Homeowners Want Durable Roofs

Results of a nationwide consumer study, conducted by Harris Interactive©, show that 88 percent of the respondents indicate that the durability of a roofing product will have “a lot of influence” on the product they select when it comes time to purchase a new roof.

In the 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes’ Homeowners Exterior Preferences Study, more than 1,000 homeowners overwhelmingly indicated that durability and longevity were the two key aspects that will influence the type of roof they purchase for their homes in the future.

“Extreme weather events have increased in frequency and severity in the past decade and that has changed the way people think about their roofs,” says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. “Damaging winds and hail are increasing in frequency and severity and are now occurring in almost every state. With the dramatic weather changes we’ve experienced recently it’s no wonder homeowners name durability as their number one influencer when considering the purchase of a new roof.”


When do homeowners plan to replace their roofs and what influences that decision? In the same study, 65 percent of homeowners indicated they would be prompted to replace their roof if it became damaged from severe weather. (See Weather Concerns Top-of-Mind with Homeowners When Making Plans to Replace Roof) Another 23 percent reported that their current roof is old and will soon need to be replaced, with an additional 13 percent indicating that their roof is near the end of its warranty and needs to be replaced.

Top 10 Influencers

Homeowners ranked the following factors as having “a lot of influence” in the decision-making process for the type of new roof to purchase:

  • 88 percent – Durability

  • 83 percent – Longevity/Built to Last

  • 72 percent – Low/No Maintenance

  • 71 percent – Resistant to Severe Weather

  • 69 percent – Has a Warranty

  • 57 percent – Fire Resistancy

  • 55 percent – Material Roof is Made Out of

  • 50 percent – Price

  • 41 percent – Colors Available

  • 24 percent – Complements the Neighborhood Setting

“Everyone is cost conscious but it’s interesting to see that homeowners are putting more value on the inherent quality and durability of the alternatives when looking at the cost of a new roof,” says Rosewall. “We believe this truly reflects the thought process of the homeowner that a roof is an investment in their home, and as such, they will get more value from a quality roof versus a lower cost bargain-basement priced roof.

“Every feature rated by homeowners on this top 10 list of roofing purchase influencers is available in our polymer shake and synthetic slate roofing tiles. With a 50-year roof, DaVinci designer roof tiles are a solid investment in an easy-care luxury roof that’s built to last and give the homeowner peace-of-mind.”


From the Architect's Corner - A Red Luxury Roof

Have a project that has you seeing red (but in a good way)? If you are working on a home or a building that calls for some red roof tiles, whether they be for an accent in a gray or green color blend, or for the entire roof covering, contact us to see what we have available in this distinctive color. We can plug our various shades of red into either our imitation slate or imitation shake product molds. 


Happy Friday, Architects! 


Impact-Resistant DaVinci Roof Selected for Oklahoma City Country Club

The motto of Mallard Construction says it all ... "because Oklahoma weather happens." And, as everyone knows, that weather can include strong winds and hail a good portion of the year. That's the number one reason that Concert Golf Partners went searching for a new designer roof for their clubhouse right after they acquired Gaillardia Golf and Country Club in Oklahoma City earlier this year.

"The new owners wanted 600 squares of a Class 4 impact-resistant roof system to replace the concrete tiles on their 15-year old country club," says Andy Lacks, vice president of commercial roofing with Mallard Construction out of Oklahoma City, Okla. "Concert Golf Partners expressed an interest to us in finding a durable lightweight roofing system that would fit the high-end neighborhood surrounding the Gaillardia Country Club while withstanding severe weather.

"We've installed the DaVinci Roofscapes product before in several Oklahoma locations with great success. So, our confident recommendation was the Bellaforté Slate Black impact-resistant tiles for this job. We love this product because every time we've installed Bellaforté it quickly becomes a centerpiece roof in a community and almost always results in creating several referrals for our company."

The elegant 55,000-square foot, three-level clubhouse at Gaillardia Country Club has a French Normandy design style and features state-of-the-art meeting rooms, a fitness center, a wine room and an extensive learning center.

