From Architect's Corner: Making Shake Black

Architects and designers are (understandably) concerned about color. If you are designing an entire home you have to take everything into consideration - the siding, stonework, trim, doors, the roof - the list goes on and on. Recently I had a conversation with an architect who was concerned about finding just the right color for his residential project.

Design Opportunity - The architect had been to our website and browsed our color blends for DaVinci Shake. He liked them but was looking for something darker, almost black. He wanted to know if our composite shake color blends could be customized? He wanted to take Slate Black (traditionally a slate color) and plug it into our shake mold.

Answer - Absolutely! I advised him to visit the color designer on our website to create custom blend for his simulated shake roofing project and also to check out Color Expert, Kate Smith's blog for advice on choosing a roof color.

He seemed relieved that the answer was so simple. I got the impression this sort of flexibility isn't something a design professional stumbles across very often!

Shake Black

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