High Praise for Bellaforté Roof

It happened again. The last time it was during a garage sale. This time it was when my minister came to visit and I was trying to show off my new landscaping.

What happened? Instead of looking at my gorgeous red maple and blooming fuchsia baskets, my minister turned to me and said, "Is that slate on your roof?"

Since that was the exact same reaction I received a few months ago from people who took notice of my roof instead of the priceless junk I was selling, I had to laugh. No matter who comes to my home, my Bellaforté roof seems to steal the show.

I don't own a McMansion ... in fact, far from it. My small ranch-style home has less than 1,500 square feet with vinyl siding and sits on a nice lot. But, what really sets my house apart these days is the DaVinci polymer roofing overhead. My synthetic slate roofing captures the attention of first-time visitors and even garage sale shoppers!

The truth is, I don't blame people for noticing my plastic slate roof. In fact, each time it happens I silently pat myself on the back for making a smart purchasing decision.

After a freak hail storm demolished my asphalt shingle roof, I turned to DaVinci for a 50 year roof. I didn't want to ever worry about replacing my roof again. What I didn't know when I made the decision to purchase simulated slate roofing was that my roof would be the talk of the neighborhood. Now apparently it's also the talk of my church. I just may have to have a "roof blessing" party in the near future!


DaVinci Slate Roof Solves Homeowner Problem

Problem: Philadelphia area homeowner John Mastronardo needed to replace the original slate roof on a 1920s English Tudor style home he purchased plus the home's garage, pool cabana and patio areas. The poor condition of the 80-year old slate, plus missing tiles made the roof replacement a top priority.

Solution: Cost-effective and long-lasting DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width polymer roofing tiles in a Castle Gray blend of light, medium and dark gray tiles.

Reasoning:  “We wanted to preserve the look and feel of the original roof along with the overall character of the home," says Mastronardo. "But, as with most people, I had a budget. The cost of a synthetic slate roof from DaVinci was much more affordable than using real slate.



“The more I learned about the synthetic DaVinci roofing tiles, the more I liked them. The product perfectly complements the stone, brick and stucco features of our home. As an added benefit, the product comes with a 50-year warranty. Even if the costs were equal, I’d still choose this DaVinci product because of all the inherent benefits of synthetic roofing tiles.

“From the street, you simply cannot tell that these are not real slate tiles. My neighbors stop me all the time to ask about the roof. They’re surprised to discover it’s a synthetic product. You can see the wheels turning in their minds. There are so many of my neighbors who have old slate roofs that need replacing. I’m quite certain we’ll see a growing number of these roofs in this neighborhood in the coming years.”


From the Architect's Corner - 3-Part Specs Available Online

Need a DaVinci Roofscapes' composite roofing 3-part spec? Look no further because you can find one right here. Need it in an editable document (Word), a spec for a specific project only or need to talk something out with me? No problem! Contact me and I will be happy to work with you or put you in touch with a local representative who can make an appointment to come in and assist you and answer questions. 

Happy Friday, Architects!


Profile: Turner Morris Roof Systems

Ask Scott Cunningham with Turner Morris, Inc. how he feels about DaVinci Roofscapes and get ready to be captivated.

"DaVinci is a true stand alone (roofing material) in the synthetic world," says Cunningham, mountain project manager with Turner Morris Roof Systems in Colorado. "The product itself is durable and withstands the stringent demands of our high alpine environment. This is the only product we've found that works well in our climatic region."

Cunningham should know. In the past eight years his company has installed more than a dozen commercial roofing projects in Colorado using DaVinci synthetic roofing material.

"The impressive thing is that DaVinci stands behind its product," says Cunningham, a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program. "I have been installing DaVinci imitation slate and composite shake for eight years and have never had any significant product issues. The problems that I have seen throughout the years have been specifically contractor installation defects, and unforeseen issues with snow and ice migration due to Mother Nature.

"I always recommend that extra caution should be taken when switching traditional cedar shakes to synthetic shake roofing as their insulation value and breathability is very much different."

A major project recently completed by Turner Morris is the reroofing of 30 condo units with simulated shake roofing from DaVinci. "These roofs are impact- and fire-resistant with the natural look of real cedar with great shadow lines, but with all the advantages of a man-made product," says Cunningham. "Best of all, they have a 50-year limited warranty, so this is a great investment for the community."


From the Architect's Corner - "Do You Have Any Examples of _______________________"?