Bellaforte Slate

"The clubhouse was opened the same year we started our family-owned business and the same year DaVinci Roofscapes was launched," says Lacks, a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor program. "Coincidence? I don't think so. Instead, I think it's a trifecta of excellence that has come together in a unique way."

Interested in how DaVinci sustainable roofing looks on other commercial projects? Then visit Commercial Projects Rely on Polymer Roofing – Part I.


For the Love of Slate!

Love the look of slate on a roof, but concerned with the weight and breakage factors? Then you're a smart homeowner!

For centuries heavy slate has been used for a variety of construction purposes (including slate roofs). The breakability of slate (both for the cleavage and grain) makes it possible to split slate into sheets. Marry up the durability and availability of slate and you've got a product with a winning look. But, it's still heavy and can break when you don't want it to.

Enter the age of man-made products. This is a time when lumber decking has been replaced by composite boards and low-maintenance vinyl siding now substitutes for real wood siding. The great news is that the same advances have been made for slate.

Synthetic slate roof shingles manufactured by DaVinci Roofscapes perfectly mimic real slate, but with far more advantages than the natural product. Lightweight and easy to install, imitation slate tiles are used every day to create luxury roofs across America. From individual homes to condominiums to hotels to schools, the advantages of fake slate roofing tiles have made composite slate a preferred product for builders, remodelers, roofers and architects.

When selecting a DaVinci slate alternative roof, you're investing in a roof that comes with an impressive 50-year warranty --- plus it resists impact, fire and high winds. (See Check Out Polymer Slate Roofing Options) This manufactured slate roofing product is also an economical choice, costing approximately one-half the installed cost of natural slate.

To make your life easier --- and your home or project more beautiful --- DaVinci offers the option of single-width and multi-width simulated slate roofing alternatives. Made from state-of-the-art engineered polymers, our durable products come in 49 standard colors and a wide variety of color blends. So, no matter what kind of slate roof you're looking for, you're bound to fall in love with DaVinci sustainable roofing products.


Garage Sale Find: A DaVinci Roof

May 30th dawned sunny and mild ... the perfect day for our annual community yard sale. Signs were posted, balloons rose above mailboxes indicating which homes were participating in the sale, and our tables were lined up with hundreds of "must have" items for shoppers.

As the initial garage sale groupies arrived at 7:30am to snatch up the "steals and deals" of the day, we were surprised by the first question we got: "What's that roofing material you've got on your house?"

We explained about our relatively new Bellaforté Slate roof and the advantages of synthetic roofing material ... and then calmly pointed the shopper to the sales items.

Less than 20 minutes later we had another person ask us about the roof ... and then another, and another. Soon I was pulling out a few of our leftover imitation slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes and handing them out as samples. Every time someone walked up the driveway with their head tilted skyward I'd reach for another lightweight tile and start talking about Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Roof.

During the day we had a woman bring her husband back to see the designer roof (but she didn't buy anything in the sale) and another man ask to take pictures of the manufactured slate roof. At the end of the sale we were $159 richer and had more room in the garage for storage --- especially since we had also given away 23 Bellaforté roofing tiles as samples to our garage sale visitors. Next year we'll make sure to put a price tag on the roof!


Celebrate July 4th with "Made in America" DaVinci Products!

As the nation celebrates Independence Day, DaVinci Roofscapes is also celebrating. This marks the 15th year of growth for the polymer slate and composite shake roofing company that manufactures all its products in Kansas.

"We've grown a good deal since we launched this company 15 years ago and have recently moved into larger facilities in Lenexa, Kansas," says Ray Rosewall, President and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. "We had a good problem --- we outgrew our original Kansas City synthetic roofing materials manufacturing location. Now we've expanded our polymer roofing operations to fulfill the growing requests for our impact- and fire-resistant roofing products."

Started in 1999, DaVinci Roofscapes manufactures award-winning synthetic shake and imitation slate roofing products that are installed on residential and commercial projects. The company offers a wide spectrum of 49 colors in shake and slate roofing tiles along with a variety of unique eco friendly roof color blends. Each roofing tile resists insects, fungus, algae, mold, cracking, fading and curling.

