DaVinci's Unique Lingo

Many times purchasing a new DaVinci imitation slate or shake roof comes with a learning curve.  The lingo used by our company is unique so here are the top 5 terms that we use that you need to know.  

Top 5 need to know DaVinci Terms:  
  1. Multi-Width - these products, DaVinci Slate and DaVinci Shake come in multiple widths and these widths are blended for a natural look. 
  2. Single-Width or "Valoré" - these products, Valoré Slate and Valoré Shake, are single-width, options for the value minded-consumer.   
  3. Bellaforté - the newest product in our line of polymer roof tiles, it has the look of natural slate at a low synthetic slate cost. 
  4. Color Blend - blends are formulated from a wide color pallet.  19 individual slate colors and 22 individual shake colors make up 9 slate and 5 cedar shake color blends.  All bundles are pre-blended before leaving our plant, making sure your blend comes out just right. 
  5.  Pre-Collated - all products are delivered to the jobsite pre-sorted in order to allow quick and efficient installation of materials with even distribution of colors and sizes. 
Valore Shake 

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