The great thing about this blog is that we can regularly feature projects so that we almost always have a project to point to when somebody calls and says, "Do you have any examples of ____________ (fill in the blank) that you can show me?". So we can definitely check the next four Featured Projects off the list - a historic clock tower, a residential project using the very colorful Vineyard Blend, a roof in Oklahoma that needs to stand up to the highest wind and impact standards, and a Bellaforté Shake roof that was a natural cedar shake tear off project. 

Featured Project - Vail, CO

Polymer Roof Tiles

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Featured Project - Des Moines, IA

Composite Slate

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Featured Project - Greenwood Village, CO

Fake Cedar Shake

Click here to read about this natural shake tear off and re-roof project in Colorado. 


Featured Project - Oklahoma

Fake Slate

Click here to read about this impact resistant roof in Oklahoma. 

To see more of our projects, visit our media room and browse through our project profiles.

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More Realistic DaVinci Single-Width Slate Profile!

What's got us excited at DaVinci Roofscapes as we wind up 2014 and head into 2015? The new profile we've created for our DaVinci Single-Width Slate 12-inch tiles!

slate roofThis new Single-Width Slate profile has a more authentic quarried look, so it more accurately resembles natural slate roof tiles. We've spent the past year designing improvements to this slate alternative tile so that it now carries a sharper, more realistic profile. This includes edges that now have a more quarried look to them and deeper impressions in the imitation slate tiles to make them appear thicker.

We based this composite slate enhancement on customer feedback to our original Single-Width Slate tiles. And, here's some great news: while the new simulated slate roofing tiles look heavier, they're the same weight as our previous synthetic slate roof tiles, and installation procedures remain the same!

This improvement affects all eight different slate 12-inch tiles found in our blended bundles --- and all our color and blend options for Single-Width Slate. We encourage you to contact us for a sample of this new composite slate profile. When you see and feel these pieces we believe you'll be impressed with the endless options they present for your roofing projects!

Visit our website to see more of our great imitation slate roof sustainable roofing options!


Giving Thanks ... for DaVinci Roofs

Every Thanksgiving people reflect on what they're grateful for ... and many times, that's a reliable, worry-free roof over their heads.

We are fortunate at DaVinci Roofscapes that we hear from homeowners throughout the entire year about how they appreciate our composite roofing products. We'd like to share some of those grateful comments with you.

“More than fifty homes burned in our area during one wildfire. If the winds had been stronger, our home would have been included. Our old shake roof was a tinderbox waiting to ignite. Our new Bellaforté polymer tiles are rated Class A for fire retardance, which gives us tremendous peace-of-mind.”
            Dan Baer - California

We looked into many options when deciding to replace the asphalt shingle roof on our home. Our research brought us to the DaVinci Roofscapes web site. The Bellaforté roof that’s now on our house is absolutely beautiful --- it’s the icing on the cake for our 3,800-square foot ranch-style home.”                                                        
            Kathy Bradshaw - Oklahoma

 “Watching the polymer roof go up overhead was a very moving experience. It completes the home so perfectly and complements the overall design that the Homes for Our Troops people have developed for my house. The peace-of-mind that will come from having a home designed to accommodate my physical limitations is amazing.”

            Cpl. Joshua Lindsay - Georgia

"There simply is not another product out there that provides the durability, hail resistance and appearance that can touch the DaVinci roofing product.”

            Dean Imel - Oklahoma


Which DaVinci Slate is Right for My Home?

Choices. That's what we give you at DaVinci Roofscapes.

If you're looking for simulated slate roofing, you've come to the right place. We have three different synthetic slate roof tile options for you designed to complement your home's unique style and your personal budget.

DaVinci Multi-Width Slate: When seeking a realistic slate look on your luxury roof, multi-width composite slate roof tiles are a terrific choice. Available in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths making it easy to create a natural, non-repeat appearance in either a straight or staggered pattern. Authentic-looking slate roof shingles can be ordered in a variety of colors or blends.

Synthetic Slate


DaVinci Single-Width Slate: Crafted using only virgin resins to guarantee a stainable roofing product, single-width tiles are available in 12" widths. This composite slate roof brings you a clean, simple design with the authentic look of natural slate.

Polymer Slate Roof


Bellaforté Slate: Designed with a snap-fit tile that creates a built-in rain gutter, Bellaforté simulated slate roofing tiles feature a leading edge tab that secures every tile to drastically improve wind performance. Available in 12" tile width in a variety of colors and blends.

Fake Slate Roof


All synthetic slate shingles from DaVinci are Class A Fire Rated, impact-resistant, 100% recyclable, and backed by our 50 year roof limited warranty. Each tile is 1/2" thick, which is twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates in the marketplace. For more details on synthetic slate roofing, see Fred Flintstone's Boss Would Love DaVinci Slate Tiles and DaVinci Slate Roofing Rivals Natural Slate.  


