From the Architect's Corner - Art and Architecture Week 5

As we wrap up the month (and the year) I would like to take this opportunity to remind the design professionals all the tools we offer just for you.

1. Continuing Education Options - You can take our course, The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions, anytime and any day, free of charge on After you take the course, AEC Daily will submit your learning unit for you and you will be an expert on composite shake and slate tiles!

2. A team of outside sales representatives. Call me today at 800-328-4624 X 2114 to set up an appointment with your local representative.

3. All of our specifications, installation instructions, and technical information can be easily found on our website.
Exterior Color Guide
4. 2011 was the year of color. We brought on a color expert, Kate Smith, to help our clients (and their clients) answer the question anybody who has designed anything big or small has asked his or herself, "What COLOR should I chose?". In the Color Studio, located on our site, you can play with our custom color designer, download your free copy of Kate's color guide, and ask Kate directly for color advice.

5. Sometimes a phone call directly to the manufacturer is needed. You can reach me at 800-328-4624. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about our steep slope roofing systems.

Happy New Year Architects!

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