Bad News for Cupid

Oh no! Cupid has an important job to do, but he's been thwarted by homes with impact-resistant DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake and slate tiles overhead.

"Time is tight and I'm trying to shoot my love messages to people in homes, but the DaVinci roofs are really getting in my way," says Cupid. "I'm using all my strength, but my arrows are simply bouncing off the DaVinci roofs."

Cupid has discovered what many homeowners have already learned --- DaVinci synthetic slate and imitation shake roofing tiles are Class 4 rated for impact resistance, plus they have a Class A fire rating, so even flaming arrows won't damage them.

"Synthetic roof tiles are durable in all kinds of situations," says Wendy Bruch, marketing manager with DaVinci Roofscapes. "Our roofs normally have to stand up to hail, high winds, snow and other weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at them. So, unfortunately for Cupid, he's going to have to find another way to deliver his heartfelt messages."

The good news for Cupid is that he can see DaVinci roofs in shades of his favorite color --- red --- during his romantic travels.(See Red, Red Roof)

Designer RoofIn Stamford, Conn. the Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat has a custom terracotta color blend of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate on its roof to accent the restful setting of the Mediterranean-style complex and gardens. (See Terracotta-Hued Roof Added to Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat).

And, in Greenwood, Penn. homeowner Ellen Greenwood recently had a custom adobe red composite slate roof put on her 1867 white farmhouse to complement a nearby classic red metal roof on a stone barn.

Gillespie Contracting helped Greenwood get the red roof of her dreams. "The owner had a very specific shade of red in mind for her roof and I had confidence DaVinci could deliver," says Bill Gillespie, president of Gillespie Contracting. "The final choice on product selection came down to DaVinci and another faux slate. Mrs. Greenwood compared both products side by side and felt the DaVinci simulated slate roofing was more durable and sturdier than the other option."

Durable, colorful and arrow puncture-proof. A winning combination sure to impress even Cupid.


February: Loving Jello, Valentine's Day and a Fake Shake Roof

Love. Love. Love. The month of February is the most romantic month of the year.

While many focus on Valentine's Day with their warm thoughts, others just love to focus on Super Bowl Sunday and Mardi Gras as their favorite "holidays" in this lovely month. But, there's so much more to February.

We've done our research and discovered that February 20th is "Love Your Pet Day" and Jello Lovers Week is February 7-13. Do you love pizza, Girls Scout cookies or pancakes? There are specialty days devoted to these tasty treats in this festive month.Fake Cedar Shake

Of course, at DaVinci Roofscapes we're very tuned in to love --- because we get so many comments and calls from homeowners who love their synthetic roofing material. Linda Merrihew is a great example. She didn't want a composite roof ... until she saw the DaVinci simulated shake roofing on a home in her neighborhood. (DaVinci Composite Shake: Seeing is Believing)

"After we visited a few locations so I could actually see it on an entire roof (and not just a picture or a piece), I loved it," says Merrihew, a resident of Tualitin, Oregon. "Our roof is a huge portion of our house so a single color would have been boring and overpowering. The tri-color grey blend is subtle but just enough to break it up and make it look unique. I love it!" 



Tips for Solar Panel Installations on Polymer Roofing

How green are you? If you're like many environmentally-conscious homeowners, it's not enough to recycle your newspapers and compost old banana peels and coffee grinds. You may want to go "off the grid" by including solar panels in your roofing system.

Eco-Friendly RoofGetting from the "idea" of having solar panels on your roof to actually incorporating them on your home is a big step. You'll probably wish to consult a licensed PV/solar installer with a General Contractors license. This person will need a licensed electrician on the team to wire the panels and get the panels inspected once installed.

The good news is that you can include solar panels on your DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing!

According to Tyler Storfa, DaVinci's Western Technical Services Manager (see On the Road with DaVinci's Tyler Storfa) it's not any more difficult to include solar panels with polymer roofing than with most other roofing materials, and it's actually easier than including panels with more ridged roofing products like natural slate, clay and concrete tile.

