From the Architect's Corner - Art and Architecture Month, Week 3

Some buildings you just look at and go "wow". While this would not have been my pick as a student taking Art History 101, seven years working for a roofing material manufacturer has changed what features I study when looking at a building! The Chateau de Chambord, located in France, took twenty years to build with construction going from 1519-1547. Who actually designed this building is an article for debate, though some say it was a design of Leonardo da Vinci. While it was originally a hunting lodge for King Franciois I, it has also been inhabited by Louis XIV and Louis XV and a host of other wealthy families and royalty over the centuries. During WWII it was used to store the art collections of the Louvre. Today it is a tourist attraction. 
Chateau de Chambord
The roofscape of this manor is what is really striking. It is definitely a steep slope roofing masterpiece! It has eleven kinds of towers and three types of chimneys (it has 365 fireplaces!), which are all framed by two massive towers on each end. The roof line, however, is not symmetrical so the end product resembles a city's skyline.

Another noteworthy feature is the double helix staircase. The centerpiece for the chateau, the two helixes go up three levels without ever meeting. The staircase is also believed to have been designed by da Vinci.

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