DaVinci Roofscapes Introduces Four New EcoBlend Colors for Cool Roofs

We've done it again. DaVinci Roofscapes has launched four new EcoBlend options approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to reflect sunlight and heat away from a home or commercial structure. The new color blends all meet Title 24 requirements for California. (See  What is EcoBlend?)

Newly-introduced color blends for EcoBlend polymer shake and slate roofs include: Tahoe-EcoBlend, Mountain-EcoBlend, Brownstone-EcoBlend, and Slate Gray-EcoBlend.

Cool Roof Colors

Cool Roof Colors

"California's newly-adopted 2016 Building Energy Standards (Title 24, Part 6) will require use of more energy-efficient roofing materials starting in 2017," says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. "We've developed these new roofing color blends to meet, and in some cases exceed, these strict requirements.

"In recent years when wildfires and severe weather conditions have increased on the West Coast we've seen enhanced demand for our DaVinci fire- and impact-resistant synthetic shake and slate roofing products. The newly-introduced EcoBlend color family options allow homeowners and commercial property owners to use our durable roofing tiles while complying with the new Title 24 requirements."

EcoBlend color blends previously accessible from DaVinci Roofscapes and still available include: Weathered Gray-EcoBlend and Castle Gray-EcoBlend.

"While Title 24 is unique to California, structures in all areas of the country can benefit from incorporating EcoBlend roof tiles," says Rosewall. "Because these tiles reflect heat and sunlight away from a structure, they help reduce the cooling load, and as a result, increase energy efficiency of a building."


Featured Project - Avon, CO

I imagine when a roofing company like TCC Roofing sits down at the kitchen table with a homeowner and uses the words, "lifetime roof" it might sound too good to be true. Homeowners in Colorado are used to premature roof replacement whether it be from the high winds or hail, or accelerated breakdown of roofing materials due to frequent cycles of freeze-thaw. The cedar shakes on this home were about ready to fall off when TCC Roofing out of Eagle tore them off and replaced them with DaVinci Roofscapes' Multi-Width Slate polymer roof tiles. Multi-Width Slate comes in 5 widths, 12", 10", 9", 7", and 6", and in 12 natural color blends (pictured here Aberdeen Blend). 

TCC Roofing Contractors Inc


                Old Shakes                                                   New DaVinci Polymer Slate



DaVinci Roofscapes Recycles 365 Days a Year

In 1988 President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation declaring June as National Recycling Month. The goal was to draw attention to the benefits of recycling, with one of the chief benefits being the diversion of waste from landfills.  

Sustainable RoofAt  DaVinci Roofscapes, we're completely behind recycling efforts --- not just in June, but every month of the year.

During Earth Day this past April, DaVinci announced that our company recycled more than 800,000 pounds of polymer in 2015 (see 2016 Earth Day: DaVinci Roofscapes Recycled 800,000 Pounds of Polymer Last Year). Now we've taken extra steps to enhance the scrap material recycling of our imitation slate shingles and fake cedar shake tiles. We're on track to recycle more than a million pounds of scrap in 2016.

Why do we have this much waste? Chiefly because we offer so many colors of our composite roofing product (see 50 Shades of DaVinci).

Every time we switch color runs in the manufacturing process of our composite roofing products there's a "run off" of product as one color ends and the new color begins. As the colors transition, the tiles are off spec and are recycled. These tiles are segregated by color and then ground up and molded into starter shingles, which are generally unseen on the roof.

The important aspect here is that every roof shingle we manufacture is 100 percent recyclable, so our manufacturing operations are very environmentally-friendly. Not one roof tile ends up in a landfill. That's something we celebrate during National Recycling Month and every day at DaVinci.      


Sun Block for Your Home

Summer's almost here and it's time to break out the sunscreen. What's your preferred SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in a sun block? Are you daring and like to go with SPF 8, or do you like to play it safe and go with a higher protection, like SPF 60?

Composite RoofingPeople add suntan lotion to their bodies to help protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. May is UV Awareness Month, so it's a good time to think about how to look after your body when out in the sun. But, did you ever wonder how your home protects itself from those same damaging UV rays?