Here are some insights from Tyler that can help get you started:

Tip #1 - When having a mounting system for solar panels installed, make sure anything that penetrates the tiles is flashed appropriately. Most systems need "L" type brackets to be lag bolded into rafters to hold a rail system that the solar panels are mounted on.  The "L" brackets have to be attached both under and through our simulated shake and imitation slate products. This is the area that needs to be properly flashed.

Tip #2 - Contractors can rest easier when walking on DaVinci's green roof systems. Our synthetic roofing material will not break when walked on, so it's actually a bit easier to make solar panel installations.

For more insights on solar panel installations on fake slate and cedar shake alternative roofs, see From the Architects Corner - Solar Panels.



Heber Valley Visitor Center - Part II

With the decision made to re-roof the Heber Valley Visitor Center with Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles, county leaders turned to Utah Correctional Industries (UCI) for installation assistance. Started in 1997 in conjunction with the Division of Facilities and Construction Management, the roofing program provides job training to low risk inmates who have been cleared and qualified for the work release program.

Fake Cedar Shake"The objective is to enable prisoners to make a contribution to society," says Jason Manwaring, correctional industries supervisor for UCI. "The program helps reduce prison idleness while increasing inmate job skills that can improve the prospects for a successful transition back into the community when they're released.

For the re-roofing of the Heber Valley Visitors Center with simulated shake tiles, UCI inmates, under the supervision of Manwaring and Adam Pierce, learned skills associated with the easy-installation of Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles. "The DaVinci team was very supportive of this project, making it go smoothly for everyone involved," says Manwaring. "This is a product that is very self-explanatory to install and the inmates were able to complete the entire roofing project in less than two weeks."

According to Rachel Kahler with the visitors center, the inmates did exemplary work.

"These individuals were respectful, kind and professional," says Kahler. "Because we're in a high-profile location, we get 25,000 people cars passing us daily on Main Street. Whenever visitors stopped in our center during the roofing process, the inmates ensured the area was clean and the building accessible --- all while working efficiently to have the roof installed in a timely manner."


Heber Valley Visitor Center - Part I

In a unique program coordinated by the state of Utah, ten inmates and their supervisors recently installed a new Bellaforté Shake roof on the Heber Valley Visitor Center. The minimum security inmates from the Lone Peak facility at the Utah State prison completed the polymer roof installation in 10 days with outstanding results.

Constructed in 1992, the alpine-style visitor's center was in dire need of a new roof. "When the team started pressure washing our wood shake roof this past autumn, water began leaking into the building," says Rachel FAke Cedar ShakeKahler, marketing and events manager for the Heber Valley Visitors Center. "The original wood shake roof had deteriorated badly over time and had finally given out.

"After reviewing our options and budget, we decided the best solution was new composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes in a Tahoe-VariBlend. These simulated shake tiles beautifully accent our peg-and-groove building. The tiles look extremely authentic. People now stop in our visitors center and ask us about the roof on the building!"

Wasatch County officials relate that Utah Correctional Industries (UCI) program inmates have installed two other roofs on county buildings in the past --- on the courts/jail building in 2014 and on the county administrative building in 2012.  "UCI does very good work," says Mike Davis, Wasatch County manager. "They're responsive and the quality of work is excellent.

"This was the first time our county used DaVinci products and we're exceptionally pleased with their look and durability. The next time we have a county roofing project we'll definitely consider another DaVinci roof."

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out more about the inmate installation program in Utah.


Fires Belong in the Fireplace, Not on Your Roof

Imagine a crackling fire. Dry wood burning that shoots off sparks and a warm glow. Seems nice, right? And it is ... if it's in a fireplace. However, the image changes entirely if you're looking at cedar shake roofing catching fire atop a home.

In drought areas on the West Coast, homeowners with old cedar roofing live with the constant fear that wildfires may send embers onto their natural cedar shake roofs. Even sparks flying in the air from a wildfire a half mile away can have disastrous results for people with shake shingles.

