Composite Slate Roof Tops Utah Home

Inspired by castles visited during a trip to Germany, Brecken Bang and his wife decided to incorporate turrets into the architectural design of their new Utah home in 2014. The stunning custom home looks like a mini castle itself with a unique stone/rock overlay on top of cast-in-place concrete.

"Everyone who sees our Bellaforté Slate roof thinks it is a real slate roof and they love it," says Brecken Bang.

In reality, the simulated slate roofing atop the home is manufactured slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.

"We wanted our house to have the real slate roof look, but with lower maintenance concerns," says Bang. "One big factor for us selecting DaVinci was the wind rating. It can withstand winds up to 110mph. We did not want to lose any roofing in the strong winds we can get here. An added bonus was that we could create a custom gray and black color blend to add depth and a bold look to the roof."

Slate Roof Alternative


All of the structural walls and floors in the home are concrete and steel, which is not surprising since Bang is co-owner of Bang Concrete, which creates custom concrete walls.

"The home was built to last and we also wanted a designer roof that would last," says Bang. "Especially when it came to the turrets. Our roofer, Centennial Roofing, agreed that the DaVinci polymer roofing was much easier to use on the turrets than concrete tiles or natural slate shingles. The look is so authentic that sometimes I tell people that the DaVinci roof almost looks like dragon scales on our castle!"

Love turrets? Then see Turrets Are Easy With DaVinci’s Turret Package.


Class A Fire Rated Polymer Roofing Eases Worries for West Coast Residents

Smokey the Bear is not a happy camper. Incredible drought conditions on the West Coast mean many woodland areas are suffering from wildfires.

Eco Friendly RoofFor many homeowners with cedar shake roofing, the threat of flying embers from those wildfires that could ignite their cedar roofing is a constant worry during summer months. Fortunately for homeowners, DaVinci Roofscapes offers Class A Fire Rated synthetic shake roofing that looks just like real shake roofing, but resists fire.

"More than fifty homes burned in our area during one wildfire," says Dan Baer, a California homeowner. "If the winds had been stronger, our home would have been included. Our old shake roof was a tinderbox waiting to ignite. Our new Bellaforté polymer tiles are rated Class A for fire retardance, which gives us tremendous peace-of-mind.”

In Nevada, homeowner Mary Katherine Hirsh feels the same way. After she was evacuated from her home in 2011 due to a firestorm sweeping through her Reno neighborhood, she decided her old wooden cedar roof shingles had to go.

"The idea that a stray cinder landing on my roof could ignite the entire home was scary,” says Hirsh, a Nevada resident. “I immediately started researching roofing options and focused in on fire-resistant polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

For more information on synthetic shake shingles, see Playing with Fire.


From the Architect's Corner: Can You Tell the Difference?

For the last 15 years we have made it our mission to make the most authentic polymer slate and shake composite roofing tiles on the market. You know you've succeeded when time and time again you send homeowners, contractors, and architects out to see the products installed on a nearby home or business and their response is, "I drove right by it! It looked like natural slate and I was looking for a plastic slate." Or when you're standing in a tradeshow booth and people absentmindedly stop and touch the material, and end up blown away because it didn't feel like the slate or wood they were expecting to feel. 

I recently received this picture from a longtime contractor (Featured Project to come!) and had to share. With the copper gutters and flashings, these Multi-Width Slate tiles in the European Blend have the authentic look that people seeking a roof in our category require. If you were driving by and saw this roof, what would you think? 

Happy Friday, Architects!

Simulated Slate Roofing

Low Maintenance and Durability Key Selling Features for Polymer Roofing in Northwest

In the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest, algae and moss accumulation on cedar shake roofs is a common concern. For some homeowners tired of maintaining and constantly cleaning these pesky growth formations from their roofs, easy-care polymer roofing tiles are their new best friends.

"Natural slate and cedar shake roof shingles can be increasingly difficult to maintain over time in this environment," says Jordan Eades, president of HOPE Roofing & Construction. "When homeowners see the advances of man-made polymer roofing tiles they get almost giddy with the idea that they'll be spending much less of their valuable time and money on maintenance to remove unsightly moss and algae from their roofs."