It would be impossible to slather sunscreen on your roof each day, so DaVinci Roofscapes has done the next best thing --- we've created DaVinci EcoBlend® roofing tiles that help reflect sunlight and heat away from your home.

Approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), EcoBlend composite roofing tiles reflect heat and emit the sun's energy back into the atmosphere instead of into a structure. They help reduce the cooling load on a house, and, as a result, increase the energy efficiency of a structure. (See Green Roof Systems are Cool and Energy Efficient)  An added bonus is that a cooler roof contributes to a lower heat island effect in heavily populated areas --- this in turn helps reduce your home's carbon footprint.

This summer, as the temperatures rise and you head outdoors with your sunscreen applied, think twice about your home's roof ... and consider protecting your house with EcoBlend roofing shingles. 


Deciding on a Slate Roof

You're in the market for a new roof, but you can't decide between real slate and composite slate. We understand your dilemma.

A roof is not a product you purchase every year ... or even every 10 years.  So, when it comes time to determine what to put atop your home, we can help.

Fake SlateIf you love the look of slate, but you're worried about the cost and weight of natural slate, visit our DaVinci Slate Comparison Guide to get fast insights as to the differences between real slate roofs and synthetic slate roofing. This easy-to-view chart outlines the differences (and similarities) between the beauty, labor and performance of natural slate roof tiles versus imitation slate tiles.

And, if you're concerned about the environment, check out our Sustainability & Environment website page before making a decision on your roofing materials. You'll find that plastic slate roof products from DaVinci Roofscapes are 100% recyclable. We also offer DaVinci EcoBlend tiles that reflect sunlight and heat away from your home. These environmentally-friendly roof tiles reduce the energy needed to heat and cool your home.

To further help you make a slate roofing decision, we've broken down the features and benefits of our composite slate products on our Products website page. Click HERE and you'll find tabs with available colors, features overview, maintenance & installation, and safety & warranty information for every slate product we produce.

Which DaVinci Slate is Right for My Home? and To Slate, or Not to Slate ... That is the Question can give you even more help in making your slate roofing decision!



2016 Earth Day: DaVinci Roofscapes Recycled 800,000 Pounds of Polymer Last Year

We've got big environmentally-friendly news to share!

Sustainable RoofingIn honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we're letting everyone know that DaVinci Roofscapes almost tripled the amount of processed polymer the company recycled in 2015 over the previous year. Improved processes allowed us to recycle more than 800,000 pounds of polymer materials in 2015.

"Earth Day 2016 is a significant time for our company to share the good news about our enhanced recycling efforts," says Bryan Ward, vice president of operations at DaVinci Roofscapes in Lenexa, Kansas. "We're grinding down materials and reusing them in starter shingles.

"Our overall operation procedures and commitment to the environment has permitted DaVinci Roofscapes to recycle more than two million pounds of processed polymer in the past five years. That's a tremendous amount of material re-use that would otherwise have gone to landfills."


Environmentally Friendly RoofDaVinci Roofscapes produces polymer slate and shake roofing tiles in 50 standard colors, plus custom colors. Each time our manufacturing operation changes color runs, there is a transitioning between colors. Those transition tiles are off spec and are recycled. These tiles are segregated by color and then ground up and molded into starter shingles, which are generally unseen on the roof.

"Because every roofing tile we create is 100 percent recyclable, our operations are extremely environmentally-friendly," says Ward. "In 2016 we'll take our commitment to recycling a step further by investing in a new grinding recycling system that handles purge (melted chunks of polymer that can weigh approximately 50 pounds) as well as off spec product. With this new piece of equipment, we anticipate recycling more than a million pounds of polymer a year going forward!"




Want more GREEN DaVinci news? See DaVinci Roofscapes Supports Recycling Efforts and Return Those DaVinci Scraps!

Starter TilesGreen Roof Systems




Featured Project - Chicago, IL

"Can your products be installed over a curve?". This is a question that we get often. The answer (generally) is probably. There are many factors we consider before answering yes or no, including the grade of the curve and the product being used, but apply a little heat to the products and you can likely make them curve around whatever you want. (Click here to read my earlier blog on this topic). 