"We're extremely proud that all of our designer roof products are made in the United States and that we can support the economy with the taxes we pay and people we employ," says Rosewall. "We're part of the multiplier effect because our 'Made in America' commitment also means we purchase from suppliers located only in the United States. So, with every sustainable roofing tile we sell we're helping our economy's growth in many, many ways."



From the Architect's Corner - 2014 AIA Show Recap

Last week DaVinci Roofscapes wrapped up another year exhibiting our eco friendly roof systems at the National AIA Convention and Expo located in Chicago. I love the opportunity to work at this show and educate architects and specifiers on the products. So what was on the minds of those who stopped by our booth? Here were our top 3 questions (and our answers!):

1. What are your products made of? This was definitely an expected question and I would say almost everyone (if not everyone) who stopped by to chat at our booth asked this question in one form or another. All our products are made of 100% pure virgin resin (polyethylene) also embedded with UV stabilizers, fire retardants and polymer stabilizers. 

2. Where is this made? Did you hear? Buying things made in America is sort of a big deal (okay a lot of a big deal), and our products are all made here in the USA. In fact, we just moved to a new 172,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Lenexa, Kansas. In a world where many manufactured goods are imported, people are relieved to hear that we aren't one of them. Click here to take a virtual tour of our plant! 

3. Do you offer continuing education? While most of the credit hours an AIA member needs for the entire year can be obtained through the seminars located at the convention, there was still a lot of interest in what we have to offer. We have 2 courses, available online 24/7 (and for free!) for architects and specifiers. Click here to learn more.

See you next year in Atlanta, Architects!



$75,000 of FREE Bellaforté Roofing!

Lois Phelps knows how it feels. So does Martha Zechman. Would YOU like to know how it feels to win $25,000 of FREE DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic cedar shake or composite slate roofing tiles for YOUR HOME?

If you'd like to be a winner --- like Lois and Martha were last year --- then check out the August 2014 issue of This Old House magazine and The Great TOH Giveaway. You can register to win a DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforté Slate or Bellaforté Shake roof.

And, the best news of all is that DaVinci has INCREASED its prize package! This year there will be THREE lucky winners to receive prize packages of polymer roofing products.

This Old House magazine is offering the chance to win more than $727,000 worth of prizes overall in their annual giveaway. Just download the free Blippar app at iTunes to scan the pages of the magazine to enter to win. Or, you can visit www.thisoldhouse.com/win and enter online.

Act fast … you can enter the contest daily between July 1 and September 1 to increase your chances of winning a designer roof from DaVinci!

To learn more about Lois and Martha's exciting FREE green roof systems from DaVinci, see And, the DaVinci Roofscapes Winners Are ...


From the Architect's Corner - Waste is so...Wasteful

If you're like me you hate the thought of jobsite waste. This morning I searched the web to see exactly what the percentages are on both a new home build and a renovation project for waste material. The statistics vary (from the articles and blogs I read anywhere between 20%-35% material waste), but any way you look at it the amounts are staggering. So what happens to the waste? Some of it is recycled, some is free-cycled, but the majority of it ends up in a landfill. The material that a home or building owner has paid for ends up in a landfill. When talking to contractors I often hear a 20% waste reference when it comes to roofing material, but when it comes to DaVinci Roofscapes' lightweight roofing systems, that just isn't true. 

A few weeks ago our VP of Technical Services, Tim Gentry, put out a blog that addresses how to install a designer roof with LITTLE TO NO WASTE (yes you read that correctly).  I think it is important for all architects and designers to read this blog because it highlights not only a major benefit of our products (that you do not need to order 20% extra material per job), but education of ourselves and our customers is key to making an informed purchase. Click here to read Tim's blog. 

Happy Friday, Architects! 



New DaVinci Roofscapes Facility

What has 172,000 square feet of space, 16 silos and a train track attached to it? Give up? It's our new DaVinci Roofscapes manufacturing facility in Lenexa, Kansas!

That's right ... we recently moved to a larger location to accommodate the growing demand for our synthetic shake and composite slate roofing products.

Our new location at 13890 W. 101st Street in Lenexa boasts larger office spaces and 15 transportation docks to quickly move out our lightweight roofing materials. Plus, we've made upgrades to the facility (which used to be home to a plastics manufacturer) including a motion sensor lighting system, energy-efficient lighting and a security system.