From the Architect's Corner: Can You Tell the Difference?

For the last 15 years we have made it our mission to make the most authentic polymer slate and shake composite roofing tiles on the market. You know you've succeeded when time and time again you send homeowners, contractors, and architects out to see the products installed on a nearby home or business and their response is, "I drove right by it! It looked like natural slate and I was looking for a plastic slate." Or when you're standing in a tradeshow booth and people absentmindedly stop and touch the material, and end up blown away because it didn't feel like the slate or wood they were expecting to feel. 

I recently received this picture from a member of our DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program (Featured Project to come!) and had to share. With the copper gutters and flashings, these Multi-Width Slate tiles in the European Blend have the authentic look that people seeking a roof in our category require. If you were driving by and saw this roof, what would you think? 

Happy Friday, Architects!

Simulated Slate Roofing

DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Profile: McRay Roofing

Commitment to craft makes a world of difference, and that’s what defines McRay Roofing & Exteriors LLC in Oklahoma City.

Polymer Slate RoofPresident Jeff McRay is passionate about the quality of his team’s creations. He views the roof like a canvas, creating a masterpiece that brings out the beauty of each home and its surroundings. His dedication to excellence has helped make Jeff a platinum member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors program and the ideal roofer to chat with to share insights on composite roofing products.

Q: Jeff, tell us about your company and how long you've been installing DaVinci polymer roofing.

A: I started this company seven years ago, serving the roofing needs of property owners throughout Oklahoma. Four years ago I discovered DaVinci lightweight roofing systems. These luxury roof products have transformed my business.


Q: Why is that ... and how many DaVinci roofs have you installed?

A: We've installed 25 DaVinci roofs so far, and we have 10 more projects lined up in the next few months. We recommend DaVinci because the product has an authentic slate and shake appearance, is lightweight and extremely durable.


Q: How do you and your customers feel about the look of the DaVinci synthetic roofing material?

A: The look is everything to me. I want to see perfection on a roof, and I see it with these imitation slate and synthetic shake tiles. My customers are very happy. And, I wouldn't install the product if they weren't happy. I like to tell people that I've seen the product of the future in DaVinci!


Fake SlateQ: What is your competitive "edge" when you approach homeowners and suggest the DaVinci roofing product?

A: First of all, quality of the simulated slate roofing and the 50 year roof warranty that helps protect homeowners against severe Midwestern weather conditions. Second, the wide range of colors available in these polymer roof tiles. DaVinci gives me a bigger arsenal of colors with 49 slate color choices --- and I love being able to share those colors with our customers!


Q: What does it mean to you to be a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program member? What benefits does it bring to your company?

A: It's always good to be aligned with the best in the business. I think the DaVinci polymer roofing product provides unlimited possibilities to homeowners, and being able to offer this eco friendly roof product as a DMCP member really helps grow our business.

Click HERE to visit the McRay Designer Roof Photo Gallery with a selection of top-quality designer roofs created by DaVinci Roofscapes.


A Second Look at Imitation Slate

A second look --- that's what the Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City is getting these days thanks to their new DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof overhead.


We shared this beautiful re-roofing project last summer on our DaVinci blog. But, since we just got new pictures of this designer roof we decided you deserved to get a second look too!

So, rather than reading lots of words ... focus on the pictures. You'll see the French Normandy design style of the 55,000-square foot Gaillardia Country Club now boasts Bellaforté Slate Black polymer roofing on the multiple turrets and roofing structure areas. With the appearance and beauty of natural slate roof tiles, Bellaforté provides a "better than nature" sustainable roofing alternative backed by a 50 year roof warranty!

P.S. - Want the full story on this fake slate luxury roof? See Impact-Resistant DaVinci Roof Selected for Oklahoma City Country Club.


Homeowner "Lucky" to Have Roof Hail Damage

Lucky. That's how Sally and her husband Mike feel about softball-sized hail totally destroying their asphalt shingle roof.

"Our roof was just seven years old with a 50-year warranty," says Sally, a Kansas homeowner. "After a severe storm, our roofer and insurance adjuster assessed the damage. Both concluded that, in addition to the hail damage, our roof had faulty asphalt shingles and didn't hold up to the Midwest summer heat. They appeared to be cracking along horizontal lines across large expanses of the roof.

"We happened to be very lucky that the hail storm totaled our roof, because clearly it wasn't going to last the promised 50 years!"