Apex Exteriors, Inc out of the Chicago area recently installed a cedar shake alternative on this home in Chicago. They used Multi-Width Shake, which is one of the better products to use when you have a curved roof structure. The reason for this is the tiles are 22" long and are cored out in back with a rib structure. The designs of the ribs allow for easier pliability if the product is warmed up a little. The home featured here used the Tahoe Blend and is Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated, Wind Certified to 110 mph, and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

Apex Exteriors




Collect Your "April Showers"

When it comes to rain water collection, owners of the Absolute Green Home have their neighbors over a barrel. Literally.

Imitation SlateThere are four rain water collection barrels dangling from key roof slopes on the beautiful home in South Salem, New York. Each barrel encourages water to slide gently into it from the Bellaforté Slate roof via a chain. Once filled, the unfiltered water in the barrels can be used for watering plants and gardens, or even to wash cars.

The idea behind rain water harvesting is to save rain water that would normally flow off a roof and down the drain.  But, with a DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof (which does not leach chemicals or pollution into the water), you can save those April showers ...and those throughout the year too!

Along with helping save on water bills, rain harvesting is good for the environment. Whether collected in barrels or going directly into cisterns for use and storage, rain water gathered from synthetic roofing material can have a big impact. According to RainBarrelGuide.com, for every inch of rain that falls on a "catchment area" of 1,000 square feet, you can expect to collect approximately 600 gallons of rainwater. That's a lot of water!

At the Absolute Green Home (which won the "Best Renovation of the Year Award" in 2015 from Green Builder Media), the rain water collection system was just one of many strategies Sylvain Coté, project architect and coordinator with Absolute Green Homes, Inc., incorporated into the home. Starting from the top down with a composite slate roof, the 1932 beach home has earned three green designations: ENERGY STAR® Certified Home, LEED Platinum Certified Home and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Certified Home.

To learn more about this impressive environmentally positive home renovation project, see DaVinci Black Slate Roof Helps Keep Home Green


From the Architect's Corner - Harvesting Rainwater

Custom Blend - Fired Brick RedDesign Opportunity - This question doesn't come up often, but from time to time I am asked if our eco friendly roof tiles can be used when the homeowner will be collecting rainwater. I was asked this for the first time a few years ago while working with a client on a project in the US Virgin Islands. It would be a complete deal breaker if the rain water collected off the roof could not be used for irrigation, laundry, bathing and drinking. 

Design Solution - DaVinci Roofscapes' lightweight roofing materials are suitable systems to be used if you plan on collecting rainwater for your private use. Of course we recommend sticking to the recommendation that the EPA makes regarding the safe collection and use of harvested rainwater. Check out the picture of the finished roof from the above mentioned conversation. Not only a tool used to collect rain water for the homeowner, but a gorgeous, custom color to boot! 



Tips for Solar Panel Installations on Polymer Roofing

How green are you? If you're like many environmentally-conscious homeowners, it's not enough to recycle your newspapers and compost old banana peels and coffee grinds. You may want to go "off the grid" by including solar panels in your roofing system.

Eco-Friendly RoofGetting from the "idea" of having solar panels on your roof to actually incorporating them on your home is a big step. You'll probably wish to consult a licensed PV/solar installer with a General Contractors license. This person will need a licensed electrician on the team to wire the panels and get the panels inspected once installed.

The good news is that you can include solar panels on your DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing!

According to Tyler Storfa, DaVinci's Western Technical Services Manager (see On the Road with DaVinci's Tyler Storfa) it's not any more difficult to include solar panels with polymer roofing than with most other roofing materials, and it's actually easier than including panels with more ridged roofing products like natural slate, clay and concrete tile.

Here are some insights from Tyler that can help get you started:

Tip #1 - When having a mounting system for solar panels installed, make sure anything that penetrates the tiles is flashed appropriately. Most systems need "L" type brackets to be lag bolded into rafters to hold a rail system that the solar panels are mounted on.  The "L" brackets have to be attached both under and through our simulated shake and imitation slate products. This is the area that needs to be properly flashed.

Tip #2 - Contractors can rest easier when walking on DaVinci's green roof systems. Our synthetic roofing material will not break when walked on, so it's actually a bit easier to make solar panel installations.