In recent years Eades and her team have started offering synthetic shake and imitation slate roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. At the 2015 Building, Remodeling and Energy Expo in Sequim, Wash., Eades received overwhelming interest in the DaVinci product showcased in their booth.  

"We're seeing that more and more customers want long-lasting and low maintenance features in their roofs," says Eades, whose company is headquartered in Port Townsend, Wash. "The Bellaforté roofs we're installing offer those advantages plus the look is very realistic. The beauty of these tiles coupled with the lifetime warranty are features that homeowners in our area are very excited about."

Want to learn more about lightweight roofing tiles from DaVinci and what contractors think of our environmentally friendly roofs? Then see Out of the Mouths of Contractors.


DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Material Can Stand the Test of Time

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. It invokes childhood memories of the days I used to spend at my grandmother’s house in north Louisiana. There was a grocery store down the road called the Dixie Dandy and their chocolate covered ice cream bars were the best ever!

The heat was sweltering, but we never stayed inside. I mean, come on! It’s summer vacation! I played outside from dawn to dusk.

One of the craziest things I remember was how, on a hot day, a storm blew in rather suddenly, and even though the thermometer was showing 90-degrees, big nuggets of ice started raining down from the sky! Hail storm!! Yes, that was summer down south.

Eco-Blend Fake SlateI had the opportunity to re-visit that small Louisiana town recently, and between the scorching sun, many more hail storms and the strong winds that accompanied them, I noticed many of the houses were looking a little worse for the wear, especially the roofs.

It’s unreal what Mother Nature can do to a traditional shingle, slate or cedar shake roof. Curled edges, missing tabs, faded colors, cracked and split edges…..if this describes your roof, then it’s past time for a change.

Before spending your hard-earned money on another rooftop that starts to degrade the minute it’s sitting out in the elements, do a little homework and look into low-maintenance polymer roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

All those natural elements I talked about don’t stand a chance against a synthetic shake or composite slate roof. These lightweight roofing tiles are fade-resistant and the color runs completely through them.

Hail stones the size of golf balls? Not a dent! Hurricane force winds? They won’t budge! Aside from the fact that a polymer roof is going to last longer, it’s also going to look better and stay that way for years beyond that of a traditional roof. This is an added bonus, because it adds value and curb appeal to your home. (See Superman Roofs)

By the way, there’s a big difference between “standing out” and “sticking out” (like a sore thumb) and a composite slate roof  or simulated shake roofing from DaVinci stands out.

I would defy anyone to drive down the road and be able to tell the difference between a DaVinci fake slate roof and genuine slate, or DaVinci composite shake and a true cedar shake roofing. It looks that good!

One final thought to consider when choosing which product is right for you. DaVinci’s EcoBlend tiles have an Energy Star rated version called Cool Roof that actually helps reflect sun and heat away from the roof which, in turn, will reduce the load on your AC. That means your roof can positively impact your home's energy efficiency, the lifespan of your cooling unit AND help reduce power consumption to keep the house cool.

The moral of my story? Time will march on. I’m not a kid anymore…the recipe for the perfect Dixie Dandy ice cream bar is gone forever…but the right synthetic roofing material will stand the test of time well into the future.

Allen Lyle
Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
Radio Show Co-Host - See more at:

Allen Lyle
Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford
Radio Show Co-Host


Polymer Roofing Stands Up to Microburst

The morning of April 2, 2015 started out clear and sunny for residents at the Harbor Isle community in Wichita, Kansas. By evening, a powerful microburst with winds reaching up to 100mph destroyed a bulk of the roofs in the subdivision --- except the DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing installed by Heiland Roofing.

Composite Slate RoofAccording to homeowner Paul Dugan, concrete tiles littered the entire Harbor Isle community after the storm.

"Concrete roof tiles were thrown through neighbor's windows, into vehicles parked along the streets and in driveways," says Dugan. "Every home with a concrete tile roof was missing large sections while a couple of the homes that had been recently re-roofed by Heiland Roofing with DaVinci shake roofing tiles has every single tile in place and no visible damage to the property. I was very impressed and called Heiland Roofing the next morning.

