Architect's Corner: Mansard Solution

It seems the design "problems" really are more like design opportunities!

Design "Opportunity": Recently I had a conference call with a couple of architects who were working on an outdoor shopping center project. The roof had a mansard all the way around the entire center and they were researching steep slope roofing products for this portion of the roof. This is a high end center and while an asphalt roof would have worked they needed something a bit more high end. As many architects do, they found our website and our simulated slate roofing product, Valoré Slate.

Solution: DaVinci's lightweight tiles like Valoré Slate add a posh look to any mansard style roof, and are easier to install than natural slate. Valoré is a single-width line and because Valoré means "value" it is easier on the budget than other alternatives. The designers also liked all the color blends available and the superior performance ratings for the product.

The picture below is not the shopping center discussed (the mall itself hasn't even been built yet!) but this is a good picture to show off what our slate looks like on an almost vertical pitch.

DaVinci Slate

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