For more insights on solar panel installations on fake slate and cedar shake alternative roofs, see From the Architects Corner - Solar Panels.



Hassle-Free DaVinci Composite Shake Tiles

When it was time for homeowners at the historic Fleur du Lac Estates in California to select new roofing materials, they looked for a product that would mimic the look of real cedar, but bring them advantages to protect their homes and buildings from Mother Nature. After a comprehensive search, they determined that the Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings of Bellaforté polymer shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes met their needs.

"We started with our two most valuable community structures, the Yacht Club and Boat House," says Stewart Dalie, maintenance supervisor and project manager at Fleur du Lac Estates in Homewood, California. "Our plans are to re-roof all of the buildings in the Tahoe Blend over the next five to seven years. We did a tremendous amount of research to determine what roofing products would look realistic in this setting, meet the new codes required for roofs in our area, yet offer us superior qualities and a long life span.

Polymer Shake Roof


"Selecting the fire- and impact-resistant Bellaforté shake material from DaVinci Roofscapes means we won't have to be concerned with the potential spread of flames should our area ever be touched by wildfires. That's a huge concern for our geographic area. However, not having to worry about wind-blown embers landing on a roof and then catching the building on fire is a tremendous relief."

The Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings of the Bellaforté tiles bring peace-of-mind to residents within the community. The durable roofing tiles have the appearance of natural hand-split cedar shake with slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths, but with the hassle-free qualities of a manufactured product. At a one-inch average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles remind many residents of jumbo cedar shakes prevalent in the Lake Tahoe area.

Need more information on cedar shake alternative tiles? See DaVinci Shakes Up Cedar Shake Roofing Option.


Celebrate America Recycles Day

What do you recycle at home? Plastic water bottles? Cardboard? Newspaper? Glass jars? Beverage cans? Good for you!

Eco Friendly RoofToday is America Recycles Day --- part of America Recycles Month --- coordinated by the Keep America Beautiful organization. This group has done a terrific job of educating people on the value of recycling in the home and workplace. As a result, they report that the national recycling rate has increased every year for the past 30 years. Right now the current recycling rate is an impressive 34.5%.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we're proud to say we do our part to recycle. If a composite slate or synthetic shake roofing tile we manufacture doesn't meet our high standards, we recycle it into starter tiles for the roof.  We also accept and recycle back unused DaVinci polymer roofing from job sites (see Return Those DaVinci Scraps!). That means less plastic roof materials are going into landfills. Instead they're heading right back up on the roof!

You can do your part in recycling more and helping the environment.  Click HERE to see the top 10 items every consumer can recycle at home and at work. And, to learn more about eco friendly roofs made from DaVinci, see Go Green with DaVinci Synthetic Roof Tiles.


West Coast Homeowners Rely on DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Roofing

Ask Emilio Ricci why he selected composite shake tiles to re-roof his Tahoe City, Calif. home and his one-word answer comes swiftly. Wildfires.           

Cedar Roof Shingles“Our insurance company basically told us to get rid of the original cedar shake roof or they would drop us,” says homeowner Emilio Ricci. “We did some research and liked the functionality and long life span of the DaVinci synthetic shake roofing tiles. In our area, it was extremely important that the roofing tiles have a Class A Fire Rating. These tiles achieve that by meeting the ASTME E 108 fire test.”

Since the roof on Ricci’s 960-square foot A-frame home covers the vast majority of the exterior, he paid special attention to the roofing tiles selected. “We found that the synthetic roofing tiles were within our budget and added a strong visual appeal to the home,” says Ricci. “Now we’re counting on the warranty of the product so that we don’t have to replace the roofing tiles again for decades.”

Another West Coast homeowner depending on synthetic shake shingles is James Brinton in Glenbrook, Nevada.

“Our mountain-style home needed the extra protection offered by synthetic shake roofing tiles,” says Brinton. “The combination of the durability, look and safety features of the roof convinced us this was a solid investment for our home’s future.”

