DaVinci Products - Perfect for Steep Slope Commerical Applications

When people think commercial applications they generally think of flat roofing, but that isn't always the case. DaVinci Roofscapes' slate alternative and shake alternative are suitable for any steep slope roofing project, including (but certainly not limited to!) religious structures, retail stores, restaurants, schools, financial institutions and strip malls. 

Why are many architects going the route of plastic roofing materials, like DaVinci's slate and shake products? This is what we're hearing:

1.  It is a sustainable roofing option.  The product has a 50 year warranty and has many green qualities, including the fact it can be recycled, it can contribute to LEED point certification through the USGBC, and it is offered in colors rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council
2.  The overall value of the product.  Natural slate (installed) can cost more than double the price of having a DaVinci Slate or Valoré Slate roof installed.  Natural cedar roof shingles have half the life span of a DaVinci Shake or Valoré Shake roof and also need to be regularly maintained while a DaVinci roof does not.
3.  You can't be the aesthetic quality.  With more than 25 pre-designed color blends to chose from in 4 completely different profiles there should be something to match exactly what you're looking for.  If there isn't, our product's color blends are customizable to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

Download our new commercial brochure for more information and pictures!

DaVinci Slate - Evergreen Blend
Dentist Office in Arkansas - Evergreen Blend

Weathered Gray
Bed & Breakfast/Tavern in Pennsylvania


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