"I now have a DaVinci Bellaforté Slate roof that looks exactly the same as the concrete tile roof but has the highest impact resistance in the industry. The impressive interlocking system allows for installation with securing the tile in all four corners so we're not going to worry about tiles peeling back and blowing away in future storms."

For more details about Heiland Roofing and their installation of green roofing options, see Featured Project of the Year - Heiland Roofing & Exteriors.


From the Architect's Corner - Come See us at CONSTRUCT 2015

If you plan on attending the Construction Specifiers Institute convention in St. Louis this fall, set aside some time to come and see the DaVinci Roofscapes booth at booth #637. We will be there ready to discuss our lifetime roof options, and armed with plenty of polymer roofing information and product samples, including our new Single-Width and Bellaforté Slate profiles. The exhibit hall is open October 1-2, 10:30-4:30. I look forward to seeing you there! 


DaVinci Roofscapes Helps Me to "Do it Right, Not Over!"

Yesterday I covered "why I love DaVinci Roofscapes" and today I'm launching right into the step-by-step aspects of installing my new imitation slate roof.

Alignment Aids

Look at one of the DaVinci composite slate shingles and you’ll quickly see they provide all the needed alignment guides for your required exposure on each shingle.

They provide the target holes where you nail the shingles. I love those and it’s not a problem to hit the target.

The shingles provide reminders about the required spacing between the shingles so the roof looks fantastic for decades.

If you chalk lines every other course, you get to use the lines to align each course. That’s a great feature to keeping the roof looking just like real slate.


You can cut the shingles with a sharp razor knife or a tin snips, but I find a sliding compound miter saw does it faster, safer and provides a cleaner cut. You want to use this same saw to make your miter cuts that create the stunning closed valleys.

A table saw is the tool of choice for me when cutting off the tops of the shingles that are found at roof ridge lines.


The fasteners are as important as the simulated slate roofing shingles in my opinion. They need to last as long, or longer, than the roofing product.

I feel this is why DaVinci suggests to use hot-dipped galvanized nails. These, in my opinion, are the best nails for all roofing projects. The molten zinc atoms interlock with the steel on the entire nail. Hot-dipped nails simply won’t rust for many, many decades.

Use the hot-dipped galvanized nails and rest assured the fasteners will not fail. Be sure the nail is long enough to penetrate the roof sheathing. (see Stainless Steel Nails)

The Bottom Line

After working now with the DaVinci composite roofing product for a little over two weeks, I have to give it five hammers out of five.


My wife Kathy loves it, my kids love it, my neighbors love it and I’m swooning over it.

As a builder who demands quality not only in a product but the workmanship that goes with it, I’m glad to go on the record saying that given the choice, I’d go with DaVinci Roofscapes whenever the situation allowed it.


That’s easy. DaVinci is a perfect example of my motto:

Do It Right, Not Over!

Tim Carter




Roofing Dreams Do Come True

I’ve been in the residential construction business for decades. I started while in college as a laborer for a man that rehabbed - we call it "flipping" now - houses. I loved working with my hands and still do.

You can’t describe the satisfaction of looking over something you just built knowing it’s done right and won’t have to be done over.

I’m experiencing that same feeling with my new DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate composite roofing tiles on my own home.

As crazy as it seems, I decided to do the installation myself. I’m qualified to do it as I’ve done roofing of all sorts for more than forty years. I’ll say it now before you read much more:

I love working with my DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate. It’s a dream product that’s easy to install. It’s not easy to impress me with products because I tend to be the Doubting Thomas. I tend to compare new products with older time-tested products that I know work well.

My son, a young man of few words, is helping me with this job. A few days into the project after installing enough of the polymer roofing shingles to where you can really see what it will look like when complete, he exclaimed, “Wow Dad, it really looks like real slate roof tiles! The shadow lines are so deep!”

Believe me, that’s a compliment of the highest from a young adult who rarely is impressed with all the great products I get to see on a routine basis.