For more details on simulated shake roofing that can stand up to wildfires, see Class A Fire Rated Polymer Roofing Eases Worries for West Coast Residents


Save $$$ with Imitation Slate and Synthetic Shake Roofing

End-of-year bills getting you down? Here's a way to save ... invest in durable polymer roofing and you may be able to save significantly on your yearly homeowner's insurance premiums. (See New DaVinci Roof = Cash in Your Wallet)

Fake Cedar Shake“After my roof had hail damage, my independent adjuster told me we’d save 25 to 30 percent on our annual homeowner’s insurance because the DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof we purchased resists severe weather, hail and fire,” says Andrew Marenin, a resident of Centennial, Colo. “After seeing my new roof, he was so impressed by its quality and reasonable pricing that he told me he was seriously considering getting this product for his own home!”

Homeowner Kathy Bradshaw had the same positive experience when she and her husband decided to invest in composite roofing. "Because these tiles are fire resistant and can stand up to severe weather conditions, we’re able to save on our homeowners insurance,” says Bradshaw. “And, one of our neighbors was so impressed with the look and quality of the roof that they’ve scheduled to have Bellaforté tiles installed on their home this month.”

With a lifetime limited materials warranty, DaVinci synthetic shake and imitation slate roofs bring more than beauty and reliability to your home --- they may also bring extra savings to your wallet!

Need more incentive? See Happy Insurance Awareness Day!


Save $$$ With an Eco-Friendly Roof

One of the many celebrations taking place in October is Energy Awareness Month. It's a time to look closely at your energy bills and figure out how you can make changes to your home that will help reduce costly monthly bills.

Here's a hint: Start at the top of your home.

Eco Friendly RoofBy selecting EcoBlend polymer roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes for your designer roof, you're choosing tile roofing that is ENERGY STAR® compliant. (See DaVinci Roofscapes Products Earn ENERGY STAR® Rating) These hard-working tiles can actually help reflect sunlight and heat away from your home, which can help increase the energy efficiency of your entire structure.

EcoBlend polymer roof tiles come in eight color options in simulated shake roofing and imitation slate tiles. These include Weathered Gray (in Medium, Medium Light, Medium Dark, Light and Dark) and Gray (in Dark, Light and Medium) colors.

The truly great news about this composite roofing product is that EcoBlend roofing shingles can help property owners improve the comfort of the structure and mitigate global warming.  

Now let's talk savings. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, homeowners can recognize an average energy savings ranging from seven to 15 percent of total cooling costs by using a cool roof that helps reduce temperature fluctuations inside the home.

Celebrate Energy Awareness Month this year by becoming more aware of how green roof construction using EcoBlend composite roofing can help you save on your energy bills.

Still have questions about green roofing options? Then check out our  What is EcoBlend? story.


When the Winds Blow ...

Al and Pam Ruggirello were away in Europe on vacation when a freak storm hit Traverse City, Michigan --- and their home --- on August 2.

The National Weather Service reports 28 severe weather warnings issued on that day in the area, with winds reaching 100mph. Hail up to four inches in diameter was recorded in one part of the city. Straight-line winds accompanied by severe thunderstorms resulted in thousands of downed trees and power lines.

"Our neighbors called to tell us about the storm and how some shingles had blown off their roof," says Al Ruggirello. "We had just had our DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate roof installed earlier this year, so we had confidence that our home would be protected.

DaVinci SlateSlate Roof"We had trees down on the property but our roof held up exactly as I thought it would. Hail, high winds and driving rain didn't impact the composite roof at all.

"I feel that I've made the right choice having the DaVinci roof installed. It not only looks great, it also is doing its job in helping protect our house from the most significant storm this area has ever seen."

Ruggirello isn't the only homeowner to enjoy the benefits of imitation slate roof materials during severe weather. See Homeowner "Lucky" to Have Roof Hail Damage and Hail Bounces Off DaVinci Synthetic Roofs for more homeowner insights!



