Beating the Objections, Week 2 - Why does Bellaforté Cost Less?

In Week 1 I discussed how to overcome a price objection by pointing out not only the overall value of our products, but also telling you about Bellaforté. Sometimes when you tell people something costs less they automatically assume it is "cheaper." This simply isn't true. In the case of Bellaforté, a plastic slate roof option, it isn't the formula that is different it is the design.

The same technology used to create our slate and shake steep slope roofing material is also used to create Bellaforté, but unless you have held a sample piece in your hand, what you might not know is that Bellaforté tiles have a 3 inch headlap, leaving 12 inches exposed "to the weather" when installed. This shorter tile, which also features a built in rain gutter and a self aligning system for a weather proof installation, allows there to have only 100 pieces to fulfill a square, rather than 250 pieces or more. The result is a lower material price, a lower installed price and a lower shipping price.

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Have a great weekend!

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