From the Architect's Corner - Art and Architecture Month, Week 2!

A little history lesson for your Friday!

The Ideal CityAround the year 1400 the Black Plague swept through Europe, devastating entire cities. Though the concept of diseases being carried by germs had not yet been concluded (that came a few centuries later) Leonardo da Vinci theorized that there was something about cities that made them more susceptible to this type of thing.

His conclusion? A plan for a futuristic city that was designed to be sanitary and livable. So he did just that (and prior to civil engineering software I would say that is quite a feat!), he designed the City of the Future. Though it never came to fruition during his time (lack of funds seems to be a timeless problem!) the concept is used today in the form of underground plumbing and above ground living units.

This is, after all, a blog about roofing and roofing material so I can't help but notice the nice pitch to that roof and wonder what type of steep slope roofing material he would have used?

Today, homes and building in an urban setting still have it in their best interest to use quality products. DaVinci Slate and Shake (named after our above mentioned name sake) are Class A Fire rated, Class 4 Impact Rated, and have wind ratings to 110 mph.

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