Faux SlateThe Decision

You may wonder what drove me to DaVinci Roofscapes?

Two things.

First and foremost I’ve known about their fine products for years because they have the best public relations machine working for them. It seems not a week goes by that I don’t hear about a success story about DaVinci. That’s a good thing.

Second, my 40-year-guarantee asphalt shingle roof failed in just 12 years. That’s not a typo. Couple that with other asphalt shingle failures in the news and I have to tell you I was leery about getting bitten a second time.

The Roofing Process

I’ve installed tens of thousands of shingles. I’ve repaired roofs. Roofs are designed to take advantage of gravity. One layer of shingles overlaps the row below it and this continues up the roof creating a weather-resistant barrier to rain, wind-driven rain, snow and ice.

What I discovered after reading the official installation instructions provided by DaVinci is this job was going to be a breeze. It was hard to believe that a synthetic slate roof tile could be so easy to install.

As the head of, I stand witness to tell you this product is easier to install than traditional asphalt shingles. Yes, easier and they look far better. Tune in tomorrow to find out exactly how easy it is to install DaVinci lightweight roofing materials!

Tim Carter



Tour de Roofs

Thousands of cyclists are currently spending 21 days pedaling their way through France as part of the Tour de France. Unfortunately they're mostly looking straight ahead and concentrating on their route. What a shame.

If these dedicated cyclists looked up, they'd be in for quite a treat.

During my recent trip to France I had the opportunity see some truly beautiful roofs. While my fellow travelers were oohing and aahing over the countryside, my camera was pointed upwards at these incredibly historic roofs.

My favorite was the very colorful designer roof at Hotel-Dieu in Beaune. Founded in 1443, this structure was actually built as a hospital. The medieval jewel boasts geometric, multi-colored Burgundian roof tiles. It reminded me so much of the custom color capabilities available from DaVinci Roofscapes that I could easily imagine replicating the roof in the United States!


More sedate roofs also caught my attention in France. Everywhere you turned there were turrets and structures covered mostly with old clay tiles. Slate roofs are also popular in France, as are concrete spires that top structures such as the impressive Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) in Avignon. Constructed in 1309, there are ten towers in the fortress that spans more than 148,000 square feet!


For a vacation trip with lots of roof-appeal, I've got to say, Vive la France!


Happy National Roofing Week!

The National Roofing Contractors Association has designated July 5 - 11 as the Second Annual National Roofing Week. The special focus on this week is the importance of hiring professional roofing contractors and making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing a roof system.

As we talk about regularly, the roof is one of the most important components on a home or business. If a roof fails, whether due to storm damage or old age, the entire structure is compromised. That's why DaVinci Roofscapes recommends that you make it a yearly goal to examine and evaluate your roof --- and what better time to do so than National Roofing Week!

We've shared these tips before, but they're worth repeating:

Fake Cedar ShakeTip #1 - If you're able to easily see all areas of your roof yourself, use either a ladder or binoculars from across the street, and look for problem areas. Missing or broken shingles or shingles "flapping" in the wind are all signs that your roof needs immediate help.

Tip #2 - If you have steep slope roofing or a roof with multiple valleys, or you're not able to see all areas of your roof, then hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof. They have the proper safety equipment to accurately inspect your roof and know exactly how to look for rodent and animal damage around chimneys along with worn out areas of the roof.

Tip #3 - Check the sides of your roof. The southern exposure weathers significantly faster than the other sides of the roof, so make sure to carefully examine this area. Also, shallower pitches weather faster than steeper pitches. So again, if your roof has a shallow pitch --- like a shed dormer --- make certain you can clearly see it to get a true indication of the condition of your roof. If you have a real cedar roof, consider your geographic location.

Tip #4 - Consider your geography. If you live in areas prone to hail, then impact resistant polymer roofing is a great choice. Or, if you live in the western portion of the country where wildfires are a problem, then having Class A Fire Rated imitation slate or simulated shake roofing is a great choice. Along with helping protect the home, these fake cedar shake and slate alternative roofs oftentimes come with a homeowner insurance discount.

