Featured Project - Orlando, Florida

When I asked contractor Florida Quality Roofing why their crew liked installing our simulated shake roofing material, I got an answer so nice I had to share. Stella Amador with Florida Quality Roofing said, "Our crew responded to the product in a unique way, they felt more like artisans since the quality of the product and aesthetics far exceed the everyday roofing product. In the end, there was a sense of added satisfaction to their work." I thought that was amazing!

Florida Quality Roofing has worked with our steep slope roofing products four times now, installing them on Bahama Breeze Restaurants in the Sunshine State. They feel using DaVinci Shakes (as opposed to cedar roof shingles) has significant advantages ranging from environmental sustainability, higher weather resistance, product longevity and aesthetics.

DaVinci products all meet Florida Building Code (FBC) requirement and are Miami Dade Approved for hurricane force winds.

Florida Quality Roofing

Before After

Before                                                             After

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