The concern for flame spread on shake roofing materials is so strong that many communities and towns have passed legislation banning the use of real cedar shake roofing for new construction and replacement projects. So, what's a homeowner to do who loves the look of a wood shake roof? DaVinci Roofscapes to the rescue.

Synthetic shake roofing materials from DaVinci have a Class A Fire Rating. Even when a torch is held to them, they simply won't allow a flame to ignite or spread. (See Class A Synthetic Roofs Resist California Wildfires)

Allan Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford recently put the product to the test. Watch this VIDEO and you'll quickly discover that the safest way to get the look of cedar on your home is to rely on simulated shake roofing from DaVinci.


Environmentally Friendly Roof



Expert Help at DaVinci Roofscapes

This is it. The year you and your family invest in a new designer roof. A composite roof that will stand up to severe weather, resist fire spread and need minimal maintenance for decades to come. This is your year to purchase a DaVinci Roofscapes roof.

Polymer RoofingYou've seen our beautiful synthetic shake or composite slate roof on a friend's home. Or, you've been visiting our blog site for awhile and have seen the success stories from dozens of people who are ecstatic about their simulated shake roofing or fake slate roof.

You're almost there ... but you have a few questions. Don't worry, we're here to help.

Our DaVinci project specialists Katie Thoele and Chris Brady can answer your questions, provide insights and point you in the right direction. These knowledgeable professionals are available to talk you through a project, explain differences between our products and connect you with our color expert, Kate Smith, for color assistance. (See also Ask Your Color Questions Here)

Katie and Chris have the answers to your questions. Whether you need a sample of a product to hold up to your home to check the color or you need an estimate on how much product will be needed for your roof, they can help. Just call them at 800-328-4624 for one-on-one support to help make all your roofing dreams come true.


Picking the Brain of a Roofing Expert

Shawn Wittenberg knows roofs ... and he knows a great deal about DaVinci Roofscapes. Having installed 40 DaVinci composite roofs over his career, he's the expert you want to connect with if you need insights on polymer roofing. So, we're bringing his expertise right to you!

Q: Your company, Duration Construction, generally installs roofs within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis. What type of roofing projects does your team do?

A: We install a variety of specialty roofs in residential and commercial markets. And, we're expanding to Kansas City, Omaha and Illinois.

Polymer RoofingQ: When did you start installing DaVinci roofs?
A: I began installing DaVinci lightweight roofing systems in 2004. I recently drove by the first DaVinci roof that I installed more than 10 years ago and it still looks great!

Q: What do people seem to appreciate most about simulated shake roofing and slate roof alternatives from DaVinci?

A: People love how well the DaVinci product replicates the look of real slate and cedar shake roofing. They also appreciate the ability to get the look they want with the wide range of available colors. Other key factors that help sell this product are its durability and virtually maintenance-free aspects.

Q: What about homeowner insurance discounts?

A: Absolutely. I've found that most insurance companies give discounts when there's a composite slate roof or synthetic shake roofing overhead. Sometimes the discount can reach upwards of 22 percent off annual premiums.  That's really significant for a homeowner and something that should be considered when investing in a DaVinci designer roof.

Q: What would you tell your friends and family if they asked you about DaVinci roofs?

A: I tell anyone (and everyone!) that DaVinci is one of the most durable and best-looking manufactured roofing products on the market.  It's my top choice next to real slate.


Unique Church Roof Accented with Synthetic Shake Roofing

One of our favorite church roof renovation projects at DaVinci Roofscapes took place in Johnson City, N.Y in 2011. That's when the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church got new simulated shake roofing. (See Polymer Shake Roof Accents Ukrainian Church)

Shake RoofingWhat makes this such a special project? The traditional Ukrainian design of the church structure. Topped by three 80-foot tall domes, the massive building looks like it's made completely of wood shakes on the siding and roof. But, look closer and you'll see that the roof is really made of our synthetic shake tiles.