Need more tips? Check out 6 Signs of a Failing Roof: How to Tell if You Need a New Roof.


From the Architect's Corner - Customizing Doesn't Mean You Have to Change It All

When you are working with 50 individual colors it can become pretty easy to overcomplicate things. Typically, the quest for finding your perfect custom color blend starts on our color designer, or with a set of our synthetic shake or slate color chips. While some have a great eye for color and can easily sort through and put together something that looks amazing, the rest of us are stuck on where to even start. In the context of possible blend customization, I often get asked if somebody can take a standard blend and just tweak it. Recently, an architect and I worked together to take the European Blend (which consists of Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Light Purple and Dark Purple in multi-width slate) and change it into something that the client wanted, which was essentially European with just a little less purple. By removing just the Light Purple from the blend, it turned out to be exactly the color blend they needed. Not every custom color blend story can be this easy, but often starting with something already created can help you and your clients know what needs to be added or removed. 

Happy Friday Architects!

                Fake Slate


DaVinci Proud

July seems to be the ideal month to focus on American traditions --- and American-made products.

Naturally we celebrate Independence Day on July 4, but we also celebrate Made in the USA Day on July 2. At DaVinci Roofscapes, where we make all our polymer roofing products in Lenexa, Kansas, we happily celebrate both occasions!

By manufacturing every one of our composite roofing products in the United States, we help keep Americans working. Our company supports the economic structure of our country. And,  because we make our imitation slate and synthetic shake roofing product in America, we can get those roofs delivered quickly to our customers. (See Happy 4th of July --- Buy American!)

"We're part of the multiplier effect because our 'Made in America' commitment also means we purchase from suppliers located only in the United States," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. "So, with every roofing tile we sell we're helping our economy to expand in many, many ways."

You'll find DaVinci Roofscapes on thousands of homes and commercial projects "from sea to shining sea" in our country.  "DaVinci roofs are on the Dayton Veteran's Administration Chapel, several college campuses, in theme parks and even on the William Penn home," says Rosewall. "The successful reach of our designer roof products into the daily lives of Americans makes all of us at DaVinci extremely proud."


Accessorizing Your Designer Roof

Think accessories are just for the fashion industry? Think again.

Polymer Roof TilesIf you're a roofing installer looking to finish a course, rake end or valley with a solid piece of synthetic slate or shake, you're looking for roofing accessories. Fortunately, DaVinci Roofscapes has just what you need in our multi-width imitation slate and synthetic shake product lines!

While a solid accessory tile is not required for a successful roof application, we recognize that some installers prefer to use it as an option. The solid tile is just another method of blending the appearance of cut tiles to give a polished look to a finished luxury roof project.

Offered in several colors, our solid slate accessory tiles and are 18-inches long and 12-inches wide and solid shake accessory tiles are 22-inches long and 12-inches wide

Remember that the unique design of DaVinci slate roof tiles and cedar shake alternative tiles has ribbing to provide improved flexibility and reduced weight. (see Solid Polymer Roof Tiles) This allows us to create a thick profile that is lightweight - the rib structure helps the tile have less mass than it otherwise would which makes the deck cooler than a solid tile would be to help keep both the tile and roof deck cooler.


Talking with Aaron Adams

For the past four years Aaron Adams has seen hundreds of DaVinci Roofscapes projects firsthand. In his role as Central Region Manager for DaVinci, Aaron routinely travels from Texas to Wisconsin to New Mexico (and all states in between!) to support the needs of polymer roofing customers for DaVinci.

Q: In your travels, what do you see as the "mood" of roofers during the past few months?
A: Overall the mood is positive. The demand for good installation crews is up, which is a good indicator of the market being on the rise.

Q: Bad weather has kicked in early this year in your region. How are DaVinci synthetic shake and slate alternative roofs holding up?

A: Omaha, Oklahoma City and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas have all seen significant storms so far this season. Fortunately all our longtime contractors have reports that the DaVinci sustainable roofing tiles they have previously installed have weathered the storms well. Now those same roofers are selling even more of our lightweight roofing systems to homes that need new roofs after those storms.

