DaVinci Roofscapes EcoBlend Roof Tiles

Green roof systems are all the buzz right now as architects, home builders, contractors and homeowners become more aware of climate change, and how roofing material choices can make an impact.  Rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, DaVinci EcoBlend™ tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from the home or building. Higher emissivity and reflectivity rates lead to greater reductions in the cooling load and, in return, increase energy efficiency. Less air pollution contributes to the reduction of heat islands around cities and populous areas.  Meeting the initial qualifications for a cool roof means that DaVinci EcoBlends™ products meet or exceeds initial ENERGY STAR® program requirements for 25 percent solar reflectivity and should be awarded ENERGY STAR® approval after a mandatory 3 year testing period is over.  

DaVinci EcoBlend Weathered Gray and DaVinci EcoBlend Castle Gray colors can be ordered for any DaVinci Roofscapes product and has already started winning awards, most recently named a winner in the Second Annual Building Products Green Products Awards competition for 2009.  With these tiles available, you no longer have to compromise between the environment and having a luxury roof. 



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