Architectural Corner - Restorations

With new construction down, many of the calls I get are architects working to restore existing structures.

Design Opportunity - A call came in from an architect who is working on a restoration project for a beloved community landmark, a gazebo right in the middle of the town's square. It isn't a large project, but it is crucial that the material chosen meets the approval of the community and is also a match to the original roof, which was probably cedar roof shingles.

Solution - As we went through the website and I told her about our steep slope roofing options, the architect landed on DaVinci Fancy Shake from our composite shake line. It offers the clean look of a machine cut wood shingle, which was the look she was going for. She liked how the product came in 3 shake widths - 12", 7", and 5" as the gazebo (by nature) has a pretty cut up roof and the multiple widths would help reduce waste.

This is not a picture of the project spoken about above, but it will give you an idea of what DaVinci Fancy Shake would look like installed on a similar roof shape. The bay window in this picture has a similar shape to a gazebo.

Fancy Shake

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