From the Architect's Corner - A Helpful Tip

You've picked a product and a color and now it's (that dreaded) time to make the final budget for your project's roof. You call up your local sales representative who puts you in touch with a roofing contractor and maybe a local distributor. A take off is done, you agree on the square footage of the roof, you add 15% to that total square footage for waste and sign off on the agreed total. This seems like a common enough scenario, but what seems like a small thing could really inflate your cost. If you are working with DaVinci Roofscapes' plastic slate or shake roof tiles, adding 15% waste is, in most cases, extreme overkill. In fact, our Inside Sales Support Representatives often recommend a much smaller number, maybe 2%-5% be added on for waste. There are several reason for this, but the most basic reason is that the tiles are extremely durable and you won't have the breakage or cracking in the field that you might with other products, like natural slate and shake.

There is some good news for you to send you into your weekend! Happy Friday, Architects!


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