Church leaders say that the architectural style of the landmark church mimics those structures found in the Ukraine. And, the composite shake roofing is a perfect match to the original cedar shake roof.

"The new polymer shakes look almost identical to the older wooden ones, but these will last so much longer," says Rev. Teodor B. Czabala, Jr. "The wood exterior of the church has been cleaned and stained, so now the structure looks perfect. We're both amazed and pleased that these man-made roofing tiles could have such a positive and beautiful impact on our facility.

"We searched for a product that would not need replacing for many years. Our research brought us to the DaVinci shake roofing tiles. We're thrilled with the 50-year limited warranty on the product and how these polymer tiles have already stood up to the weather conditions in our area."


Roofs Sell Roofs

Spend time with Mark Hansen, VP of Sales and Marketing at DaVinci Roofscapes and you'll quickly find he has a favorite saying: Roofs Sell Roofs.

"When it comes to DaVinci, once people see our polymer roofing installed on a project, they start asking questions and it leads to another sale, then another and another, and so on," says Hansen, who joined the company in 2008. "We routinely hear from homeowners who have recently had a DaVinci designer roof installed on their home who tell us people stop by to ask them about their roofs.

"We end up selling the most product in geographic markets where we have been the longest, because those simulated shake roofing and imitation slate roof projects end up selling more roofs. It's a wonderful multiplier effect!"

Having traveled around the country regularly as part of his job, Hansen gravitates to residential projects where the selected composite roofing profile and color best reveal the character of a home. For example, he tends to like DaVinci Single-Width Slate on classic architecture while preferring multi-width slate or shake products on less formal home designs.

"DaVinci has a niche in the marketplace as one-stop shopping for lifetime roofing systems with amazing aesthetics," says Hansen. "Our roofing materials and color palettes are broad enough to allow us to accommodate almost any residential design."

When it comes to his favorite commercial projects, Hansen prefers the look of Bellaforté products. "Two of my favorites are the Fleur du Lac Estates and Hotel Breakers projects," says Hansen.  "They both used Bellaforté tiles in an amazing architectural fit to the properties. These Class A Fire Rated shingles are perfect for commercial projects. They have a strong warranty, resist impact and severe weather conditions, and perfectly complete a project."


Tips for Cold Weather Installations

In many parts of the country, almost balmy weather conditions made December a dream month for roofers. Forget about layering up ... many roofers from North Carolina to New York were still in t-shirts!

However, as January weather settles in, colder weather is inevitable. That means polymer roofing installers need to prepare for cold weather situations.

If the temperatures have gotten nippy in your area and you're forging onwards with roofing installs, here are some tips from DaVinci Roofscapes to warm you up through the next several months:

Designer RoofTip #1 - Prior to installation in colder temperatures, make sure that synthetic shake shingles and composite slate tiles have been stored flat.

Tip #2 - DaVinci's unique formula allows our synthetic roofing material to remain flexible in colder weather. It's important that the roofing shingles are laid at a very minimum 3/16”.

Tip #3 - If using a pneumatic roofing nail gun for plastic roofing materials installation, the pressure should not be set too high. You may wish to hand nail pieces in if you're having trouble with your air compressor.

Tip #4 - Cold hands? Buy some "shake and use" hand warmers to slide into your gloves.

Tip #5 - When cutting imitation slate tiles or shake alternative shingles in colder temperatures, score the lightweight roofing tiles with a straight blade and break the tile along the score or use a saw blade with smaller and finer teeth.


Need more help for simulated shake roofing and plastic slate installations this winter? Then see Brrrrrisk Polymer Roofing Installations.



New Roof in New Year? We've Got You Covered!

Does a new year mean there's a new roof in your future? If that's the case, then DaVinci Roofscapes can help.

There's no better time to invest in polymer roofing from DaVinci. Why? Because we recently enhanced the profiles of all our simulated slate roofing products. The new refined profile has a more quarried look that closely resembles natural slate. You can choose from:

DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate - Available in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths, bundles of the sustainable roofing product arrive at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork. The composite slate is crafted to display rough edges and natural stone-like surface textures and comes at an impressive 1/2" tile thickness.