Q: What are some upcoming commercial projects in your region that will use composite roofing from DaVinci?

A: There are two great ones in Illinois I'm excited about. The Garlands is a long-term assisted living facility in Barrington that's going to have Single-Width Slate roof tiles in a custom blend. In Mettawa there's an equestrian training facility at Always Faithful Stables. They're also getting the Single-Width Slate roof shingles.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite DaVinci roofing project in your marketplace, which would it be?

A: Definitely the Dayton VA Church. I think that's a great example of how our imitation slate tiles can be used to restore the aesthetic integrity of a historic building. (See Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes)





Rob Capkovic

Two key words describe roofer Rob Capkovic: Passionate and Busy.

Longtime contractor, Rob is owner of Capkovic Brothers Roofing, Inc. out of St. Louis. Started in 2002, his company employs 10 roofers who are in constant motion installing roofs throughout the metro St. Louis area.

"Repairing roof hail damage keeps us very busy throughout the year," says Capkovic. "We're also busy with normal replacement projects and we're absolutely passionate about bringing the industry's leading products to our customers at compelling value."

Fake ShakeOne of the roofing products Capkovic feels strongly about is polymer roofing from DaVinci. "The composite roofing from DaVinci looks beautiful and holds up to so many different kinds of weather conditions," says Capkovic. "We've done almost a dozen roofs on homes plus a country club and a church --- they all have imitation slate shingles on them.

"We've found the DaVinci lightweight roofing tiles are very 'installer friendly.' Most recently we've been involved with the roofing of a spectacular new home in the Turkey Ridge community. The homeowners first had us install the synthetic shake product on a pavilion on their property and then we roofed their new home with composite shake. These folks made the right decision with DaVinci --- it's a product that adds curb appeal to the home with a terrific lifetime limited materials warranty."

For more contractor insights on lightweight roofing materials, see Profile: Turner Morris Roof Systems


DaVinci Roofscapes Supports Recycling Efforts

National Recycling Month is a great time to think about the pros and cons of recycling as it relates to composite roofing.

On the "con side" would be manufacturers that use recycled products to create their roof shingles. You won't find that at DaVinci Roofscapes. Our composite slate and synthetic shake roof tiles are made from 100% virgin polymer resins ... and there's nothing recycled in there! This provides you with dependable beauty throughout each tile.

Another "pro" on the DaVinci checklist is that we offer a jobsite recycling program. Unused lightweight tiles and scrap material can be shipped back to our Kansas manufacturing plant where we'll use them to recycle into starter tiles for projects. (see Reduce Jobsite Waste with DaVinci Roofscapes)

At DaVinci, our green roofing options extend to how we operate our facility every day. That's because, as part of our daily manufacturing operations, there are usually a certain amount of scrap materials. We don't trash those products, we recycle them -- more than 300,000 pounds of polymer roofing tile scraps are recycled each year into starter tiles. (see Happy Earth Day!)

This month, we encourage you to do your part to recycle. And, we want you to know that we're doing our part too!


Don't Panic! DaVinci Roofscapes Has The Answer

Don't panic! Even though it's International Panic Day, remain calm and we'll explain how to make roofing decisions easier with the wide variety of composite roofing options from DaVinci Roofscapes.

While selecting a new designer roof can seem overwhelming with all the options in the marketplace, it's easy to make DaVinci your one-stop location for composite shake and imitation slate roofing tiles. Here's a fast overview of our full product offering:


Fake Slate

DaVinci Multi-Width Slate: Our multi-width profile is available in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths with 1/2" tile thickness at butt and 1/8" thickness at tip.

DaVinci Single-Width Slate: Available in 12" tile widths, the 1/2" tile thickness of this slate is twice the thickness of other synthetic slate tiles. Our VariBlend technology is used when creating this tile to form slightly varying shades from tile to tile for an authentic slate look.

Bellaforté Slate: A high performance, interlocking shingle that has superior wind resistance. Bellaforté tiles are 12" in width with 1/2" tile thickness at butt and 3/8" thickness at tip.