Our move coincides with our 15th year in business, the move to Lenexa was made possible due to the increased demand for DaVinci manufactured slate and shake alternative products. Steady growth and repeated use of our plastic roofing materials by contractors across the country has led to this expansion.

So, while we say "happy anniversary" to our team, we also offer a huge "thank you" to everyone in the industry who specifies, installs and requests our luxury roof materials. And, CLICK HERE if you'd like to see how we manufacture our synthetic cedar shake and imitation slate shingles!


From the Architect's Corner - Come See Us at the AIA Convention in Chicago!

Attention AIA members! If you plan on attending next week's American Institute of Architects Convention and Expo in Chicago, be sure to drop by booth #3545 and see what's new from DaVinci Roofscapes! I hope to see you there!


DaVinci Slate Roofing Rivals Natural Slate

If you're thinking of a natural slate roof for your home, think again.

The beautiful look of real slate can be offset by the weight of the product and its typically high cost. Instead, consider a slate alternative that offers the same beauty as the natural product, but is lighter in weight, resists impact, fire, mold, algae and insect infestations.

DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate is carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of natural slate using virgin resins. Available in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths, bundles of the sustainable roofing product arrive at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork. The composite slate is crafted to display rough edges and natural stone-like surface textures and comes at an impressive 1/2" tile thickness.

DaVinci offers a line of slate products to fit every project. One of the company's most popular slate lines, Bellaforté, provides a manufactured slate roofing product that includes a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge to help reduce the installation time for the products. A square of Bellaforté slate roof shingles (with 100 pieces per square) weighs just 190 pounds. This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs.

Single-Width Slate roof tiles offer exceptional aesthetics and performance at a value-driven price point. Single-Wdith imitation slate tiles are available in a 12" tile width with a 1/2" thickness and is modeled after natural slate pieces.

No matter which simulated slate roofing tile you select, DaVinci products are all impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, impact resistant, maintenance free, color fade resistant, Class A fire rated (with specified underlayments), UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated, and wind resistant to 110 mph. All DaVinci synthetic slate shingles resist water absorption, which eliminates freeze-thaw issues and allows for installation in most weather conditions. And, every imitation slate tile from DaVinci is 100 percent recyclable and comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

For more information on DaVinci Slate products, visit Polymer Slate Profiles: Features and Benefits.


To Slate, or Not to Slate ... That is the Question

It's not really a trick question. If you want your roofing tile to be heavy, brittle and expensive, then select real slate. However, if you are looking for the look of natural slate, but also want a green roofing option that is a lightweight roofing material and has a 50-year roof warranty, then select DaVinci Roofscapes slate alternative.


The DaVinci imitation slate roofing tiles I installed on my home look better than natural slate tiles," says Mark Clement, co-host of MyFixitUpLife radio show. "The look is so realistic that people pass by and can’t tell the difference between them and real slate. They always bet me that these are real slate shingles. I come up a winner every time with these eco-friendly roofing tiles.”

As Clement and other homeowners have discovered, DaVinci composite slate roofing tiles have many advantages over asphalt shingles, cement tiles and even real slate. “I appreciate the thickness and realistic look of the synthetic classic slate for our home’s style, but I could just have easily chosen the Bellaforté snap-fit polymer slate,” says Clement. “Both are made from 100 percent pure resins and have inorganic colors and pigments infused throughout each tile. The idea that I could get a custom color to match my exterior really got my attention.”

DaVinci's designer roof tiles are recyclable and can be requested in DaVinci EcoBlend colors that actually help make the home more energy efficient. The award-winning EcoBlend products have been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to reflect sunlight and heat away from the home.

For more tips on synthetic slate roofing, see Spring --- and Slate --- Are in the Air.


From the Architect's Corner - Come See Us at the National AIA Conference/Expo in June!

Summer is just around the corner, which means the 2014 National American Institute of Architects Conference and Expo is in just a few weeks! If you plan on attending this year's conference, located in Chicago, stop by our booth (# 3545) to learn more about our polymer roof tiles and see what is new from DaVinci Roofscapes! We hope to see you June 26 - 28. 

