance shake roofing option to the Covington Creek condo committee.

"The homeowners wanted a similar look and color to the original cedar shake roof, but one that would last longer. The realistic-looking Bellaforté shake shingles in the Tahoe-VariBlend color of four gray-brown tones best matched the original shake."

For roofing installer Terry Minser, the selection of the Bellaforté simulated shake roofing made his job easier. "This condo project has a lot of mansard roofing applications, plus small, tight areas requiring roofing," says Minser, owner of Minser Enterprises. "The Bellaforté shake alternative shingles work well with all of the different roof slopes at Covington Creek, saving us time and labor. We've installed DaVinci composite roofing products on other roofs and the results are always the same --- a professional-looking product that enhances the overall project."

Lightweight roofing solutions from DaVinci are extremely popular for condo projects nationwide. See California’s Mai-Kai Condos Stand Out with New DaVinci Multi-Width Shake Roofing for another feature project!


From the Architect's Corner - Free Online Learning!

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I go in when selecting exterior colors for my home?"

According to Kate Smith, DaVinci Roofscapes' color expert, the correct order is roof, siding, windows, front door, trim then garage door. Unless the home is brick or stone, the largest fixed feature is probably the roof, so you will want to start there. 

Interested in learning more? Are you a professional in need of a continuing education credit? Jump over to AEC Daily's website to take our course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors. It is free and available online 24/7.



Simulated Shake Roofing Without the Hassles of Real Cedar Roofing

What's that disgusting black and green coating you often see on cedar shake roofing products? Mold. Fungus. Algae. And, it can even grow in yellow, sickly green and red colors. That's NOT the kind of color you want on your roof!

Homeowners who desire the beauty of cedar roofing without the rainbow of growth problems can turn to DaVinci Roofscapes for a shake alternative with all the right colors. Made of virgin polymers that resist algae, mold, fungus and insects, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles come in dozens of standard colors and eye-pleasing color blends.

Fake Cedar Shake


Forget about the worries of rotting wood, decay and fire hazards. DaVinci fake cedar shake tiles resist impact, high winds and fire, along with fading, curling and ugly mold growth. And, because each DaVinci shake blend is formulated from different wood tones -- with both wavy and straight grains throughout the designer roof blend -- you get a natural variation in colors to give you a realistic shake tile roof look. (See Shaking Up Roofs)

Need another reason to have DaVinci simulated shake roofing overhead? Then consider this: DaVinci products have a Class A Fire Rating and a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating to help withstand whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Package all that together with a 50 year roof warranty and you'll turn green with envy ... and that's a color we CAN get on your luxury roof!


From The Architect's Corner - Come See Us at the Texas Society of Architects Convention November 6-7

If you are in Houston on November 6-7 for the Texas Society of Architects Convention and Exhibit, be sure to swing by booth #419 to see what's new at DaVinci Roofscapes and our luxury roof products. We can't wait to see you there! 


Happy Friday, Architects!


Chicago Housing Market Rebounds with High-End Projects

Smart business practices and an impeccable track record have paved the way for Smart Roofing, Inc. to take advantage of strong Chicago area residential project growth in 2014.

With more than 13,000 roofing projects completed in the past 21 years, Smart Roofing has deep roots in the Chicago marketplace. The company's dedication to using quality products --- including polymer slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes --- has positioned it to take advantage of new construction and remodeling projects.

"There are more calls than we can handle this year," says Rich Bondarowicz, co-founder and vice president of Smart Roofing out of Chicago. "Our market has rebounded beautifully and we're working on several new 6,000+ square foot roofing projects right now. Due to our reputation for quality roofing, even in the downturn years we were doing fairly well, but now we're experiencing incredible growth."

Smart Roofing specializes in high-end residential roofing projects within a 50-mile radius of Chicago, but also works on remodeling and commercial projects. Their team of 20 full-time roofers are specially-trained for installations of a variety of roofing products, including eco friendly roof projects with composite roofing tiles.

"We've installed a variety of DaVinci polymer roofs in the past five years on everything from spec homes to remodels to commercial projects," says Bondarowicz, whose company is a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program. "There are two types of homeowners these man-made roofs really appeal to in our area. The first is a customer who has wood shake and hates the annual maintenance hassles. These people are tired of rotting or decaying wood product, but love the look of shake. They embrace the DaVinci polymer shake roofing options because of their authentic look and low maintenance.