Bellaforté Slate - Includes a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge to help reduce the installation time for the composite slate products. A square of Bellaforté slate roof shingles (with 100 pieces per square) weighs just 190 pounds. This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs.

Single-Width Slate - Offers exceptional aesthetics and performance at a value-driven price point. These imitation slate tiles are available in a 12" tile width with a 1/2" thickness and are modeled after natural slate pieces.


Fake Slate


If a synthetic shake roof is in your future, you've also come to the right place. Our fake cedar shake tiles have been created as an exact duplication of real wood shakes. Thanks to their authenticity, composite shake roofing is our best selling product. Just look at all the options we offer:

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake - Available in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths along with a virtually limitless color palette, the multi-width cedar shake roof features both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend for an authentic appearance. Multiple widths of the 5/8" profile on the tiles help create a more natural, non-repeating appearance that can be laid in either a straight or staggered pattern.

Single-Width Shake - 9" tile width offers exceptional aesthetics and performance at a value-driven price point.

Bellaforté Shake - Features a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge, which help reduce the installation time for the products. At a one-inch average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles are reminiscent of natural jumbo shakes.

DaVinci Fancy Shake - Luxury roof tiles provide a more refined cedar look when compared to traditional hand-split shake. With the clean, smooth look of a machine-sawn shake, Fancy Shake is available in 12", 7" and 5" widths with a tile thickness of 7/16". Using multiple widths helps create a more natural, non-repeating appearance that can be laid at a straight or staggered pattern.


FAke Cedar Shake


Need more help? No problem! See Shaking Up Your Roof with Unlimited Possibilities and Don't Panic! DaVinci Roofscapes Has The Answer.




DaVinci Roofscapes Products Shake Up Lake Tahoe Cabins

What roofing color would you select for a cabin and boathouse project if it sat near the shore of Lake Tahoe? Well, Tahoe-VariBlend, of course!

The story begins with Nancy and Tim Gilbert acquiring a 1929 cabin in the old summer community of Elk Point on the Nevada Fake Cedar Shakeside of Lake Tahoe. Their goal was to renovate and restore the log cabin to the period. At the same time they built a new boathouse, also designed with a rustic look.

"Cedar shake roofs are no longer allowed in the Tahoe Basin as they are prone to fire," says Tim Gilbert. "DaVinci Roofscapes was the answer to our design concerns and fire prevention requirements."

Fire- and impact-resistant, DaVinci synthetic roofing material has been growing in popularity in recent years throughout California, Nevada and other areas concerned with wildfire spread. The Class A Fire Rated simulated shake roofing perfectly replicates real cedar shake roofing, yet has built in additives that allow the manmade product to give peace-of-mind to homeowners. (See also Playing with Fire)

"We wanted a roof that looked like cedar shake to complement the rustic architecture of the cabins," says Gilbert. "The roof is a major focal point of exterior design, so we're very pleased with our selection of DaVinci and the Tahoe-VariBlend. It looks like real cedar and fits into the environment nicely.

"Based on our initial experience with the composite shake product, we would recommend DaVinci to those who want the look of cedar shake without the fire hazard of cedar roof shingles."


Steeple People

Churches all across the country with eye-catching steeples often refer to themselves as "steeple people." These days the term should probably be changed to "synthetic steeple people."

Steep Slope RoofingThat's because many churches, looking for attractive, low-maintenance coverings for their steeples, are turning to synthetic roofing material from DaVinci Roofscapes.

In Ohio, Seville Presbyterian Church is the latest place of worship to select composite roofing for their steeple. The 3,000-pound, 27-foot tall steeple sits atop a 15-foot, two-piece base. The refurbished steeple now boasts a white custom color DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof, allowing it to remain a focal point in the community.