To get a 50 year roof that would truly hold up, Sally and Mike turned to DaVinci Roofscapes. "Upon researching these polymer roof tiles we were very excited about the longevity of the composite slate, energy savings, design of the simulated slate roofing that allows for air circulation, the authentic look of the imitation slate roofing and its resistance to hail, fire and high winds," says Sally. "We also get a reduction on our insurance premium because we selected this best-in-class roof!"

For the designer roof on their historic revival Queen Anne Victorian home, Sally and Mike selected a combination of Bellaforté Slate and DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in a custom blend of both Mountain VairBlend and Mountain.

"Our home is just seven years old, but it's built to resemble a turn-of-the-century home," says Sally. "The DaVinci synthetic slate shingles now on the roof add to the beauty of our home and we can count on this composite roofing to truly last through 50 years of Midwest weather!"

For more on Superman Roofs see Hail Bounces Off DaVinci Synthetic Roofs.


From the Architect's Corner: Digital Asset Library

Going paperless? Need an update to an existing architectural binder? Our website offers all documents found in our binders in one convenient place. Click here to get to our digital architectural binder and download the latest brochures, installation instructions, testing certifications, and green information on our steep slope roofing materials.

Happy Friday, Architects!


Simulated Slate Roofing the "Go To" Product for Champion Roofing

Asphalt shingles often deteriorate over the years and are subject to roof hail damage. That's exactly what happened to homeowner Ann Butler of Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania. When it came time to replace her roof, she relied on the advice of friends and experts. Her search led her to simulated slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

"This is another example of a project where DaVinci synthetic slate roofing products made a huge difference for a homeowner," says David Chiampi with Champion Roofing. "I've used composite roofing from DaVinci for a variety of designer roof jobs. It's my 'go to' roof when homeowners ask me for sustainable roofing that's durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

"With the Butler house, we're talking about a 35-year old ranch style home with an aging, leaky roof. The homeowner wanted a reliable designer roof and had seen the DaVinci fake slate on another home. I was pleased to support their product selection. These lightweight roofing tiles are an all around good product, with a 50 year roof warranty that provides peace-of-mind for consumers."

Champion Roofing, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program member, has a solid history of installing luxury roofs. Chiampi and his team rely on the composite roofing product as a solution for roofing problems in the northeast Pennsylvania marketplace.

"We have no challenges installing this Class A Fire Rated sustainable roofing product," says Chiampi. "Whether it's the single-width polymer roof tiles or the Multi-Width Slate we put up on the Butler residence, installation is fast and easy, and the results are outstanding. This imitation slate roofing product brings new life and style to every home."

Want to hear what other roofers have to say about steep slope roofing and DaVinci products? See Contractors "Hail" DaVinci Roofscapes


From the Architect's Corner - Residential Projects

If you are working on a residential project that needs a new roof, I encourage you to look at some of our Featured Projects. Between our Slate and Shake products, we have a style of roof that would fit most styles of homes and the performance of these products is suitable for the climates found across the country. Here are a few that have been recently featured here on our blog:

Featured Project - Priest River, ID

Mulri-Wisth Slate

Did you know our Multi-Width Slate was the first product we launched? Click here to read more about the benefits of this style of synthetic slate shingles. 


Featured Project - Fort Worth, TX

Bellaforte Slate

Does your client like a particular color blend in Multi-Width, but want to go with either Single-Width or Bellaforté Slate? Click here to read about how the color blends remain consistent across the slate product lines. 


Featured Product - Norman, OK

Multi-Width Slate

To stagger or not to stagger? This decision can change the whole look of a roof. Click here to read more about this project. 


Featured Project - Wichita, KS

Polymer Roofing is the product of choice for many Wichita, Kansas homeowners. Click here to find out why.

Happy Friday, Architects! 


Slate Roof Alternatives Applauded by Homeowners

Drop it. Hammer it. Freeze it. Go ahead ... DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing tiles are tough.

Made of state-of-the-art polymers and virgin resins, and tested to withstand the fiercest weather conditions, the slate roof alternatives from DaVinci are made to last. Whether you select Single-Width Slate, Multi-Width Slate or Bellaforté Slate lightweight roofing materials, your investment in our sustainable roofing product will make you the envy of the neighborhood. (See Roof Envy - A Tale of Two Roofs)

Need proof? Here's what some homeowners with DaVinci simulated slate roofing have to say about our products:

Designer Roof“It’s wonderful to now have this new custom color polymer slate tile on our roof. Our home features many design elements that make it unique, and the roofing is now the icing on the cake. The bold custom colors created by DaVinci give the house a unified look that complements the detail work of the house trim, siding and stone pathways.”

