Architect's Corner - Avoiding Roof Hail Damage

Valore ShakeI am amazed by some of the articles I am reading online. Severe weather is happening all over the country and almost every single one references roof hail damage. Understandably, architects are concerned with the products they specify, and if they will hold up against the elements.

Design Opportunity - An architect called in after researching our lightweight roofing tiles online. He had hail on the brain as a hail storm had demolished roofs just a few towns away from where he lived. I used my new favorite sales tool, the DaVinci Blog, to show him an example of an impact test.

Solution - After talking about what a Class 4 Impact Rating means he quickly ordered samples of our single-width composite shake, Valoré. After years of specifying cedar roof shingles, he seemed excited there was an alternative that looks just as good as the real deal, but out performs it by a mile.

Pictured above: Valoré Shake installed on a home in Wichita, Kansas.

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