While impressive, the Seville Presbyterian Church steeple appears dwarfed when compared to the soaring 86-foot tall steeple at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Centennial, Colorado. This steeple was recently refurbished with DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in the Autumn blend to complement the church's design and setting. (see Unique Design Uses DaVinci Roofscapes Shake on Top and Sides of Colorado Church)

"We selected the DaVinci products for the steeple and roof because of their aesthetics and resistance to impact and hail," says Jim Wolfe, a 30-year member of the church. "Because our previous roofs were destroyed in hail storms we placed special emphasis on finding a top-quality roofing product that would have a 50-year limited warranty. We don't want to deal with this issue again in our lifetimes."

From specialty "onion shaped" domes covered in simulated shake roofing atop the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in New York (see Polymer Shake Roof Accents Ukrainian Church ) to our imitation slate shingles on the chapel at the Dayton Veterans Administration Medical Center in Ohio (see Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes), at DaVinci Roofscapes we're definitely embracing the term "steeple people!"



Designer Relies on DaVinci Roofscapes

The Red Ledges private mountain community near Park City, Utah showcases a wide variety of home designs from Kevin Price Designs. Many of the homes feature luxury roofs from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Composite RoofingThe stunning home designs in Red Ledges display the perfect blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities. Relaxing waterfalls, fire pits and spacious spaces have been incorporated into many homes, including #110 Red Ledges, Price's first design to incorporate more contemporary elements into a home in the community.

"This is one of my favorite designs in Red Ledges and I'm thrilled that the homeowners have DaVinci Roofscapes simulated shake roofing to top off the design," says Kevin Price. "The composite shake perfectly complements the mountain traditions of the Red Ledges design guidelines while providing a low-maintenance roof that the homeowners love."

Price has worked with various engineers and builders to design many of the custom homes in Red Ledges, with styles ranging from contemporary to rustic in architecture. (See Utah Homeowners Appreciate DaVinci Roof)

"Within the Red Ledges community I've designed homes with outdoor entertainment areas for one family that loves outside activities and then creating interior sanctuary settings for another client," says Price. "Everyone wants their ultimate dream home with minimal maintenance involvement. That's another big reason I repeatedly specify DaVinci roofs. With a lifetime limited materials warranty these roofs will last for decades.

"Of all the roofing materials I've reviewed in my 35 years of design work, the DaVinci product makes the most sense to me. It's visually powerful, durable for our environment and perfectly complements my designs."


Holiday Shopping ... For a New Roof

Tired of the crowds in the stores, getting jostled for a good bargain and fighting for a parking spot at the mall? Next time you're out shopping, take a break and look up --- you might be surprised to find a DaVinci Roofscapes designer roof over your favorite store!

Fake ShakeImitation slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles from DaVinci can be found on many shopping centers, strip malls and individual stores across the country.

In Victor, New York, you'll discover a composite shake roof atop The North Face retail store. In Charlottesville, Virginia the Barrack Road Shopping Center (home to Old Navy, Banana Republic, Chico's and Talbot's) has composite roofing overhead.  Another outdoor shopping area in Kansas City (Country Club Plaza), also has sustainable roofing from DaVinci. And, if you're shopping at Bass Pro Shops look up and you'll most likely see our custom red simulated shake roofing overhead. (See Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out)

What makes our synthetic roofing materials so popular for retail locations? It's a combination of many things: aesthetics, fire- and impact-resistancy, durability, many color options and easy-care/low maintenance.

Next time you're shopping, think about shopping for a new roof for your home. The same features that make DaVinci roofs a winning choice for stores also make our roofs a sensible choice for your home!


Featured Project - Aspen, CO

This project features another high-end Colorado townhome community roofed by Umbrella Roofing. Umbrella Roofing out of Gypsum, CO has been installing simulated shake roofing by DaVinci Roofscapes for many years and put on dozens of these roofs in the Aspen area, including this project for the luxury townhomes located in the Maroon Neighborhood Townhome Association. 