"The second customer is serious about getting a slate roof, but is turned off due to the cost, weight and potential for hail damage. For these folks the DaVinci slate tiles become the ideal solution because the polymer tiles are cost-effective, lightweight, resist hail and strong winds, and have a 50-year warranty. It's a win-win scenario."


Composite Roofing Insights from Joe Hall Roofing

Located in Arlington, Texas, Joe Hall Roofing has been an established roofing company for more than 30 years. The family-run business, which is a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program, installs a variety of roofing in north Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

One of the specialties of Joe Hall Roofing is to find lightweight roofing solutions for their customers. Many of these solutions include DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing products.

To gain the insights of this valued customer, we asked Brett Hall, president of Joe Hall Roofing, to share his thoughts on synthetic roofing material with us.

Q: How many DaVinci luxury roofs does your company install each year?
A: About 10 in our Texas marketplace. We find there are many advantages to these designer roofs for our clients, including the aesthetics required for large/steep roof designs, hail resistance, insurance discounts and the equity value the roof brings to the property.

Q: What keeps you coming back to DaVinci polymer roof tiles for your projects?

A: The performance and upscale appearance is critical in "high-end" roofing. It's almost like the roofing contractors are very aware of strong performance and the consumer is very aware of appearance. This product just makes everyone satisfied.

Q: What does being a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program member do to help you grow your business?

A: The DMC program is a real statement of know-how and confidence. The percentage of DMCs in any given market is small and selective ... and that alone promotes your company.

Q: What advice do you have for roofers outside your area for growing their business by selling and installing DaVinci products?

A: There are people who buy Toyotas, Fords and Chevy's. There are also people who buy a Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Develop your business as one who can sell top-end and bottom.

See DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors for more details on the DaVinci program for contractors installing our green roofing options!


From the Architect's Corner - A Helpful Tip

A new, composite shake or slate roof can change the entire look of your project. Unless your client routinely does major exterior changes (or their next door neighbor already has a DaVinci roof on their home - which hey, happens!), there may be some anxiety over which color to choose and how it will look once installed. Recently I was contacted by a local architect who is shopping for his own new roof and knew to call us when he decided to look into synthetic shake roofing material. When I followed up with him a few weeks later he said the tiles had arrived and were nailed up onto his roof so he could observe the color in the morning and afternoon light, and on sunny and cloudy days. This is sound advice that our Color Expert, Katie Smith, has said time and time again. Lighting matters, and what you see on your computer screen or on a conference room table under fluorescent lighting will not be what you get as the end result. Have your clients put the material outside, next to any other fixed features such as the siding products. Let it soak in for as long as possible so when they make their choice, they can be sure it is the right one. 

Interested in obtaining some samples? Contact Us!

Happy Friday, Architects!

Polymer Roof Tiles



DaVinci Composite Shake: Seeing is Believing

Homeowner Linda Merrihew did not want a composite roof. Then she saw DaVinci Roofscapes simulated shake roofing tiles on a home and her mind was changed.

"After we visited a few locations so I could actually see it on an entire roof (and not just a picture or a piece), I loved it," says Merrihew, a resident of Tualitin, Oregon. "It looked so real and I thought it would be perfect on our five acres with all the trees always dropping needles and leaves. I was right. They just slide right off!"

Most importantly, Merrihew always had the dream of a grey house ... and she was able to reach that dream with a custom blend of three grey fake cedar shake tiles created for a DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof.

"I thought if I started with a grey roof I would work my way down," says Merrihew. "Our roof is a huge portion of our house so a single color would have been boring and overpowering. The tri-color grey blend is subtle but just enough to break it up and make it look unique. I love it!"


Merrihew's home is now painted a pale grey with grey shutters and trim. Although she may not have known it at the time, she was adhering to the "top down" color advice offered by national color expert Kate Smith, who always recommends starting at the roof and working down with color combinations on a home exterior. (see Adding Color to the Exterior of the Home)

How satisfied is Merrihew with her new luxury roof? "I absolutely LOVE the look, and everyone who sees it is totally impressed," says the homeowner. "My son was a 'Street of Dreams' builder last year and he wishes he had known about this roof sooner!"