Fake Cedar Shake

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake: Available in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths that can be installed in a non-repeating fashion in either a straight or staggered pattern. A deep 5/8" profile has both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend to create enviable shadow lines.

DaVinci Single-Width Shake: 9" shake alternative tiles resemble hand-split cedar shake roofing. The 5/8" profile deepens shadow lines replicate real cedar roofing.

Bellaforté Shake: The 12" tile width with multiple profiles simulates a multi-width, staggered rough hewn wood shake. And, at 1" average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake designer roof tiles are reminiscent of natural jumbo shakes.

Fancy Shake: With a clean, smooth look replicating machine-sawn shake, these 7/16" thick shake shingles provide a polished beauty for your roof. Available in 12", 7" and 5" widths with bundles arriving at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork.

Need more details on polymer roof tiles? See Multi-Width or Single-Width, Slate or Shake…


Here When You Need Them --- the DaVinci Roofscapes Tech Team

You're getting ready to install a DaVinci Roofscapes designer roof and you have a question that you can't easily find the answer to on our website. What do you do? Call the experts in our Tech Department!

Polymer Roof TilesTim, Eric and Tyler have decades of roofing experience to share with you. Whether you're looking for cold weather installation tips or have a question about the green roofing materials you're installing, they're available to support you.

Get to know our top three key polymer roofing guys. Here's a fast introduction!

Tim Gentry - Vice President of Technical Services
Tim has 40+ years of roofing experience, including cedar, asphalt, tile and slate roofing. Before joining DaVinci, he owned his own roofing company. Tim has been with DaVinci since our company started and has in-depth knowledge of engineered polymers, steep slope roofing and the composite roofing market.

While Tim plays a key role aiding in the design and technical processes of DaVinci tiles, he also manages all of our product testing and certifications, works on the Product Development Team, conducts installation training, meets with contractors, and heads up warranty and customer satisfaction inquiries.

Eric Salvesen - Central Technical Services Manager

Eric brings a wealth of hands-on building industry experience with him to our company. After putting himself through college as a roofer, Eric spent several years on the distribution side of the business. He supports our internal staff along with contractors, distributors, architects, developers and homeowners in the central portion of the United States. (see On the Road with DaVinci's Eric Salvesen)

You'll see Eric at sales/installation trainings and demos, jobsites and presentations for design engineers, architects and consultants. He's here to help you solve your roofing challenges and to provide insights on when, where and how to best use DaVinci synthetic roofing material.

Tyler Storfa - Western Technical Services Manager

Tyler joined the DaVinci team in 2013 after spending 10 years as a technical rep in the field showcasing proper tile installation procedures to contractors, architects and building officials. He has experience in roofing product testing, underlayments and snow retention systems for roofs.

As a technical support representative for DaVinci, Tyler assists with unique and unusual details of installation projects, finding permanent solutions to roofing issues and dealing with cost effectiveness issues. His chief goal is to "take the mystery out of our polymer roofing materials" so that contractors and distributors understand and feel comfortable with DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions.


DaVinci Roofscapes: Proudly Made in America

At DaVinci Roofscapes we fly the American flag proudly on June 14th --- Flag Day --- and every other day of the year. That's because we're a Made in America company.

Made in AmericaEvery one of our imitation slate tiles and simulated shake roofing pieces are made in Lenexa, Kansas at our company headquarters. For 16 years we've hired American workers and remained dedicated to keeping the manufacturing of our polymer roofing products contained completely in the United States.

What does that mean to you? Faster service and delivery of our composite roofing products --- when you need them and where you need them. Flexibility for us to work with you quickly to design a custom color or support a challenging roofing installation project. Focus on your specific color needs by using Made in America resins to manufacture our 50 different colors of lightweight roofing materials.

“We’re extremely proud that all of our products are made in the United States and that we support our economy by providing jobs for hard working folks around the country,” says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO at DaVinci Roofscapes. “We’re part of the multiplier effect because our ‘Made in America’ commitment also means we purchase from suppliers located only in the United States. So, with every roofing tile we sell we’re helping our economy to expand in many, many ways.”