Featured Project - Avon, CO

Sustainable RoofingWe regularly get questions about the use of solar panels with our products. It makes sense. According to the Houzz contributors for Forbes, the price of solar panels has reduced 60% since 2011. While we don't collect data on how many of our eco friendly roof tiles also have solar panel systems, I can tell you that as the photos of these projects come across my desk I see them on a semi-regular basis. This project was installed by TCC Roofing out of Eagle, Colorado. The tiles were Single-Width Slate in a Custom Blend


TCC Roofing Contractors, Inc




Roofer Insights into DaVinci Composite Roofing

Jordan Eades, president of HOPE Roofing & Construction in Washington, has some insightful opinions about her experiences with polymer roofing and DaVinci Roofscapes. She's sharing those thoughts with you today!

Faux SlateQ: What have you experienced as some of the benefits of synthetic roofing material?

A: Because they are lightweight tiles, DaVinci polymer roof tiles place less stress on the structure of a home. From our perspective, the product is easy to install when compared to natural slate and cedar shake roofing. Another benefit is less waste, as the eco friendly roof products are of consistent quality. These features combined benefit both the contractor and the client with cost savings.

Q: What about the look of synthetic shake and composite slate from DaVinci?

A: Because we service an area with many historic homes, our customers are looking for roofing products that have the look and feel of natural slate and shake. DaVinci products deliver this authentic look. The company offers a wide range of choices that our customers appreciate.

Q: How are you "selling" DaVinci composite roofing to your clients?

A: DaVinci products sell themselves! More and more, we hear our clients asking for products that will withstand climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest. They are looking for roofing products that are more resistant to weathering, are low maintenance in terms of upkeep, offer a lifetime warranty and improve the curb appeal of their home.


Green Roof Systems are Cool and Energy Efficient

Cool off this summer ... and EVERY summer ... when you invest in a DaVinci Roofscapes Cool Roof.

Green Roof SystemsOur EcoBlend polymer roof tiles are specially engineered to be energy efficient. These-hardworking imitation slate and synthetic shake tiles help reduce the cooling load for your home with their higher emissivity and reflectivity rates. They're also ENERGY STAR® rated, so they help increase the overall efficiency of your sustainable roofing.

How do they work? DaVinci EcoBlend composite roofing tiles reflect heat and light from the sun away from your home or business to help reduce the amount of energy it requires to keep your building cool.  As a result, our products are considered green roofing materials that last a long time AND help the environment.

DaVinci green roofing options have achieved a Cool Roof Rating by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Qualified colors include Weathered Gray (in Medium, Medium Light, Medium Dark, Light and Dark) and Gray (in Dark, Light and Medium). These tiles may help you save 7 to 15 percent on cooling costs by reflecting light away from the home instead of absorbing it, thus avoiding adding extra heat to your home.

Need more details on creating an environmentally friendly roof with DaVinci products? Then see Sunscreen for Your Designer Roof and From the Architect's Corner - What is EcoBlend?


HOA Selects Polymer Roofing

Kansas residents are no strangers to severe weather. Located in Tornado Alley, most homeowners understand that their state is subject to unusually strong weather during the course of the year. That's why many people, like the residents of Harbor Isle I, seek out durable building products to help protect their homes and families.

Lifetime Warranty"When constructed about 18 years ago, our community had wood shake and cement tiles used for roofing," says Dee Manning, president of the Harbor Isle I homeowner association of 59 homes. "As the years went on, the wood shakes were wearing out and, at the same time, they became harder to get insured. We wanted an alternative that was realistic looking but lightweight enough to be installed over the existing roof trusses of the homes in our community.

"We did our research and DaVinci Roofscapes offered the most realistic alternative to natural cedar shakes. Our community started offering DaVinci products three years ago as an option for homeowners looking for replacement roofing. After the microburst in April, that interest level quickly accelerated and now there are at least 10 homes ready to commit to the DaVinci polymer tiles to replace their destroyed cement tile roofs."

Made of 100 percent recyclable virgin resins, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles and imitation slate shingles are engineered to resist fire, impact, insects and algae. The company's products are Class A Rated for fire retardance, have achieved a Class 4 impact rating and passed the TAS-100 certification test for wind driven rain. The durable composite roofing products have also passed the maximum of 110mph in the ASTM D 3161 Standard for straight line winds and achieved very high design pressures in TAS-125, a test to demonstrate wind uplifts and acceptability to be installed in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

See also Invest in Your Roof for smart ideas on having green roofing materials on your home!