From the Architect's Corner

At a recent tradeshow I had an opportunity to talk to an architect who was working on a dormitory project at a university.

Design Problem - Because the project is for a dormitory, among the many building code requirements, the roof must be Class A fire rated. The architect had been investigating a couple of different steep slope roofing options and was comparing DaVinci Slate with a few of it's direct competitors. His question - "What made DaVinci different than the others?". DaVinci Slate

Solution - All DaVinci Products are Class A fire rated with the appropriate underlayments (download a copy of each product's installation guide to see the requirements). What the architect did not know was some of our competitor's synthetic slate systems are standard Class C, and a Class A version of their tiles is actually a buy up product. When the architect was price shopping, he realized he had been quoted for DaVinci and 2 other Class C products. For a DaVinci Slate roof to be Class A, just the standard tiles and a 30# felt underlayment is needed. He quickly realized that the DaVinci eco friendly roof product was actually the most economic of the bunch and was relieved that this missing piece of information was discovered early in the design process.  

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