From the Architect's Corner - Can we design our own color?

Maybe we are leading the industry in color selection and customization options, but we don't offer every color on the spectrum as a standard color. While orange imitation slate shingles might sound crazy for you, believe it or not they have been requested.

So how do you request your very own custom color? Here are the easy steps!
  1. Contact a Project Specialist and let us know of your plans to customize. We might have some suggestions for you. This is also the best time to discuss the cost associated with creating your own color, as there may be customization fees involved.
  2. Send us a piece of what you want to match. An existing tile, paint samples, or something along those lines will be needed to get the exact color you want.
  3. Wait for us to get back to you with pricing, ideas and samples of your truly one of a kind steep slope roofing product!
Most recently I had a request for blue tiles for a home in a tropic location. I'm excited to see how this turns out!

Custom Blend
"Fired Brick Red" in Arizona

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