Fool Your Neighbors with a DaVinci Shake Roof

You'll have your neighbors wondering why, after decades have passed, your cedar shake roof still looks amazing and it's still going strong.  How would you accomplish this?  Have a DaVinci Shake roof installed on your home.  They will never guess it is an imitation cedar shake roof with the rugged, hand split design we have crafted.  Why is DaVinci Shake superior to its natural cedar counterparts?

Eco Friendly Roof 

It is a 50 year roof, as opposed to a 15-20 year roof, ensuring less material ends up in a landfill.  DaVinci Shake can contribute to LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) points and cool roof colors are available as well.  Also, no forest was pillaged to manufacture your roof. 

Top Notch Ratings

The DaVinci cedar shake alternative out performs natural cedar shakes with a Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact rating, and a 110 mph wind rating

Low Maintenance

To make everybody's life easier this product needs little to no maintenance over its lifetime. Natural shakes may warp, crack and blow off (causing the roof to need to be patched); they may also grow algae and attract all sorts of insects. 

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