                                    Carol Knoff - Iowa



Simulated Slate Roofing“We felt that this faux-slate roof would be a huge improvement in our area over the old asphalt shingle roof. They truly replicate natural slate, and it definitely lends an air of authenticity to a somewhat contemporary home design.”

                        Rob Fanjoy - Maine



Fake Slate"These imitation slate shingles so accurately resemble real slate that we’re completely delighted with its beauty. Now we’re the envy of the neighborhood and our roof is ready for any weather we face in Texas!”

                                    Kathy Telecky - Texas



“We did an extensive amount of research on roofing materials and searched for a realistic and durable slate product. The result is a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roof that we love. We brightened up the home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend of eight different colors --- dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, light and dark violet, dark stone and dark amber. This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”

                                    Nancy Dye - Virginia


From the Architect's Corner - Free Online Learning!

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I go in when selecting exterior colors for my home?"

According to Kate Smith, DaVinci Roofscapes' color expert, the correct order is roof, siding, windows, front door, trim then garage door. Unless the home is brick or stone, the largest fixed feature is probably the roof, so you will want to start there. 

Interested in learning more? Are you a professional in need of a continuing education credit? Jump over to AEC Daily's website to take our course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors. It is free and available online 24/7.



From The Architect's Corner - Come See Us at the Texas Society of Architects Convention November 6-7

If you are in Houston on November 6-7 for the Texas Society of Architects Convention and Exhibit, be sure to swing by booth #419 to see what's new at DaVinci Roofscapes and our luxury roof products. We can't wait to see you there! 


Happy Friday, Architects!


Chicago Housing Market Rebounds with High-End Projects

Smart business practices and an impeccable track record have paved the way for Smart Roofing, Inc. to take advantage of strong Chicago area residential project growth in 2014.

With more than 13,000 roofing projects completed in the past 21 years, Smart Roofing has deep roots in the Chicago marketplace. The company's dedication to using quality products --- including polymer slate and synthetic shake roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes --- has positioned it to take advantage of new construction and remodeling projects.

"There are more calls than we can handle this year," says Rich Bondarowicz, co-founder and vice president of Smart Roofing out of Chicago. "Our market has rebounded beautifully and we're working on several new 6,000+ square foot roofing projects right now. Due to our reputation for quality roofing, even in the downturn years we were doing fairly well, but now we're experiencing incredible growth."

Smart Roofing specializes in high-end residential roofing projects within a 50-mile radius of Chicago, but also works on remodeling and commercial projects. Their team of 20 full-time roofers are specially-trained for installations of a variety of roofing products, including eco friendly roof projects with composite roofing tiles.

"We've installed a variety of DaVinci polymer roofs in the past five years on everything from spec homes to remodels to commercial projects," says Bondarowicz, whose company is a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program. "There are two types of homeowners these man-made roofs really appeal to in our area. The first is a customer who has wood shake and hates the annual maintenance hassles. These people are tired of rotting or decaying wood product, but love the look of shake. They embrace the DaVinci polymer shake roofing options because of their authentic look and low maintenance.

"The second customer is serious about getting a slate roof, but is turned off due to the cost, weight and potential for hail damage. For these folks the DaVinci slate tiles become the ideal solution because the polymer tiles are cost-effective, lightweight, resist hail and strong winds, and have a 50-year warranty. It's a win-win scenario."


Slimy Slate Roofs

Yuk. That's the first word that comes to mind when some homeowners discover that their natural slate roof tiles have algae growth, bird poop stains or even moss growing between the tiles.

Travel through Europe and you see these slimy slate roof conditions everywhere. While it may be "charming" and add "character" to the roofs overseas, none of us want the ongoing maintenance hassles or cracking problems of a natural slate shingles on our home in the United States.

Thank goodness for polymer roofing advancements. Started 15 years ago, DaVinci Roofscapes manufactures imitation slate tiles that resist algae, mold, fungus and insects. The fake slate tiles are part of a lightweight roofing solution for the home that offers the beauty of slate, but without the headaches of yearly maintenance. (See DaVinci Slate Roofing Rivals Natural Slate)

Best of all, DaVinci synthetic slate shingles resist curling, cracking and fading. They also come with a 50 year roof warranty ... and the cost of installing a DaVinci composite slate roof system can be up to 50% less than quarried slate installation!

For more information on DaVinci Single-Width and Multi-Width simulated slate roofing with a Class A Fired Rating, see Fred Flintstone's Boss Would Love DaVinci Slate Tiles.