Interested in reading about our most asked questions from last year's show? Click here to read how things went in Denver. 


From the Architect's Corner - Online Continuing Education

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I go in when selecting exterior colors for my home?"

According to Kate Smith, DaVinci Roofscapes' color expert, the correct order is roof, siding, windows, front door, trim then garage door. Unless the home is brick or stone, the largest fixed feature is probably the roof, so you will want to start there.

Interested in learning more? Are you a professional in need of a continuing education credit? Jump over to AEC Daily's website to take our new course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors. It is free and available online 24/7.


Happy Friday, Architects! 


Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes


Almost 140 years after it was built, the chapel at the Dayton Veterans Administration Medical Center in Ohio needed a new roof. The original roof, constructed out of slate, boasted a large cross with a star-studded border in light colors on the background of black slate. The current roof structure of the chapel couldn't support the weight of real slate, so DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate shingles were specified.


Twenty-seven squares of medium tan imitation slate tiles and 67 squares of black composite slate tiles were ordered by Detroit Cornice and Slate Company in Michigan to complete both sides of the roof plus the steeple and vestibules.

“Working with a 7-1/2-inch exposure and 9-inch wide field tiles, it was important that the vertical and horizontal band dimensions come out looking the same width," says Dawn Hesse, project manager at Detroit Cornice and Slate Company. "The client also wanted the vertical line of the cross to be completely straight. However, it is not recommended to create a ‘slot on slot’ configuration with any roofing.”

To solve the challenge, Detroit Cornice blended together different widths of DaVinci polymer roofing tiles in 6-, 9- and 12-inch sizes to come as close as possible to creating the cross while maintaining the warranty. A chalk outline of the pattern was sketched on the roofing felt for the installation crews to follow.

According to Hesse, another big challenge facing the team on the chapel project was gaining a full understanding of the roof’s original design.

“We’re experts in slate and flashing details, and knew that this project would require careful pre-construction planning,” says Hesse. “Multiple layouts were created and reviewed by all members of the team. It was a time-consuming process that required patience and input from everyone involved. A variety of roofing tile colors, sizes and patterns were considered

"Overall, the coordinated efforts needed to make this project happen were a key to its success. Part of that success was due to the support we received from DaVinci, as well as providing one of the better looking synthetic slate products on the market today.”

To see another DaVinci project where lightweight roofing tiles offered a solution to a problem, visit SRA Architects Specify DaVinci Polymer Roof for New LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge.


Is that a Peacock on the Roof?

No ... although we understand your mistake. That's the colorful Vineyard blend of DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate tiles.

Why would you mistake this roof for a peacock? Just consider this --- the beautiful designer roof has been created with a combination of eight different colors including dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, dark stone, light and dark violet, and amber.

Many homeowners find such a colorful roof exceptionally appealing.

"We brightened up our home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend," says Nancy Dye of Mill Mountain, Virginia. "This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”

According to Dye's roofer, Richard Miller of Miller Roofing & Guttering, the colors chosen for the roof united the exterior of the home. "The installation of the DaVinci product was flawless," says Miller. "As we laid in the different colors you could see the house exterior lighten up and come to life."

In northern Maine, the Fanjoy family also selected the colorful Vineyard blend of composite slate tiles from DaVinci for their roof. Looking for a strong visual interest to accent the home, the Fanjoys reviewed the “FRESH Home Exterior Colors” guide to learn about how to select the best color for their luxury roof.

“We went with the Vineyard blend because the reds were a little brighter than in the European blend, and there’s more brown and tan in this blend that gives the entire roof a little more ‘pop’ in appearance,” says homeowner Rob Fanjoy.

“Another consideration was the large, uninterrupted section of the front roof design. With the help of the Color Guide, we felt that a colorful blend would be very dramatic as people came up our driveway --- and we were correct. We’ve received glowing complements and lots of interest in our synthetic slate shingles!”

To read more about these colorful homes, see Colorful Slate Roof the "Second Star" on Mill Mountain and Maine Challenge.


Happy Earth Day from DaVinci Roofscapes!

Happy birthday to the Earth! Started in 1970, Earth Day is the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide.