On the Road with DaVinci's Tyler Storfa

From Kansas City to San Jose (and everywhere in between!) you'll find DaVinci's Tyler Storfa on the road three or more weeks each month conducting contractor training programs.

"Each lightweight roofing systems training session is different because we customize our programs to the exact needs of our customers," says Tyler, the Western Technical Services Manager for DaVinci Roofscapes. "Whenever possible we prefer to be as hands-on as possible to actually show how our polymer roofing products are installed.

Tyler, who has traveled recently to Portland, Sun Valley, Los Angeles, Wyoming and Colorado for imitation slate and shake training programs, still gets excited by each on-site session.

"I had a great training day with Elite Roofing's crews outside of Seattle recently," says Tyler. "They're really enthusiastic about offering Bellaforté Shake as a cedar shake alternative. The areas of the west with natural cedar are excited to offer a beautiful and permanent roofing solution while keeping the appearance of heavy cedar shake roofing.

"My goal is to make the people being trained as comfortable as possible with our composite roofing products and help them develop the confident to tackle a roofing project while knowing what to expect of their time and materials. We go over it all --- field and trim pieces, common pitfalls and savings tips."

So, what does Tyler recommend for a cost savings tip? "With a little care, the 'standard' home has very little waste when using our sustainable roofing products," says Tyler. "I usually recommend about three percent for cuts and waste on a normal project. Also, the use of cordless saws is ideal for saving time and making accurate cuts."


From the Architect's Corner - Vertical Applications

Cedar roof shingles are commonly used as siding and on mansard roofs. But with the shake look comes those pesky bugs, broken shakes (after even small hail or wind storms), and maintenance to keep them from looking in disarray. In working with architects, I see all kinds of photos or renderings of homes where a portion of where their clients want to tile is essentially a vertical wall. What we offer is the look of shake, but with little or no maintenance and will last 50 years. Pictured below is a mansard roof where they used Bellaforté Shake in the Mountain VariBlend.

Fake Cedar Shake


Happy Friday, Architects! 


Condos, Churches and Colleges ... Oh My!

At DaVinci Roofscapes you'll find us "topping" off all types of commercial projects around the country from banks to shopping centers to hotels.

Imitation SlateLeading our effort to share the attributes of polymer roofing products with commercial project managers is Mike Ward, our national sales manager in charge of vertical markets. Mike's favorite acronym to throw around these days is "TCO" ... and here's why:

Q: Mike, what does "TCO" stand for?

A: TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership. This is what property owners, investors and other stakeholders look at carefully when making a purchasing decision. It involves an analysis of the total cost of making a product investment.

Q: How does TCO relate to DaVinci's synthetic roofing material?

A: A TCO analysis involving a decision on roofing products for a theme park, condo community or even a restaurant evaluates how much the roof costs versus the long-term payback potential. For DaVinci composite roofing, we fare great because our imitation slate and shake alternative tiles are low maintenance products backed by a 50 year roof warranty. We also score high because our luxury roof products never need to be treated for mold, insects or algae.

Q: What other aspects help DaVinci roofs be a good investment for commercial projects?
A: Actually, the same features that make the slate alternative and simulated shake roofing good for homeowners make it even better for commercial projects. For example, DaVinci tiles have the highest impact rating, are fire-resistant and can even be power washed. Our sustainable roofing tiles resist water absorption, curling, cracking and fading ... making them durable for many years.

Simulated Shake RoofingQ: What are some easy-to-recognize commercial projects where the general public might see DaVinci synthetic roofing material?

A: That's easy. Various restaurant chains such as Cheddars, Bahama Breeze and Starbucks; some Bass Pro Shops, The North Face store, along with well-known institutions such as Notre Dame, Mount St. Marys College and the campuses of the State University of New York.

Q: Finally, where can people find you if they're interested in DaVinci products for commercial projects?

A: I'm always happy to talk about commercial projects and our eco friendly roof systems. Call me at 1-888-362-4957.  

For more details on green roof construction, see DaVinci Roofscapes Goes Commercial!