Multi-Width Shake is the natural choice for material as it has a spot on cedar shake look, but is Class A Fire Rated (which, in Colorado is necessary), Class 4 Impact Rated, wind certified to 110 mph and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Also a plus for these townhome owners? It is virtually maintenance free, which means it won't gross moss/algae and it will retain it's fire rating and color without having to be treated annually. 

Umbrella Roofing, Inc


American Made MATTERS

November 19 is American Made Matters Day. Why does it matter that products are made in America? Because it keeps jobs in our country, grows the economy and makes it faster and easier to get products you need.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we've always been exceptionally proud to promote the fact that our polymer roof tiles are 100% Made in America. Our facility in Lenexa, Kansas is a one-stop location where we manufacture all of our composite slate and simulated shake roofing products. This includes our multi-width and single-width full product lines, plus our 50 standard colors of polymer roofing. (See Made in the U.S.A)

You don't have to travel to Kansas to see how we make our  Class A Fire Rated lightweight tiles.  Just click HERE  or on the video below to see a short video of our team at work.

Making our sustainable roofing materials in the USA means we control all aspects of the manufacturing process. And it means we get them to the job site fast.

This November 19th stop a minute to think about what it means to buy products Made in America. Whether it's clothing, furniture, appliances or roofing, you have the power to help grow our economy when you dedicate your efforts --- and your dollars --- to purchasing American Made products!


Sky-High View of Polymer Roofing

Look! Up in the sky ... is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a drone!

These days drones are all the rage --- and sometimes they cause rage. Despite some concerns, drones are predicted to be one of the top Christmas gift items this year. And, after DaVinci Roofscapes hired a drone photographer for the first time, we now understand why.

As you might guess, it's a bit difficult to get pictures of our polymer roofing on homes in some areas. Steep slope roofing can make it especially hard to get good shots of valleys featuring our simulated shake roofing and synthetic slate shingles.

Late this past summer we hired a company to take both drone pictures and video of Al Ruggerillo's house in Traverse City, Michigan. Al and his wife Pam had our Multi-Width Slate roofing tiles installed earlier this year on their expansive home. We were especially interested to get aerial images because the Traverse City area had severe weather, including hail and high winds, right before the photographer came out. (See  When the Winds Blow ... )

As you can see in the video, this designer roof looks tremendous. And, we've now got some terrific pictures and video to share with you to prove our composite roofing can hold up to all kinds of weather!


One Year Later: What it's Like to Have a DaVinci Polymer Roof

A year ago Jeremy Hollingsworth had a Bellaforté Shake roof installed on his Birmingham, Alabama home. We decided to reach out to Jeremy to see how he felt about his DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof tiles after living with them for awhile.

Q: Now that your composite shake roof has been on for awhile, what do you think of it? 

A: No question, this is the roof for our home. The Weathered Gray blend is color matched to the home and the colors have held up very well. Its durability is unmatched. No one thinks of their roof as a “feature” of their home. With a DaVinci designer roof, we notice it every single day and so does everyone else.  

Designer Roof


Q: What do friends and neighbors have to say about your roof?  

A: All of our neighbors comment on it because it definitely grabs your attention when you go by. People always ask me, “what’s it made of?" From the street, it looks like natural cedar roofing, but I tell them it’s an engineered product that will last longer and has a Class A Fire Rating.

Q: Hail and storms can be a problem in your area. Has your DaVinci shake tile roof had to "do battle" with any severe weather conditions? If so, how did it do? 

A: We get a lot of storms in the deep south during the summer months including limbs and debris from all of our trees. This impact-resistant roof has held up as we thought it would. The durability is unmatched.

Q:  What do you consider the best features of the Bellaforté Shake roof? 

A: We feel it brought great new character to our home aesthetically. Plus, nobody wants to get on a roof to make repairs and the durability of DaVinci cedar shake roof keeps me off the ladder and roof, which keeps my wife happy. Also, the life of the simulated shake roofing is a bonus for us down the road. Whether we decide this is our forever home or if we decide to sell in the future, it's a win/win investment.

For more details on Jeremy's composite shake roof, see Shaking Up an Alabama Home.