In case you didn't know, Earth is the third planet from the sun and the largest of the terrestrial planets. The Earth is the only planet not named after a god and its name comes from the word "erda" which means ground or soil. Very appropriate since the Earth has the greatest density of all planets in the solar system.

During Earth Day the world focuses on the environment --- how to make it better, take care of it and reduce impact that can harm our planet. At DaVinci Roofscapes, every day is Earth Day. That's because our manufactured slate and shake roofing tiles are 100% recyclable and have an extensive lifespan --- backed by a 50-year warranty.

What makes our polymer roofing tiles earth-friendly? DaVinci composite roofing products are manufactured from a proprietary engineered polymer that includes multiple virgin resins, organic fire retardant, state-of-the-art color and UV stabilizers and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment. Selecting synthetic DaVinci Shake roof tiles over wood shakes saves trees. Selecting synthetic DaVinci Slate roof tiles over natural slate saves labor and fuel and offers a smaller carbon footprint by reducing waste.

Here's another fact. DaVinci Slate roof shingles weigh one-third as much as comparable natural slate, so energy is saved in transporting our composite slate tiles. And, DaVinci roofing tiles contribute less to landfills and use less of the earth’s resources than asphalt roof shingles because they can be recycled.

Interested in more sustainable roofing information? See Why are DaVinci Roofs Green?


From the Architect's Corner - Before and After

This home's transformation going from shingles to a polymer slate tile roof is remarkable. The original roof, a brown shingle, wasn't doing justice to this brick home which is loaded with curb appeal. In order to make their (very steep) roof truly one of a kind, these homeowners decided to customize a blend using our multi-width simulated slate roofing tiles. The blend created is Dark Gray, Light Brown, Light Purple, Green Stone, Dark Stone and Light Violet.

What is the process for customizing a blend? Typically, a homeowner would work with a Project Specialist here in our office. Our Project Specialists offer a true service of color and product advice, many times viewing images of the home in order to make suggestions. We also have other tools to help, our online Color Designer can help narrow down the choices, and we are always willing to send out product samples in any color as well as color chips. Once colors and percentages are nailed down, sample bundles are requested for final approval by the end user and then an order can go into production. Like we do with our standard color blends, we pre-blend the tiles here in our factory so there is minimal sorting at the jobsite. 

Interested in learning more? Click here to read more about this project, installed by Advanced Exteriors and located in Denver, Colorado. Click here to get in touch with a DaVinci Project Specialist. 

Happy Friday, Architects!



Spring --- and Slate --- Are in the Air

Winter weather has finally melted away and it's time for a new roof. Your old natural slate roof took quite a beating during the harsh weather these past few years and you're ready to replace it.

Not so fast.

Before having a new slate roof put on your home, you owe it to yourself to research the benefits of simulated slate roofing products --- like Multi-Width DaVinci Roofscapes and Bellaforté slate products.

Warranted for 50 years, DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing tiles have many advantages over natural slate products. They don't crack and chip off like natural slate, are easier to maintain and won't break your budget.

Polymer slate from DaVinci comes in three profiles:

  • Multi-Width DaVinci - this is our original product. It comes in 5 different widths - 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths...bundles arrive at the job site pre-sorted by color and size.
  • Single-Width Valoré - we came out with Valoré after we received requests from a number of homeowners to have a product that was one size only - 12" tile width and same as the Multi-Width - the bundles come job site ready and pre-sorted by color blend.
  • Bellaforté - we came out with Bellaforté for even easier installation as well as a product that had superior wind resistance performance.  Bellaforté tiles are 12" tiles as well.


Since DaVinci offers a manufactured slate tile, you can be assured of excellent test results and certifications. Plus, DaVinci products are so realistic-looking that many people can't tell the difference between natural slate and synthetic slate roof tiles.

“The DaVinci slate roofing tiles I installed look better than natural slate tiles, says Mark Clement, host of MyFixitUpLife. "The look is so realistic that people pass by and can’t tell the difference between them and real slate. They always bet me that these are real slate shingles. I come up a winner every time with these eco-friendly roofing tiles.”

For more information on DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions, see How Could Imitation Slate Be Better Than the Real Thing?