From the Architect's Corner - Can You Tell Difference?

Our product's performance quality speaks for itself. It is one of the highest performing products out on the market today. But, understandably you are concerned about the look. Will it fit in with the neighboring roofs? Will it look too uniform after installed and look fake? Your client wants a rustic look. How can a plastic tile look rustic?  

Tahoe BlendDesign Opportunity - Your clients want a wood shake roof. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into - the maintenance, the bugs, the short life span, the fire hazard. So you are looking for a cedar shake alternative, but you won't want it to look fake.
Design Solution - DaVinci Shake and Valoré Shake are sold in a variety of color blends that will fit in with a variety of colors of natural cedar shakes. We realize that shakes don't necessarily weather to the same shade of grey or brown in every climate. We have created a variety of color blends to accommodate that. The shakes also come in a variety of textures to assure a non-uniform look.

A recent phone call into the office revealed a design professional who just wanted to see the product for himself, installed on home in his local market. I gave him several addresses and he set off to look for the homes. He called back while in front of a house unsure if he had written down the address correctly. It was impossible for him to tell if he was looking at natural cedar shakes or a DaVinci Shake roof!

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